Default Browser Search Feature Broken

Default browser and search feature broken after cm 4. 2. 10. 1. I updated to 4. 2. 10. 1 (and wiped the dalvik-cache) and experienced several annoying problems, worst of which is the device is much slower than ever. The most annoying of them is the default browser is broken - it won't load. This also causes the search feature on the device to fail. I've installed dolphin browser (which is ok by me) but i want my regular browser back. I reverted to cm4. 2. 9. 1 but the device is still super-slow (slower than before updating to 4. 2. 10. 1) and still no browser. Anyone know what's up here or how i can get the browser back?

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Default Browser For G1 Stopped Working

My default browser for my g1 stopped working this morning. I click on browser, it tries to load, but it just quits. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix?

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Default Browser Bug On Samsung Galaxy S2

Since ics, i noticed the default browser would sometimes link to something i dis not click. For example if i click something on a page it would actually redirect me to a link beside it like i mis-clicked but i didn't.

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Does Default Browser In Support Js/ajax And Xmlhttprequest Object

Does the default browser in android support js/ajax and the xmlhttprequest object? Running it in small test scripts using the browser in the emulator does not seem to (a) generate the correct set of http headers (no content- type or length, no get statement and instead it shows an options entry - whatever that is) and (b) ir repeats itself every couple of seconds as if it thinks the server has not responded yet and it needs to send the request again. Has anyone used this object in android in the default browser? Any suggestions?

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Htc Evo 4g - When Tap On Browser To Scroll Down Or Up Browser Will Zoom Out

When i tap on the browser to scroll down or up the browser will zoom out when im zoomed in and vice versa. It was rare at first but now its happening all the time. Its starting to ruin my browsing experience.

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Is There Any Tv Out Feature

Is there any tv out feature in android. Is anyone working on it ?

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Motorola Droid - Sprecovery Broken On My Phone / Cause Of It?

The last 2 days, since i have been swapping roms around, sprecovery has been acting really funny. Mostly hanging up an freezing in the middle of making an nandroid backup. Any ideas as to what could have caused it? Im trying to back up petes new rom bb1. 0 before i try to change kernals and add the mms pack. Ive had to do battery pulls and start over 2 or 3 different times today. I do the custom backup, where i can name them accordingly. On the moto droid

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Motorola Droid X - Facebook Widget Broken

Anyone else having issues today? With the widget active my other widgets seem to not get data (like my rss feeds).

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Htc Nexus One Vibrating Motor Broken

My nexus vibrating motor is broken and i can't find new one anywhere over the net. Someone can help me?

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Broken Kick Stand - Htc Evo 4g

So it didn't happen immediately after dropping my phone, but i've dropped my phone a few times from hip level on hard surfaces (concrete, tile, etc. ) And one day i noticed my spring on the stand wasn't operating correctly. Basically now my kickstand won't close fully and randomly will pop open or stay open like halfway. So my question is has anyone had this issue yet? Was the repair easy to fix? Just open the backplate and keep performing surgery until the stand's spring is accessible?

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Nexus - Data Connectivity Suddenly Broken / Resolve This

Anyone else out there having issues with their nexus one and t-mobile doing data connections. On my drive home last night i couldn't use pandora or google maps traffic overlays, and speedtest failed to run (latency test timed out). Tried restarting my phone, no change.

This morning, pandora failed, maps failed, speedtest works (latency 131ms, 600 down, 400 up - all slow for my area - sf bay area).

The only changes i made yesterday were to uninstall gtasks and update flixster.

Anyone else having similar issues?

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Htc Incredible - Google Voice Broken In Socal

2 days ago i think my google voice just stopped working. I cannot make any outbound calls it just gets stuck at connecting. Texts seem to work ok (in and outbound) and inbound calls through google voice work 100%.

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Htc Evo 4g - Broken Usb Port - How To Unroot

Usb port is broken and sprint already sent me my new phone but i need to send the old one back. How do i unroot so they dont bust my balls about this? I cant connect the usb and i put the pc36img on the sd card and tried to flash it but it didnt work, am i sol?

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How To Backup Phone With Broken Screen ? - Samsung Galaxy S

My screen broke, but it seems to be functional because i can hear alarm going off. I have a replacement phone (same model) but my yahoo email, gmail, photo, contacts, video, app, etc didn't transfer with sd card and sim card placement to new phone.

I want to .

1. Backup above items that are still on broken phone
2. Move the old data to new phone somehow
3. Delete old phone's data so that i can return it safely

Without seeing the screen it is impossible to do above things. Help please.

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Motorola Droid - How To Remove Feature

I can see how to change the pattern but i can not find how to remove the feature.

Using the new moto droid.

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Htc Desire - Phone Broken After Firmware Upgrade / Fix It

My htc desire did a firmware upgrade last night eversince the phone will only boot up to the 02 welcome screen and freezes there nothing works not even a hard reset or battery pull

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Motorola Droid - Stock (2.1) Weather App Broken / Get It To Work

This has been asked in the smoked glass 6. 0. 1 thread, but thought i'd see if anyone on a different rom was having any issues, so.

For some reason the weather portion of the news and weather app has stopped working (i believe this started yesterday). The app simply says "sorry, weather currently unavailable. " My beautiful widgets weather is just fine. Has this happened to anyone else?

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Samsung Galaxy Ace - Broken Screen - Is There A Home Fix ?

My girlfriend has done this to her brand new (2wk old) ace, is this something i could try and fix through the laptop, or is it going to need a new screen and can i do it? Or does it need to go to a shop? The touchscreen is ok, it looks the lcd screen behind has gone funny. It still makes startup noises as usual, just no display.

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Implement Send Me Log Feature Into Apps

I had try to implement the send me log feature into my apps but i can't get it right.

In the logcat, it shows the errors:


Here is my code:


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Share Feature Of Menu In Droid Application

I asked so many question regarding my title but i could not get my proper answer till yet. I need to implement android's menu feature in my application ie when we goes to gallery in android phone, when we press menu than it comes with lots of option like share. Etc. My question is can i implement same menu feature in my application? It is possible or not?

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Advantage And Special Feature Of Binder In Droid

What is the advantage and special feature of binder in android?

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Froyo Have Feature Of Blocking Installation Of Blacklisted Apps

Does froyo have the feature of blocking installation of blacklisted apps?

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How Many Developers Take Into Consideration Battery Life Before Implementing Feature

I'm curious as to how many developers take into consideration battery life before implementing a feature. Say you could implement a really nifty feature using the camera, but you know that would drain the phone's battery faster on an nonessential ability, what do you do? Do you completely disregard battery consumption because that really just isn't your concern/ it's just too cool? Or do you go for a more simple variation, that would give the user longer battery life?

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Wanted Feature Lock Screen Grace Period

Certain times i use my g1 a lot in a short period of time but keep turning the screen on and off. Examples: using a shopping list application at the store, using pandora at work (i turn on the screen to see the song names. )I use the screen lock feature that requires a pattern to unlock the screen. In those cases i'm unlocking the screen every couple of minutes, over and over. It's a chore.

I think it'd be nice if there were a setting to give yourself a grace period. Once unlocked, the phone remains unlocked until the specified time has passed. Say, one hour. During that hour you would only need to enter the unlock code the first time. After that you simply press the menu key to open the phone. The interval of the grace period could be configurable: 10, 30, 60 minutes, or 0 to act like it does now.

I created a suggestion in the google product ideas. I don't know if it's the best place to suggest the idea to google, but it's what i found. If you like the idea, give it your vote. You simply log in with your google account. There's no way to link directly to my suggestion, so i'll link to a search instead. It's the only result right now.

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Htc Evo 4g - Droid Market Broken All Week Andown Today / Fix It?

Google customer support takes for ever to get back to you. I have not been able to update apps all week and cannot access the market this day. Seems to be a common problem experienced by many. Anyone else feeling this? Any ideas what they are up to?

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Htc Droid Eris - App To Auto On / Off Feature Had On Bbs

The auto on/off feature we had on the bbs. My curve would shut down at 11pm and back up at 6 am, 8 on weekends. Is there an app out there that does this?

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Htc Incredible - Stop Market To Update All Froyo Feature

How can i stop a program from updating using the update all feature. I basically don't want google voice to update, but i do want to use the update all feature for the rest of the apps.

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Media - Music Playerpro - Can't Get Lockscreen Feature To Work / What To Do

I have music playerpro. I really love it, but i can't get the lockscreen feature to work?
Under the lockscreen settings i activate a lockscreen widget, but it doesn't show up :s

What to do? The lockscreen player doesn't show up. Not while i play music and not while i don't play music.

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Samsung Moment - Way To Turn Off Slide To Unlock Feature Permanently

The sprint store updated my moment with android 2. 1 yesterday. Is there a way to turn off the "slide to unlock feature" permanently? I can't see who's calling unless i slide the unlock key over.

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Voice Search Problem

Sometimes when i end all tasks on the task manager my voice search stops working. I excluded the tts service on the task manager and it still doesn't work. Are there any other services related to voice search that i should be excluding? I have to restart my phone to make it work again. This is with android 2. 1, and strangely voice to text will work in other areas besides voice search. Anyone else have this problem?

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