Samsung Behold 2 - How To Set Custom Wallpaper As Wallpaper For Each Home Screen

How do i set my custom wallpaper as the wallpaper for each home screen? Also is there anyway i can just set it without cropping it? I just got the dimensions of the file from the size of the screen.

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Samsung Vibrant - Wallpaper App To Set Up

I am really frustrated with the set as wallpaper function on the vibrant. It doesn't allow me to set the whole picture into the screen, instead i have to zoom in or out manually to set it as a wallpaper ( i know , due to the wide screen on the samsung ) .

But is there any app that i can just as as wallpaper straight from the original picture ? I download couple great wallpaper from the wallpapper app, it let me set it full screen without doing anything .

Then when i change to different one , if i go back the the previous one , then i have to use the pinzom to set up wallpaper again which is hard to do.

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Can't Download Wallpaper Set And Save On Htc Wildfire / What To Do

Ive got the htc wildfire. I really want to download the app called "wallpaper set and save" which will enable me to change the screen resolution so that the entire wallpaper is shown clearly and avoid the wallpaper force crop that htc sem to have. But i cant find it keeps saying it cant be found?

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Htc Evo 4g - Delete Bunch Of Pictures In Wallpaper Screen

My brother in law saved a bunch of pictures in the wallpaper screen and don't know how to delete then.

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How To Set Home Screen On Different Position Than 1st ? - Samsung Galaxy Ace

I would like to ask how can i set home screen on different position than 1st?

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Where The Wallpaper Image Stored On Samsung Galaxy S2?

Somehow, 2 pictures disappeared from my wife's phone the other day, one of which is used as her wallpaper. Oddly, the wallpaper still remains. I searched for all .jpg, . Jpeg, and .png files on the device, but they are nowhere to be found. Where on earth is the wallpaper image stored?

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Samsung Epic 4g - Live Wallpaper Keeps Defaulting To Stock

My live wallpaper sometimes default to stock static wallpaper ever so often. Anyone else with this issue?

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus - Using Night Mode Clock As Wallpaper

I love the digital clock when u hold the screen and the while screens goes black and the font blue. I use this every night on my bedside table. I would love that as a simple but very nice live wallpaper. Can someone tell if this is doable? Yes i may be a bit slow.

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Samsung Fascinate - Can't Get Any Pictures To Fit As A Fullscreen Wallpaper / Sort This

I just got this phone tonight and i love everything about it except that i can't get any pictures to fit as a fullscreen wallpaper. It wants me to pick this little square of the pictre and then it blows that up and makes a horrible looking wallpaper.

I thought maybe the resolution was just wrong so i tried using a picture i took with the camera. Same problem. So i looked up the screens resolution and downloaded a picture of those exact dimensions. Same problem. I must be doing something wrong because surely such an awesome piece of technology couldn't possibly be missing such a basic function. Right?

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Samsung Behold 2 - What Is Your Favorite Home Ui

What is your favorite home ui? Seeing as you have more choices in 1. 6 it gives you a chance to try such home ui's as freshface and ahome mini. I still have gde installed but these other two are pretty good and free.

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Samsung Behold 2 - Custom Dialer - Bh_man Galaxy 1.6 R8

I did some customizing to the dialer in bh_man's galaxy 1. 6 r8 rom. I've never been a big fan of the circular buttons on that dialer, and i also adjusted the menu logos to match the font color.

It's quite simplistic, but if you're like me and don't want those circular buttons, here ya go.

Download here >>> galaxy 1. 6 r8 custom dialer

1. Download contacts.apk
2. Open command prompt and ensure you have adb working properly.
3. Push from the location you saved the file to /system/app

(Example, mine looks like: adb push c:androidcustomcontacts.apk /system/app )

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Samsung Behold 2 - Get Default Home App Back

Bh_man's roms are great and everything, but i'm a little disturbed that choices get made for me like which home screen app to use and there's no way to even switch back - the default home screen app is gone. How can i get the default home app back? I just want the stock system, i thought these roms were supposed to be lightweight stock roms

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Application - Wallpaper Changer

I have developed an android application called wallpaperxchanger. I would like to know what do you think about it and if you can, post some reviews. The app can be found on the market or here: Wallpaperxchanger

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Super Mario Android Wallpaper

I am a big super mario fan going back years ago when the game first hit stores when i was a kid. Mario is one of the most popular game characters out there. If you are a fan of mario, you can make super mario bros your wallpaper like the geek in the video below.

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Live Wallpaper - Sendwallpapercommand And Broadcastreceiver

I need to send configuration information from a "regular" app to my live wallpaper, which may or may not be the selected wallpaper.

I can see two possiblilities:

1. Use sendwallpapercommand. This only works for the home application. Itmy test won't build because this is a static method and i am calling it from an application instance. View/c/iw. Describes how to implement a private interface to windowmanager but also warns "this is not part of the public api".

2. Use a broadcast receiver. This seems wrong because (1) above implements something similar explicitly for live wallpapers. Nor am i sure it will communicate with live wallpapers that aren't running.

Anyhow, i may eventually need some other methods from wallpapermanager, like sending an intent to change wallpapers.

How to gain access to wallpapercommand from within a regular app (ie not the home application)?

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Htc Desire - Designing Your Own Wallpaper

I enjoy photography and meddling in photo-shop, i was wondering if i was to design my own wallpaper what size is best? I have seen sizing 640x480, but what the best size for the desire? My pictures are high resolution anyway but want to get the best out of them and is jpeg and acceptable file for wallpapers or is it a specific file?

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Out Of Memory Exception On Setting Wallpaper

Im  trying to develop a home application . Whenever there is a shift between landscape and potrait mode , im setting the wallpaper oncreate () function using the below code.getwindow(). Setbackgrounddrawable(getwall paper()); the code seems to work fine for first few shifts , but after that i run into an out of memory exception . Is  this the correct approach or am i missing some thing here . Below is the exception that i get.

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Code To Change System Wallpaper

I'm trying to change the system wallpaper, i have tried a lot of solution but without any result; please i want have a simple code to do it.

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Motorola Droid X - Keep Wallpaper From Zooming In

Is there anyway to keep wallpaper from zooming in when you set it. I set a wallpaper and now its zoomed in on the screen.

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Htc Evo 4g - Any Way To Fix Wallpaper Gradients?

It seems that any wallpaper with a gradient or any shading or glowing is displayed like in 8-bit style. What i mean by that is this.

Its really making alot of wallpapers look hideous and would like to know what i can do to make it look the way it should.

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Htc Incredible - Looking For A Wallpaper That Will Shuffle My Photos

I have about 3, 000 art pieces on my phone and would like to make them come on as my wallpaper and change periodically with effect if possible. Does such program exist?

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Put A Wallpaper Inside An Apk File

I'm planning to release a nice clock widget and i'd like to include a pretty wallpaper with it (want to do this because previously got some comments like "can i get the matching wallpaper? ;)")

So i tried to google on how to put some image file inside apk so that it would appear in wallpapers selection list after installation. I mean the list which appears when doing home=>menu=>wallpaper=>wallpaper gallery or pictures - whatever.

So far didn't find any hints, so decided to try to ask here.

Any hints on how to do that?

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Can't Find Starfield Live Wallpaper / Where To Get Them

I can't find this wallpaper on market, and the barcode scanner confirms it can't be found: starfield 3d live wallpaper for android | free download at

Anyone know if it's still available?

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Live Wallpaper Preview / Real Conflict

I've made a lwp, and it seemingly runs perfectly, but the problem seems to lie in the fact that when you set the wallpaper, after the preview has loaded, it gets a out-of-memory. It seems that since all the engines are in the same vm i don't have enough memory to start it a second time. How can i tell if the preview is dead and freed? I've done what i could to ensure that as much is shared between the engines as possible, yet still out-of-memory on setting after the preview is loaded?

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Htc Desire - Where To Put Wallpaper In Image

Shot in the dark, but does anyone know what and where i can get the wallpaper is in this image. I really like it but no idea where to get this from, nothing on zedge or google than i can see.

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Htc Evo 4g - Static Wallpaper Not Working / What To Do

For some reason my static wallpapers won't work. No matter what i set them to, it goes back to the default wallpaper that was there when i got the phone. I can change to the live wallpapers just fine, but i don't want those. Is there some setting somewhere i've locked by accident?

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Motorola Droid X - Plain Black Wallpaper For Phone

Does anyone have a plain black wallpaper? Can you share?

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Htc Evo 4g - Trouble With Resolution When Setting Wallpaper

I'm having trouble with the resolution when setting a wallpaper to my evo. I make sure that my wallpapers are 960x800, but every time i try setting a wallpaper, it forces me to crop just a small portion of the wallpaper and doesn't allow me to use the entire pic on my homescreen. I even use the green lines to enlarge with my fingers and still don't get a full 960 x 800 res for my wallpapers. Is there anyway around this stupid problem? I dont want to zoom in that makes the picture look crappier and doesn't show the entire thing.

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Motorola Droid X - Blurry Wallpaper In Handcent Sms / Fix It

Whenever i set a wallpaper for hancent, the picture is very blurry and distorted. I am sure that the pictures i am using are very high quality, that is not the problem.

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Motorola Droid X - Make Actual Theme Wallpaper Become Active

New to the android community, just had one small question. When i'm installing themes how do i make the actual theme wallpaper become active? It seems that when i install themes, my custom wallpaper is still active.

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