Htc Desire - Can I Use Iphone Car Charger To Load Phone

May i use the iphone car charger to load the desire in the car ?

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Htc Hero Car Charger

I just bought a genuine htc cc100 car charger for my hero but it wont fit into my phone. This is very strange. I bought the hero brand new last october, now im going on holiday i ordered a car charger but its the wrong shape, i will try and describe it. Looking at the charger first, end on, the bit that goes into my mobile its about 6mm x 2mm with each side angled in. On my mobile its the same size but only one side, the right hand side has a taper (angle) the left hand side is square, as in 90 degrees so they dont slot into each other. Can someone tell me which charger i need because all the hero ones im looking at have the tapered angle at both sides. Im baffled. Thanks for reading.

Ps, update. Hey guess what, it does actually fit although its a different shape. I didnt try it because of the shape and was afraid i might damage it but after reading a similar post on android forums, the same question was posted there and they said it will fit and it actually does. Sorry guys, i feel a bit of a muppet now. Square peg in a round hole eh, now thats something.

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Htc Desire - Phone Not Recognizing Charger / Fix It

I charged it once when i got it and all was fine

After a heavy days use it obviously needs charging again, however its not recognizing charger, it still says 'connect charger''?!

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Motorola /motoblur - Car Charger For Cliq

Does anybody know if there's a car charger available for the cliq? I looked at t-mobile but the didn't have any i know my friend has one for his mytouch but so far i've only found them online but from sites i'm not familiar with. My concern is that by using some random car charger that is claimed to be for the cliq it'll burn out the batter or whatever. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Htc Desire - Which Car Dock App For Phone

So there's no navipanel on 2. 2 so i won't be wasting 申50 buying the official htc car dock for the desire. I'll be buying a cheap and cheerful car windscreen mount for my desire but need a car dock app that is visually clear, uncluttered and easy to use, and one i can launch with a single click from my home page.

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Htc Desire - Possible To Use Iphone / Ipod Headset With A Mic On Phone

As much as i love my desire, i hate the crap headset that comes with it.

Is it possible to use iphone/ipod headset with a mic on the desire. And not just to listen but also to talk.

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Htc Desire - Load / Open Attachements From Squirrel Mail

I'm new to all of this so please excuse me if this has been asked before.

I currently use squirrel mail for my main email account. I usually get some excel attachments that i need to open.
When i click on "download" it looks as if something is happening but then nothing does.

Is there any way to open these attachments?

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Htc Desire - Apps To Load / Relocate To Sd Card Space After Froyo 2.2 Installed

Is there a list apps that will load or relocate to sd card space after froyo 2. 2 has been installed?

I have had had a look through my apps and have yet to come across one that will .

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Htc Desire - Do Get Free Apps Like Jail Breaking Iphone

I am quite new to the rooting world of android and don't know many techy wordsanyway, i want to know whether i should root or not , here are my questions

1) do you get free apps like jail breaking an iphone?
2) will this void your warranty/insurance ?
3) how easy is it to root?
4) how easy is it to unroot?
5) is it illegal
6) will i still be able to get ota updates?

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Htc Evo 4g - Negative Effects To Leaving Phone On Charger

I recently picked up my evo, and am loving it. Does anyone know if there are negative effects to leaving the phone on the charger? At work, i'm primarily in my office, and could leave the phone on the charger during the day and then it would always be full when i leave in the afternoon.

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Htc Desire - Increase Pop Download At Each "load More Messages" From 25 To Above 100

Anyone know how to increase the pop download at each "load more messages" from 25 to anything above 100? I have no doubt at least one of you will be able to come up with something :p

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Motorola Droid - Rapid Charger On The Market For Phone

Is there any rapid chargers on the market for the droid vs the stock cable. Battery life seems to be draining quick and i use my droid alot

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Htc Evo 4g - Easiest Way To Transfer My Contacts From Iphone To Phone

What is the easiest way to transfer my contacts from the iphone to the evo?

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Htc Incredible - Transfer My Contact List From Phone To The Car

So i don't want to open new threads but i have a few general questions and for some reason the search doesn't work for me. The page just sticks there and doesn't go anywhere.

Anyways, i have a lot of pictures and videos from my old phone and i was wondering where i should drag them on the sd card. Also how do i make folders so i can organize them properly?

What is the best backup application? I especially want to save my texts and be able to restore them. How long do these droid phones save text? I would like it to do it indefinetely.

How do i transfer my contact list from phone to the car?

What is the quality of watching a movie off the incredible on the tv using the tv out cable? If i download a movie from the internet and convert it will it play properly?

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Htc Evo 4g - Post-update / Phone No Longer Connecting To Car Bt - Fix It

Maybe another post-update woe. My evo used to auto-connect with my car's bt when i got close enough, and now instead it just sticks on "paired but not connected". If i try to connect manually, it just thinks awhile and then i get the floating "bluetooth headset disconnected" message.

Will try to re-pair this evening and report back if that fixes it.

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Charger Is Not Charging The Battery Properly - Htc Evo 4g

In my case, i think the charger that came with the phone is not charging the battery properly. Last friday i left the evo charger at work and had to use a nokia charger to charge the phone. The usage was the same, but now my battery doesn't seem to have the initial percentage drop and seems to last longer. Also, it charges bit faster (i know this is not great for the battery). Will do more testing.

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Htc Evo 4g - Whinning Sound From Charger / Why Actual Plug Make This

I think it may have been discussed before but i can't find it. When the phone is plugged into the wall charger, why does the actual plug make that high pitched, whining sound?

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Unable To Load Music To Phone / Way To Do

I just got my droid and new to androids. I cant get the droid to get music from my computer. Know how to set up usb and from that point on no matter what i do cant seem to get it to work. Can someone please give me a step by step on how to load music to my droid. I love this thing and want to make it better. Also are videos the same way?

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Can I Load Engadget Up On Droid Phone

Open your browser, go to, if you get directed to the mobile version, scroll to the bottom and tap the full engadget experience link.

Did it work, or did it come up with a server redirect error? When playing with android phones in shops, i noticed that the xperia x10 couldn't do it, the hero couldn't do it, the desire did it once i messed with it a bit, and the nexus one did it perfectly first time.

Were the demo phones in the shops just broken, or is there a bug with the browser? Or a competibility problem with some phones?

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Is X10 A Better Phone Than Iphone 3gs

Is the x10 a better phone than the iponeg3s

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Motorola Droid - Best 3d Games Like Iphone On Phone

Soon i will be getting the droid and i was wondering if they have 3d games like the iphone does? If so, post your favorite and i will try it out.

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Motorola Droid - Load Music Onto Phone / Trick To Know Data On Sd Card

I put music from media center onto the mini sd card that came with droid and put it back in the phone and nothing came up in my music app. Is there a different way i should be putting music on the sd card? I thought droid would automatically recognize the music but it is not. I open the music app and the screen comes up black blank. Is there a trick to this phone knowing the data on the sd card?

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Motorola Droid - Where To Get Car Mount For Phone

Can anyone tell me where i can get the mount? I am getting my phone tomorrow and wanted to order the mount.

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Samsung Galaxy S - Make Ringtones For Phone Same As For Iphone

I'm so used to my iphone-how do u make ringtones for the galaxy is it the same as for the iphone make an aac file?

If not can i just use the ones i already have on my mac and drag them to my phone?

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Motorola Cliq - Can I Load Amazon's Protected Video And Play It On Phone After Rooting

I see all these new things you can do with a rooted phone, if i root my phone, is there a way i can load amazon's protected video and play it on my cliq?

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Motorola Droid - Car Mount Keeps Phone Screen On / Fix It?

I was under the impression that when the droid is placed in a car mount, the car mode will keep the screen on even though it is not being charged. I know it keeps it on during navigation, but doesn't it also keep it on at all times as long as it's in the car mount? Cause mine doesn't.

My solution for the moment was to go into settings, applications, development and keep screen on while being charged and just always charge the phone while in the mount, but would much rather have it stay on ragardless. I put my droid in the mount, choose "view map" and 30 seconds later. Blank.

How does yours act?

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Htc Incredible - Not Able To Load New Rom Via Its Manager / Why Is So

I'm trying to load custom roms via the rom manager app. My since is rooted and i have the super user app all setup as well as wifi tether. The issue is when i try to use the install rom using sd card feature. I checked wipe data and phone cache and the phone resets. Problem is when it reboot it goes into a loading bar then switches to a phone with red question mark above it. Do you guys have any ideas what i'm doing wrong.

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Motorola Droid - Phone Sleeping While In Car Dock And Charging / Keep It On At All Times

Should it still go to sleep? I have the dock and whiled docked i am charging the phone but the screen still goes to sleep. Is there a way to keep it on at all times? I am using google listen and pandora while driving and would like the ui to stay up at all times.

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Nexus - Bars On Phone Don't Match On Screen In Car / What To Do

So today i had my phone connected via bluetooth to my car. The phone was showing 1 bar but the screen in the car was showing full 5 bars. I found that very strange as its usually pretty dead on.

Anyone else experience this?

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Motorola Droid - Car Dock Makes A Hole In Phone / Should I Exchange It

When holding your droid away from you with the battery and camera facing you 申 the camera to the top left 申 is there a small notch at the very top toward the right side of the headphone jack but on the very back phone wide long rectangle piece of almost rubber feeling material? I haven申t noticed this before but now i see it 申 only thing that i could think of is that my car dock made this if it wasn't already there 申 is this part of the original design or no? Should i exchange?

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