Htc Evo 4g - Stock Ringtones Way Too Fast / Setting To Slow Down How Often It Repeats

Is there some setting to slow down how often a ringtone repeats? Like, their frequency is way too fast. I've tried all the stock ringtones, and even imported my old blackberry ringtone but the problem persists.

Hmm, that sounds kind of convoluted. If a ringtone is [ta da], the problem i'm having is that it's [tadatadatadada] instead of [ta da] [ta da]

I'm not sure if that helps at all. But do any of you have any idea how to fix this?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Messaging Slow After 2.1 Upgrade / Make It Fast

I used mybackup trial version to backup text messages, call logs, apps, etc and then upgraded to 2. 1. After the upgrade my text message app takes a good 10-30 seconds to enter into. I can still see them fine and quickly in the status bar and the widget, but the app takes forever to load now, even if it's already running and i'm just switching people. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Htc Incredible - Mp3 Ringtones Quiter Than Stock / What To Do

I always disliked on my old flip phone how any ring tones i'd cut for it were inevitably quieter than the stock or ones you could buy.

I'm glad that the dinc is so easy to customize - just select the mp3 i want and put it in the right folder, and bam, ringtone. But i still can't help but feel that, despite being louder than my last phone, the mp3 ring tones are still quieter than the stock ones.

Or am i crazy?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Can Stock Ringtones Be Removed

I'm using darchdroid v2. 8 and it comes preloaded with a crap load of ringtones that i will never ever use. Is it ok for me to go ahead and delete these? I know these are in /system/media/audio/ringtones but i'm not sure if it is ok to delete them? I tried to delete the ringtones from the rom before i flashed it but when flashing, it gave me an error that ringtones couldn't be found. I don't want to try and delete them and find out later that my phone can't reboot. Just want to ask before i even attempt to.

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Htc Evo 4g - Phone Dying Pretty Fast / Why Is So

My phone is rooted. Latest fresh rom, king kernel, and revolution theme. Why is it starting to last half a day?

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Motorola Droid - Transfer Stock Ringtones To Computer

As the title says, is there any way to transfer stock ringtones and sounds to the computer, i am more than likely getting a samsung fascinate on black friday, but i love the droid sounds and ringtones, any way to copy them to the computer so i can transfer them to my new phone?

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Motorola Droid - Setting Downloaded Ringtones

I have a droid 2 global. Followed instructions to download ringtone from computer to sd card. Open up downloads on droid, it's there. How do i set it as a ring-tone? I cannot move downloaded ringtones.

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Htc Evo 4g - Can We Do A Stock Reflash Of Evo

Both my g/f and i have an evo. She's had hers a little longer and tinkered, loaded apps etc. And it crashes and reboots about 3 or 4 times a day. Mostly at random while not even touching the phone. I've only had mine a few weeks and it has not restarted once. She may have bad hardware but we don't know. So we went into settings, sd & phone storage, factory data reset. We ran that option and it cleared the phone for the most part. We thought that would be the fix but her phone still reboots a few times a day.

So is there a way to do an actual reflash of the phone? I assume that means getting the evo rom (is that right?) And an app to reflash it. We don't want a custom rom or anything, just a stock reflash so it quits crashing. Can we do that or do we have to take it into the sprint store and wait around for hours?

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Htc Evo 4g - Texting Slow Since Froyo / Fix It

My texting says please wait while i switch to and off of a contact. So talking to multiple people at once takes about 3 minutes to switch between chats. None of my keys are precise. I try to hard hold e to hit 3 and it bring up speech to text. I hit t and it hits n. Already calibrated it. Froyo junked everything.

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Htc Evo 4g - Internet Is Super Slow When Have Full 3g Service

I received my htc evo 4g in the mail approximately two weeks ago. Up until last night things were working great aside from the terrible battery life, but that's to be expected. Anyway all of a sudden the internet is super slow when i have full 3g service, mobile internet, wi-fi etc. Anything google related refuses to load. Certain websites (other than google) load, however it is extremely slow. Also, there is what appears to be the 'accounts & sync' icon on the tool bar when the internet is operating. This icon has never appeared there up until today. I have no idea what to do. I tried calling sprint, they placed me on hold for 20 minutes only to hang up on me. Please help, i am not a technology expert and i have no idea what is going on.

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Htc Evo 4g - Phone Full Bars Connection Slow / Increase It

Since yesterday my connection on 4g is holy crap slow. Ran a speed test, local server. I'm getting 108kbps down, and 70kbps up.

I've ran it several times, and it's always in that ball park, with the upload varying the most by a couple hundred. I've rebooted several times, with no success. Any suggestions?

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Htc Evo 4g - Is There Really Need To Upgrade Whether It Be Stock Or Custom

Hey guys so the update has been out in a bit. I was wondering if you guys notice any changes in battery or camera or anything else for that matter. Is there really a need to upgrade whether it be stock or custom?

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Htc Evo 4g - Trouble With Resolution When Setting Wallpaper

I'm having trouble with the resolution when setting a wallpaper to my evo. I make sure that my wallpapers are 960x800, but every time i try setting a wallpaper, it forces me to crop just a small portion of the wallpaper and doesn't allow me to use the entire pic on my homescreen. I even use the green lines to enlarge with my fingers and still don't get a full 960 x 800 res for my wallpapers. Is there anyway around this stupid problem? I dont want to zoom in that makes the picture look crappier and doesn't show the entire thing.

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Htc Evo 4g - Setting That Allow Emails To Remain On Phone Indefinately

If a setting exists that will allow emails to remain on the phone indefinately, like they do on a pc.

Right now, when they're deleted from the server, they're gone.

Sorry if i missed it on here somewhere and if i looked over the setting on the phone. But i did look.

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Htc Evo 4g - Calendar Wheels - Setting To Change Date And Time Entries

Is there a setting to change the date and time entries from the "wheels" to a standard numerical entry?

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Htc Evo 4g - Restore Data From Nandroid Backup Running Stock Rooted Sense On Phone

I was thinking about installing the cyanogen mod but i was wondering is it possible to restore the data from a nandroid backup that was running the stock rooted sense on the evo?

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Htc Evo 4g - Text Disapears When I Leave And Come Back / Setting So It Doesn't Delete

Couldn't find an answer to this.

Say i'm typing a text message and a call comes in or i go to another app or screen for some reason, (didnt send text) then come back to the messaging app the test i was typing(but didnt finish and send) is gone and i have to retype it.

Is there a setting so it doesn't delete it?

The pre was nice because it would keep the typed unsent test till it was deleted or sent.

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Htc Evo 4g - Program / App Used In Place Of Stock Mail App Comes With Phone

Is there another mail program/app that can be used in place of the stock mail app that comes with the evo?

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Custom List Adapter Repeats Entries / Fix It

I am trying to create a listview that will be populated with the entries from an array.

So this is my item layout code.

Anybody else encountered this problem? I do not understand what is going on since i thought it should be straight-forward grabbing from the array.

Edit: included the whole of my getview() method. Pardon the ugly way of getting the icons, i haven't figured it out yet,

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Htc Desire - Phone Screen Not Responding Quickly Enough / Make It Fast

Desire screen not responding quickly enough , any ideas please

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Htc Magic - Phone Battery Discharge Fast / Make It Normal

I just got my magic last weekend. I think i am experiencing problems with the battery. I have to recharge the phone every day. I even recharged it before i went to bed last night, and when i woke up the battery was already empty (after 7 hours). I have turned off vibrating, sound, wi-fi, gps and the phone was in hibernate mode (screen was turned off).

I have read that the battery discharge fast, but this can't be normal?

Could there be any apps or something which are making the battery run out so fast?

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Htc Incredible - Rewind And Fast Forward With Phone's Sense Music App

How do you rewind and fast forward with htc's sense music app? You would think that holding down either button would do it but it doesn't. I know you can click the scroll bar but it gets annoying when i want to skip say 10 seconds. Any ideas anyone?

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Htc Incredible - Email Sent Through Gmail App Can Take Hours To Deliver / Solution To Send Fast

I've been told that some of the emails i send through the gmail app can take hours to arrive. Anyone else having this problem?

I have gmail set up to send through the server for my personal address (such as, anyone think that could contribute? I don't seem to have any issues when i send through gmail direct in a web browser. Also, can sending pictures from the phones camera directly through the gmail app cause a delay?

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Htc Desire Suddenly Became Slow

I've been using the phone for about 2-3 month or so, installed apps and everything was fine. About a week ago the phone started to get slow, apps began to stuck and crush. I have 2 sms apps, and 2 mail apps. Most of the time, the main trouble is with sms, mail and contacts (people). Is there a log i can see?

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Htc Hero - Messaging Become Very Slow / Speed This Up

Have a small issue regarding messaging. Mine has become really slow now. Even after i rooted to froydvillain1. 3. There are around 5000 messages and the problem is i want to keep them all because of some of the priceless conversations i've had. Any idea how to speed this up? New memory card? Install a kernel? Update rom? Apps?

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Htc Nexus One Slow Response On Unlock Screen

I just started having this problem, but it is very intermittent. It started happening after the 'pinch to zoom' update was released.

Whenever the phone is connected to another bluetooth device (in these cases, lenovo t500, and eclipse avn76d navigation), the unlock screen will occasionally have an extremely slow response.

If i put my finger on one of the 9 password 'dots', it will take a second or so to respond. Once i move my finger to the 2nd dot, it will not respond (haptic feedback on) unless i swirl my finger around it for a while- and so on til i complete my unlock code.

After it is unlocked, the phone will respond very slowly (5+ seconds to swipe from screen to screen). I've even restarted it and it happened immediately after (held the home key, and only phone and settings were shown). I've turned off the bluetooth connection (via the laptop/navigation system) and the phone would still respond slowly until it is restarted.

It is not consistent, but i was wondering if anyone else has this issue (or similar).

For reference:

Wifi: off
Bluetooth: on (when connected w/ a device, will not occur if bt is on w/o a connection)
Gps: on
Network: t-mobile 3g
Microsd: one that came with the n1

Any help would be appreciated. It's not the end of the world, but it gets annoying when you're trying to look through the phonebook to dial a call in the car.

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How Fast Is The 4g On The Lg Esteem ?

A couple concerns with 4g, first how fast is the 4g on the esteem n second if you root your esteem, is their any tweeks to improve the 4g?

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Is There Fast Way To Check Intersections Of Path

I have two android. Graphics. Path objects and i want to check if they intersect. The only way i found out so far, is to build regions from them and then go through every pixel with.

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Lg Optimus V - Battery Draining So Fast

I have started to experience horrible battery drain on my optimus v about a month ago. I know some people easily make it through the day with charge but i cant get more than 7 hours out of my battery. I can literally just stand there and watch my percentage go down. I have been going through almost every forum possible and tried almost everything.

Airplane mode toggle upon boot, *#*#4636#*#* cdma only cdma auto trick, battery drain then charge to full and wipe battery stats
Battery calibration
Delete all unnecessary apps
Turn off data
Turn off sync
Delete bloatware
Turn off wifi, gps and bluetooth, install juice defender, install bumblebee rom which comes with tws bug fix
New battery

This is stressing me out.could it be the firmware vm670zv4 bug. For people who have baseband vm670zv5 do you experience battery issues? Is there no fix? If there is no fix then i might have to buy a different phone or possibly move on to a different carrier.

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Htc Hero - Phone Seems Really Slow And Laggy Since I Put 8gb Class 6 Sd Card In It / Fix It

Just brought an 8gb class 6 sd card and my hero seems to be really slow and laggy since i put it in

How can this be ?

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