How To Make User-control

I have two questions.

First. I wanna know how to make user-control and how to use it(in xml code).

Second. I want to find color picker dialog, but i don't find it. Where can i find it?

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How To Get More Control Over Gradients

I have the following drawable code.

Is there anyway to start the startcolor at 50% or the endcolor at 50%?

Are there any links that show me all of the attributes i can apply to a gradient?

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Android Power Control Widget

I have installed the android power control widget on my home screen. I understand it is meant to consolidate the various control widgets (gps on/off, bluetooth, wireless). But there is a 4th switch, which logically should be the 3g net on/off. But it isn't, and i have no clue what it is meant to do. [It looks like a yin/yang symbol, or two opposing circular arrows. ]

Can someone tell me what it is meant to do? Am i wasting my time turning on/off the 3g to try to conserve power?

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Share An Webview Control Among Different Tabs

I'm developing an android application based on html.
I made several tabs and put a webview into each tabs to display the page.
Currently i want to use just single webview instance for all tabs to support login/out feature.
I mean i need consistency of user's status during transition of each webpages in tabs.

Is it available to share an webview in different tabs?

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Control Mp3 Player Via Bluetooth

Does anyone know if the ability to control the mp3 player via bluetooth has been developed?

This would be a great item to include as when bluetooth stereo comes out, the user could use their bluetooth car radio to controll the music.

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An App To Control A Dslr Camera

For iphone and ipod touch users there is an app that can be used to be able to turn their device into a wireless remote control to trigger the camera to snap a picture. Just wondering if anything like that is available for the droid. Btw, i have a nikon d90.

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App That Allows To Control Itunes From Phone

Is there an app that allows me to control my itunes from my phone. A lot like the remote droid. But one that lets me control my itunes from my phone.

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Where To Get App To Control My Webcam Through Phone

Is there a app that will let me control my webcam through my phone,

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Application For Media Volume Control

I have my htc desire for about an year and a half, and lately the volume control on the side of the device started to give me trouble. (I need it to control volume during listening to music) so i created a simple app that let you change your volume, you can also set it to the notification on going bar.

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Control An Activity's Contents From A Service

I am new to android

Can anyone provide an example/help on this.

For example having a textview's contents on an activity automatically changed by a service.

I already managed to get the service running, is there a listener i could use on the activity class?

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Can I Control Nunmber Of Tabs Raws In Droid 1.5

I'd like to divide my tabs to 3 diffrent raws so each raw will have tabs of a similar activity( e.g. Action games, board games, shooters games)
How it can be done?

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Smooth Image Rotation With Gesture Control

I'm trying to figure out the best way to make an image rotate along with a user's finger dragging it left or right. I want to try and match the rate a user's finger is moving with the rate the image is rotating. I've got the basic setup for my application going, with the menus and whatnot i want to have, and that's all running great on the emulator, i'm just not sure how to approach this part.

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Vnc App To Control My Phone Using Compute

I wasn't sure the best place to post this. I couldn't find more relevant google group to post to. Feel free to correct me :)

Anyway, i was after an app to control my phone using the computer. I figure it must be doable especially for some debugging purposes but cant find out how.

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Simply Control Background Music In My App Through A Service

All i want to do is simply control background music in my app through a service so i am able to start it and stop it from any activity.

I have everything set up perfectly when i tell the service to toast when it is started and destroyed but as soon as i put the media playin in there instead it starts fine and starts playing the music but as soon as a click a button to stop the service i get an error and a force close.

Here is my code:


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Sprint Htc Hero - Need App To Control Notifications

I saw on here somehwere that people are using an app to lower volume on notifications during the night and yet still use the phone as an alarm clock.

The name of that app would be great

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Control Iso Setting For Camera From In Droid Sdk

Would anyone know where to control the iso setting for the camera from in the android sdk ?
It should be possible as the native camera application on the htc desire has iso settings.

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Motorola Droid X - Scroll Within A Control On Web Page

I apologize if this has been asked/answered before but i have been unable to find a post related to this topic for the droid x - i have a web page that contains a list of items where the length of the list is larger than the height of the list allows to be displayed. How do i scroll the list?

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Game Loop / How To Control Speed And Frame Rate

I've written a game for android, and i've tested it on the dev phone 1. It works perfectly, the speed is just right. However, i'm sure phone cpu's are getting faster. They may already be faster than the dev phone. How do i make sure that my game runs at the exact same speed no matter what the device or how fast it runs? Do you know of any techniques? Should i check some kind of timer at the top of the loop each time?I guess i'm referring to frame rate - but mostly the speed at which my game runs through the main game loop.

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How To Control Window-panning / When Virtual Keyboard Gets Displayed

Is there any way to control the amount that the activity-window gets scrolled up when the virtual keyboard gets displayed? The default (when panning is enabled for that activity in the manifest) is to pan exactly that far so that the user can still see the edittext or whatever the user wants to edit. Now i have an edittext below said edittext that dynamically changes text if text gets entered into the edittext above. I'd like to scroll the window a little further up so that both edittexts get displayed. And i don't want to use a scrollview, just the normal mechanism that get's triggered when you open up the virtual keyboard.

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Settings An Application Can Control To Improve Battery Life In Phone

I was wondering what settings an application can control to improve battery life in the android environment. On most laptops, you can control screen brightness, wireless adapter settings, etc, as a means to conserve battery life. Are there any such controls in android?

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Control Available To Display File Open / Save Dilog Box

In my application i want that user can select file from sd card and phone memory. So can some one tell me is there any control available to display file open or file save dialog box.

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How To Create A Split Control Like The One In The Browser's Address Bar

I want to create a search box with the search button directly on the right of the edittext, without any spacing. Looks like the address bar on the internal browser application. Is it possible or do i need to create it myself?

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Tab Control Displayed On Top - Want To Show On Bottom Line

I want to make an tab control on android.
But the tab control is displayed on top, wherein i want it to be displayed the bottom line.

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Samsung Fascinate - Need Cdc Abstract Control Model Acm Driver

I need this driver for xp and am unable to find it anywhere. Can anyone help. Lack of this drives is causing problems with pdanet and this pos computer not keeping the usb connected. Cant get a new pc right now nor do i ave a copy of win 7 that is not 64 bit to throw on this pc.

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Motorola Droid - Metamorph On2.1 Rom Theme Control File Not Found / Fix It

Installed bbv7 works good. Trying to install a theme i had one my 2. 0. 1. I also tried to install the smokeless glass by pete. =In metamorph i keep getting the error "theme control file not found" and metamorph closes. Any way to get this fixed?

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Is There A Way To Request Permissions From A User As You Need Them

I suspect there has to be. I mean i saw for bluetooth there is. I was wondering why it is not as easy for the other permissions. I mean heck we can intercept urls without even asking a user for the most part, so i would have to suspect that permissions have to have this ability.

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Restful User Authentication

I want to develop a restful web service for my android application. I have some questions and problems. I want to use a database for the user login and signup for the beginning. But how can i make a restful webservice (in java) where i can authenticate a user. The user has to login with a username and password and this username and password has to be checked. How can i make this? I have read a lot but i don't find a solution. I want to use this webservice in my android application (using http and xml/json)

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User Experience And Ui Refinements

I think android has a ton of functionalities and that's definitely wonderful. I am not trying to be overally critical since i know the android team has been working hard and this is highly appreciated. However in all systems, there are rooms for improvement and here are a few areas where i think android can improve upon:

1) ui refinements - currently it's actually pretty hard to create good- looking ui in android. This is one of the main reasons why uis in android look like childplay compared to iphone apps. Any of the base/ core ui components in android (to be blunt) are not that pretty. To customize and add in the appropriate gradient and create the kind of sophisticated uis that are comparable to iphone apps is twice as hard. Having done development in both, this is something android should target. Overall the android ui is too blocky, too funky, and not stylish. And in some cases, they are moving backwards. The new tabs in android 2. 0 look worse than android 1. 6. The new spinner is also not doing justice either. A focus in this area will be helpful in order to create better ui for android applications.

2) user experience - instead of constantly just adding new functionalities, focus on user experience. For example, always having to click the menu key to bring up a menu requires additional clicks that are not necessary. Having to click a back key and guess where the current application ui will take me back to is also not great. Possibly provide a built-in on-screen menu in the framework? Provide a breadcrumb component as part of the framework as well?

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Delete Words From User Dictionary

I have looked till i was blue in the face, for a way to delete certain words from my user dictionary. When i pull it up, i get very few words. There are some words that i know that i've entered mistakenly, yet i can't seem to fine them to delete them. Does anyone know the trick or tricks to manage the entire available dictionary?

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Get Online User To Gmail Chat

I am developing gmail chat application in android. Anybody know how can we get the online user?
I would login from my gmail id. I want to show the my friends who is online from chat list.

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