Samsung Moment - Camera Driver All Messed Up In 2.1 / What To Do

Google goggles is nearly unusable because if i try to use the 'crop' feature, it misplaces it due to some bug in the camera driver and/or app. The visible area for taking a pic is not as large as the actual resolution, so it's like the viewfinder only sees the upper left 3/4 of what you're taking a pic of.

Very annoying. I'm going to ask sprint to give me a chance to upgrade my phone early in light of all the issues this phone has had. I'm sure some of you aren't as agitated as me or as picky as i am, but i have pretty much had it with this phone. I shouldn't have to learn to get around quirks and bugs or have to use root access for full functionality. It's ridiculous. All this time waiting for the 2. 1 update, and they not only didn't get it right, but they cut out features.

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 - Can I Use Phone's Froyo Camera Driver In Gaosp

Anybody have any idea if we can grab the camera driver from froyo of galaxy s and use it in gaosp?

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Htc Desire - Camera Display A Messed Up Image While Trying To Take A Picture / Fix It

I read another post about someone having the problem where the camera will display a messed up image while trying to take a picture. I found that my desire has this same problem and that it occurs when an edge connection is sending or receiving data while i have the camera app open. I can get the camera to do this by loading up a website and jumping back to the home screen and into the camera app before the site has finished loading. Can you guys try this for me while using an edge connection to see if this is the same for all desires?

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Fail To Install The Mtp Driver Error On Samsung Galaxy S2

Yesterday i flashed the xwlp8 firmware onto my galaxy sii. I factory reset the phone before and after the flash. Now samsung kies will not pick up my phone via usb. It fail to install the mtp driver (?). I have uninstalled kies 3 times, uninstalled my phone in device manager and even rolled back my version of kies. Is there anything else i can do? I really need to restore my phone from the backup i made. It has some important photos in it.

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Samsung Fascinate - Need Cdc Abstract Control Model Acm Driver

I need this driver for xp and am unable to find it anywhere. Can anyone help. Lack of this drives is causing problems with pdanet and this pos computer not keeping the usb connected. Cant get a new pc right now nor do i ave a copy of win 7 that is not 64 bit to throw on this pc.

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Samsung Moment - Evo Vs Moment / Out Of Range Service Beeps

I am eligible to upgrade, but i want to get some opinions before i decide. I will not purchase or pre-order the evo either before it has a few weeks to settle in and also monitoring others experiences. My concern is that some of my gripes with the moment my not be corrected or addressed with htc either.

- Anyone here have htc experience as far as durability and dependability vs samsung moment. Physically and structurally to me, the moment has been great, want the same from evo/htc

- Gps, my moment sucks, what experiences have others had with comparable htc phones vs say blackberry which works wonderfully for us

- Out of range service beeps, these on htc phones or just the moment

- Cdma lockups, on my moment they are more recurring now with 2. 1 than before. Is there any reports of this with the htc phones

Hate not having a keyboard (evo), but these things actually are distractive enough for me to consider a replacement.

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Samsung Moment - How To Dl Swype For Moment

How do i dl swype for the moment

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No Usb Driver In Sdk Available Packages

I'v just downloaded and installed the latest android sdk package and followed the instructions to the letter on win 7, (apart from there being no sdk installer.exe file as per the readme.txt (so i ran the sdk manager.exe instead). When i finish the install, there is no usb driver package listed in the available packages pane. All the posts i'v read say it should just be there. Any suggestions?

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Lg Ally Usb Debugging Driver

Hello i have searched the internet for the debugging driver but as yet i have not found it and lg will not help because i would be making third party software thus voiding waranties and so on. If you know where this driver is.

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Samsung Captivate - Possible To Have Camera Screen / Layout Vertical

Ive had the captivate for several days and have been noticing several issues. The first occurs when i'm trying to call someone back that i do not have in my contacts. I go to call log and select their number and attempt to call them back, however it gives me no dial tone and no sound/talking whatsoever for about 15 seconds before it returns me to the phone lock screen. I can still make calls just fine though. If anyone knows what is going on and can recommend a fix i'd greatly appreciate it.

Also second question (not so much of an issue) is about the camera. Can you zoom while using the default camera, and if so how do you do that. Also is it possible to have the camera screen/layout vertical? Its kind of annoying to always hold the phone to the side when you want to take pictures.

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Mute Camera Shutter Sound - Samsung Galaxy S2

How to mute camera shutter sound? I remember in 2. 3 u just set system volume to 0, now with 4. 0. 3 i have to mute the entire phone to do that?

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 - How Is Camera Performance With Latest Galaxo

How is the camera performance with the latest galaxo? I'm still running non-root firmware and primarly use the phone for movie watching and taking photos. Does the camera work any faster than with say. Jc4 or ii5 ?

One disappointment with the original camera, was that it took a bit too long to load, so by the time i had it running, my "canon" moment, would be gone. Do you think galaxo 1. 6 makes things better

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Camera Takes Terrible Pics - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Is anyone else noticing the gnex taking very low quality pics in low to mid light range and distance shots especially when hour zooming on them. I mean serious its horrible.

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Stock Camera Gray Line - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I took my galaxy nexus to new york city this weekend, and have been snapping pictures like mad. However, i accidentally dropped my naked galaxy nexus while in central park. The extended battery door popped off and slightly scratched the backplate. After cleaning the dirt and reassembling my phone, i noticed it was working just fine. However, when i launch the default camera app, i notice a very slight gray line along the left side of the picture when i'm about to snap a picture. Luckily, the line disappears on the actual picture, but is there a method to rid of this problem? Has anyone noticed this issue with their nexus? I find it weird this problem only appears on the camera app, when the imact shoul have caused a hardware failure rather than software. In other words, shouldn't this gray line be there constantly? All in all the problem isn't serious, but it would be nice to get rid of it.

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Cortex A8 Freescale Imx515 Usb Driver Win7

I purchased an android tablet, from chinese manufacturer, running android 2. 2. It is a good device, so far, for the money paid. My problem is usb connection to a windows 7 pc, no specific driver supplied, yet but i am chasing manufacturer for one.

All parts are functioning to a degree. I managed to get samsung new pc studio to see the tablet and even, for a few seconds, show the drives but then the tablet disconnected. I could repeat this at will. So is anyone aware of a source for windows 7 usb drivers that i might try. Or any other suggestions would be welcomed.

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Samsung Moment Ringtones

Using samsung moment with google. Can anyone recommend a good source for free ringtones, only looking for good, fun, pleasant "tones" or sound bytes no music.

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Samsung Moment - What Is Rooting

This may have already been answered but after using the search too many topics came up. Can anyone explain to me what the term 'rooting' means? I have been using nokias for years. So have never been on android. Also what sites are best for apps? Free and paid?

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Samsung Moment - Phone Keeps Freezing / Cause Of This

So, ive recently noticed that my moment will freeze in lock mode and when it catches up, the screen will flash green, red and sometimes blue. Whats the cause of that?

Ive since taken off the face plate i bought for my phone. Hasn't happened much since then. But whats usually the cause?

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Samsung Moment - How To Pay For Apps

This may sound simple to some, but how do you pay for apps? I have only downloaded free ones.

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Samsung Moment - Sd Card Corrupted / What To Do

Phone was being very slow wouldn't call or send text messages it was in the middle of dialing and i took the battery out while on which has been done numerous times. But after powering phone back up says sd card corrupted please reformat so i did but this is crazy im getting sick of this phone day by day at 1st it was good but the update sucks battery life sucks just like the keyboard and touch screen together

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Samsung Moment - Is Screen Too Small

I am one of the lurkers who is considering getting a moment over the evo and epic because of costs. However, i'm worried i'm going to hate the smaller screen. It is still a good screen, but 3. 2 inches or whatever it is is pretty small for a smartphone. I have the htc touch pro2 right now, and it's ok, thank god for htc and touchflow. Anyway it's time to get android in october.

I wouldn't even consider the intercept because it's rev. 0. So, is the screen too small? How often do the data lock ups happen? I've been to 2 or 3 different sprint stores and neither moment worked when i went to play with it, after a reboot, data worked. So i'm assuming that was the issue on those phones. Is an android 2. 2 custom rom going be done for this phone?I see the wifi tether is a go so that is good. Has anyone purchased and extra battery and charger? As in a charger that you just snap the battery into while you use the other one in the phone? Is there one that you recommend? Is the battery life really that bad?

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Samsung Moment - How To Forward Message

Had this phone a couple weeks now and still haven't figured out some of it. Text messaging: how do you forward a message? How do you send a text or forward it to multiple contacts?Is there any way to save or "lock" a text message? Picture mail:how do you forward a picture message?Is there a way to "upload" or save a picture that you receive as picture mail?

General:how can you copy and paste a link or text into a text message or e-mail? How can you "refresh" a page in the browser? Example - refreshing a "live" game internet broadcast like on espn or cbs. I have more - but that'll do for now.

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Log From A Samsung Moment User

If you have a samsung moment and have adb working for it, would you mind downloading deadly chambers demo off the android market and running it with the log up for me?I'm getting reports of it "not opening" but no additional details. Just the crash log would help tremendously. I think all you need to do is install and try to play the game.

I can return the favor with an evo, tattoo, g1, n1, archos 5 or droid.

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How Good Is Samsung Moment Phone ?

I'm a sprint hero user, my girlfriend is thinking about joining my plan and getting a moment. I know a good amount about android now but not about the moment. Would she be able to use the touchscreen to text or only the keyboard? And what are the good and bad features of the phone? Thanks for the help guys!

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Lg Esteem Headphone Jack Messed Up

My esteem headphone jack is messed up. What can i do except get a refurbished phone or a bluetooth headset. I also tried to clean it with contact cleaner. Can i repair it?

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Samsung Moment - Install 3d Picture Gallery

I just updated my phone to 2. 1 and managed to install the live wallpapers with the help from the people on this forum now i need help trying to install the 3d picture gallery

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Samsung Moment - Stop Song When Playing

How can you stop it, i tried everything.

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Samsung Moment - Deactivate Screen Lock

I don't mean the lock pattern. I mean the very first screen after you push end to wake up the phone? I hate having to push menu and am wondering if there is a way around this that i'm missing somewhere.

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Samsung Moment - Multiple Sd Cards As Backup

After reading about rooting my moment, it seems most changes are made to files on the sd card.
I have the original sd card that came with the phone and i use a larger capacity card in the phone. Question is, if i had to take the phone to sprint after rooting, could i just put the original card in the phone and recover to factory? Or is it more complicated than that?

Basically, stock phone on the original sd card and my rooted phone on the other card.

Edit: found the major error in my thinking.

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Samsung Moment - Can Delete All Contacts And Start Over

Can i delete my all my contacts and start over?

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