Looking For Video Player Increase Playback Speed

Love my droid x. I like do copy videos to my phone and watch / listen while working. However i would like to be able to playback at an increased rate. On my old htc smartphone i used tcpmp (which is now called coreplayer) to play videos and i could increase the playback speed to 1. 5x or 2. 0x or whatever. They audio sounded like chipmunk, but as long as i could understand what they were saying i didn't mind.
Does anyone know for sure if a video playback application with this feature exists for the droid x?

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Video Playback Freezes On 1.6 Donut With Opencore2 / Solve This

It looks like there is something wrong with the player (opencore), at times, video playback will get stuck on one frame, and will stay there for a long time.

If you look at the log, you can see that player started playing at 17:59:48, at that time it has already buffered 6 seconds of video. Then at 17:59:53 the video and sound got stuck, while buffering kept going on in the background

After 25 seconds (18:00:19) it resumed playing and buffer was already at 36 seconds, and all this time the api report that it is playing, meaning in the code, i don't know that video is stuck.

Any thoughts or suggestions? This started to happen in donut (1. 6) with the introduction of opencore2. I have never seen this problem in with previous version of opencore (android versions <= 1. 5)

Legend: the integers next to "current" and "buffer" are in seconds of video. While "playerdriver buffering" are in percentages.code.

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Samsung Moment - Phone Too Slow For Google Voice / Increase Its Speed

Can anyone use google voice on their moment? When i get an incoming call, it takes so long for the call to come through that by the time i try to press 1 to accept the call, its going to voicemail.

I've tried it several times and its physically impossible to answer the phone, listen to who's calling, get the number pad to come up (after waiting for the screen to wake up) and press 1 before it sends the caller to voicemail.

I really like this phone, but its lag is wearing on me (and i'm running one of joeykrim's speedy kernals). I hope it speeds up with the upgrade to 2. 1. If not i might have to switch to a blackberry (blasphemy! ) Until sprint comes out with a faster android phone.

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Speed-up App / Increase Number Of Rows Used Internally By List To Draw Its Content

I have developed a listactivity where each row of the list contain a drawable (downloaded from an url, cached locally and in memory). So, i use a custom simpleadaptor to fill the list.

My problem is that the list is very slow. It seems like the component try to reuses a small number of row to print the list (sometimes a picture contain a previous pictures before the real one)

I would like to know how to speed-up my application. Is it possible to increase the number of rows used internally by the list to draw its content ? Do you have other advice?

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Media - Video Codecs To Increase File Types Viewable For G1

I looks around on here for a while and didnt find a definite post or thread about this. So i will make a new post.

Does anyone know if there are any video codecs out there that work for the g1, increasing the file types viewable for the g1? Also, i read about a flash plug-in that is available. Where might i find this? Also are there any other plug-ins i might be interested in? Thank you in advance

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Media - Mpg Video Player

Just wondering if anyone can tell me a mpg video player?Not a conversion app, i need a player as i'm downloading the videos straight from the internet to my phone.

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Video Player That Stores Position Through Reboot

When i travel, i like to load some videos onto my phone to watch in the airport and on the plane. I'm using the app "video player" to watch. What sucks, though, is that when i have to turn the phone off for take-off and landing, it loses my position, and then when i turn the phone back on again, i have to find where i was.

Is there a video player which will remember my position even through a reboot?

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Media Player Video Play Subtitles .srt File Automatically

I have a hyundai a7 tablet and every time i try to play a video no matter what media player i play it in i have subtitles that turn themselves on and play the . Srt file automatically. If i then choose to turn them on in my selected player i have two sets of subtitles working at the same time. I can't find anywhere on the tablet how to turn them off, and since the "default" ones are big and ugly i really want rid of them so i can use the smaller ones built into my media player. Anyone got any ideas why it might be doing this? I've got root access and i uninstalled the default media player that was on it when i got it hoping it was that but no joy.

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Media - Sound Not Syncing After Conversion / Media Player For Wmv Video Files

Anyone know of a media player for wmv video files? I downloaded a video file (wmv) and converted it to mp4. The file played in the video player (froyo 2. 2), the only problem was the sound was delayed by 2 to 4 seconds behind the video.

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Videoview Playback Fails On 2.0.1

I'm testing an app on the 2. 0. 1 emulator and video playback is not working correctly. The videoview is just showing a white rectangle, although the audio is playing fine. I tested one of the video files in the gallery app and it showed the same results (white rectangle with sound). A beta tester with the 2. 0. 1 droid update has also reported that playback isn't working; although in that case the "this video can't be played" message is seen rather than the white rectangles. Looking at logcat i see the following when video playback starts on the emulator:

The surfaceflinger messages repeat for as long as the video is playing, with formats 0, 87, 114 and 116. These videos worked fine on android 2. 0 devices. I presume i'm going to have to re-encode them, but i'm not sure what parameters to use. The current videos are h. 264 176x144 at 15 fps with 32khz mono aac audio. Can anyone shed some light on what the 1, 44 warning means?

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Issue: Incoming Calls Muted During Music Playback On Galaxy S2

I have a ford fiesta bluetooth connection via a 3. 5mm jack. I have a problem with incoming calls when i play music. When i make or receive a call during music playback the volume is muted and i cannot hear it dialing or the caller. I have to switch the phone off and on to be able to make calls again. It only happens when music is playing. Any ideas how to fix this.

I also have a different problem when the phone is not playing music but just making calls via bluetooth. The person at the other end can barely hear me. I used to have a nokia 5800 and never had any problems with callers not being able to hear me. Even when shouting as loud as i can people still say its quiet.

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Htc Incredible - Wav File Player - Player Does Not Support This Type Of Audio File

Every time someone leaves me a voicemail on my home phone number, voip home phone voice mail box sends me the voicemail as a . Wav file attachment. When i try to play this . Wav file the phone refuses, saying "sorry, the player does not support this type of audio file".

So, i take it the . Wav files cannot be played on android phones. Has anyone found a workable and simple workaround to this yet?

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Motorola Droid X - Music Player Won't Play Song / 'sorry Player Does Not Support This Type Of File'

All of a sudden my music player won't play my song and says "sorry the player does not support this type of file". I have my itunes using tunesync and it has been working fine and this popped up today. I am running froyo, not rooted and it was working fine after the froyo update so i don't think it is that.

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Media - Setting To Use For Video Encoding To Verizon Moto Droid - Maximum Size Video

I am trying to understand what setting to use for video encoding to the verizon moto droid. What is max size video?

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Dynamically Increase Size Of Text Used In Application

I'm trying to figure out a way to use zoom-in features similar to those present in webview in a standard view. My application's users include those with bad eye-sight and i would like to allow them to zoom-in on different parts of the screen and then zoom back out. I don't think this there is any method available to do this currently but i would like some direction on how to make this myself. I am planning on creating a dialog similar to that in the 1. 5 browser but i have no idea how to make that actually zoom-in/zoom-out of the screen. Is my only option to dynamically increase only the size of text used in the application?

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Nexus - Increase Soft Key Sensativity

Any way to increase sensitivity?

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Increase Memory Capacity Of Droid Emulator

My application is almost 1 gig. I don't intend to sell this. This is for personal use. I have large audio files that needs to be stored folder. The emulator won't launched it since it's big. How can i make the emulator accept a large apk (1gig)?

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Htc Evo 4g - Way To Increase Number Of Windows

I have an issue with my evo i keep getting the message when trying to open a window it says you have the maxium number of windows already open. Is there a way to increase the number, it looks like one window but maybe there are more open than i think.

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What To Do To Increase Battery Life On Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

Wow, the quick battery life is taking me all the way back to my palm tungsten e days. One session with a multi-media function can take massive amounts of battery life. Is there some tricks i can do, or a third party battery? Because as it stands, i can only use it to make calls, if i want it to last more than a couple hours. I got a tablet and gaming portables too so its not a big deal, but man, the battery life is the same or worse than the ol' palm tungsten e.

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Htc Desire - Get Rid Of All Treble And Increase Bass As Volume

I was wondering if anyone has used the desire with the fiio e5, if so do it get rid of all the treble and increase bass as well as volume? I'm currently using the sennheiser hd 428 and music still has a lot od treble.

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Adw Launcher - Can't Increase Amount Of Screens From 5 To 7 / Fix It

Downloaded adw launcher. I am wondering why i can't increase the amount of screens from 5 to 7.

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Is There Any Performance Increase In Installing Cyanogen 7.1 And Overclock - Samsung Galaxy S

Have a galaxy s running 2. 3. 6 which is a real good phone, was debating whether to install cyanogen stable 7. 1 and possibly overclock - anyone done either? And are there any real benefits and performance increase to warrant either?

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How To Speed Up Restlet When Using Odata

I am attempting to use restlet for android to query an odata data source. However, i am not impressed with its performance in both the emulator as well on a real device. I have the requests made in a wrapper asynctask to make the ui responsive but it still takes over 1 minute to finally return the objects.

I get plenty of these in the logcat window: 10-04 18:20:41. 667: debug/dalvikvm(278): gc freed 7872 objects / 523928 bytes in 279ms

What can i do to speed up the queries?

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What Are Your Speed Vs Accuracy Settings

For you swype users out there what are your speed vs accuracy settings? What does this actually do? Does it affect when you tap out a word at all?

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Htc Evo 4g - Phone Full Bars Connection Slow / Increase It

Since yesterday my connection on 4g is holy crap slow. Ran a speed test, local server. I'm getting 108kbps down, and 70kbps up.

I've ran it several times, and it's always in that ball park, with the upload varying the most by a couple hundred. I've rebooted several times, with no success. Any suggestions?

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Is There Speed / Software Difference Between Mytouch And G1

So i been using an iphone 2g for a while, and because of the good reviews android is getting i would like to change it. Im a t-mobile customer. Which phone would you guys recommend? Is there speed/software difference between the mytouch and the g1?

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What Speed Are You Guys Getting On 3g Using Htc Nexus One ?

What kind of speed are you guys getting on 3g, for those of you who do not have any 3g issues? My 3g connection is good here in dallas. Currently deep inside a hospital building with 3g speeds of 678/143. Tethering i got 981/352.

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Personalize Ringtones And Set Up Speed Dial

Ok so i have my new droid and well im a bit over whelmed, ive looked thru several post and cant seem to find out how to or if you can personalize ringtones and set up speed dial, any one know were or how i can do this ?

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Calculate Average Speed From Gps Coordinates

I have here a device which can give me gps coordinates. The time intervall i can define. I want to use it to calculate the average speed during driving or travelling by car. Actually i used a orthodrome formula to calculate the distance between two points and then divided it by the given time intervall. By the implemenation i followed this term(http://de. Unfortunately i could only find a german link, but i think the formula should be understandable in any language ;)

Unfortunately, using this formula and a time interval of 1 second gives very unprecise results. The speed while walking is between 1 km/h and 20km/h.

So i wonder if there is a general reference on how to implement distance calculation between two gps coordinates (i found something similar on so) and particulary, which is the best time interval to update the gps coordinates.

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Htc Hero - Messaging Become Very Slow / Speed This Up

Have a small issue regarding messaging. Mine has become really slow now. Even after i rooted to froydvillain1. 3. There are around 5000 messages and the problem is i want to keep them all because of some of the priceless conversations i've had. Any idea how to speed this up? New memory card? Install a kernel? Update rom? Apps?

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