Qvga Screen Hides Some Pixels - Solution For This

I have a problem with missing pixels on qvga screen on android (all versions including 2. 2). The original problem was with linearlayout and margin="1px". It was ok on the normal screen but on qvga there was sometimes no space between gui controls, like if margin="0px" and not 1px. So i tried to make the example simple (to be sure that it is not a linearlayout bug), i have just put transparent (height = 10px) and white (height = 1px) images into imageviews into the main screen. 25% of the white images are not shown on the qvga screen. The behaviour on the normal screen is ok. The screenshots are from the emulator but the problem exists on real devices too.

See screenshots on my web page.

Is it an android bug? Can i do anything with it? Note that my original problem was with linearlayout and margin="1px". Is there something like margin="1px_that_is_not_hidden"? (Pt, dp, dip, . Don't seem to be solution

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Unable To Access Pixels Of A Bitmap Image On Droid / Solution For It

In short i am unable to access all the pixels of a bitmap image.

I have used an intent to fire the native camera app and returned a bitmap image to my application activity. The data is definitely a bitmap object and i am able to display, get the height/width etc and access some pixels using getpixel(). However when i use the values of getheight() and getwidth() i get an array out of bounds error. By trail and error i have found i can only access a reduced number of pixels of the image, for example with one image which returned a height and width value of 420, 380, i could also access 200, 100. I then do some image processing and used setpixel() on the original image. When i display the image it shows the, say 200, 100, processing pixels and the rest normal, therefore the pixels are obviously there and accessible by android but not by me. I have to spoken to other people who have also had this problem with images.

Does anyone know anything more about this, reasons? Or a work around?

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Is There An App That Hides Pictures

I know that there are apps that prevent your screen from timing out where you have to press the menu button and then slide to unlock your screen. But is there an app that dims your screen after a set time without your screen being locked? Like you just tap the screen to make it go back to normal brightness before it dimmed from an app/widget?New question: ignore whats on top.

***Is there an app that hides pictures? Like you have to do a certain gesture to make certain photos visible? But you can still show other pics?(I update this thread everytime i have a new question instead of making a new thread for a single question. )

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How To Prevent That Keyboard Hides My Edittext

I have a relativelayout at the top, then below i have a listview in the center and finally at the bottom i have another relativelayout with an edittext and a button inside.

I want the listview to resize when i click on the edittext and the ime(virtual keyboard) appears. If i put adjustresize in the manifest, the listview is resized to leave space for the ime, but the relativelayout with the edittext that is below is covered by the ime and i can't see what i'm writing. If i put adjustpan, the keyboard pushs up all, the listview is not resized and i loose the top relativelayout. My code.

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Getting Width And Height Of Device Programatically For Qvga Devices

I want to get the width and height of my device to know what type device it is ie qvga, hvga , wvga. Also i need to adjust some layouts according to width and height of the screen.

I tried following methods but its not working.


All these methods return wrong width and height for the 240x320 devices namely samsung europa and alcatel which i have. Width = 320 height = 240. This is wierd as some of the critical functionality is getting hampered . I think this is really a basic thing which shd be correctly provided. Please help me with this issue .

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Phone's Resolution Is Qvga So Buttons Of Dialer Are Overlapped

My phone's resolution is qvga so the buttons of dialer are overlapped. How to resize the button of dialer or how to make android work fine with qvga?

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Htc Desire - Screen Burn On Phone / Solution For This

Anyone else experiencing screen burn on their desires? I only noticed it this afternoon when i rebooted my phone. When the white htc splash screen came up i could see the outline of the keyboard. It was a bit of a shock! I downloaded one of those silly torch apps that make the screen go white so i could get a good look at it. It's only faint and can only been seen on a white background but it's definitely there. I've had the phone about 7 months and must say i text far too much so the keyboard is on quite a lot. Anybody else experiencing this? Any idea if i'd get a replacement from t-mobile if i pushed for one?

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Htc Evo 4g - Alarm Clock Goes Off And Screen Freezes / Solution For It

The alarm clock on my htc evo 4g was working fine until recently. In the mornings when the alarm goes off, the screen is frozen and i am not able to dismiss or snooze. The only way to turn it off is to press the screen on/off button, which snoozes the phone. After i turn the screen on and off, the screen unfreezes and i'm able to unlock the phone again.

Anyone else have this problem? Solutions?

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Htc Incredible - Unresponsive Screen On Flat Surface / Solution For This

I was just wondering is there a solution to this grounding problem? I recently discovered that my screen is unresponsive on any surface that lacks any type of electromagnetic support, and i was considering getting a replacement. What do you guys think?

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Motorola Droid - Gtalk Signs Out When Screen Shuts Off / Stand By - Solution For This

Please tell me there is a way to prevent my gtalk account from singing off every time i lock my phone?

It seems every time my screen goes dark, or in "standby mode" google talk disconnects. I've been told my name comes online and offline all the time by others. I can't for the life of me figure this out. When i sign back in, i get bombarded with messages all at once.

Anyone have a similar issue? And apparently my phone has been in standby mode 62% of its life according to stats. Standby vs screen off. Whats the diff?

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Motorola /motoblur - Cliq Restart Randomly And Freeze At M Screen / Solution For This

I'm using it on tmobile, so far its given me nothing but problems. I cant get a replacement though d: anyways, it restarts randomly and when it turns back on, it gets stuck at the screen with the m logo and stays there. The little indicator light above glows white and stays like that too. I have to leave the battery out for a while and put it back in later to make it work again. I already factory reset the phone, no luck and updating the firmware doesn't help either.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Screen Freezes When Typing Out A Text Message / Solution For This

Sometimes. (Very rare) when typing out a text message the screen freezes and so does the vibration . It just buzzes on and on until i hit back. Is this a glitch with handcent?

Also what web browser has flash video capabilities? Sorry killing 2 birds with one stone here.

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How To Know In Which Pixels Of A Image User Clicked

I want to draw a image filling the complete screen.
Then when user clicks in any pixel or group of pixels they turn black.
How can i know where the user clicked exactly and how can i turn the touched pixels black?

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Get Real Width Of Pixels Of A String

The string contains different kinds of characters.

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Copy Pixels From One Bitmap To Another Shaped Like A Circle

I am using setpixel and getpixel functions but they are using matrices which is naturally rectangle. I am trying to copy pixels shaped like circle !

Update :
Now i am using this but i hope there is something more efficient than this one code.

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Pixels Of Background Image Looks Blurry When Using Its Attribute For Layout / How To Do This

When i am using the background attribute for a layout, the pixels of the background image looks like blurry. I think there must be a resolution problem. For example in api demos there is a module in this path graphics/bitmapspixels. My background image is looks like a third image. I would need to show my background image like the second one. How to do this?

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Motorola Droid - Screen Not "waking Up" During Calls / Solution For This

Ok, so recently i've been having problems with the screen not waking up in the middle of calls to either use the keypad (like when putting in password for voicemail, 7 to delete, etc) or even to end a call. So i am left looking down at a dark screen with two options. Either wait for the call to end itself or open the keyboard to force-on the screen in order to make any inputs. This happens maybe half the time i'm making calls now (and seems to be an issue more and more often). This was never a problem up until about a week ago. The proximity sensor had worked flawlessly, and now it's acting up. What gives? Anything i can do to fix this? Seems like a significant issue with a relatively new phone (had for about a month).

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Stuck On Home Screen But Can Access Boot Screen

I purchased this device from someone that was already a second user. That makes me the third. No warranty at this point. I got this phone for $50 in current state hoping that i can fix this via flashing new rom. It has turned out to be dead end after dead end. This is my first time flashing an andriod device aka noob so help me out people, please

I have gone through every forum post about how to gain root access. Here is the issue i am running into. Everything goes great, download sdk, get drivers, i am able to connect the device to and get a response with device pin number in command screen. Then i type in 'fastboot oem unlock' and it gives me this terrific message:

. Info[err] partition_read: :failed to read page 261120 or it is em
Info[display_err] sp_custom partition: sp_custom_img_hd read err
Info[display_err] can not load custom splash
Infoloading custom splash failed

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Default Launcher - Can Move The Right Screen Or The Left Screen

As we known, there are 3 home screens in the android's default launcher. We can move the right screen or the left screen. And we don't know how many pages are in left-hand & right hand sites . So i want to modify the android's launcher, and add an indicator  to show how many pages are in left-hand & right hand sites on the android's home screen. Now, i found the launcher source in the "src/app/packages". But which xml shoul i modity and hown can i known the screen's move ?

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Trying To Decide Which Backup Solution To Go With

Here's a quick rundown of my experience with mybackup pro for those who might be trying to decide which way to go:i did a factory reset this mooring to try to work out an issue i had with the mobile network randomly cutting out (i'm located in nj so i'm not sure if the trouble was related to the issues people were having in the midwest yesterday). Either way, i purchased mybackup pro and backed up all apps and data (separate operation for each) to the sd card. No problem. Once my evo was back up and running, i reinstalled mybackup. It found the restore files on my card and i restored the data (smss, bookmarks etc) first, then the apps (again, separate operations). Restoring the sms/mms data took some time, but other than that, the process was painless. A few of my biggest qualms were:

1. The restored market apps didn't appear in the downloads section of the market, so had i not gone through and manually re-downloaded all my market apps, i wouldn't be getting alerts when updates are available.

2. None of the preferences for the restored apps were retained, so i had to reconfigure many apps individually.

3. I still had to re-enter all the account info used by android (mail, gmail, youtube, facebook, etc).

All told, from reset back no normalcy was around 2 hours. Even with these few quirks, mybackup still took 90% of the headache out of resetting the phone from scratch. I also know i can't expect the world, especially being unrooted. Having gone through this, i think it's one place where ios still has us beat. I could wreck my 3gs six ways from sunday, then plug into itunes, hit restore, and boom, all back to normal in two clicks and 45 minutes. Do you all think other android solutions stack up for non-rooted users?

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Is Getinstallerpackagename Solution To Piracy

I have been seeing a remarkable increase in my apps being pirated. Not only are they 2 versions old, the name doesn't show up in checkout, but getinstallerpackagename returns null where applicable. These people actually either have the wickedness, or the no brains, to send me a voluntary device report with this information. 75% of these reports sent yesterday were from pirated versions. So i'm tempted to simply check for getinstallerpackagename() to return a valid package name and if not then disallow the use of the app. Isn't it safe to assume that the only method of install should be from the market? And that that method should always be available to someone who has purchased my app - from the market?

My concerns are that, since i'm resorting to this i'll start seeing legitimate purchase complaints somehow, and all of a sudden i get a flood of credit card charebacks.
Sorry, kind of frustrated right now.

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No Option To Resume Mediaplayer / Solution For This

I'm using a media player.

I have the option for starting the player, stopping and pause.

The problem i have is that i cannot find the option to resume the song from the point that it previously was paused.

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Keep Getting A Network Connection Error / Solution For This

Anyone noticing any issues with the market tonight? I keep getting a network connection error but i have 3 bars. I restarted my phone and cleared the. Cache. Anyone else experience this?

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Sportstap New Version Will Not Download / Solution For This

Anyone having trouble downloading the latest version of sportstap?

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Motoblur - Phone Not Updating / Solution For This

I have the backflip and have noticed that today and yesterday, happenings is not getting updated. I have tried power cycling the phone but that didn't help. I also removed my facebook account, power cycled and re-added it and still no luck. This resulted in my contacts from facebook also disappearing and they're not comming back(it has had 3 hours to update since. ) My wife has the same phone and is having the same issue. Anyone else seeing this?

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Usb Not Working With My Imac / Solution For This

I just got my first android phone, a samsung spica i5700, and i'm trying to connect it via usb to my imac 27", running mac os x snow leopard.

When i try to connect it to my windows pc it works just fine, however when connecting it to my mac, nothing seems to happen, neither on my mac nor my phone, other than the phone getting charged.

Googling for help didn't being up any working solution.

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Shop Savvy Running In Background / Solution For This

I've had shop savvy installed for 4 months and haven't used it for a while (at least 1 month). Yesterday i noticed that it accounted for 3% of my battery usage. Anyone else see this?

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Unable To Resume An App From A Notification / Solution For This

I am trying to program my notification to resume my app, instead of simply starting a new instance of my app. I am basically looking for it to do the same thing as when the home button is long-pressed and the app is resumed from there.

Here is what i am currently doing code.

I am guessing that the new intent line is where the problem lies.

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Pathshape Not Closing Paths Correctly / Solution For This

I'm having trouble getting paths to close correctly. The problem appears to be consistent from api 8 (android 2. 2) back through api 4(android 1. 6 . Emulators exhibit the problem, as does my 2. 2 phone.

It seems that android doesn't "think" that a path is closed, even though the path starts (via path. Moveto(. )) And ends (via path. Lineto(. )) At exactly the same coordinates.

If i call "path. Closepath()" to ensure that the path is closed, an errant line segment is drawn, which indicates to me that the path is "confused" about being open/closed, or about which point is the beginning/ending point in the path.

A very short but complete application is included below that demonstrates the problem.

**An image of the results is here:**

The failing code:.

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Only Hear Sound When Playing Video / Solution For This?

A surprising problem occurs when i try to play video, i can only hear the sound part of the video. My code snippet is below code.

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