Motorola Droid X - App That Synchs To Outlook Task List

I just got a droid x, and live by my task list in outlook. I can't find a way to synch to any task list on the droid. Am looking for a simple one. As my task list is not synched to my calendar. It's just a list of everything in the world that i have to do, and i need it.

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Motorola Droid - Gmail Task List

Can i get to my gmail task list on my droid?

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Good Task - To-do List App

I need something that i can enter in a bunch of tasks that i need to remind myself to do. Plus i'd like to be able to set the tasks to recur, so that the due date is apr 25th, but everyday i will get a reminder alert to finish the task by apr 25. I tried astrid but i can't seem to figure out how set up a recurring task.

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Htc Evo 4g - Equivalent Droid Apps For Task List And Memos

I use outlook 2003 to house my calendar, address book, task list and memos (notes/documents). I see that htc sync only syncs the calendar and address book.

What are the equivalent android apps for the task list and the memos?

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Htc Incredible - Task - To Do List

Can anyone recommend a good task/todo list app? I have tried a few(ie. Astrid, color notes), but never really found one i was happy with.

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Motorola Droid - Best Free Notes / Todo List App For Phone

I need one that i can attach a picture to and email to co-workers. Something not too off the wall complicated but with some bonus features beyond just a note pad.

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Motorola Droid X - Verizon Recommends Task Killer

Verizon recommends a task killer for my droid x issues. But i hear task killers are "bad". Any advice?

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Access Outlook App On Htc Desire S

How can i access the outlook web app on my htc desire s? It would really useful if i could access my university emails on my phone on the go but for some reason the site never loads once i log in.

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Motorola Droid - Outlook Inbox "disappears" / Why Is So

I have successfully setup sync to exchange server and shared inbox with my gmail. Suddenly, the inbox was completedsly blank. In settings, sync, it showed both gmail & exchange server. No luck until i deleted exchange account and re-entered it. The inbox was replenished. The exchange server was operational throughout this timeperiod.

Any reason why the inbox disappeared in the first place?

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Motorola Droid - Phone Doesn't Seem As Quick After Deleting Advance Task Killer / Fix It?

I know there has been much debate on removing task killers since there is no reason to have them, however after i deleted mine i noticed after a while when the phone is on it doesn't seem as quick? I am running gde with the cube feature. It just seems to be bogged down or is it all in my head.

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Nexus - Bluetooth Audio No Longer Synchs After 2.2

I used to be able to play music from my nexus to my car via bluetooth without the aux port. After the update to froyo 2. 2 i am only able to make phone calls. It keeps saying bluetooth failed to connect please check your portable player for the correct pass code. Well my question is where is that option. I think i remember being able to access it before the update to 2. 2 but now i can't seem to find the option to input the pass code my car is showing. Which is also kind of weird because i don't have to punch in a pass code to use my hands free. Can anyone shed some light on this situation? Did google forget to put the ability to punch in a passcode?

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Cannot Download Outlook Contacts To Droid

I cannot download my outlook contacts to the phone. I searched the forums and found out i had to pull my notification bar down. The phone seems to show that it's connected validly (my option is to "turn off usb storage). But, when i get through the process to tell the computer to export files to drive l, the usb into which i've plugged the phone, it's only letting me download to something called a backup folder on the phone. I've got a million contacts & i gotta get this right.

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Motorola Droid - New Contacts Not Displaying In Its List / Get Them

New contacts will not display in contact list?

Posted On: May 13, 2010 4:23 PM . View Related Posts . . View 2 Replies .

Motorola Droid - List Of What Fixed / Changed In Frg22d

Is there a published list of what is fixed or changed in frg22d?

Posted On: Sep 3, 2010 9:53 PM . View Related Posts . . View 9 Replies .

Htc Incredible - Task And App Killer - Why To Use This Feature / Save Every Customized Screen

Just got the phone and it's awesome. I want to know why i have to use this feature? Like when i'm done looking at an app and it closes doesn't that shut it off?
I dl'd the free one and when i goto use i see all these apps running but i never used them?
Also, how do i save every customized screen? Is it just one save or can i have different wallpapers in the background for every screen?

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Motorola Droid 2 - Contacts From Facebook Page Keeps Syncing Itself To Phone List / Take Them Off

I just got my droid 2 and i am confused. My contacts from my facebook page and it keeps syncing itself to my phone contact list. How can i take them off?

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Motorola Backflip/motoblur - How To Know Which Applications Currently Running Without A Task Killer

Title says it all, but i just want to know how i can tell if an application is still running without a task killer. After doing some reading, i would like to avoid a task killer if possible, but i also would like the phone not to be running a lot of useless applications if i am not using it.

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Motorola Droid - List Of Songs Not In Correct Order When Viewing Albums / Fix For This

When viewing the albums, the list of songs are not in the correct order. They are listed alphabetically, and not in the order they come on the disk. Hen you look at he albums on the sd card, they are in the correct order. Is there a fix for this?

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Motorola Droid - Good List Of Amazing Apps - Dolphin Browser - Facebook - Weather Channel

I only have a couple, hopefuly we can make a good list of amazing apps for the droid.

- Dolphin browser
- Facebook (obviously)
- The weather channel

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Htc Droid Eris - Setup Different Contact Lists Within Outlook To Keep Lists Separate?

My wife and i both have smart phones. She has a motorola q9c and i have an eris (2. 1v3, which has been running great with only the one or two bars issue, but that¿½s another post). The problem is that both phones want to use the same contacts list from outlook. So i end up with contacts of hers that i don't want and she has some of mine that she doesn't want. Is there a way to set up different contact lists within outlook to keep our lists separate?

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App To List Rom Apps

Is there any app that can list rom apps? There's app list app on market but it only lists user installed apps, while i need to know what's preinstalled on user device.

Alternatively, maybe anyone knows if there's a website that lists things like that for android?

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Grocery List Alarm Notification App Idea

I was thinking of a cross platform mobile/web application (android, iphone, winmo, symbian, etc). Of course for this forum we will talk strictly about android. The idea behind the program will be lists. To do lists, grocery lists, honey do lists, etc. It will have a web interface and will sync with a hand held client. Basic use of the program on your phone will be to make to do lists on your phone, grocery lists, etc. Wouldn't it be sweet to have your grocery list on your g1 and when you put the item in your basket you hit the check mark on the list and it crosses it out?

Where it would separate itself from the competition and really use the android platform will be the web to mobile or mobile to mobile interface. Lets say your wife wants to send you a grocery list. She could go to the web interface and writes up the list, assigns the list to [yournamehere] and you get a notification of a new list and it pops up on your mobile client on your g1. Or maybe she has her own g1, she can write up the list on her own personal g1 and send it to you that way.

You could really integrate it into the android os.contacts integration. Integrate it with the alarm (maybe your husband leaves work at 5pm so you assign his grocery list an alarm to go off at 5pm to remind him to stop by the store, or maybe he needs that reminder to get his hair cut off his to do list, etc). Integration with the notification system. Etc.

From the web interface you can print off your lists for when you send a list to someone without a mobile device. Or at least make a link to a web page mobile web friendly so you can send a link to a list to someone with a blackberry or a wap browser or winmo device and they can look it up that way without having to use the mobile client. The web interface would/could pay for itself (maybe even make money) with advertising. Is there a better target for context based advertising then someone who just received a to-do list or grocery list?

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Outlook Sync Calendars

I am looking for a solution that will sync my calendars at work with personal calendars. My problem is that my company's it policies are, to put it mildly, overbearing. So any solution that involves installing a program on my desktop to sync my work calendar (outlook) with my personal calendar (google) is not a solution at all. Does anyone know of an app that will sync the two from my phone or is it really impossible?

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Speed-up App / Increase Number Of Rows Used Internally By List To Draw Its Content

I have developed a listactivity where each row of the list contain a drawable (downloaded from an url, cached locally and in memory). So, i use a custom simpleadaptor to fill the list.

My problem is that the list is very slow. It seems like the component try to reuses a small number of row to print the list (sometimes a picture contain a previous pictures before the real one)

I would like to know how to speed-up my application. Is it possible to increase the number of rows used internally by the list to draw its content ? Do you have other advice?

Posted On: May 15 2009 . View Related Posts . . View 3 Replies .

Outlook Custom Ringtones Not Working

I have 100% of my contacts stored in outlook on my pc and have successfully sync'd with my samsung vibrant. The problem is that i cant find where to add a custom ring tone for certain callers. Ie: custom ringtone for boss, family, friends, etc. Does anyone know how to do this?

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Sync Galaxy S Phone With Outlook

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to sync my phone with my outlook accounts please.

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Turn Off (gmail, Facebook And Office Outlook)

How do i turn off/log off from gmail, facebook and office outlook? It doesn't give us the option to log out.

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Lg Ally - Get Outlook Calendar To Sync To Phone

I am trying to get my outlook calendar to sync to my phone. I cannot figure out how to work it and the email for my outlook is a whole different story. It says "application email ( Email) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again" every time i try to open and email.

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Issue: Cannot Sync Outlook Calendar With Kies Since 2.3.6 On Galaxy S2

Has anyone else had problems with kies since 2. 3. 6? I just got the phone update cause my phone is so new, and i just tried to sync my outlook calendar, which worked before, and no luck. Syncing my contacts worked fine. Help!

Posted On: January 13th 2012 . View Related Posts . . View 4 Replies .

Htc Incredible Doesn't Do Outlook Syncing Natively

I currently have a blackberry on verizon, but i'm sick of paying $45 for the data plan, and i'm sick of the blackberry os. I want to switch to the htc incredible, but i have a few concerns. I know android doesn't do outlook syncing natively, and i am not interested in importing my outlook contacts into gmail - are there any apps that will allow me to sync my outlook contacts into the phone?

With my blackberry, i need to have to more expensive data plan because my work email accounts would not function correctly with the less expensive plan. I can not use pop3 on these accounts - will the android os allow me to fully configure my imap email accounts correctly?

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