Creating Default Files

I'm new on android and eclipse. I would like to create a xml file in my project. This file must be loaded in runtime. How could i do this? I want to create the file and not a resource. How to put on deployment a file on /data/data//files folder?

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Creating A Custom Menu On Bottom

I would like to create a custom made menu on the bottom of the screen, this menu will be as buttons and, it will always be visible first, if the user scrolls down, it will be visible, and scrolls upp.

How is this possible?

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Creating A Blank Location Object

A couple of other people and me are working on an app for android. It requires locating the device in latitude and longitude. We've been able to create a location object, but the object is always blank. We even tried recreating the code in a completely empty project, but that also failed. Here's our root activity code.

How do we fix this problem?

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Memory Leak When Creating Onclicklistener

If anyone could point our a way to avoid the following memory leak.

When switching layouts in a single activity, and assigning onclicklisteners to buttons, each assignment looks to leak a bit of memory.

Below is a quick example application that shows it happening with two button's and a simple function to switch which layout is currently active. If run, you'll see the used memory jump slightly with each click between them.

I'm aware there's plenty of ways around it (using multiple activities for each layout, using a single onclicklistener thats a member variable which gets assigned to it each time), just curious as to where that extra reference is going thats not getting collected.


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Creating A New Intent Results In Error / Fix It

When i do the fallowing i get screamed on code.

Apparently my this is not the one needed
How can i fix this err?

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Trouble Creating Sqlite Database On Sdcard

I want to create a database storing on the sdcard, but there is error occurred. The following is the error: error/database(605): sqlite3_open_v2("/sdcard/lyodsgps. Sqlite", &handle, 6, null) failed error/androidruntime(605): caused by:android. Database. Sqlite. Sqliteexception: unable to open database file and i want to ask what it is? What can i do to solve it?

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Media - Creating Ringtone App For Market

I just got approved for the android app inventor and i want to be able to get my custom automotive ringtones on the android market. I have all the sound files but no app. Future plans are for automotive themes but that's a ways off. Any suggestions or tutorials that people could point me to?

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Creating And Opening Sqlitedb On Sdcard For Api7

I have a small problem with my code, i am trying to create (if that does not exist) and open connection to sqlite but it fails to open. Im doing that cos i know that my db can be big and may not fit into mobile local storage. I get path to external storage and get the full path to sqlite file

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Motorola Droid - Keep Gmail From Creating A Contact For Everyone I Email

I received my droid last week, and this is my first post here. I've been looking all over and can't find the answer.

It seems that gmail is creating a contact for every email i've ever sent. I use outlook mostly and never synced my contacts before, so i never noticed. Now i've got hundreds of contacts that are just email addresses. Every craigslist ad i ever responded to, every ebay question i ever received. Everything.

Does anyone know a way to make this stop? I spent an hour yesterday cleaning up my contacts, and after a few more emails, have a few more contacts i don't need.

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Add Contacts Directly To A Group Without Creating An Account

I have this contacts that needs to be imported directly to a particular group that i created in which afaik that adding of contacts in an account , in the api seems to be broken(can't add other fields) so i implemented my own activity to add accounts.

How do i add them directly to a group?

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Can I Use Qt For Creating Doid Apps - Embed Its Designs In My Application

I would like to design a ui for my application. I tried droiddraw.
How about qt? I use it for symbian however can i use qt for creating my anroid applications?

If so, how can i embed qt designs in my application?

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Creating Database And Tables On Click Event Of Button

I am trying to create database and table on the click event of button when i am clicking on the button for creating database and table. It is saying that process com. Example. Hw3 has stopped unexpectedly.

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How To Get Default Screen To Go Away

I have recently installed lock 2. 0, the full version. When i press the "end" button to bring the phone out of standby mode, the default lock screen still comes up with the "drag down" unlock. After that is unlocked is when the "lock 2. 0" lock comes up. Any ideas how to get the default screen to go away? This wasn't an issue with the free edition on lock 2. 0.

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What Is Default Password

I installed the 'advanced lock(free)' app from the market and by mistake ticked 'use password' n did not enter a password. Now it is asking for a password after sliding n i do not know the password. My phone is locked. Please help. What is the default password? What should i do now? Waiting for a reply asap.

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App To Sync Files

Is there an app that can allow me to auto sync files across devices? Basically i have a n1 and now a nook, both rooted of course, and i would like to sync my gba/snes rom folder across the two of them. Then no matter which i play, it should be the same save file. I could do it through dropbox kind of, but that wouldn't be done automatically.

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Not Able To Attach Pdf And Other Files / What To Do

I just got the moto droid and i am having problem attaching pdf and other files. Can i attach anything besides pictures?

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Working With Excel Files

I am working on a module that should be able to create, read and write to excel files. Is there a (recommended?) Lightweight java library for working with excel file that can run on android?

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Downloading Files From Internet

I am writing an app where one of things i want to do is download a data file off the internet and load that info into sqlite database on a users mobile device. From the emulator i click the download button (in windows a dialog pops up after clicking asking where to put the file), and nothing happens. From my phone i can't even get to the download screen. Is there some limitiation with the site i am trying to download from, or is there some security setting i need to change? Thanks for any help.

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Way To Read Pdf Files In G1

I want to know if there is a way that i can read pdf, files in my g1?

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Nullpointer Using Default Arrayadapter

My following code does an exception when i'm trying to display the dropdownview. I uses the default standard object arrayadapter displaying string. But there is an issue that i can't resolve.

I tried a lot of thing. So maybe i'm tired or i don't understand something somewhere!


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Any Way To Set Default Calendar

I've been using jorte, and like it, but i seem to have some across a deal-breaker. When entering an appointment from the phone, if you just click on "new event", key in the event, and press "done" it puts the event into "my calendar" by default. "My calendar" seems to be something stored only on the phone. It doesn't sync with google. To get the event into your google calendar you have to press "show details" and select the relevant calendar from the drop down list under "calendar. "The problem is

(A) it's very easy to forget to do this when quickly entering an appointment, meaning that your new event will be in the wrong calandar and will not sync;
(B) there is no way of going back into the event and telling which calendar it has been assigned to; and
(C) even if you realise that you've put the event in the wrong calendar there is no way of going back in and changing it to a different one. You just have to delete it (together with any details or repeat information) and start again from scratch.

This is driving me a bit mad, because i keep finding the odd event which is not coming up on my google calendar online for this reason, and i can't afford for this to happen, so i will need to drop jorte unless i can find a solution. Is my analysis above correct, or am i missing something? To solve this there needs to be a way of setting the calendar which new events get dumped to by default, and also a way of easily changing events from one calendar to another without deleting them.

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What Files Should Ignore In Project On Svn

I have added the 'gen' folder to svn:ignore, are there any others i should be ignoring?


There are some i am unsure about

. Classpath
. Project
The . Settings folder

And also, to ignore a folder i am just typing gen into the ignore list in subclipse, is this correct?

How would it know if gen is a folder or file?

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Particular Collection Of Code Along With Some Xml Files

I have a particular collection of code along with some xml files that i need to share with every application i will make.

At the moment i can't because as far as i am aware there is no way to do this. This seems like a massive oversight by the development team.

If the code needs changing, i have to change it in every app that i create - and will create in the future.

Are there any ways to share code in android yet? I am using eclipse for development.

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World Readable Files In Subdirectories

This is a simple question but i can't find anything by searching this group: is there any way of creating world readable files within subdirectories? I'm producing an app widget that includes an imageview. To supply the image data i'm serving pngs from a content provider. I do it this way to avoid the overhead of stuffing bitmaps into the remote views. I thought i could make this even more efficient by simply letting the widget host access the png files directly - that way the home app won't need to spin-up my application when the remote view is instantiated only to pull out a file descriptor. This means making the files world readable.

At the same time i really want to avoid dumping the files into the root of my application's files directory and instead want a subdirectory so that typical file management tasks are simpler. But i can't see a way of doing both, have i missed something obvious?

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Killi Process With Files On Sd Card

I found that android kills my app process that has files open on sd card when the card is mounted when the device connects to a computer. It is done without any notification, i see in the log something like killprocesswithfilesopenedoncard message, my app receives no notification, has no chance to gracefully shutdown. Moreover android restarts my app immediately after killing it with latest activity not the default activity launched in default standard mode. It does it while the card is still mounted and device is still connected to a computer.

Can someone explain this all to me, how it i supposed to work, and if there is any way to alter this weird rude behavior? Particularly, if there is way to get any notification before the process is killed by the os and to prevent relaunching it while the card is still mounted?

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Samsung Behold 2 - How To Get All Old Files Off Old One To New Sd Card

I bought a 16gb sd to replace the 2gb one the phone came with my question is how to i get all the old files off the old one to my new one help please

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Default Throbber Animation - Froyo 2.2

I'm looking for the location of the android froyo (2. 2) default throbber animation resource. (In the progress dialog displayed as a animated wheel spinning).

What is the type of animation? (Gif, png, avi?) How to get it as a separate file (or images) to be able to adjust.

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Prevent Default Animation - Right To Left

I wanna disable the automatic slide in from right to left animation/transition. All new intents/activities in my app are supposed to have no animation. How can this be achieved?

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Get Default Fonts Properties On Droid

I need to draw some text on my canvas, and i'd really avoid hardcoding some particular text size.

Is there some standard way to find a default text size (and other properties) used in the os?

So far i found only textview. Settextattributes(context, resid) to which i can pass Attr. Textappearance.

But the thing is that i don't want to create a textview - i just have a canvas and i want to draw text in it using default font. Is it possible?

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Default Browser For G1 Stopped Working

My default browser for my g1 stopped working this morning. I click on browser, it tries to load, but it just quits. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix?

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