Htc Mt3g Slide Poor Call Quality

Has anyone had any problems with call quality? I am on my second mytouch slide and i really like the phone but the sound quality through the ear speaker is very scratchy. It has been this way with both phones. Swapped phones and sim cards and still having the same problem. Its really annoying and i am just hoping that this isn't how they all are. I assume they aren't because i haven't heard anyone else complain about it yet. Oh, and yes, i am in a full coverage area. Both of the phones where from the tmobile store here in town. Bad batch maybe?

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Htc Mt3g Slide Lack Of Search Button

Previous android phones i have used had a search button at the bottom right. It was handy for searching through whatever program or app you had running, like if music player was open you could use it to search for a song, if contacts program was open you could use it to search for a particular contact. Now with genius button, how do we do this type of search?

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Is There Any App That Shows Call Quality In Db's / Rather Than Bars

Is there any app that shows the call quality in db's, rather than bars? Probably can't replace the bars in the notification area, but it would be nice to have a small widget with the db's on your home page.

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Call Quality Issue - Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

I have a call quality issue in my new sgs2. The other side person cannot able to hear my voice clearly ans also they are saying that thier was is echoed back to them when they speak. I checked my mic using voice record. Its pucca. I don't know whats the problem? Any one have suggestions?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Phone Call Quality

Does anyone else have a problem with the quality of the phone calls they make?When i am talking to someone on the sony x10 i can hardly hear them unless i have my ear buds in.

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Htc Droid Eris - Freezes On Call Screen When Pik Call / Fix It

So on my droid eris, when i hit the volume button on the side, or i go into settings and try and change the volume my screen freezes and after waiting awhile it says its not responding and to force close? This is everytime i try and adjust it.

. Also when i get a call, if i click answer it freezes on the call screen and wants me to force close that also

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Motorola Xoom - Poor Industrial Design

The xoom is a very fast tablet but is beset with a lack of applications. The most irritating thing is the design of the tablet and accessories. Motorola choose to put the ports on the bottom of the xoom. That means that if you get the motorola portfolio case, you can't charge the device or connect it to a pc. Ok, you can insert the xoom upside down into the case but some android applications, will show up upside down.

The dock doesn't allow a connection to the pc while the xoom is connected to the dock even though the dock has a dummy usb connector to register the xoom with the dock so that power pogo pins will align correctly. Is there a wired ethernet adapter in the event you are at a hotel that doesn't support wi-fi in your room (like many of the disney vacation club facilities)? Ok, you can use the broadband setup (which is slow (rev. A) and expensive) or the future lte support (which is expensive). I thought motorola was supposed to be a hardware company.

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Poor Signal Strength - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I am having very poor signal strength with my galaxy nexus. At home i get only 1 bar even if i go outside. I am not far from a tower. Downtown, if i go into a building, i get no signal. My calls are often dropped to the extent that i cannot even make a phone call. I googled this and there are many others with the same complaint. I finally called verizon support and after numerous tests, they sent me a new sim card. It made no difference.

I have discovered that in order to see 4g i have to turn off wi-fi. One person said this phone has known problems with its poor radio and to insist verizon exchange it for a razr max. Any thoughts or help?

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Terrible Poor Signal Coverage With Motorola Triumph

It seems i never get more than 2 of the 4 bars on my mt. I normally get 0-1/4 in my school 1/4 in my house, 2/4 outside and around town, sometimes 3/4 if im lucky. Never gotten 4/4 with virgin mobile. In the coverage map you can see im in the dark green but you would think i would be in ail coverage

Is this normal to not ever get full coverage even when virgin mobile says that in my aera it should be at its best. Anyone that can help or give advice on how to get better signal strength would be greatly appreciated.

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Used Motorola Droid 2 Battery Life Is Very Poor, Is This Normal ?

A few days ago i purchased a droid 2 global. It is used. My previous phone was the droid 1. Something im noticing that really bothers me is the horrific battery life. For example; this morning at 8:30 i unplugged it (fully charged). At about 10:30 it was down to 80%. I literally did virtually nothing with it. I checked the weather once. I have wifi and bluetooth shut off, as well as greenpower battery saver downloaded and working.

So now what im wondering is, is this normal? Since its a used phone i was thinking it could possibly just be that the battery is old? Anyone have any opinions?

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Possible Reason For Poor Battery Consumption - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

So, my battery has really been pretty crappy for a few weeks now (much worse than before). It all happened right after my phone had ghost dialed *22899 and updated my phone's prl. Now, my phone's battery is pretty decent, so long as i am connected to the google servers (my wi-fi & bars are blue). Here's the thing – they aren't blue as often as before. And sometimes, the wi-fi icon doesn't even appear, even though i know that i am connected to wi-fi (maybe my work connection is bad).

Anyway, the remedy for this is to turn off my screen and turn it right back on a second later. When i do that, the icons appear and they are blue. Should i manually call *22899 (since i had factory reset a week ago)? Would a new sim card fix this problem or is that not a factor? And, when the phone is not being used, juicedefender makes it so that the battery barely drains at all.

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Lost Of Quality With Bitmap Rotation

My program stacks several images, with a certain angle of rotation. The code works, but the image loses of the quality in spite of the dithering during the rotation (except on right angles 90, 180, 270!). The image is a black circle and there are peaks which appear with the rotation which are not visible with the same rotation on gimp or photoshop. I uses the matrix method, but i also tried with the canvas. Rotate method, same result.

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How To Retrieve Gsm Signal Quality Parameters

I am trying to find out any methods to retrieve quality parameters like ber and cir. The only thing i was able to find in google and in android developer website was getgsmbiterrorrate(), but it seems to show -1 for all the time. So is there any way to get quality parameters in other way?

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Up-to-date Info On A Quality Free Podcatcher For Droid

Any up-to-date info on a quality free podcatcher for android?

Missing the simplicity of symbian in this regard. And that is saying something.

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Monitoring The Listview To Slide To The Bottom

I get the data from the internet and show in the listview, i want to make it come true that when i slide the screen with my finger and if the listview is to slide to the bottom , i will get more data from the internet and update the adapter of the listview. But how can i monitor the listview to slide to the bottom, there seems no functions in the sdk api.

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Media - Is There Anyway To Download Ringtone To Slide

I'm looking for more ringtones for sms, i don't really like the default ones for the mytouch slide. But, i do like the default ringtones for the sidekick, is there anyway to download those to my slide?

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Don't Want To Have To Slide To Unlock

This seems like such a simple request. I don't want to have to slide to unlock. Ever. I want to simply press the power button, and start using the phone, ideally with whatever app i left open still there. I tired "nolock" and "mylock" and neither of them seem to do anything at all. Any other suggestions on how i can use my phone without having to constantly slide that useless thing across? When the screen is off there's no way i can accidentally activate anything anyway, so what's the point of the silly slider?I'm running a rooted android 2. 1 on a telus motorola milestone

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Slide Transitions Between Activities / Disable In Application On 1.5

Is there anyway to disable the slide transition between activities? This has introduced some unwanted results in our application. We have had to build our own custom tabs because of the way the camera is operating in our portrait mode navigation. Regardless, we would like to be able to disable it. Is it possible? If so, how.

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Samsung Fascinate - Any Way To Make Youtube Default To Play Videos In High Quality

Just joined the forums, thought i'd say hey and ask a few questions. I tried going to the vzw community forums. That was useless. My wife and i both got fascinate's last month and there's a few thing i'm trying to figure out:

-A week or two ago i downloaded a system update and it worked fine, with her phone though every time i try to download the same update it gives me a "server unavailable" error message. I've tried it several times over several days. My phone just says "no update available. "

-Is there any way to make youtube default to play videos in high quality? Every time i go to watch a youtube video it defaults to normal quality and i can't find a setting to change it. Can this be done?

-My phone has 5-20 second "freezes" when opening various aps (anything from the browser to a game), even when it's the only thing running. Is this just the nature of android/2. 1 or should this not be happening?

-When i first got my phone i had an interesting issue: my 3g connection stopped working (in the middle of birmingham, al) and my clock up top froze at a certain time. If i locked the phone and hit the unlock button the correct time showed on the bottom clock. A restart fixed this. Has this happened to anyone else? Any idea what caused it? A talk with the verizon rep said to open the back and pull the battery out while the phone was running for a "hard reset. " It's not happened since.

-Finally, it seems like my battery isn't lasting as long as it "should. " I look at my usage and it says my display is sucking up 71% of my battery. But i have my brightness set to the next to lowest setting and just a picture background.

I'm sure it looks like alot of complaints but overall both my wife and i are extremely pleased with our phones, despite the few annoyances.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Slide Lock Deactivate

Does anyone know if the slide lock can be deactivated. Or if you can at least answer a call without using the slide lock. It would be nice if you could just press a button to answeran incoming call, especially when you are driving.

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Samsung Moment - Way To Turn Off Slide To Unlock Feature Permanently

The sprint store updated my moment with android 2. 1 yesterday. Is there a way to turn off the "slide to unlock feature" permanently? I can't see who's calling unless i slide the unlock key over.

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Stop Activity Destruction Upon Physical Keyboard Slide In/out Event

I would like to know if there is a way to stop activity destruction upon physical keyboard slide in/out event. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Samsung Fascinate - Mic / Remote Earbud's Sound Quality Makes Them Useless To Me - Fix This

This is something i just don't understand. No inline mic's or remotes work on this device (or for the droid 1 when i had it). I did get the samsung earbuds with an inline mic, which worked, but the sound quality makes them useless to me. Is this a hardware problem? Is it software related that can be fixed easily? Are there any apps that can fix this?

I now have skull candy 50/50's which are superb. They have perfect sound quality with great bass. I'm not switching them. They have a nice inline mic with volume control and track skipping - that don't work on the fascinate! Only pause works, but nothing else. It's beyond frustrating by now.

Why is everything made for i-phones? It's not like no other smartphones exist on the market. It seems just ridiculous, especially these days with all the great smartphones on the market, to see every earbud with mics made for iphones.

What works with the fascinate? I have researched the net thoroughly and cannot find any except for samsung's earbuds. I don't know about anyone else, but this is a major issue for me.

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Motorola Droid - Phone Stopped Clicking Into Place When Slide Open / Get It

So it used to be (until about 10 minutes ago) when i would slide the phone open, it would kind of lock into place with a click when it was fully open.

Now i'm not getting the click. Not sure if something wore down or if something is dirty or what. Anyone?

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Motorola Backflip/motoblur - Slide To Answer Doesn't Always Work

I frequently have trouble with my phone not recognizing when i slide the green bar to answer my phone. Anyone else had issues with this? It often takes 3 tries to get it to open. Sometimes it starts to slide but loses my finger.

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Motorola Backflip/motoblur - Fb Status Widget Completely Gone And Cannot Slide To Answer / Fix It

I have had my phone since a week after they came out. Everything has worked perfectly until this week. Out of the blue my facebook status box on the top of my homepage is gone. No, its not that it doesn't update. Its just gone. No idea why. No idea how to get it back. Also, starting this week, i cannot answer the dang phone. The slide to answer is not working. Anyone know how i can fix these two issues?

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Motorola Droid X - Don't Have Option To Select Standard Slide To Unlock

I think im having an issue with the lock screen. I do not have the option to select the standard slide to unlock. Under location and secuity settings, i can only choose between none, pattern, pin and password?I just want to use the standard slide to unlock option with out also using a pattern, password, or pin. Am i doing something wrong?

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Samsung Epic 4g - Bad Quality Pics When Downloaded From Gmail To Epic

Bad quality pics when downloaded from gmail to my epic. How can i see them in a better quality or resolution?They are being directly saved to my sd card.

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"call Ended" When Make A Call / Fix It

I'm trying to use sipdroid with my gizmo5 account. However, every time i try to make a call it says "dialing" and then a second later says "call ended". It does this on both wifi and 3g, no matter how much signal i have. I've double-checked all my settings and they're all right. Does anybody have experience with this issue? How do i fix it?

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Htc Nexus One - Muting While On Call

I thought the screen shuts off when you're in the middle of a call (proximity sensor?). On the iphone, when you're in the middle of the call, it shuts the screen off when its by your face just so you don't hit anything like mute, etc. Any way to get around this?

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