Prevent Default Animation - Right To Left

I wanna disable the automatic slide in from right to left animation/transition. All new intents/activities in my app are supposed to have no animation. How can this be achieved?

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Default Throbber Animation - Froyo 2.2

I'm looking for the location of the android froyo (2. 2) default throbber animation resource. (In the progress dialog displayed as a animated wheel spinning).

What is the type of animation? (Gif, png, avi?) How to get it as a separate file (or images) to be able to adjust.

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Default Launcher - Can Move The Right Screen Or The Left Screen

As we known, there are 3 home screens in the android's default launcher. We can move the right screen or the left screen. And we don't know how many pages are in left-hand & right hand sites . So i want to modify the android's launcher, and add an indicator  to show how many pages are in left-hand & right hand sites on the android's home screen. Now, i found the launcher source in the "src/app/packages". But which xml shoul i modity and hown can i known the screen's move ?

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Prevent All Music To Show Up As Ringtones

How to prevent all my music to show up as ringtones? In my music player i can set which folders it looks in for music. But since i added music to my phone all the songs shows up as ringtones which makes it very hard to pick one since i have a large sd card with a lot of music on it. Any way to only see ringtones when i want to set notification for programs?

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How To Prevent That Keyboard Hides My Edittext

I have a relativelayout at the top, then below i have a listview in the center and finally at the bottom i have another relativelayout with an edittext and a button inside.

I want the listview to resize when i click on the edittext and the ime(virtual keyboard) appears. If i put adjustresize in the manifest, the listview is resized to leave space for the ime, but the relativelayout with the edittext that is below is covered by the ime and i can't see what i'm writing. If i put adjustpan, the keyboard pushs up all, the listview is not resized and i loose the top relativelayout. My code.

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Prevent Screen From Locking On Playing Music

Is there a way to do this? I'd prefer to not have to unlock my g1 while driving because i want to change songs. Unless i'm g1 stupid (which is entirely possible, since i just got it yesterday), and there's a way to control my playlist by using some button i don't know about? I could control songs on my old blackberry by hitting 6 to skip to the next song.

Alternatively, is it possible to completely disable the auto-screen lock and just lock the phone manually when i want to toss it in my purse?

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Prevent Droid From Backing Up Wireless Settings

Whereas i don't particularly care that google has access to my contacts and even stuff like my facebook password, i have no intention of sharing my wifi key with them. And i'm shocked that my googling doesn't turn up anyone else who is concerned by this. Does anyone know of a way to prevent that aspect from syncing? I have root and am technically inclined.

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Prevent Back Button From Closing Sub-activity

I have a main activity. It's main purpose is to handle tab menu. If a user click a tab it'll load another activity as a sub-activity, still showing the tab menu. I am using intent to do this:

Setcontent(new intent(this, b. Class))

This sub-activity has an onclick function as well. If the user clicks one of the links it'll load xml layout file using setcontentview command:

Setcontentview(r. Layout. B1);

Now, when the back button is pressed while xml file is loaded, it'll close the entire application. Is there a way to prevent this, say, return to the sub-activity or the main activity?

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Droid Loading Dialog Freez / Prevent This

I have this code in android. But when the thread begging the loading in freezing. How i can prevent the freezing. Here the code.

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Nexus - How To Prevent Amazon Mp3 From Self-launching All The Time

I guess it doesnt really harm much, at least in terms of memory and cpu load, but its just the principle. I dont want that spamware on my phone in the first place, and the fact that it is already taking whatever amount of valuable internal storage that it is is bad enough. Any app for this? Something that just prevents apps from launching?

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Prevent Droid Emulator Using Custom Mouse Cursor

Is there a way to prevent the android emulator using the custom mouse cursor (black with white outline), and instead use the normal system cursor?

This is the cursor that's shown when your mouse enters the emulator window.

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Prevent Rooted Phones To Access Sqlite Db And Preferences

I have seen a few discussions on this, but i just wanted to see if there has been anything new. Currently, a rooted phone can access the /data/data/ com. Here/ path. Insides are all the wonderful areas like databases, files, and preferences. In fact, i was actually horrified to see that i could browse all the apps data on my development phone.

Is there a way to protect someone from accessing these (ie, password protect the database from shell access)? My issue is specifically in the database. While there isn't anything regarding passwords stored inside, there is some intellectual property in terms of the actual data and schema that could make it easier for people to copy what my application does.

My solution right now is to clear the particular tables i don't want people seeing in the database in ondestroy (when the user exits), or more accurately in onpause() with isfinishing(). Every time the application is launched the database is repopulated, so i am not worried about losing any data. I do realize that this isn't foolproof, but it seems to be better then nothing.

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Motorola Droid - Prevent Text Messenger So Only Handcent Visible

I installed handcent on my phone. When i get a text the stock text messenger still comes up. Is there a way to prevent this so only handcent is visible?

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Error : E/bluetoothsppport(23252) Port Not Connected / Prevent This Situation

When i lost connection i catch ioexception but beside this in phone log i can see that android generates a lot of lines saying: e/bluetoothsppport(23252): port not connected

Turning on/off bluetooth doesn't fix the problem. Only killing application stop generation of this line. I have htc legend.

Does anybody know how to prevent this situation?

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Samsung Captivate - Music Player Automatically Starts Up / Setting To Prevent This

Whenever i finish using my headphones on the captivate and unplug them, the music player automatically starts up. It starts playing a random song from my playlist out through the external speaker, which is getting really annoying. Also sometimes when i have my headphones plugged in, some sounds still play out the external speaker. Is there a setting i can setup to prevent this?

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Get My Activity To Resume From Where It Left Of

In my app, i start an activity and then on button click, display an http url (using intent - view_action)

So when in the middle of the activity, if the user clicks the button called "google", it opens up in the browser.

When i hit the back button, it comes back to my original activity screen. How can i get my activity to resume from where it left of?

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Motorola Droid X - Setting That Will Prevent Wifi From Turning Off Every Time Phone Sleeps

I asked this on the motorola forum as well and am hoping someone somewhere can help. Am i missing a setting that will prevent wifi from turning off every time the phone sleeps? The only setting i can find asks when to let it sleep and i have it set at never but every time i pick up the phone wifi has dropped the connection and it takes several minutes to reconnect. With my droid that never happened, once connected it stayed that way until i turned it off. 3g is terrible in my house so i miss stuff while wifi is "sleeping".

I only have a few days left to return this phone and these small, nagging issues keep turning up making me really consider returning it. I can't find another phone to replace it yet. I really wish i hadn't sold my droid. I hate to return to my razr until something good comes out.

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Set Left Background Of An Textview?

I have a text view. I would like to add a 'vertical line' on the left side of the textview to act as a separator.

Is there a way to do that?

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Place Textview On Right And Left Of Layout

I want to place a textview on the right of a layout and on the left of a layout, but they keep stacking ontop of each other code.

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Use Keypad - Left And Right - To Move From One Tabhost To Another

Is it possible to use the keypad (left and right) to move from one tabhost to another? I successfully changed the selector color in listview, then how can i change the text color in listview as well? Is it possible change the tabhost layout by own graphics? I have created a tabhost aligned to the bottom of the screen. How can i move the "line" on bottom of tabwidget to above? (See screenshot)

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Assign Left Drawable To Textview Via Simpleadapter

I want to use textview as listview item. Is any way to assign left drawable to textview via simpleadapter?

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Detecting Sensor Manager Left And Right Shakes

My application requires to identify if the user has done a shake towards the left or if he has done a shake towards the right. How do i go about implementing this? I have tried the sensor manager listener where in i am able to identify a general shake event, but im not able to identify if its a left or a right shake.

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Custom Boot Animation

I'm sharing this very cool boot animation. First of all, i didn't make the graphic. I found the original animated gif on a free mobile wallpaper website. Then, i asked mudknot2005 from xda to make a boot animation with it. He kindly made it for me and even added a cool entrance scene.

From there, i added extra frames to slow down the bouncing motion that was too quick. Then, i added "loading. " To make it more appealing and appropriate for the booting process. *Animation is quicker than what you see here. When i made it into gif to post here, my software didn't allow me to make it quicker than this. It also depends on your phone's processing speed, i think.

I'm really loving this one. If you don't have a dropbox account, you could help me gain extra storage by creating your own 2gb free account by following this link: http://db. Tt/77uk7ga

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Animation/dragging Of An Object

I have a custom view (extends view) that is going to be a game board. What i'd like to do now is create an object (well, a bunch of them, but i can start with one) at a specific location on the board and then have the user be able to move it around by dragging it. I have the board view down, but am at a loss on how to code up the "pieces. "

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Translation Animation In Code

I was able to get the animation to work on the emulator - however my problem is that it animates for a second, but then then goes back to its original posistion right after it finishes animating. How can i stop this for happening.

This is how i animate my objects:


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Animation For All The Items In A List

I have a listview which uses a custom .xml for showing each item.

Fine, in this xml i have a checkbox (with visibility set gone) and a textview with a text. What i want is have an animation which moves the text to the right and shows the checkbox. I have the animation working fine for one item, but if i want to start it for all the items the problem comes.

I've tried with a loop over all the items but the animations start at different times (so visually is weird). Also, i've tried with an animationset, but it moves the entire listview to the right instead the textview (i can't launch the animationset from a single item because only moves that item then).

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Display A Simple Animation

How can i display a simple animation?

Let's say there is a button on the screen with margin left of 200, and margin top of 200.
I need to set the margin left, and top of this button to 0 and show a simple animation.

So basically a simple animation on a button from position 200, 200 to position 0, 0

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Media - Droid Music Player Remember Where You Left Off

I listen to a lot of audiobooks in the mp3 format, so my ipod touch sees it as music. This is fine because i can tag the tracks in itunes to "remember playback position" so that if i have to leave a 30 minute track and come back to it later, it just start where i left off.

Does the built-in app, or any third party media app, let me do this?

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Create Listview With Images On Left Side And Text Right After It

What's the way to create a listview with images on the left side and text right after it?
(Note: the images were previously downloaded from the net)

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Aligning Right And Left With Linear Or Relativelayout With Truncated Text?

I am trying to do a listview which looks like this:

It has two parts, the left is left-aligned and contains two textviews which are single line and truncated. The right is part also has two textviews but they are right-aligned and have constant size. The main problem is that the right part does not align to the right.

If i use a static width to push it to the right side it works pretty good, but then it does not look good in landscape mode.

I thought it should be simple to accomplish. But it wasn't.

First i tried with linearlayout:


I have been fiddling with the weight property, but it doesn't seem to help. Right part does not align to the right at all.

And then i tried with relativelayout:


Same problem here, the right part is not aligning to the the right properly, and i have to use a static size of android:layout_width to push it to the other side. And if don't use a static size the text start clipping each other.

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