Restore People Link On Homescreen

I somehow deleted my people link from the homescreen, and i can't find a way to add it back. I'm not seeing it in widgets or applications or shortcuts. But, when i go to phone->menu->people, it's there and all my contacts are there.

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Widget / Something To Place On Homescreen To Switch Between 2g And 3g

Is there a widget or something out there i can place on my homescreen to switch between 2g and 3g? Auto switch on the phone doesn't work great.
I don't get great service at home and have to have it in 2g mode only but everywhere else 3g+ works fine. Its a pain going into settings evrytime i get home or leave home.

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Htc Incredible - Google Talk Homescreen Icon

Is there anyway to have the google talk homescreen icon to show how many messages are received? It shows a little chat bubble in the notification bar but nothing on the icon.

For example, the htc mail icon has the number of emails received on the icon as well as on the notification bar.

I sometimes find myself looking for what app got the message and its bugging me.

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Htc Evo 4g - Homescreen Redraws On Sense Or Launcherpro

I did everything possible to get rid of this, including a hard reset. I was pretty resigned to it being a fact of life because what i suspected was that the zillion of widgets i have all over my homescreens were causing memory issues. Well, i found the solution for my evo: auto memory manager, available on the market. I set it to aggressive. Have not had one redraw since using it. Its not an auto task killer like atk. You set the memory levels (does have presets built in) and it clears low priority apps when that level is reached, which is far superior to an auto task killer

Now the only question is whether this will get moved to the app forum, but i hope not. This seems to be affecting evo owners in particular a lot

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Htc Incredible - Sense Rebooting When Going Back To Homescreen From An App / Fix It

I know that many have the issue with the phone rebooting. But does anyone have an issue where only sense reboots/reloads. Usually when going back to the homescreen from an app.

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Samsung Moment - Facebook Icon Deleted From Homescreen - App Gone Too / Get It Back

I just picked up a moment for my wife and i was setting it up for her and deleted the facebook icon from the homescreen. I tried to re-add it but i cant find the icon or app anywhere. Anyone know how to get it back?

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Can Put Donation Link In Free App

I want to login my app as free app, but i think maybe i can put a donation link in my app, of course, my users can use my app without any donations. I don't sell my app. Does google allow developer to do this?

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Htc Incredible - Wifi Takes Forever To Link

When i flick my wifi widget switch, it takes a long time to find my home wifi network. It will find locked neighbor networks, and then say scanning, for up to 10 minutes before it finally brings up my home super strong signal network and finally joins it. What's the deal with this? Anyone else having similar issues? It makes using wifi basicly useless, because by the time it actually is useable, i could have done everything i wanted to do using the slower 3g speeds.

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Led Desire Light / Does Anyone Have Working Link To Get App

I've had it on my phone since i bought it and i'm very disappointed to find that it is no longer available. Led desire light application in tools | droidmill | android repository. The link shows you some old info if you're not sure what i'm talking about.

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Htc Evo 4g - Link To Unroot

The link to the one in the xda thread needs over an hour to download on 4g. I assume it's because the host would like me to pay for premium service.

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Link Contacts To My Gmail Account / List Empty

How do link my contacts to my gmail account? My contact list is empty

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Games - Possible To Link Droid Eris Gameboid Pokemon Rom To Another One

I was wondering if it was at all possible to link my droid eris gameboid pokemon rom to another one and battle like one would do with an actual gameboy. Is this at all possible?

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Ota Gingerbread Update Download Link For T-mobile Mytouch 4g

This is for those who have not gotten the over-the-air gingerbread update for their mytouch 4g. First, download the file named from and place it on the root of your sd card (meaning not in any folders, just dropped onto the sd card). Then, turn your phone off. Do a battery pull, or turn off "fast boot". Hold down the power button while holding down the "volume down" button. This will boot into your bootloader, where you can select "apply". Follow on-screen instructions, and enjoy the official gingerbread on your mytouch 4g.

Disclaimer: even upon successful install, you will lose your settings, apps, and possibly contacts (depending on how you have them stored). I am not responsible for your device if this does not work for you. Also, neither is the original file host. This is not my file, or website. I have had no contact with the original host. I took a shot in the dark, said "screw it" and tried the update. I did successfully update using this file.

This file will update your mytouch 4g (htc glacier) to:

Android version: 2. 3. 4
Htc sense version: 2. 1
Software number: 2. 19. 531. 1
Kernel version: 2. 6. 35. 10-g225de41
Htc-kernel@and18-2 #1
Baseband version: 12. 58. 60. 25u_26. 11. 04. 03_m
Build number: 2. 19. 531. 1 cl95282 release-keys

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Make Nicer Icon When Putting Some Web Favorites On Homescreen

Is it possible somehow to make nicer icon when i am putting some web favorites on my homescreen ? On menu - add shortcut -. To be specific, i am sick of standard facebook app that came with the phone and i want to use m. instead, when i make shortcut to this page on my homepage i get some ugly icon with really small fb icon of frontpage. Can i somehow put there real facebook icon ? Or at least 1x1 photo of the page that i want to go with this shortcut ? So my goal is to have nice icon, like facebook widget has but in a way that this icon is starting m. page, not preinstalled fb app. I want to do this for more pages that i use often. Is it possible and how ?

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Cannot Find Ice Cream Sandwich Upgrade Link - Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

I want to update to the latest ics but i cannot seem to find anywhere to download this. Has samsung given us a link for this or is it still "unofficial". I plan to root the device as well so i was not too sure what version i should go with. Can anyone help me?

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Htc Nexus One People Widget

I tried the desire rom on my nexus one. It's kind of slow but i do really like the "favorites" screen there with my friends' facebook picture synced and displayed in a relatively bigger picture. It makes calling and txt msg much easier. Is there any way i can get this widget display for contacts on the cyanogen mod? I searched for widgets on the market but they are mostly in very low quality pics and does not work well.

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Htc Evo 4g - Force People App To Use A Certain Image

The images for my contacts keeping changing when i do things like link them to the person's facebook account. In one case it changes to whatever that person has on their google account even after i've set my own image for her in google contacts. How can i make the image remain the same while still taking advantage of all the syncing and linking options?

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Htc Incredible - Replacement - Alternative To Phone People Widget?

I'm sure this has been asked before but a search didn't turn up much. I was wondering if anyone knows of an alternative to the htc people widget? It seems the large one everytime i flick by the screen i'll randomly call someone (maybe i press too long or something). Right now i'm playing with the smaller version of it and wondering if theres one on the market somewhere?

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Htc Evo 4g - People Can't Hear Me On Call / Sort It

When i make a call or receive a call while talking all of a sudden i can hear the person on the line. But, they can't hear me but the calls does not get drop. Pls. Help why? It happens just about every call. Htc evo

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Motorola Backflip/motoblur - Can I Receive Notifications For Emails From Specific People

On blackberries there is a way to set up profiles/ring styles to let you know when certain people/groups email you. I am looking for something like this on my backflip. I would like to turn off all sounds/vibrations unless specific people email me. Does anyone know how to do this or what i can download to do this?

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Liveperson Agent Which Pushes Notifications To Phone When People Request Chat

Is there a liveperson agent for android? Specifically one which pushes notifications to your phone when people request a chat.

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Htc Desire - Add Sim Numbers For People Widget In Groups

How do i add more people to the widget? All i get is some random contacts out of 250, and it seems it's just those with an email. How do i add sim numbers for the people widget in groups? It's so annoying

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Motorola Droid - People Can't Hear Me Unless I Pretty Much Scream / Fix It

I talk on my phone and ever since i received this replacement phone people say it's very hard to hear me. They say it's like i am in a tunnel. I personally don't want to scream on the phone just for them to hear me. Anyone else having this problem? I rarely use my phone to talk on (i'm more of a texter).

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Htc Droid Eris - Changing The Default Avatar In People When There Is No Picture

On the eris on 1. 5, is there a way to replace the default avatar for contacts with no photo (the gray silhouette icon) to a custom graphic? I have searched the file structures and didn't find anything that i thought was the correct image.

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Htc Droid - Eris Force Closing Upon Opening People App / Why Is This

First of all my wife is on the official 2. 1 update. Everytime she tries to access the people app, it starts to load up, then force closes. So she can't get to any of her phone numbers. I tried to only sync her google contacts, without facebook sync, thinking it would lower the processing needs, but no difference.

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How To Restore Factory Ringtones?

In my efforts to free up some space to stop the force closes i think i deleted all of my factory ringtones and notifications. There are nowhere to be found (alarm clock, sound/display settings. Nowhere).could it have been as easy as choosing to clear some data while in the edit applications window? If i have deleted them how can i get them back? Factory data reset?

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Htc Incredible - Delete All Contacts On Phone That People From Facebook Never Intend To Call

How do i delete all the contacts that are on my phone that are people from facebook that i never intend to call? I know i did something to cause this but everytime i try to delete, the phone calls the person. This is getting to be really embarrassing.

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Htc Droid Eris - Mic Sound Really Low / Loud It For People To Hear Me

I've had this eris for about 3 months now and everyone is telling me that i sound really low. I have to speak pretty loud for people to hear me. Any one knows what i can do? I don't wanna return it because everything seems to work great.

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Mybackup Root Backup And Restore App

I am the product manager of the mybackup product line at rerware, llc. To let you guys know, we have just released "mybackup root", which is a free download from the android market. It is for root phones only, and it will batch backup and restore all applications, including the data settings and market links you are also allowed to schedule backups. All free. We want to support the root community, so we have made this a free application.

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Restore Previous Activity By Clicking On Notification

When my notification goes off i want to restore the activity that was put into the background, not start a new activity. I've seen some answers about using flags but i don't know how to implement it

Contentintent. Setflags(intent. Flag_activity_clear_top | intent. Flag_activity_single_top);

Where do i put this in my code? I tried but it didn't work.code.

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