Samsung Moment - Buzzing During Calls / Fix This

When i make calls, there is a very audible and annoying buzz that has developed.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

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Samsung Moment - Phone During Calls Randomly Vibrate And Enter Numbers / Fix It

My moment during calls will randomly vibrate and enter
Numbers. When you have to dial an extension it will always enter extra number
On its own?

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Samsung Moment - 2.1 Rebooting During Phone Calls / What To Do

I hate to make a new thread for this, but i just wanted to throw this out there. If your phone is rebooting during phone calls try turning off bluetooth.

I have read many reports about 2. 1 rebooting during phonecalls (suspected to be caused by using jit). Mine had not rebooted during a phone call until a few hours ago when i arrived somewhere after a short drive. After i got out of my car my phone repeatedly and without fail (4 times) my phone continued to reboot every time i tried to make or receive a phone call. I thought about what i might have done to phone in the pat hour to make it act this way. Then i remembered that i had paired my bluetooth and left bluetooth unpaired but still running on my phone. I turned it off and was able to make a receive calls.

Granted, i still get an occasional reboot from normal use. But at least i can make calls again

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Samsung Epic - 4g Disconnects During Calls / Fix It

I haven't had any success talking with sprint or samsung reps.

I have wifi hotspot enabled from sprint, and i have a 4g signal. I can connect and use the wifi hotspot with no problem, but when i make or receive a call, my 4g automatically disconnects. Basically, i can't use the wifi hotspot and the phone at the same time. I've tested this on the evo, and it was able to use wifi hotspot over 4g and make calls with no disruption. Is this just not possible with the epic? Or is there a quick fix?

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Samsung Moment - No More Notification Vibrations / Fix It

I've had this strange thing happen to me on with every new firmware and rom that i've installed. Notification vibrations for e-mail, etc. , Work for a little while, and then they just stop working. What's strange is that after i install a new firmware, vibrations work fine and just stop again.

Handcentsms has a "test notifications" feature that i can use to confirm the vibrations. When vibrations are working, "test notification" vibrates the phone just like it should, and when the vibrations stop working, "test notifications" doesn't make the phone vibrate either. So. There's consistency there, i guess.

Anyone else seen this? Anyone else seen this and have a fix?

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Samsung Moment - Apps Start Up On Their Own / Fix It

Ok, so i have had my moment a week or two and have noticed something peculiar. Apps start up on their own. We are talking weird stuff. The thing is they start evenif i haven't used my phone. I can kill them using a task killer but they keep coming back. Is this a part of android or can it be fixed?

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Htc Hero - Speaker Buzzing When Speak To Someone / Fix It

The last few days the speaker where you put your ear (as opposed to the one on the back for speaker phone) has been tinny and buzzing when you speak to someone. Sounds like the thing's a bit broken. Called vodafone and they're going to send me an envelope to send it to them to get it fixed but it'll take 7 days and i'm not sure how i'll survive without my hero for 7 days.

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Samsung Captivate - Calls Don't Come Through On Phone / Fix It

Everytime my boyfriend tries to call, it never rings and never shows a missed call. Texts come through fine. I just bought the phone yesterday and love it, but i can't figure out why all of my calls don't come through.

I also saw thousands others of this question, but never saw a definite answer. The only thing i can come up with is that it is impossible to get notifications, like wall posts through facebook app without having to open up the program. True?

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Samsung Moment - Phone Suddenly Turns Itself Off / Fix It

For the last couple of days my phone will turn itself off. I hit the start button and it powers back on. I thought that it may be because the battery was low, but the battery shows green. It restarts fine. This has happened when i have been using it and it happened today when my co-worker was checking it out. I am very careful with any apps that i install.

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Samsung Moment - Unable To Receive Texts / Fix For It

This is probably a dumb question but i am new to smartphones. I recently purchased and activated my moment with sprint and i seem to be having problems receiving texts. Is there a quick fix for this or some setting i have wrong? Or is it all sprint service side?

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Motorola Droid - Buzzing Sound While Using Car Bluetooth / Fix It

This is really annoying, but it's not a deal breaker. While using the bmw car bluetooth, every a few minutes (random) it makes buzzing "zzzzzz" sound. When this happens, the call is interrupted on both parties. I tried two different droid's, and they both have the same problem. Anyone experienced this issue before?

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Samsung Moment - Mms Shrink Down To Like 23kb And 320 X 240 / Fix It

Ok, so i'm pretty good with researching stuff online to solve a problem, but this has me stumped.

I have sprint and the samsung moment. When i get pictures from my wife, they get shrunk down to like 23kb and 320 x 240.

I used handcent and i tried removing that and going to the default messaging and it still does it.

I used to have a bb tour with sprint and it didnt shrink the pics.

Im running radioactive froyo 1. 8. 6 btw

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Samsung Moment - Can't Open Text Messages With Images / Fix It

I can't open my text message that i receive sent from people with attachments. I get the download button on the screen but, i get an error message saying it can't dowload.

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Samsung Moment - Evo Vs Moment / Out Of Range Service Beeps

I am eligible to upgrade, but i want to get some opinions before i decide. I will not purchase or pre-order the evo either before it has a few weeks to settle in and also monitoring others experiences. My concern is that some of my gripes with the moment my not be corrected or addressed with htc either.

- Anyone here have htc experience as far as durability and dependability vs samsung moment. Physically and structurally to me, the moment has been great, want the same from evo/htc

- Gps, my moment sucks, what experiences have others had with comparable htc phones vs say blackberry which works wonderfully for us

- Out of range service beeps, these on htc phones or just the moment

- Cdma lockups, on my moment they are more recurring now with 2. 1 than before. Is there any reports of this with the htc phones

Hate not having a keyboard (evo), but these things actually are distractive enough for me to consider a replacement.

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Samsung Behold 2 - Hearing Buzzing Sound Inside Phone / Get Rid Of It

I have an unlocked samsung behold ii on at&t and i was just wondering if anyone else has noticed a buzzing sound when they use stuff on twiz. Whenever i click on any of the 4 buttons on the bottom (dialer, contacts, web, or quicklist), click anything in the quicklist, or send a text using the stock samsung messaging, i hear a small buzzing sound coming from inside the phone. Something similar to the sound of a hard drive reading. I thought it might be the processor working extra hard to use the stuff samsung put on it or something. Anyone else hearing it? The phone is only a couple months old.

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Samsung Moment - How To Dl Swype For Moment

How do i dl swype for the moment

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Htc Desire - Cannot Disconnect Calls - Fix It

Whenever i make a call i cannot disconnect/end the call. Once the number is dialed the screen goes blank like it has been turned off and no amount of shaking, pressing any buttons will turn screen back on. Because i cannot disconnect the call the person is stuck at the other end on the phone line.

This is also true when i take calls, but as the other person hangs up this is ok, unless i want to hang up first.

I have tried a factory reset without luck.

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Htc Incredible - Phone Dropped Calls / Fix It

I new to verizon so i'm not as familiar with their network. I've been using the incredible since thursday and have dropped several calls. I don't use the phone for voice calls a lot but i have dropped five calls so far. I called vzw yesterday and they had me change a setting which required the phone to reboot. My son has a samsung phone and hasn't dropped any calls yet in the same areas that i have. Has anyone had a similar issue?

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Htc Droid - Eris Calls Being Dropped / What To Fix It

So this has happened a few times when my wife and i have been talking on the phone together (we both have the eris, both 2. 1) and one of us will hear a very faint beep followed by silence. When i take the phone away from my face the security pattern screen appears and there's no notification that i had even been talking on the phone a couple seconds previous. This has happened at least twice recently while my wife and i have been on the phone, again when i was talking to my real estate agent (he has an iphone), and another time while on the phone with my dad who was on a verizon wireless phone. I don't know what to do or if this can even be fixed. My wife says the same thing happens to her on occasion when she's talking to other people.

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Htc Desire - Phone Answer Calls Itself / Fix It

I searched the net but could not find anything, hope you could help.
I have a problem with incoming calls, my desire picks the call itself, without me doing a thing. It rings for a second, no more and the call is answered. I restarted the phone but no luck. Did it happen to any of you? How to fix this.

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Can't Hear Any Sound Out Of Handset Speaker When On Phone Calls / Fix It

I'm having a problem when i make or receive phone calls i can't hear any sound out of the handset speaker but if i put it on speaker phone i can the in call volume is all the way up i even tried putting it on old people mode and it didn't do anything?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Static - Crackling At Beginning Of Calls / Fix It

Anyone else get a little static or crackling in the speaker at the beginning of calls? It is not terrible, but a little annoying. Seems to clear up after a few seconds.

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Motorola Droid X - Cannot Receive - Make Calls After Froyo Update / Fix It

I have had a few issues with calls since the froyo update. Occasionally, i cannot receive calls or make calls. Everything seems to be working fine, like if i am receiving the call i can choose to answer it and the call time counts up like the call is connected but i cannot hear anything and neither can the person calling me. The same thing happens when i make the call, it seems to connect and the call time starts counting up but it never rings. When i restart the phone the problem goes away. Has anyone had the same issue/know how to fix it?

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Motorola Droid - All Calls Coming In As Unknown Caller With Ss4.6 / Fix It

Just like the title says every call even ones in my contact are coming up as unknown.

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Htc G1 Receives Calls, But Calls Don't Ring

Title says it all. Quick overview:

- I can immediately see that someone called in dialer's call log, but it doesn't show up on the phone's screen.

- According to people that have tried to call me, the calls ring once and then go straight to voicemail.

- I've disabled call forwarding. The ringer and vibrate are on.

- Phone is rooted with cyanogenmod and apps2sd.

- Apparently this started happening about a week and a half ago. Since then, i've installed ebuddy, tf2 backpack, and powervocab.

- I clear my phone's cache via cachemate at least three times a day, and run advanced task killer to make sure apps aren't running in the background.

- I can make outgoing calls just fine.

Am i missing something here? This is a very strange problem. If possible i would like to avoid wiping the phone.

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Samsung Galaxy S Cannot Make Calls Even When Having Service

I was on the metro today. I got off at a station which has service when the rest of the metro doesn't and needed to call someone however, although i had service, i couldn't call because it said "no data network/connection" or something like that. I used a friend's phone and i was able to make the call.

Now i've only had this phone for a week now but if i can't make calls in a place where you easily can, then i don't know about keeping it. Also, my phone had zero battery while making the call so maybe that had something to do with it?

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Samsung Captivate - Get At&t To Forward Unanswered Calls To Gv

How do you get at&t to forward unanswered calls to gv. Right now i just get a busy signal.

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Samsung Epic 4g - How To View Missed Calls

I was using my co workers htc phone and noticed she had the pattern lock password- the screen that first showed up though was the regular unlock screen, once you unlock it you had the pattern screen. Does the epic do that as well? Or is that an htc thing. I like how you can view your missed calls and once you unlock it you can put in your pattern password.

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Samsung Moment Ringtones

Using samsung moment with google. Can anyone recommend a good source for free ringtones, only looking for good, fun, pleasant "tones" or sound bytes no music.

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Samsung Moment - What Is Rooting

This may have already been answered but after using the search too many topics came up. Can anyone explain to me what the term 'rooting' means? I have been using nokias for years. So have never been on android. Also what sites are best for apps? Free and paid?

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