Low Cost Tablet For School Kids

I am trying to get ideas, specs, suggestions, for a low cost tablet for school kids. This is not to make money, this is for the kids. Our graduation rates from 6th to 12th grade are about 54%. Any suggestions would be helpful as i am not computer literate. So far i'm up to a 7" inch tablet, 2gb, 128 ram?, Wifi, sdslot, head phone, speaker jacks, 8 hr battery life, no camera. Will android alone suffice, or a combo of win ce6. 0 & android? What are the licensing/ fees?

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Ideas - App For School

I'm in my final year of computer science, and i get to build anything i want for a project course. The idea should be original, or at least something better then what's available out there. And the app shouldn't take longer than a student can write in about 4 weeks (at most).

At first, i thought "wouldn't an irc client be awesome"? But, sadly, it's been done to death. I'm having problems thinking of ideas. So i figured i'd go online and ask. What should i write to learn android development for school? (I'll have longer than the 4 weeks part to learn android development. I also already know java)

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Does It Cost Money To Use Pdanet

I was using pdanet to access internet via my laptop but it seemed to good to be true so i phoned mts and basically said "are you sure this is free?" (I have unlimited data) he told me no. He said they are able to recognize the data is being sent to a different device and you need to subscribe for a certain package that gives you unlimited tethering. Otherwise it costs $8/mb! (When i freaked out since i had already downloaded a bunch he then told me its only after a certain point ''like 60gb or something''. Seemed strange. Now im reading that if you root your android you get free tethering. Im so confused. Can someone clear this up for me please? Is there any way to ensure your not gonna get stuck with a $5000 bill if i decide to try tethering?

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Widgets Cost Money

Do certain widgets like weather, and the friends stream cost money to use/have on your home-screens? Cus their constantly updating by using data from the internet, thats what i've heard. In other words, they're not free to use, as i will be getting an htc desire soon with a 3 year contract ( i live in canada and it just came out). Also, does it cost money to upload pics using a facebook app?

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Htc Evo 4g - How Much Does Phone Cost Without Contract ?

Im interested in buying an evo 4g but without a contract. I got the sprint 69 99 deal which gives u unlimited everything. I was wondering how much does the phone cost without the contract and what additional things i need to add to my plane.

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Htc Incredible - Phone Will Work Over China - Cost To Use It For Week

So i am going to china in october and was wondering if my incredible will work over there? Also how much is it going to cost to use it for the week i am over there?

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Home Tablet 7 With 1.6 - Where To Get 2.2?

Home tablet 7 running 1. 6 android, how/where do i get 2. 2. I have a archos home tablet running 1. 6 android, where can i get and download the update to make it 2. 1/2. 2. Archos says they are working on it, but that could take months. I know theres custom out there, just need to be directed. Spent 2 days on google and cannot find any.

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Tablet Update Os From 2.0 To 2.1 Or 2.2

Hello, i bought a tablet in thailand. It's android tablet with os 2. 0. But i don't know what kind of tablet is it (how is it called). On the back of it written that it's ipad, but i know that it's not. Also i'd like to ask how can i update my os from 2. 0 to 2. 1 or 2. 2. And i have one problem with the browser. I'll upload few videos that it would be easier for you to help me.

In this video you can see how it starts:

In this video you can see tablet menu and at the end of the video browser problem (it always shuts down by himself after working several minutes):

In this video you can see how it looks:

So to conclude i have three problems: 1. Browser problem. 2. Don't know how to update os. 3. Don't know what kind of tablet i have.

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Install Android 2.2 On A Tablet

How to install android 2. 2 on a tablet? I am finding it difficult to understand how this whole android system works. I have, on numerous occassions installed windows os from 98 to 7 and know how to create partitions etc. But don't understand how android is installed. I do not want to develop applications but simply be able to install the system on this tablet.

Would somebody please point me to the right direction to learn:

- Android components
- Android installation procedure
- A step-by-step installation/upgrade guide

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Tablet Sdk Or Emulator

I would like to develop for and android tablet, but i didn't found any sdk or emulator for it. I think the best ide would be the eclipse. Who can i import an tablet virtual device in to the eclipse ide ?

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Tablet Emulator Creation

Been exploring building a tablet based app. Some of the newer (announced) tablets support full hd, 1366x768, up to a 15. 6" touchscreen (vega0). I've been trying to create an emulator based on these specs but i just hangs on launch. Creates fine, but doesn't launch.

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Tablet For Media, Viewing Videos

I'm looking for a tablet primarily for media, viewing videos, slowing off pictures, and reading websites, youtube, etc. The ability to read pdfs would be nice also. I'll probably move files to this using a minimicrowhatever sd card so the ability to accept 16/32 or larger would be great. I'd really like to avoid having to root the device unless i really have to.

Here is what i want:
• 7-ish inch screen (bigger would be great, but adds to the cost)
• able to play flv videos (i already have a lot of my videos in this format)
• must be fast enough to play videos smoothly
• must have a sd, micro-sd or other flash card expansion slot
• access to the android app store
• g-sensors
• android 2. 2 or better (for flash player)

Nice to have
• wifi
• high res screen
• usb port
• android 3. 0

Don't want:
• having to buy a cellular contract

Don't need (but don't care):
• camera
• web cam

Ok, here is where it gets a little harder, looking to spend $200-300. I can bump that up if the right device is more expensive.

Any recommendations?

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Lg Optimus Pad V900 Tablet

Well last month we seen lg optimus pad v900 android tablet at mwc 2011 and it's world's first 3d camera featured tablet which is something new for tablet users and from wide range of tablets lg optimus pad v900 android tablet is different with unique features.

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Inexpensive Tablet For Web Surfing

What's the best deal out there for inexpensive but very usable android-based tablet just for surfing the web and reading. I want something that is wifi so i can use the network at home, for reading online news sites a few hours per night. Looking for recommendations anyone found one they like for this kind of thing that was inexpensive?

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Apad Tablet And Android Market

Ok, so bought one of these "chinese ipad wannabes" on the net and frankly i'm impressed with just about everything about it - at the price - save for one thing. How to convince google to let me register it so i can download apps from the android market. I have a google account, and a gmail address, but i don't know how to specify the device to google to get permission to load apps. It's not a "phone" as such (only has wifi network connection) and doesn't have the android market pre-loaded. Is it possible to set things up to download apps, and if so, is there an idiots guide to how to do it available to download. It runs android 2. 1, but the manufacturer keeps his name pretty well concealed.

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Tablet Stuck On The Home Page

Tablet stuck on the home page. Touch screen not working. Power button not turning it off. What can i do to get it to work?

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Tablet Apad Stuck At Loading

Exactly as the title says, i updated the firmware to get rid of the wannabe apple looks and after that it is just stuck at the "loading. " Even after saying it was successful and everything. I don't understand why it would do that. Can anyone help me? Its a 8. 5 inch tablet, camera facing you at the top middle device.

Did the update for m003 apad.

Android version 1. 6
Kernel version 2. 6. 29
Wmt sdk version: 1. 9. 1

What am i doing wrong?

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Archos 101 Tablet Apps For Ebook

I just bought an archos 101 tablet on amazon and waiting it around april 12 and i'm wondering if anyone of you has ever own this tablet and if so, what do you think? Also as a programmer, did i need something special to make my apps working on a tablet. I found some documentation about making apps for phone but no for tablet. Finally, one of the reasons that makes me bought this tablet is to read ebook on. What's the better apps for that, knowing that almost all my ebook are in pdf format.

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China Android Tablet Safe For Using Email?

I was thinking if it is safe to use for a email which will have bank passwords, payal passwords, potential client info. How do i confirm if this device is not sending a copy of everything to the manufacturer?

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Android 2.1 Cmid 7" Tablet Suck In Loop

After downloading the barnes and noble ebook application i now have 3 continuous errors "the process android. Process. Acore. Has stopped unexpectedly" "the process Process. Gapps has stopped unexpectedly" and ""access b. Bn. Ereader has stopped unexpectedly" - i have powered off numerous times, tried the factory reset and run the battery down. I cannot access any of the other commands as the error messages are overriding the system. I found this video on youtube which shows exactly the same problem:

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App To Make It Possible To Tether Droid To Phone Tablet

I am about set on getting a windows based tablet since i want a tablet that i can tether my droid 1 to, but i was wondering if there are any apps available that would make it possible to tether my droid to a android tablet? If so, then that may greatly influence my buying decision.

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Pocketbook Iq 701 Tablet - Removing Programs From Desktop

I just got my pocketbook iq 701, i love it but have some things id like to mod. The home screen has special screen that show all white with the library, programs, dictionary, and things like that. I want to get rid of that and just have the normal android desktop. How can i do this?

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Craig Cmp738a Tablet - Safety Settings On Web Browser For Youtube

I'm an old disabled vet and i just purchased a new craig cmp738a tablet for my grand daughter. She is a huge justin beiber fan and loves watching his videos on youtube. Before i surprise her and give this tablet to her, i would like to adjust some safety settings on the web browser and youtube. When i tap youtube, then tap for the settings, the safe search filtering is grayed out, thus leaving me unable to change any of these settings. I also get the same thing in the browser settings. I did a search here, but could not find anything. I'm sure it is my inabilities to do a proper search. Cause i'm old and the craig tablet is new. I would certainly appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction.

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Low End Tablets Under $250

I have been reading reviews for several days and can't find usable information. Regardless of what tablet i look at, there are so many reviews that contradict each other. One person says the device is junk and the next one says it is the best available. I have been looking at mostly low end tablets under $250.

My primary need is for a top notch color ereader that i can also use for internet surfing, email and a notepad hopefully with a spell checker. I want a tablet on which i can install both amazon kindle and barnes and noble nook apps. I started out thinking the velocity micro cruz t301

Would serve my needs, but there are so many contradicting reviews. I have looked at the irobot apad and likewise found nothing but contradictory reviews. And both seem to be locked into an out of date version of android. I have also looked at a few others in the same price range. I think the 4x3 screen format will be better for use as an ereader, but the only thing i have to compare to is my droid r2d2 phone with ridiculous tiny print. I have no need for using the tablet to watch video or listen to music or play games.

I have read some comments that the cruz can be "rooted" in order to be able to install more apps than their limited selection. What does that involve, and is it necessary? Like i said, i will install the kindle and nook apps, and a better web browser like firefox mobile.

Can anyone give me some guidance here?

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Adc2 Low Volume Of Judges

I have three apps in adc2 and so far have seen a total of 63 users run them. There seems to be a very low number of judges participating in adc2. I've seen no publicity at all, no mention in the tech press, no tv coverage, nothing to indicate this contest is running. I'm guessing that the majority of judges at this point are developers. Won't that skew the results? Is this supposed to be a developer or user contest?

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Htc Nexus One Low Memory

I woke up this morning to a low memory message on my htc nexus one. It took me to manage applications. I deleted two small apps i'm not using & the message went away.

But now i have questions:

1) should i move certain apps to the sd card? If so, does it matter which ones?

2) running services shows me that all kinds of apps are currently running. That makes me wonder if i am not exiting apps properly. Also, there are several apps "running" that i've never used beyond dling them.

3) this has been bothering me for awhile and is completely unrelated to today's issue. Is there any way to add a person to my contacts from scratch? I can dl my fb etc contacts. I can add people once i enter their phone number. But i cannot just add someone to add someone. At least, that is, that every logical attempt to do so has failed.

I feel like such a novice because i haven't had time to sit down to learn this phone. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Reason For Low Droid Performance / Improve It

My android application works well but it's performance(speed) is slow. In my logcat i saw frequent garbage collection operation like

11-02 15:07:20. 647: debug/dalvikvm(12571): gc freed 295 objects / 38448 bytes in 93ms

Is this the reason for low performance? How can i improve my applications performance?

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Test Low Power Condition On Droid

I wondered if anyone had any ideas about how to simulate low power conditions on android (ie the pop-up notification that occurs) on the g1, say.

The adb am command lets you broadcast intents but, i think, maybe not system ones. Anyway, code.

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Opengl Application - Reflection Or Low Level

I need to hook opengl api. As an example i have a simple workable opengl android application which uses "renderer" interface. Three callback are implemented as usual:

- Onsurfacecreated
- Onsurfacechanged
- Ondrawframe

How can i "hook" those callbacks so every place the application implements the original "renderer" it first calls my code from where i can call the original callback etc. That is useful when no direct modification of the source code allowed except an injection of additional code (which is easily implemented). I read about reflection in java/android but am failing to understand is it suitable in my case. As a condition i can add any code called 'before' the original but cannot modify the original code.

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Low Battery Temperature - Samsung Galaxy S2

Basically, today i had the yellow triangle with the flashing thermometer notification on my phone when i tried to charge it. So, having snooped around, i found that a lot of people have also encountered this problem. I read about some solutions (alcohol and bending the usb port) and so, tried them out. My galaxy s2 now charges again, but every few minutes it will come up with the 'charging paused. Battery temperature too high or too low. ' notification.

I have checked the battery temperature (using *#*#4636#*#*) and it quotes that i have a -7c temperature. This seems exceptionally low and i was wondering if there was a way to boost the temperature back to a normal one. Note: i took the battery out for about 15 minutes and when i put it back in and turned it on, the battery temperature showed 23-5c, but then after a few minutes it will revert back to -7c.

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