Motorola Droid - Unable To Add Contacts Directly To Phone / Fix It

I have been able to sync my contacts from my gmail to my droid with no problem. But i am unable to add a contact to my phone directly. It takes all the information and goes all the way thru the process but when i am done. No new contact. I can add a contact to my gmail account and it is on my phone almost instantly. Any ideas?

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Add Contacts Directly To A Group Without Creating An Account

I have this contacts that needs to be imported directly to a particular group that i created in which afaik that adding of contacts in an account , in the api seems to be broken(can't add other fields) so i implemented my own activity to add accounts.

How do i add them directly to a group?

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Motorola Droid X - Phone Froze When Inputting Contacts / Fix It

I just go. It and i love it. My only issue is that it froze while i was inputting contacts? It was wierd. Anyone had this issue? And it also seems the phone can't keep up with my typing? And also when i did the battery pull it rebooted in airplane mode? Tips or advice?

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Motorola Droid 2 - New Contacts Add To D2 Not Appearing On Gmail / Show Them

New contacts that i add to my d2 are not appearing on gmail. What do i need to make it sync. I tried the back up assistant but this is for verizon not gmail.

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Motorola Droid By Verizon : Can I Deploy Phone Apps Directly To It

I'm thinking of doing some work in the android space and was looking at the verizon motorola droid. My question is simple: can/how do i directly deploy applications i am developing and testing to my personal phone or i limited by some other third party as to how i can access my own phone?

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Samsung Moment - Not Able To Add Contacts Through Phone / What To Do

Sort of. I recently updated to 2. 1. Whenever i add a contact into the phone it says it is saved however it does not show up in the contacts list. I then have to physically go to gmail and move the newly stored contact over to "my contacts". Only then does the contact show up in my contact list on the phone.

This can be a real pain since i add people to my contacts almost daily and need to talk to them that same day. I can search under contacts and find their name and number through the phone that way, but it still wont show under contacts until i move it through gmail.

Has anyone else seen this issue before? If so is there a setting that i am missing that would allow me to add and view newly added contacts on my phone as soon as i add them?

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Motorola Droid X - Can't Add Numbers To Speed Dial After Froyo 2.2 / Fix It

Can't add contacts phone numbers to speed dial now. After installing froyo. Either from pressing the number down, or going through the menu. Can some other people try, so we can see if this is a common issue?

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Motorola Droid - Gtalk Contacts Not Showing Up / Fix For It

This is an issue i have been experiencing since i got my phone; the contact list in gtalk isn't complete. As in it doesn't have all the contacts as listed in my gmail account ( as seen through the web interface ). The odd part is that these same contacts do appear in the address book, and i can initiate chats from within that interface, just not the gtalk application.

Has anyone seen this before?  Is there a fix?

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Motorola Droid - Creat A Shortcut To Go Directly To Playing All Music Shuffled

Anyone know how to creat a shortcut to go directly to playing all your music shuffled? I use bettercut.

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Motorola Droid 2 - Add Message To Locked Phone

I'm a d2 user that has recently made the change over from a blackberry tour, on my tour i also had the phone lock after 30seconds as i do now on my d2.

The one thing i've not been able to find, is the ability to add a message to my lock screen like i did on my tour. I setup a message that read "in case of emergency or found, please contact 555-1234 or 555-4321"

Is this possible to do on the droid?

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Motorola Droid - Any Way To Not Add Space After Picking A Word On Phone

So, i like the way my droid gives me suggestions as i start typing, but i have a problem with it always adding a space after i pick a suggested word. Is there any way to disable this automatic space? I tried looking in settings and keyboard and there is something under auto-complete for adding a space, but that doesn't fix the problem when i toggle it. Any ideas?

On an unrelated note, does anyone know if any app exists to get 7 home screens a la htc sense on the droid? I've heard ahome and some other app but those both don't run on android 2. 0.

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Motorola Droid - Add Signature To My Aol Emails Send From Phone

How do i add a signature to my aol emails that i send from my phone?

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Motorola Droid 2 - Add _ Delete _ Change Something On My Home Page On Phone

How do i add, delete or change something on my home page on my droid 2?

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Motorola Droid - Delete All Contacts From Phone

I need to delete all the contacts help

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Phone Force Close On Calling Add / Insert To Arrayadapter - Fix It

I am trying to add a string dynamically on button click but it force closes every time.code.

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Motorola Droid X - Video Editing App To Add Music - Voice To Gift / Put Sent From Phone To Posts

Why does advertising show up in my photo files? Is there a video editing app that you can add music or voice to your gift? How do i add the sent from my droid x to posts?

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Motorola Droid - Contacts Automatically Bring Up On Phone / Shortcut This Function

Been enjoying the android for almost a month with one exception. If i want to call my aunt geraldine for instance on virtually every other phone i've ever owned i can type 437 which corresponds to "ger" on a 12-digit telephone pad. I can then select her name from a drop down list and the phone calls her. The drop down list will include anyone whose name starts with g, h, or i then d, e, or f and finally p, q, r, or s. It will also include anyone whose number has a 437 in it.

I can get the same effect if after activating the phone interface i press the "search" button but then i have to use the small qwerty keyboard. Is there anyway to shortcut this function to work like a normal cell phone?

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Motorola - Droid Looses Contacts And Phone Log Every Day / Sort This Out

Just like the headline says. Have a motorola droid since december. . Keeps completely wiping out my contacts, as well as my phone log. ?

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Motorola Droid 2 - Contacts From Facebook Page Keeps Syncing Itself To Phone List / Take Them Off

I just got my droid 2 and i am confused. My contacts from my facebook page and it keeps syncing itself to my phone contact list. How can i take them off?

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Htc Desire - Best App For Message And Contacts Management / Update Handcent Not Picking Up Some Contacts - Fix It

?What is the best app for message and contacts management?

I'm using handcent and dialerone at the moment, is there anything better?

For some reason, with the new update handcent is not picking up some of my contacts, is there anyway to fix this?

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Can't Add More Than One Line (overlay) To Droid Google-map / What To Fix It

I'm having problems with adding lines to the map in my android project. Basically, when i want to draw lines from point a to point b android is painting them just fine, but when i want to add another line later (say from point b to point c) android is removing the old line and drawing a new one. I guess it has something to do with collections because i'm using the itemizedoverlay class to collect all markers and it seems to work, but how to do the same with lines or anything else i would like to draw? How to prevent android from refreshing the map? Itemizedoverlays seems to do the trick, but only with markers/drawables.

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Motorola Backflip/motoblur - Happenings Widget Stopped Together With Facebook Contacts / Fix It

Just i change my fb password and when upgrade this info on my phone.

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Motorola Cliq/motoblur - Contacts Won't Stay In Favorites List / Fix For This

I've watch closely and when my cliq syncs with my google contact list some of my favorites disappear. I added one right at the start and it stays, i added two from my corporate sync acct and they stay. If i add any from google they fall off the list at the first sync. It doesn't matter if i add them from the main google list, or the subgroup i have named friends.

Does anyone have a fix for this?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Add New Contacts Doesn't Seem To Be Syncing

My phone is perfectly syncing with my gmail account, all contacts from the specific group called phone in the gmail account are on my phone. But when i add a new contact on the phone (group gmail), it doesn't seem to be syncing, after some time contact is gone. Does here syncing both ways? Or only from google to phone?

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Htc Droid Eris - Pictures Associated With My Contacts Pixelated / Fix It

I just got my eris a few days ago. The ota push has already updated my phone. I'm in the process of loading everything (and then i'll search for a backup app to save it - ugghh, tedious). But i noticed that the pictures associated with my contacts are pixelated - despite them being in high resolution.

Is there a reason for this and/or a fix?

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Contacts-based App Force-closing On Droid - Unable To Repro / Fix It

I'm having problems with my application on droid phones. I am unable to reproduce the problems in the emulator. A co-worker of mine with a droid also has no issues running my app. Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.

My application is called dialify. It's open source; you can find the code here:

My app queries the contacts db to display a list of contacts. The user can select contacts to turn them into notifications that can be dialed/ texted.

Droid users reported 2 problems:

1) contacts not appearing 2) app force-closes when they begin to scroll through the contacts list

My app creates a cursor over the contacts db to display contacts. I realized problem #1 was due to using the api level 5 method of access which only shows contacts for the master account. I fixed this, but the force-close issue remains.

Unfortunately, i am unable to replicate a force-close in the emulator. I thought maybe it was the number of contacts and created about 200 of them, to no avail. It's been happening to users who use exchange and users who do not, so i haven't tried getting exchange contacts into the emulator.

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Motorola Droid - Phone Locked Up On Me / Fix It Myself

I was using my laptop to move some sound files around and when i finished my phone was and still is locked up. Has this happened to anyone and how could i fix it myself

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How To Communicated With Droid Ril Deamon Directly

I want to communicate with android ril daemon with my daemon directly.

Couly you tell me how to do it without using telephony layer.

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Motorola Droid - Phone Randomly Restart Itself / Fix It

Purchased droid today and so far it likes to randomly restart itself. Anyone else with this problem?

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Motorola Droid X - Phone Not Updating Correctly / Fix It

I've tried to update my droid x and done the whole update phone deal and the update just keeps searching and searching and searching.

I'm curious if i'm supposed to see a message of "your phone is up to date" or something.

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