Handcent - Can't Seem To Send Mms Messages - Cannot Assign A Speed Dial To Dialer One

1) i can't seem to send mms messages now i'm using handcent. Any ideas what might have happened there? They're not even sending now i've stopped using it - should i uninstall completely?

2) i cannot assign a speed dial to dialer one. It just says there aren't any present, and i can add via the context menu - i try, but it doesn't seem to recognise that i have.

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Samsung Captivate - No Longer Send Mms Messages After Upgrading To 2.2 / Need 2.1 For Phone

Having some issues after upgrading to 2. 2. I can no longer send mms messages and the tilt function seems to be off. I have tried messing with the setting to no avail. I would rather put 2. 1 back on it.

Does anyone know where i can find 2. 1 for the captivate?

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Personalize Ringtones And Set Up Speed Dial

Ok so i have my new droid and well im a bit over whelmed, ive looked thru several post and cant seem to find out how to or if you can personalize ringtones and set up speed dial, any one know were or how i can do this ?

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Motorola Droid X - Can't Add Numbers To Speed Dial After Froyo 2.2 / Fix It

Can't add contacts phone numbers to speed dial now. After installing froyo. Either from pressing the number down, or going through the menu. Can some other people try, so we can see if this is a common issue?

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Htc Droid Eris - Delete Google Voice / Can't Remove Number 1 From Speed Dial / Fix It

I got google voice and want to get rid of it. I unistalled the app on my phone and deactivated on on line. However, my # 1 speed dial is stuck with the google voice mail number instead of *86 for verizon's voice mail number. I can edit/delete any speed dial i want except for #1. Anyone know how i can fix this?

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Try To Send Long Message Via Mms / It Doesn't Send

It's very very laggy. The lantecy is getting out of control. It takes forever to load a message, if i try 2 send a long message via mms, it doesn't send. ( I end up having to send it via stock). Is anyone else having these issues after 2. 2?

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Handcent Not Sendind Mms

Ever since friday night, handcent will not send mms messages on my eris. I've re-booted my device and re-installed handcent. I've also tried sending mms messages to different contacts, on different networks. I can receive them just fine. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

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Handcent Mms Re-size Failure

About 2-3 updates ago with handcent, when the "news" for the update mentioned something like "new re-size algorithm for mms", i've had handcent fail to re-size pictures and in some cases, force close. In fact, it fails to be able to re-size the picture far, far more times than it successfully re-sizes them.

Anyone else seeing this? My phone's setting are set at the max resolution and i don't intend to change it because of a bug in an app. Fwiw, chompsms, which i've switched to for now, hasn't had any trouble re-sizing pics to under the mms size limit.

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Motorola Droid X - Handcent Mms In Froyo

It seems that my mms in handcent is broken after updating to 2. 2. I'll try to send a picture, and it will try to send forever, but never complete. If i use the stock text messaging app, it seems to work fine, but with handcent, it doesn't even make the 3g start uploading or downloading. I can't download picture messages with it, either. Normal texting works fine, though. Also, my mms seem to stay at the bottom of the conversation now. It's annoying, because all newer messages get shoved behind it, and i have to scroll up. Has anyone else had these issues? If so, what should i do?

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Handcent Deletes Messages - Samsung Galaxy S2

Within the last week or so i've noticed that sms threads are missing and it seems that handcent is deleting them for no reason at all. There's no logic behind it either because it have been threads with around 100 texts, and i still have threads that are well above 400 texts. Have anyone had this issue? It's bugging the *** out of me. (Like ics).

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Handcent Not Giving Blinking Led With Incoming Messages / Disable This

I noticed today that my handcent isn't giving me a blinking led with incoming messages. I want to say that it has in the past, but today has been a text heavy day. I went into the settings (notification settings/notification settings) and everything under the "led settings" header it grayed out. Do i have something checked on somewhere that's causing handcent to disable this option?

I'm running an evo w/ launcher pro.

Is it launcher pro?

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How To Send Mms Using Httpconnection (droid 2.1)

I am trying to send mms using code sample from here. I am not sure i understand how to deal with mmspart part and parts vars: where and how should they be filled?

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How To Send Mms Behind The Scene I.e - Programmatically

In my app , am traping sms . And i have to send an image and text , to whover sent me an sms , saying that i was busy or some thing ? I did my job with sms is fair and good . But when i am sending mms , i cant send it directly from code unlike sms. ? Can any one sort out this problem ?

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Unable To Send And Receive Mms On G1 / Fix It

Has anybody else had a problem sending and receiving mms on their g1.

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Samsung Galaxy S - Mms Failure - Send & Receive

I've had the galaxy s for about 3 weeks now and it's a lovely phone, very very slick. However, i'm unable to send and receive picture messages! I've installed settings from both my service provider and the samsung technical support team and still nothing. I was hoping that members of the android community might have the power and the knowledge to help? I have about 6 days in the hope finding a solution before i consider returning (within 28 days) the phone to o2

Here's what i have:
Home -> menu -> settings -> wireless and networks > mobile networks > access point names:
Once arrived at this point i see the following already 3 apn's listed however only 2 have circular option buttons, one is illuminated green the other grey, they read as follows:
O2 wap pre pay (grey button not illuminated)
O2-gprs-http (green button, illuminated)!
O2 pay monthly mms (no option button availble at it's side)

Within o2-gprs_http (green button option) is the following:
Name: o2-gprs-http
Apn: wap.
Proxy: not set
Port: 8080
User name: o2wap
Password: password
Server: not set
Mmsc: http://mmsc. Mms.
Mms proxy: 193. 113. 200. 195
Mms port: 8080
Authentication type: pap (illuminated) choices of, none, pap, chap, pap or chap
Apn type: internet

The settings you provided i've entered and created a new apn but cannot choose it (green illuminate button) as the other apn's only appear to have that option.

Question: should i somehow delete one of the two listed apn's? Might this then create a option putton?

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Htc Incredible - Cannot Send Or Recieve Mms Or Video

How do i look inside my current rom to see if anything is out of wack with my framework? Mms stoped working for some reason. I cannot send or recieve mms or video. If i wipe and clear cache and reinstall the rom it will work just fine but when i titanium backup all my apps and system data, thats when i lose the ability to send pics or recieve them. I have not deleted anything from the system but it seems as something has gone missing. I am running second wave with latest radio.

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Htc Desire - Can't Send Mms To Any Of My Contacts / Way To Do

This is driving me mad and i'm getting nowhere fast with tmobile.

I can send myself an mms, i can receive them, but i can't send to any of my contacts

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Htc Desire - Cannot Send Or Receive Mms Only Texts

I have configured my apn settings to work on t-mobile us but i cannot send or receive mms only texts. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Motorola /motoblur - Backflip : Send More Than One Picture In An Mms Through Text

Is there anyway to send more than one picture through text? I know with my old phone that was 3mp i was able to send like 6 pictures at one time via mms compared to the backkflip where i can only send one pic at a time and sometimes it takes too long. Is there a way to create a slide show with more than one pic? Is there an app anyone can recommend for sending more than one picture? Please help, this is driving me crazy.

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Motorola Droid X - Unable To Send Out Mms Pic Msgs

Is anyone else having issues running "handcent sms 3. 2. 6" such as unable to send out mms pic msgs - icon just spins forever, random -force close- issues? Not sure if this is related to the unofficial froyo upgrade or not but seems i can't work with mms in this app anymore.

Any tricks in the settings or what-not to get this thing to work? Please move this in the support/troubleshooting if more appropriate. Just realized. Thanks.

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Htc Desire - Change Mms Settings To Send Pictures / Right Area To Add Them

I need to change my mms settings to be able to send pictures but i can't find the right area to add them? I've looked everywhere and i'm feeling really dumb. Can anyone help?

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Htc Desire - Phone Wont Let Me Download - Send Mms With Vodafone / Solve This

I put in the settings for mms but wont let me download or send mms im with vodafone australia tried how much times wont work can go on the the net just cant download mms or send

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Sms Texts Messages Keep Failing When Trying To Send

After reading the reviews for the ace, i decided to by one on a payg. The price was a really good one just before christmas. It was branded with the "3" network, but wasn't locked to them. I was tipped off about this btw.

My orange sim worked fine, after updating the settings that orange sent me, everything worked sweet (wifi, gprs, 3g). The only trouble is. Or was that text msgs took ages to come through. Sometimes, and texts kept "failing" when trying to send. I contacted orange about this numerous times and they eventually and surprisingly decided to send me a new phone. Which was a shock for a payg.

My new phone came last night, but when i put my sim in, it came up with a message. "Network locked" "emergency calls only". I contacted orange again and after numerous attempts to fix it, they decided to send me another phone. Which is coming tonight.

While i've been waiting for the phone to arrive, i have surfed the net to see if texting is an issue with the galaxy ace, and apparently it is, but orange customer service either ignored it, or they havent had the info cascaded to them. Now i now this, i realise there may not have been anything wrong with my original phone.

So. My question is, when the phone arrives and hopefully works, i want to "debrand" it and "unlock it" because the info says that the phone will work better without orange (or any other company) branding, this is going to cost me 16. Will i really see a difference once its done? Or is it not worth the bother.

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Text Messages Send Problem After Update To Android 2.2

Since i updated my dell streak to android 2. 2, if i send a text messages it just says "sending" but never actually sends. I only got 1 message to send, which somehow kicke doff the rest that had been sitting there for god knows how long and they alll sent at the same time. The only solution o2 can give me is a factory reset, but if the problem is with android then that obviously wont help as the problem will come back when i update again, anyone got any ideas?

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Get App To Send Text Messages From Incredible Using My Mac

Is there an app which would allow me to send text messages from my incredible using my mac?

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Htc Incredible - Possible To Send Picture Messages Via Google Voice

Am i missing something or is it possible to send picture messages via google voice? Cuz i can't find it

Sent from my adr6300 using tapatalk

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Motorola Droid - Random Reboot When Try To Send Text Messages

I have noticed the reboot occur when i try to send text messages. It is very random. Am i hitting a key that is causing the problem? I have only had this phone for a week and a half. I haven't downloaded any other applications yet so i don't think it is a problem with applications.

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Configure Manifest File To System Send Certain Sms Messages

My app needs to intercept sms messages but the problem is that the sms are intercepted while my app is active and running. Otherwise, the sms messages are delivered to the sms app only. How do you configure the android manifest file to let the system send certain sms messages to be send to a particular app. Say. All messages matching certain attribute with in sms like. Mime-type to be send to my app.

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Htc Eris - Phone Receive Picture Messages But Can't Send Them / What To Do

I just recently flashed my htc droid eris to cricket and everything is working fine but there is one problem i can only receive picture messages and not send them.

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Htc Droid Eris - App Name That Send And Receive Messages From Someone With Blackberry Messenger

Does anyone know what the application is called that lets you send and receive messages from someone with blackberry messenger.

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