Phone Locking Up - Touch Screen Not Responding - Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

I own a samsung galaxy s2 and have owned it since july of 2011. Up until a few day's back the phone hadn't caused me any headaches. However a few days back the phone started to be very slow the touch screen wasn't reacting it would lock up and then restart then the phone would carry on in working order a few hours later the same thing would happen. Also the audio keeps going off and would have to restart the phone again in order for it function. I am hesitant to take it back although it's under warranty i was don't really want to send it away as i need my phone for work. So i was hoping you guys could help out.


Touch screen not working
Phone freezing up
Audio sometimes not working until restart was done

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Can't See Clock In Lock Screen - Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

I can't seem to see my clock in my lock screen. I haven't installed any app changing program either. I tried to adjust the settings of the clock, but nothing works, top, middle, bottom doesn't show the clock. Please advise?

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Web Pages Do Not Automatically Fit The Screen - Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

On my desire when i opened up a thread on a message board i was able to pinch the screen to make it easier to read and it would automatically fit the screen regardless how large i made it. But on my new galaxy although pinching does make it bigger it no longer auto fits which means i have to keep scrolling left to right to read what has been written. Sure its just a simple thing to sort but without an actual manual i am lost. Can anyone help or even have a clue what i am talking about.

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Samsung Galaxy S Best Multi Touch Screen

Multi-touch is a deciding factor for a lot of people when considering their next mobile has not been known to be the best in this area. Most notable, the nexus one, has been perceived as having a subpar multi-touch display. Until know we?Ve always heard that you have to choose between having a beautiful display or a very accurate multi-touch display. Samsung has brought them both together in the galaxy s.

The screen on the galaxy s is manufactured by a company named atmel. The technical name for this display is the atmel maxtouch, and this screen can handle up to 16 points simultaneously. It has a response time of 7 milliseconds which is 2-3 times faster than current multi-touch displays. This screen is expected to drastically limit or even eliminate miss touches, aka having your hand on the edge of the screen unknowingly.

I am more and more impressed with this phone with every new tidbit of information that gets uncovered. This is probably the most unrated device of all time. If the ?Hummingbird? Gpu lives up to its rumors, which it most likely will since we?Ve seen it in action, this will probably be the best handset of any kind on the market. Samsung is really good at making processors so the 1ghz in this phone could pack in a few surprises as well. I can?T wait to see this device stateside, in the mean time checkout the touch screen demo performed by frandroid.

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Screen Touch Problem On Samsung Galaxy S2

I have a small problem with my galaxy s2 (i9100-europe). The problem is that when i try and press on certain parts of the screen, it doesn't work o. 0 but if i move my finger really quickly it will complete the test. Someone told me something like "you need to use a different charger", but i don't think thats the problem. What do you think? I also updated the phone to ics (official) and still the same thing.

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Samsung Galaxy S Touch Screen Lost Its Sensitivity

I bought an android a week and a half ago, a samsung galaxy s. The touchscreen was really sensitive in the beginning, but now it isn't. I noticed it became slower when i upgraded from 2. 1 to 2. 2. My friend told me that android phones start to work really slow after a few days. Is that true?

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Phone Can't Be Turned On - Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

My galaxy s2 was working just fine, i left it on the table and when i came back i couldn't turn it on, it's just a black screen. I've tried putting the battery in my friend's galaxy s2 and it works, so it's not the battery problem. Does anyone know how i can fix this?

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Webview Not Responding To Touch Events / Fix It

I have a webview embedded in a frame for showing ads. The webview is at the bottom of each page in a framelayout of each screen of a tabbed layout.

Here's the base webview layout code.

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Htc Desire - Phone Screen Not Responding Quickly Enough / Make It Fast

Desire screen not responding quickly enough , any ideas please

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App Randomly Stops Responding To Touch Events On Thumbnails / Solve This To Work

I'm using an embedded webview to display a webpage which is made up of image thumbnails. These thumbnails are links to further webpages. Now my application randomly stops responding to my touch events on these thumbnails. It happens more frequently when the device wakes up from a standby. But this problem is fixed when i load some other page and come back to the thumbnails page.

I tried adding an onclicklistener to the webview but it never return anything, even when the application is running fine.

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Cannot Connect To 3g - Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

Recently got the sgs2 on 3 but cant connect to 3g when not in wifi can only seem to connect to 2g ive looked at other threads and forums but cannot find anything that will help my problem as there is no option to switch from 3g to 2g as in my mobile network settings there is only, data roaming, use packet data(which is on), access point names and network operators.

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Reverting To 2.3.6 From 4.0.3 - Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

I installed 4. 0. 3 and didn't like it that much so i decided to revert back to my original rom. Anyway, when i installed ics i clicked on re-partition in odin. Now, when installing 2. 3. 6 i just put the tar file in the pda slot and press start. Is there a problem here? Is there a partition thing that ics made which i need to revert?

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Is Ics Worth It ? Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

As ics is now available for my xeu sgii, the question is - is it worth it? What are the benefits and have there been any major issues with the release? I have been through the forum and seen a couple of issues but nothing major.

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Is There Any Upgrades To Come For Samsung Galaxy S2 I1900g (international) ?

I have purchased samsung galaxy s2 i1900g and am not at all happy with this phone, i want to know if there are any upgrades going to come for this phone like android 4. 0 icecream sandwitch or something? Or any latest update abt this phone.

I have many problems with this phone.

1) it hangs sometime
2) when listening to music, it freezes like for 1-2 sec everytime.
3) camera also sometimes freezes

4) google play store sometimes doesn't work, i get a msg download error in-spite of my internet working properly. Please anyone can give me some best solutions?

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2.3.6 New Changes & Bug Fixed - Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

I am from india and just yesterday updated my s2 to 2. 3. 6 from 2. 3. 3 and found these changes:

Bug fixed with 2. 3. 6:- the update addresses the issues surrounding the locked screen hang bug. Fixed a voice search bug.

Improvement with 2. 3. 6:- enhance boots up speed of the phone. Increases the phones hspa connection speed. Changes the camera interface. Enhanced the phones security and boosts the phones performance. The camera does have a shortcut menu which is new.

These are some minor changes that i found:

1. The home screen like the application screen can be flipped 360 degrees, either left or right.

2. The font in the message bubble seems to be bold.

3. There is a blue line showing up if you are at the end of the scrolling page.

So far this is all i got please mention any thing new you guys find in the update.

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Can't Find Kies On Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

I can't find kies on my samsung galaxy s2 phone. There is kies air but i don't think that is the same thing. I bought the phone from india and it is running the stock rom.

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Can't Copy / Move Anything Using Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

What i want to do is just simple plug my mobile into my pc via the usb and for the phone to be recognized as a disk drive so i can quickly copy/move stuff but when it's plugged in and recognized. I can't copy/move anything, it says the phone is in use. I factory reset and it still didn't work, the only way i can do it is if i connect via kies then download it which seems a bit long and winding when i'm trying to do something quick.

Also i have problems with scrolling and pinch and zoom, on several sites i'm getting transparency in the background, it's going back anyway as it's only a day old but i would really like to know about it not being recognized as a disk drive.

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Samsung Moment - Phone Not Responding - Remove Froyo From It

How do i remove froyo from my samsung moment? My phone is not responding.

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Call Quality Issue - Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

I have a call quality issue in my new sgs2. The other side person cannot able to hear my voice clearly ans also they are saying that thier was is echoed back to them when they speak. I checked my mic using voice record. Its pucca. I don't know whats the problem? Any one have suggestions?

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Samsung Galaxy S2 International - Updating Sgs Ii To Ics

Im from sri lanka. I have the international model - gt-i9000. Im now on the 2. 3. 5 firmware version and my build number is gingerbread. Xxki4, and it is rooted. Some days back my phone asked me to update it to the new firm. I just canceled it, now i need to update it to the ics via kies and is it the standard way ? And can i know the pros and cons of ics. Is it necessary to update the phone to ics? If im updating via kies do i need to backup everything? Or just update it without doing anything to my files or contacts? Will it be the same after the new update?

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Battery Usage Does Not Reset - Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

Still runs and doesn't reset to zero hour, it has been 3 days(also my phone is 3 days old, sg2, international model), and i already charge it 4 times, i only get like 8 hours of usage, and to think that every charge it will reset the process, why doesn't it reset? Is this a bug, please don't suggest me to root, i am done with the jail breaking stuff.

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Email Disappear After Receive On Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

Having some issues with the e-mail application which comes with the sii. First problem is that when i receive e-mails, within 5 minutes, they disappear. It's set on never delete from server, and i can't find anything else to do with saving them. I want my e-mails to stay on my phone for future reference.

Second problem. If i receive them on my phone, i don't receive them on my pc. Any ideas? I'd appreciate the help.

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Questions From A Egypt User - Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

I have a few questions. I'm sorry cause i have a blackberry and an now iphone background so i have no idea about android except for the few reviews and videos i recently checked but anyway i'm not that big on technicalities and terminology (so forgive me if my questions are too dumb i'm seriously considering getting an unlocked samsung gs2 from amazon but i live in egypt so:

1) carriers in egypt support 3g, so will the internet speed (due to the dual core) be that fast as i saw on the review videos of the sgs2?

2) are the android applications on the market for free?, Like the major ones (but not games) cause i heard there are thousands of apps free, is that true?

3) do i only have to have a gmail, can't i have a yahoo or whatever other mail aside?

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Keyboard Only Type Numbers - Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

I have just installed the ics polish version, i normally use 3x4 keyboard and i have noticed now it will only type numbers?

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Unable To Connect Via Usb - Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

Recently my s2 started behaving weird. It wouldn't connect to the computer via usb and froze all the time etc. , So i used the factory reset earlier today. I doesn't freeze anymore and everything seems to be working except the usb connection. When i plug my s2 into any of my computers using the cable it will say "initializing mtp" and then "mtp connected" but my computer doesn't react. I doesn't come op with a box saying "new hardware found" or anything like that. What do i do?

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How To Go Back To Your Original Rom? - Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

Yesterday i got the ics but as web user i didn't really like it, because you can't watch youtube in the internet explorer without using youtube app, or any other video. I used to watch live tv or football games but now it says u need flash player or sometimes just a black page. If any one know how to go back to your original rom, i remember its android 2. 3. 5 gingerbread but i don't know the first characters like kxx.

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Firmware Update Failed On Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

Galaxy s2 (uk, not rooted or anything like that. I checked for updates this morning and for the first time since i got the s2 there was an update available. I set it away updating and didnt pay too much attention to it. I think it did a f/w update first and then downloaded another software update (ice cream sandwich perhaps? I don't know)

It finished installing the second update and then restarted. Ever since the phone just keeps restarting. I get the samsung splash and then the splash and then another "s" splash and then back to the splash and then the "s" splash again (*repeat infinitively)

I booted into the android system recovery <3e>
Tried wiping the cache partition + restart
And tried data/factory reset + restart
No change

In recovery the yellow text at the bottom says:

-Coping media files.

Successfully copied media files.

# Manual mode #

- Updating application.

Successfully updated application.

- Appling multi-csc.

Installing multi-csc

Can't access to '/system/csc/h3g/system/'.

Successfully applied multi-csc.

What do i do now please? I'm stumped!

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Issue: Charging And Heat On Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

The other day, in school, i noticed that in only a few minutes my battery had gone from around 80% to 1, or 2%. The phone was also quite hot. Now when i try to charge it, it gets hot after a few minutes and shows a warning thermometer logo. Unfortunately the phone is also rooted with cwm and has a cm9 nightly installed on it. I very much doubt that this is the cause, but it will pose a problem if i need to get the phone repaired or replaced. I obviously can't un-root it or install the stock rom on it when it is like this. What do i do? Appreciate any help and feedback.

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Problem: Media Scanner Keeps Scans - Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

I have a weird problem with my phone. When i disconnect it from the power cord in the morning, it obsessively runs the media scanner. It scans and then completes, and keeps cycling. This is a rather new problem, and i cant figure out why it keeps doing this cycle.

I have tried turning it off and on, batter pulls, and it is annoying as ***. It prevents me from listening to music or doing anything until it finishes, but then it starts again. Its almost like the phone thinks i have plugged it into my computer, but i only plugged it into the wall.

Any fixes for this? Anyone know the process name to kill in the applications window? So annoying, and drains the battery when it keeps doing this for hours.

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Home Button Stopped Working - Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

My home button seems to have stopped working. If i'm in an app it won't return me to the home screen or bring up the tap and talk screen. Also if i hold down the power key i don't get the list of options to go into flight mode etc but just "power down". This just happened today?

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