Htc Desire - Keeps Restarting Randomly ?

Had the phone for a couple of months. However for the past few weeks the phone has a mind of its own and keeps restarting randomly.

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Phone Restarting Randomly And Killing My Battery Life / Resolve This

Okay this is getting ridiculous, my droid x is restarting over and over. This is killing my battery life, ruining whatever i was doing at the time, and just getting annoying. Of course i can just restart whatever i was doing but this phone wasn't made for this. I herd atk may do this occasionally . Although i don't think so because that app is always closed and not running. I don't understand whats going on would love any advice at all on this. Whats verizon or motorola going to do when i call in?

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Htc Desire - Browser Started Closing Down Randomly

Had a system update yesterday but since then have found browser has started closing down randomly, especially on bbc sport websites

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Htc Evo 4g - Phone Restarting Itself / Fix It?

This phone is really begining to annoy me . Its already my second evo (my first evo the screen gave out)

For the past 15 minutes the phone has been restarting itself and i cant do anything. When it loads up it sais loading and than itll just turn restart and do it over and over *** is with this phone

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Htc Evo 4g - Fresh 1.0.1 - Why Phone Keeps Restarting

Obviously since i have fresh 1. 0. 1 im rooted. I dont understand why my phone keeps starting over. It has done this to me at least 3 times today. And a few times a day for the past week.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Auto Restarting - Hibernating

Sometimes my hero will auto restart or more like come out of hibernation. Im thinking its my tast killer. Maybe its killing something that need to remain open. I use task manager.

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Problem With Apps Force Close When Restarting Htc Hero

I have a problem when i power down my htc hero and power back up. When it comes back on the weather widget takes a little while to load and other apps/widgets take a while to boot up which i guess is normal, but some apps get really messed up. I start getting popup messages when i reboot that say "such-and-such app has to force close" and i have to hit ok. Other apps (facebook, foursquare, locale. ) Have strange icons on the home screen. When i click on them they either force close, or act really strange and have new titles (like #ff181818 instead of foursquare). This also happens in the programs menu. Some apps will now be called end user license agreement or something else .

I have fixed it before by reinstalling some of the apps, but i don't want to keep doing that. Any ideas on how to fix this? Is it just a problem with the apps? It seems to be happening with the same apps each time.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Keeps Restarting And Wont Load Pass Animation

My hero battery died so i charged it and tried to boot it back up, but when i try and boot it back up it keeps restarting and wont load pass the sprint animation . It just keeps rebooting itself.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Restarting - Logo Appears And Then All Apps Say Loading

I use to have the samsung moment and used advanced task killer and everything worked fine. When i switched to the hero, atk would restart my phone (htc logo appears and then all apps say loading). I switched to task killer. It worked great until i turned off my phone. When i turned it back on, and used task killer, it started restarting my phone too.

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Htc Evo 4g - Phone Keeps Restarting To White Screen After 2.2 Update / Sort This Out

After installing the froyo 2. 2 update the phone will not load sense. The force close window shows up and says unexpected error and keeps restarting to the white screen w/ htc in green letters. I can only access whatever comes in and shows up on the notification bar (txt, email, etc). Called sprint and they said they would swap it out but they only have the white evo available. I have no desire for the white evo, any suggestions?

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Htc Incredible - Soft-key Randomly Do Not Light Up / Why Is So

Has anybody else had an issue with the soft-keys at the bottom of the screen? Mine randomly do not light up and i have no idea why. I think it is more of a software issue maybe. I didn't see anything that had to do with settings. Is anybody else having these issues?

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Htc Evo 4g - Keyguard Randomly Stops Working

My evo's keyguard randomly stops working. Im guessing its a setting and thats why that happens. Does this happen to anyone else's evo and can you tell me how to fix it or the way to turn it on and off.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Rooted - Tried All The Roms - Startd Randomly Just Turning Off

Okay, so my phone worked flawlessly. Updated to 2. 1 from sprint. Then it startd randomly just turning off, about every 20 minutes. Like when i would end a call w/ the pwr button, or press camera button, it would just shut off. Other times, i would pull out my phone and it would just be off. So, i figured i'd try rooting and running another rom. Tried several (really like fresh 2. 1). The phone will stay on for as long as i'm using it, i can surf the web for 20 minutes with no problems. But if i turn the screen off and put it in my pocket, theres a 50/50 chance when i try to turn the screen back on that the phone will be off. Its aggravating as ***. What do i do? There has to be some solution to this. Try a new battery maybe?

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Htc Droid Eris - During Googletalk Chats Composing Texts Or Emailing Randomly Crash

During googletalk chats, composing texts, or emailing, my eris will randomly crash is a strange fashion.

In googletalk, it goes back to the "friends list" page, and then i have to select my chat contact. At this point i have lost any chats so far exchanged, and frequently say "lost connection to server".

While composing or viewing texts, it often jumps back to the "all messages" screen, and i lose what i have been writing.

While viewing emails or writing them, it often jumps back to the "inbox" or whatever label i had been viewing previously.

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Applications Keep Restarting

Applications like facebook & flickr keep on starting by themselves. Sucking battery life and phone gets warmer and warmer. I go to application and keep on force closing applications.

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Crashed Service Not Restarting

I'm just investing how crashed services are restarted. I've developed a simple service and use a taskkiller from market place to kill the application. Following are the logs after application is killed

"Uninstalling the process test.sys" "force removing process processrecord{432d6ad0 252:test.sys/10041} (test.sys/10041)" "scheduling restart of crashed service test.sys/. Testservice in 5000ms" "sending signal. Pid: 252 sig: 9"

But the service is never started. Can anybody tell why service is not starting? Do i need to put any flag in manifest file for service restart to work?

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Motorola Droid X - Phone Restarting On Its Own

Every so often my dx will restart by itself. This happens when i get an incoming call. The phone will ring for a second then it will stop and show the droid logo as it restarts. After it restarts i look for the missed call and it doesnt show one. This has happened about 4 times in the past week, twice the person was able to leave a voice mail and the other times i dont know who it was so couldnt ask if they tried leaving a message. So i am assuming that the caller can leave a voice message.

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Motorola Droid X - Info On Restarting Phones

From what i've been reading restarting phones is happening to roughly 15-20% of x users. Have they found out what's been causing this yet? Im on my second phone and it still happens so im hoping 3rd times the charm.

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Memory Leak When Closing And Restarting Appliction Several Times

Using 'ddms' and repeatably clicking sysinfo -> update from device helped me find a memory leak. So we have 9 junit test cases spread amongst 4 files, and we run them in eclipse. After each test cases finishes, our application is exiting; and it restarts again for the next test case. So for now, that's 9 times our app is closing and restarting, which would be fine, except that each time it close it leaks memory so that there is less available for the next test.

All we have for @before and @after is this:



1. What's the proper solution?  Find a way to only start the app one time then run all tests?  Or fix the leak?

2. To fix the leak, is there something we're missing/forgetting to do in the @after method?

3. Is there somewhere particular in the positron code that i can do a garbage collect() that might help?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - New Phone But Keeps Restarting

I regently got this phone 2-3 weeks ago. And i've notice that on the second week, when i was calling or looking through my photos it shuts down and restarts its self again. Not once or twice. Like 10 times. And i was getting tired of the cycle of  seeing it turning on and off that i take out the battery and left it for awhile. Then put it back in and turn it on. I went back to the store yesturday to get it checked. The guy said how it could of been the sim card and how it was old. So i got a new one for free. Then today it happen again.

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Htc Desire - Debranding Htc Desire Didn't Work

I am tryed to debrand my virgin mobile, all went well, i created the goldcard and then ran the rom update and i got a error 7001 or something like that, and the phone was stuck on the bootloader and would reboot, so i ran the update again and it restored it back to the normal rom and is still branded to virgin mobile. Any one know of a deffo way i can debrand my phone?

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Htc Desire - Rooting Softbank Htc Desire (x06ht Ii)

I'd like to say a big thanks to all the great posters out there who have made my life a lot easier the last couple of weeks. Your advice on the forum has all been great. Decided to sign up however to ask about rooting my japanese desire its running through softbank and if there are any other japanese users out there who have done it let me know. I'll be honest if i was back in the uk i'd have done it now without a second thought. But theres a lack of info regarding doing it on a japanese model with its specific pre installed features winime for example.

Basically i dont want to brick my phone or incur the wrath of the softbank gods who no doubt see rooting as being akin to stealing.

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Htc Desire - After Rooting Htc Desire With T-mod Using Unrevoked

Ever since rooting with unrevoked i've had 2 basic problems, one i've fixed but think is still there in the background, the other is always there.

Problem 1 - when i first powered my phone on after rooting, it seemed exactly the same as it was before (same htc sense layout, all icons the same) but pressing the home button brought up the "complete this action using. " Option, with htc sense as one option, and the standard one (sorry, i cant think of what it's called) as the other. If i chose sense, i got my old home screens back, all my old icons, etc. If i chose the other one, i got a fresh vanilla(i think?) Home screen. Unfortunately i've clicked "remember my answer" or something, so it always goes to the vanilla one and i've made a new home screen now, but does this mean my sense ui is always running in the background? I thought at first i may have installed onto the wrong partition, and downloaded quick system info to check (saw it suggested by a forum member) but couldnt find anywhere in quick system info that it told me what partition my rom was installed.

Problem 2 - i've set my connect to pc setting to charge only, but every time i connect it it's connecting as a disk drive (my computer senses it as a disk drive, annoying popups asking me what i want to do, etc). I'm thinking that my phone could possibly still be running my old ui in the background (ref. Problem 1) and that's been set to automatically connect as disk drive?

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Htc Desire - Recommendation For Tripod For Desire To Take Pic Of Self

Any ideas or recommendation for a tripod for the htc desire to take pic of self.

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Htc Desire - Desire Does Not Show Up Hboot Version

I am going to be rooting my desire. But i cannot seem to see the hboot version when restarting the device. Anyone got any ideas? It is an orange branded desire.

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Htc Desire - Rooting (almost) Out Of Box Desire Updated To 2.2

I would like to know how to root and htc desire, updated to 2. 2 by pressing update on the desire. Please bare with me and assist me in this quest i have done a bit of searching and i want to know if "universal androot" will root my desire. I really don't want a custom rom, but i am not sure if that is crucial to rooting?

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Lg Optimus V Randomly Shuts Off

In the 8 months that i've had this phone it has shut off randomly 3 times (fully charged, not that many programs were running to make it crash, etc. ). The only way to turn it on again is to take the battery out, put it back in and turn on the phone. I haven't abused it really (it has kamikazed itself to the floor on occasion). Has anyone else experienced this? Is there anything that can be done to prevent it?

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Nexus One Stucks / Shuts Down Randomly

I'm having a problem with my nexus one 'it stucks/shuts down randomly'. Sometimes, my phone stucks. And/or shuts down. Like i'm doing something sometimes it stucks i lock it and when i try to unlock it. The screen stays black. I let the device as it is for a while. Then try to unlock it again in 10 minutes, doesn't work. Only solution is to remove the battery and put it again. I'm afraid this action is damaging my phone 'putting in and out the battery' for three or four times a day. It's really annoying.

I don't know if it's a program that's causing all this. I ran avg on it and everything seems fine.
Sometimes the screen stucks and then goes back to normal after 10 - 20 secs and sometimes it doesn't even go back to normal stays as it is. Stuck, if i let it open. The phone starts to get hotter and hotter so only thing i can do is remove the battery and put it in again. I put my phone alot in the usb, i let it there for alot of time. I don't usually charge it normally with the battery-charger.

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Randomly Losing Data Connection

I've been having issues with my intercept lately. I will randomly lose all data connection about twice a day for at most half an hour. I've only had it for a week, but i've experienced this problem over the last several days. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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Pandoa Skipping Randomly Running 2.2

I have searched this forum up and down for a fix but unfortunaly have not come across one yet. It seems that since i have upgrade to froyo pandora will randomly skip songs and there is no pattern. The application can flawlessly for an hour and then with in 10 min skip 4 songs. The song will begin to play and then at some undertimed time will skip to the next song. I have an unrooted phone runnine 2. 2 with the latest updates. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and restored the phone to default. I have tried the "block bluetooth" app and same problem. I bought my girlfriend an evo yesterday and hers is doing the same thing. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Ugggg and i thought technology would make my life easier.

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