Samsung Fascinate - Getting Fascinate Open / Teardown

Anyone had any luck getting their fascinate open? I've posted in the ffc thread as well, and i'm trying to open her up to take a look and see what kind of room i've got to work with inside the phone. It seems like there are clips holding the body together, and i just can't get them to unclip.

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Samsung Fascinate - First Deodexed Rom For Fascinate Released

Just wanted to pass along the good news. Looks like my saturday morning has plans now. Release: deodex'ed system. - Xda-developers

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Samsung Fascinate - Kies Not Comaptible With Fascinate

I'm new here and just got a fascinate and i love it except for a couple of bugs which is probably my lack of experience i just need to know why my kies software says its not compatible with my phone anyone else have this trouble?

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Samsung Fascinate - Sdx Developers Have Taken Up Fascinate

My request finally paid off. Take a look around over at sdx guys, their rom kitchen seems really nice.good to see the fascinate being added to another good android home, and these guys focus primarily on samsung devices

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Samsung Fascinate - How To Flash Fascinate

So i had the pattern set for my new fascinate. My husband, thinking he would be funny, tried the pattern til it locked it. My google account/password wont work which i've found out is a problem w/ these phones.

I've also tried to do a hard reset multiple times, and i've also found that is a problem as well, sometimes it doesn't work. I've found my last hope is to flash it. I have no clue how to do it, and i dont want to brick it. Can anyone please help me? I am desperate. I am also not very knowledgeable when it comes to this stuff, so i kind of need to be walked thru it.

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Samsung Fascinate - Is There Way To Unroot

Ok, sorry i am a newbie to the rooting thing. I've played with the os on my razr a while back. It sounds like the same thing, unlocking it so you can hack it.

1) is there a way to unroot? (Put it back if i have to return it to the store?)

2) will this prevent updates to the os (2. 2) when it comes out?

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Samsung Fascinate - Where To Get Froyo Market

I read a bunch of posts that people were getting the froyo market pushed to their phones. Mine has yet to receive it. Is there anything people have done in order to get the new market?

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Samsung Fascinate - How Much Faster Phone Is

I have jt1134 super clean 0. 4 rom and i'm new to the fascinate so i'm not sure if i'm crazy so be kind. I have seen the lag fix but haven't done anything yet because of some of the things i have read said it really didn't help much. I installed this battery percentage! And it seems like i have no lag at all now. Is this possible? I'm not a rooting noob. I've had a droid 1 and still have the x so i know a bit but do not claim to be a pro but this has been amazing how much faster the phone is. Is the lag fix in this?

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Samsung Fascinate - Screen Nonresposive / What To Do

My phone just froze up and now it wont let me put my "connect the dots" password in. I don't know what to do

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Samsung Fascinate - How To Do Backup For Clockwork

I was getting help but i think maybe my helper went to bed. Yup, just make a backup in clockwork first. Ok now 2 questions if you dont mind #1 how do i do the backup for clockwork? Is it by using "backup current rom" on rom manager? And #2 do you use rom manager? If so do you know how to wipe cache and davlik-cache using rom manager? Thanks in advance

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Samsung Fascinate - Screen Looks Like Its Coming Off

When i got my phone it had a black raised edge around the border of the screen. Not anymore. I can press the screen down so i can see that border again but it just disappears again after a minute and the screen rises up again. My biggest concern is getting dust in there. Anyone else seeing this?

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Custom Roms For Samsung Fascinate

Is there any custom roms out there for the sf that are 2. 3?

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Samsung Fascinate - Best Voicemail Program For Phone

Anyone have advice on the best visual voicemail program? I have tried youmail and wasn't a big fan.
I don't mind paying i just want to make sure its worth it

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Samsung Fascinate - Can't Organize Contacts Last Name First?

Couple of complaints/issues:

1. Why can't we organize our contacts last name first?

2. A search feature in contacts would be great.

3.concerning the "note" section of a contact:

A. Limited on size (you can type anything you want into gmail contacts but it only shows a limited amount on your phone)

B. When you edit the "note" the amount you can see to edit it even smaller.

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Samsung Fascinate - Titanium Backup Will Not Work

Has anyone else had this problem on this phone? It says they restore, but they never really do.

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Samsung Fascinate - How Much Of Sandbox Does Dalvik Run In

Well, yesterday i took the plunge, pushed rage. Bin to my phone and ran it. What a nice little fork bomb, took about 15 minutes! Now when i run adb shell i get a nice little hash mark prompt haven't uploaded su/busybox or superuser.apk but that will come. I'm somewhat curious though, how much of a sandbox does dalvik run in? Any chance the same local root exploit that gave me root could be executed by a (non native) app to do something evil? I'm guessing that rage. Bin is native code and not dalvik bytecode.

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Samsung Fascinate - Spontaneous Factory Reset

I have experienced multiple spontaneous fascinate reboots that leave the phone in its factory state. Is anyone else seeing this? What could be causing this?It is highly annoying to reinstall everything time after time.

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Samsung Fascinate - How To Remove What I've Already Tried To Install

I have tried 3 different ways of applying this stupid lag fix, none of which work. Now i probably have 3 of them installed (even though my benchmark says 800 something) and want to get those off before i try again.

Question 1: how do i remove what i've already tried to install?

Question 2: how the *** do i get this to work? Everyone else seems to have no problem. I've tried the oclf app, i've also tried running a . Bat file through windows and adb and then applying an None of which have done a damn thing. I'm starting to get really frustrated. Can anyone help or send me in the right direction?

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Samsung Fascinate - Getting Really Hot When Using Browser Or Games

Anyone else's fascinate getting really hot when using the browser or games? Mine is getting hot. Not just warm, but almost uncomfortably hot. I notice the screen is getting the hottest, but the back of the phone can be pretty warm (even through the case i have on it). It's not that big of an issue, but was wondering if i was the only one having this problem, or if i should consider taking my phone to verizon and getting it replaced.

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Samsung Fascinate - Desktop Cradle Mode

So my desktop cradle finally arrived and i started playing with it. My initial reaction was that i liked it. Then i realized it's not customizable. At all. So what's the point? I can't change the shortcut icons at the bottom, i can't change brightness or text. But the worst part is i can't change what notifications i get when changing it to "night" mode. Wth? I do not want my phone buzzing and beeping all night long from automatic robot email messages that hit my accounts at 3:00 - 5:30 a. M. I want all notifications off and only phone calls to come through until i change it back to daytime mode or remove it from the dock.

Am i asking too much? I did find bedside mode on the market from when i had my original droid so i'll be using that at night. But i can't believe i need a third party app to get this functionality.

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Samsung Fascinate - Wi-fi Becomes Disabled / When Phone Goes To Sleep

Anyone having wifi issues, in that wifi becomes disabled when the phone goes to sleep?I use setting profiles to activate wifi when at home. When my phone goes to sleep, this setting (and wifi) becomes disabled, as do other profiles. I really don't want to exchange my phone, as i think it's great; in form factor and capabilities.

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Samsung Fascinate - Way To Get Apps Installed On Incredibles

I have some friends of mine that both have htc incredibles and absolutely hate the messaging and email apps. But love the apps that came with my phone. Is there anyway i can get my apps installed on their incredibles?

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Samsung Fascinate - Need Kernal For Battery Life

Need a kernal for battery life what is the best one? Also what is the best app to monitor battery life?

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Samsung Fascinate - Root Zip Updated

It's now v2 and is slightly different, same procedure but takes a bit longer (3 minutes instead of the old 2).

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Samsung Fascinate - Swype Isnt Working

For those interested in flashing something new Seems good so far, removed some tw stuff, runs pretty smooth, but swype isnt working right for some reason. Otherwise a pretty good first release so far

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Samsung - Fascinate Froze On Language Welcome Screen / Solve This

No home button functionality, lights and recognizes finger touch, but does not go to home screen. Went through 2 verizon support agents, and was sent over to a samsung support agent which could not figure out why could not get to home screen. Sent over to level 3 support samsung (texas). Tried all the same procedures, was told to go to verizon store and get phone replaced.
This was supposed to replace a blackberry

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Samsung Fascinate - Keyboard Button Just Makes Symbol / Why Is This

Has anyone else noticed that the "-" button just makes the "_" symbol? It's annoying me that i can't hyphenate a name. Am i missing something?

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Samsung Fascinate - Leave Debugging On All The Time Or Only When Im Attatching It To My Pc

Should i leave debugging on all the time or only when im attatching it to my pc? As of now i just leave it on.

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Samsung Fascinate - Navigation Low Volume Solved

This worked like a charm for me. Once open, go to post #2. Click the link to get to the "hidden menu" secret code then enter the numbers listed in post 2. My nav volume is spectacular now facinate g nav volume too low - droid forum - verizon droid & the motorola droid forum

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Samsung Fascinate - Is There Rom For Sf With More Of Droid Experience Built It

Is there (or will there ever be) a rom for the sf with more of the droid experience built it? Like, on my dinc, there are just some subtle things that remind you that you are using android. Example: when the unknown caller icon shows up on the dinc it's the android mascot, but on the sf it's a silhouette of a person (boring). I know we can alter the boot animation, but i rarely reboot my phone. Dammit if i could have the dinc software on my sf hardware, i'd be in heaven (i use lp and beautiful widgets and have it pretty close visually)

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