When Run Out Of Internal Memory / Can't Download Anymore Apps

What happens when you run out of internal memory, and can't download anymore apps. I have looked around, and found that you can't save apps to the sd card. So, what happens when you run out of internal memory? (I am using an htc eris, if that makes a difference). Sorry if the answer is obvious, but i am new to android, but i did research for an answer.

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Motorola Droid 2 - Download Software To Phone Internal Memory From My Pc

I am trying to download software to my droid 2 internal memory from my pc, is there a trick to this?

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Using Apps2sd - How To Put Apps On Internal Memory?

I have enomther's w/clockwork recovery and apps2sd. Any widgets i install say "problem loading widget" shortly after installing them. I've read around and found that it's probably because i'm using apps2sd. Is there a way to install widgets to internal memory? Or may another work around to my problem?

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Can Install And Run Apps / Widgets From Built In Memory

So i've been reading here and other forums without registering for a little while gathering info and trying to decide on a phone. Background/basic info:

I am in the usa - north texas/dallas area on verizon wireless. I have been using a samsung omnia for almost 2 years and i am elligble for an upgrade.
I am looking at the following 3 phones. Incredible, fascinate, droid x. Leaning towards the fascinate then the x with the inc a somewhat distant 3rd. My questions, thoughts, concerns:

1. Can you install and run apps/widgets from the built in memory only (2gb on fascinate, more on others) or can you do it from the sd card.

2. Can you tether via usb or wireless to a netbook/laptop to share the internet access(with or without rooting?)

3. I want to get the most out of the phone but have never rooted/jail broke a phone before so would be a little apprehensive about this. How hard is it, realistically what are the chances of "bricking" a phone.

4. What is a kernel vs a rom. What is voodoo i see mentioned? Lol these are probably very newbie questions

If there is a 1-stop faq that answers most of these questions i failed to find it in my browsing, but this community seems overwhelming to a newb like myself.

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Internal Memory On Lg Esteem 4gb Or 8gb?

I just got my esteem today and i noticed that it only has 4gb in the internal memory but everywhere ive read about this phone says it has 8gb. Anyone care to clarify things for me? Am i crazy or am i doing something wrong or am i not understanding something?

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Media - Move Ringtones From Internal To External Memory

Is there a way to transfer from internal memory the ringtones to external memory? I tried to day but it wouldnt let me either delete or move the default ringtones in the internal memory. I managed only to copy them to the external folder.

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Samsung Galaxy S - How To Move Pics From Internal To Sd Memory Cards

I have a t-mobile galaxy s t-959 and this is the first time i have ever had a smart phone. My internal memory storage is being used up by apps and pics, i bought a 4g sd card and replaced the 2g with the new one. I found out how to have all my new pics stored on the sd card but how do i move all my pics from internal storage to the new sd card? Step by step i am not very tech wise. Second question can i move other things to the sd card other than pics or videos?

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Motorola Droid - Low Internal Memory Alert / Fix This

Ok so this morning i got a low internal memory alert. So i removed some high memory apps (google earth being the biggie).

My thought was that android 2. 2 was supposed to have the options to send all aps to the sd card?. But even under manage aps only a very slim few give me that option?.

How can i fix this?

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Getting Memory Not Inserted Error / Whenever Try To Download Map

I'm trying to run navigon at the moment from my htc desire running 2. 2 froyo, and i keep getting a memory not inserted error whenever i try to proceed with downloading a map.

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Samsung Fascinate - How To Tell If Apps Are Saved On Sd Card Or On Internal Drive

I know these questions are really elementary, but:

1. In my task manager, it shows for ram 214 mb/325mb. Why is so much memory already used when i have so little extra on the phone? Does the pre-loaded stuff and os take up that much space?Confession: i have only downloaded 4 apps so far (google maps, handcent, swiftkey, smart keyboard pro) and 1 widget (digital clock widget) plus i have 4 ringtones and 1 song. Obviously, i am not a superuser.

2. How can i tell if my apps are saved on my sd card or on my internal drive?

3. If on my internal drive, how do i move them to the sd card?

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How To Install Apps From Memory Card ?

How do you install apps that you download from computer and put onto memory card?

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Iphone Apps Run On G1

Can iphone apps run on the g1?

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Emulator To Run Iphone Apps

I am very new to android and smartphones on a whole , as part of my computer science engineering graduation i was thinking about making a project to make an emulator (like wine for linux) that would allow iphone apps to run on android platform unmodified or with at most a minimal change . Can you please guide me if there is any other such project going or what technical considerations or challenges i must deal with . I am really sorry for being lazy and asking here instead of researching myself actually i have a deadline to submit the project proposal.

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Run Win Mobile / Ppc Apps

I just recently purchased a droidx, for the last 5 years i was content with a standard cell phone and a dell axim 51v, before that it was a standard cell phone and palm pilot. When i switched from palm to ppc i suffered with what to do with the all the apps and games i had for the palm. Fortunatly i found a palm emulator to run on my ppc. Now that i moved onto the droidx i find myself back to "what do i do with all the ppc apps i had for my dell axim 51v"

I've done repeated searches on a ppc emulator for android, but all i get is the reverse. Running android on ppc's. While this may be of interest to some i'm quite happy with the droidx and as much as i loved my ppc i don't miss lugging around 2 devices. Unless there is some source on the internet that has a deadline for the future of the android os i would think people would be more interested in porting the apps from ppc to android. Maybe i missed it but is there anybody out there working on this?

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Android-based Laptop - To Run Win Xp Apps

Executive summary:

* Unable to cross the chasm between windows 7 to windows xp, driven by a business need. (See thread below for details) {what is means for me? Answer: think android.

* Exploring whether the following innovation exists:  

* Laptop running android os.

* Android software that supports, via virtualization, running windows xp apps (outlook, ms office) [read: not win 7 apps] as well as win xp-based vpn client to connect to a corporate environment that still is running win xp. Note that i am needing this type of usecase for "demo" purposes but rather to do my work and earn a living (without having to downgrade to a laptop running win xp).

* Have a passion for drinking the android coolade (rather than just using it on a smartphone).

[Ask] vpn connection to windows xp environment (without blue screening) i have a laptop running windows 7. I need to connect and use my laptop (running windows 7) in an it environment which is still running windows xp sp2.

I have had some issues with running a windows xp-based vpn client on my windows 7 laptop, resulting in a blue screen.

I'd like to figure out whether vmware (or other) has a product that will enable me to do the following:

* Establish a windows xp virtualized environment on my windows 7 laptop (64 bit).

* Note that i don't have a windows xp license on my laptop (only a windows 7 license).

* Securely connect using cisco vpn client to an it environment that is still running windows xp sp2.

* Need to make sure that my windows 7 laptop is unimpacted (i.e. , Does not blue screen) by any windows xp application that i launch within the virtualized environment.

* My dell-based laptop (latitude, d620) is a 64-bit architecture running win 7 enterprise.

* Need to achieve secure (vpn-based) access to win xp environment in a corporate setting.

* Not for demo purposes where i am "playing" with multiple os'es.

* Will also need to use win xp version of outlook and run ms office apps within virtualized win xp environment.

* Is there a way to leverage ms office 2007 version of the apps installed in win 7 (within the win xp environment)?

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Htc Desire - Need App That Shows Apps Using Phone Memory Of 147mb

Is there an app that shows what apps are using your phone memory of 147mb?

I know you can go to settings and manage applications. However, this doesnt show totals. Also when i go into individual app (in settings->manage apps), the information there is not clear for e.g. An shows 13mb on the list however, when i click and go to more options, it says the size of the application is 2mb and data associated with it is 1mb. So how does it go with 13mb on the list?

On a separate issue, as much as i love the desire, it's really a pain having to always have an eye on the memory, reboot once apps are installed/uninstalled etc. I have also defaulted the location of app install but still there is a good load of apps that cant be installed on sd. Getting increasingly annoyed with the device day by day.

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Calendar App Cannot Run In Phone / Debug Java Apps Without Any Ide

The calendar app cannot run in my phone. I want to debug it. How to debug it without any ide? How to set a breakpoint?

The calendar app cannot be compiled in eclipse because a lot of classes are missing in android sdk. So i cannot use eclipse to debug it.

The method i used before is to write a lot of logs and watch it in logcat. But the productivity is low .

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Cant Download Apps

i cant download apps what do i do ?

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Download More Apps From Market

To cheat your location of phone, so you can download more apps from market?Something about market enabler?

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Apps You Download And Websites Go On Viewable On Bill

Does anybody know if the apps you download and websites you go on are viewable on the bill?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro - Can't Retrieve Downloaded Apps To Memory Card From My Computer / Fix It

I've downloaded apps to my memory card from my computer but can't retrieve them from my phone?

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Motorola Droid - Anywhere To Go To Download Stock Apps For Phone

I rooted my droid and started to delete stock apps, i soon came to realize my phone didn't sync with facebook anymore and when i have a quick contact, i cant click on the facebook icon. Is there anywhere i can go to download stock apps for the droid?

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Samsung Epic 4g - Download My Paid Apps Without Paying Again

I rooted my phone, and i read up on how to return my phone to stock or putting on a custom rom on my phone. I paid for titanium like i imagine most of you did. If i were to return my phone to stock or use a different rom, is there a way to download my paid apps without paying again?

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Htc Incredible - Apps To Instantly Download For New Phone

So i just bought my htc incredible today, what apps should i instantly download for my new phone?

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Samsung Epic 4g - Text Message Apps Not Letting Me Download Images Via Wi-fi / Solve It

My wife has a stock epic using handcent for its messaging app. When she recieves a picture in a text message it wont download if the phone is connected to wi-fi. I disabled handcent and tried the stock app and same issue. If i turn off wi-fi, the imagee downloads no problem via the stock messaging app or handcent.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - App Store Won't Download Apps

I have just got an xperia mini pro and i can't get it to download anything from the app store. I can click on the apps and the progress bar appears and says 'starting download' but it never does.

I have had a few problems with connections on the phone so far (sony ericssons sync took about 5 goes to work without seeing 'http error' so i don't know if it's a connection problem or an app store problem. I am signed in fine to my google account as i have synced the google calendar with no problems.

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Htc Droid Eris - Can't Download Updates For Other Apps / Delete This Data From Phone

My htc mail application is taking up 54. 4mb of memory on my phone, causing a low memory warning to appear, even after i have deleted all the accounts other than my gmail, and this low memory seems to be causing gmail to stop downloading new mail to my phone, can't download updates for other applications, etc. How do i delete this data from my phone? Does anyone know how?

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Unistall Base Apps Like Skype And Amazon Mp3 / Application To Watch - Download Movies

I have a couple of questions concerning the new droid 2. Does anyone know how to unistall base apps like skype and amazon mp3? They run in the background constantly and suck battery life and it will not let you unistall when you go to settings.
Second does anyone know of any good apps that let you watch and download movies?
Third do iphone apps cross over?

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Cannot Select An Item From List Anymore - What To Do

I have a listview with a custom adapter for each item of the list. If my custom item is some textview everything works fine. But each item has to be some html and hence i need each item to be a webview. The problem is that the webview steals my click and thus i cannot select an item from the list anymore.

So this code.

Click is dead. I don't have any link in the webview or have to navigate i only use it to have a nice formatted text (fromhtml for the textview is not that nice). Any chance?

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Galaxy 2 Vibrate Not Working Anymore

The damn thing wont vibrate ever, ive had it for 3 weeks and it started doing this like 3-4 days ago. Obviously i have it set to vibrate+ring. Even when i press the home key, nothing. Tried removing battery, rebooting phone, but nothing works. I really don't wanna have to do a factory reset but i may have to cuz nothing else has seemed to work. I barely got this phone just the way i wanted it too. You know? Fonts/themes/apps/etc.

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