Get Real Width Of Pixels Of A String

The string contains different kinds of characters.

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Api To Find Out Width Of String When Rendered Using A Certain Text Appearance

Is there any api to find out the width of a string when rendered using a certain text appearance?

For example, i want to find out how long is the width if i render a string 'hello world' using "?Android:attr/textappearancelargeinverse" programatically in java code.

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How To Know In Which Pixels Of A Image User Clicked

I want to draw a image filling the complete screen.
Then when user clicks in any pixel or group of pixels they turn black.
How can i know where the user clicked exactly and how can i turn the touched pixels black?

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Copy Pixels From One Bitmap To Another Shaped Like A Circle

I am using setpixel and getpixel functions but they are using matrices which is naturally rectangle. I am trying to copy pixels shaped like circle !

Update :
Now i am using this but i hope there is something more efficient than this one code.

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Qvga Screen Hides Some Pixels - Solution For This

I have a problem with missing pixels on qvga screen on android (all versions including 2. 2). The original problem was with linearlayout and margin="1px". It was ok on the normal screen but on qvga there was sometimes no space between gui controls, like if margin="0px" and not 1px. So i tried to make the example simple (to be sure that it is not a linearlayout bug), i have just put transparent (height = 10px) and white (height = 1px) images into imageviews into the main screen. 25% of the white images are not shown on the qvga screen. The behaviour on the normal screen is ok. The screenshots are from the emulator but the problem exists on real devices too.

See screenshots on my web page.

Is it an android bug? Can i do anything with it? Note that my original problem was with linearlayout and margin="1px". Is there something like margin="1px_that_is_not_hidden"? (Pt, dp, dip, . Don't seem to be solution

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Pixels Of Background Image Looks Blurry When Using Its Attribute For Layout / How To Do This

When i am using the background attribute for a layout, the pixels of the background image looks like blurry. I think there must be a resolution problem. For example in api demos there is a module in this path graphics/bitmapspixels. My background image is looks like a third image. I would need to show my background image like the second one. How to do this?

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Unable To Access Pixels Of A Bitmap Image On Droid / Solution For It

In short i am unable to access all the pixels of a bitmap image.

I have used an intent to fire the native camera app and returned a bitmap image to my application activity. The data is definitely a bitmap object and i am able to display, get the height/width etc and access some pixels using getpixel(). However when i use the values of getheight() and getwidth() i get an array out of bounds error. By trail and error i have found i can only access a reduced number of pixels of the image, for example with one image which returned a height and width value of 420, 380, i could also access 200, 100. I then do some image processing and used setpixel() on the original image. When i display the image it shows the, say 200, 100, processing pixels and the rest normal, therefore the pixels are obviously there and accessible by android but not by me. I have to spoken to other people who have also had this problem with images.

Does anyone know anything more about this, reasons? Or a work around?

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How To Set Up Real Custom Listview

In my app, i should set up a "real" custom listview.

For example :

First line(some text) checkbox

Second line(some text) spinner

What i mean is that each line has different widget. In the example, for the first line, we have a checkbox, for the second, it is a spinner. How i can set it up?

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No Real Programming Knowledge Is Required

Back in february i created a website called for people to share their secrets completely anonymously with the world. I created it in ms publisher so no real programming knowledge is required but i am slowly learning. I'm need helping make a free app for the android phones. I have the design but have no understanding of how to put it together. I know i am asking a lot but if anyone can spare some time to help me with this project please contact me, i would be very grateful.

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Real Poly / Sec On Adp1

Well i've been searching for this information for a while and can't find any resent real world numbers, the qualcomm® msm7200a, , 528 mhz is said to be able to produce 4 mpolys/sec but the only information i can find for real "phone" performance is more like 100 kpolys/sec which is just 2, 5% of the stated possible performance. (These numbers are old, mid 2008 from what i can find) while i understand the jni calls limit the speed a bit but can it really be that much? Quick math then says

Then on that you need to remove some since you probably want some other stuff running as well so lest say half that a frame to keep a steady 20fps+ and with the overhead of jni also included, if the phone then can't push out more than 100 kpolys/sec you end up with maybe a 1000-2000 polys for each scene which is really limiting for a game compared to maybe 60-80k polys. Is there any real test numbers out there for the adp1 as to what it really can push out and if so how big difference is the java opengl es calls via jni compared to native code for opengl es hooked from a java?

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Facebook App To Notify Me In Real Time

Which facebook apps will give me a popup/message regarding any facebook updates relevant to me in real time? The 'facebook' app that i have right now only updates itself every 30 minutes, so any pop-ups that i recieve are potentially 30minutes old. This isn't much good for me as i get quite a lot of wall posts some days from friends relating to going out, work issues etc. It seems to have replaced sms for some people!

Are there any apps that will keep me updated 'live'?

Also, what is the best app for facebook chat? I tried ebuddy yesterday, but it caused a login error and on my netbook i was prompted with a security screen because my account had been accessed by an ip in america (the ebuddy servers). The ip is different each time so it seems like this won't be a suitable app for me.

In an ideal world, i'd like an app that was a compressed version of the full facebook site. Buttons for each popular function, a chat facility and updates that happen as-they-happen.

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Way To Get Real Time Facebook Updates On Phone

Is there a way to get real time updates with facebook on the droid. With my bb i would get a posting update with in 1 or 2 minutes of it being uploaded to the site. With the droid, it seems like the fastest i can get them is every 20-30 minutes.

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Live Wallpaper Preview / Real Conflict

I've made a lwp, and it seemingly runs perfectly, but the problem seems to lie in the fact that when you set the wallpaper, after the preview has loaded, it gets a out-of-memory. It seems that since all the engines are in the same vm i don't have enough memory to start it a second time. How can i tell if the preview is dead and freed? I've done what i could to ensure that as much is shared between the engines as possible, yet still out-of-memory on setting after the preview is loaded?

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Motorola Droid X - Real Hdmi Is Gone From Market

So, got replacement phone today. Was getting everything up and running and cant find real hdmi in the market or on app brain. Ive already paid, what the ***? Anyone know where i can get the apk?

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Determining Real Rom Installed On Device

I'm having trouble programatically determining amount of rom installed on device. I've tried proc/meminfo, but this file contains only rom available to os, not the physical amount of it. Can please someone help me with it?

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Create Image From String

I am trying to depict on the screen the image i receive from my neighbour via a text message. I mean, the other node sends me a message where an image is encode (i can read the png header, . ) And now i want to show it on the screen, but it doesn't appear nothing. I must be doing something wrong .

As i said, nothing appears on the screen. The img hsa a correct value since i try "img. Setimagedrawable( getresources(). Getdrawable(r. Drawable. Sample_0));" and shows the picture.

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Handle A Pound Sign (#) In A String

I built a music player in my app and just discovered a little quark while trying to play "#1 crush" by garbage. When i send the songs path to the mediaplayer, everything from the # sign on gets dropped off. I tried inserting a "" in front of it, but that causes everything *after* the pound sign to get dropped. And i'm having trouble inserting "" in there.

I know this is a simple fix, but, friday afternoon, i can't think of it.

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Add Image To Private String

I have a class which holds strings. I declared them like this:

Private string pper[]={"" + "juan", "manuel", . };

This is then displayed as a listview, and that is fine. Now, i want to add an icon/image on its item. How can i do that?

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Convert String To Email-attachment On Droid

So i have som data that i have converted to a string. While i have found how to attach something from the sd-card to a mail, i cant figure out how to directly convert my string to a mail-attachment without involving the sd-card. In case it holds significance, i have read some data from a database, converted it to csv-format, and now wants to attach it as a csv-file.

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Way To Convert An Integer To A String Without Allocating Memory

I've been experiencing occasional lags in my android game when the garbage collector runs. I ran ddms and discovered that all of the memory being allocated by my application is from this line:

Scorestring = string. Valueof(score);

What is the best way to convert an integer to a string without allocating any memory?

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String Doesn't Appear In My Database / Show It

So i used a edittext called "add", when i click on the button he have to insert into a table a title (string) and amount(int) and comments (string) .
The title is like this : string title = add. Gettext(). Tostring();
But it does not appear in the table .
Plus when i had forgotten the "gettext()" it displayed : android. Widget. Edittext@43e41168 .
I dont know why .

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Display A Non-static String On Droid App

I'm making a calculator-type application and it will have a resulting string that is generated by user-given inputs. This is my first android app, so i am not too familiar with the sdk. In main.xml i can make the static, non-changing strings, but how can i similarly display a string that can change and has no set value?

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Unable To Change Width Of An Imageview / Why It Does Not

This looks too simple, but i can't figure out why it does not.

I have an imageview inside a relative layout code.

In the code, i would like to change it's width: (in response to the change of a seekbar) here's the code.

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Could Not Get Correct Width Of View / Fix It

I tried to resize an image inside a textview (using html layout and the image callback), but i could not get the correct width of the view. Getwidth() always returns 0 for this view. I am calling the function inside onstart() in the application that contains the textview.

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Monitor Activities Launching In Real Time So Can Count How Many Times It Has Been Launched

How to monitor the activities launching in real time, so i can count how many times it has been launched? Activitymanager somehow can do the similar work, but it is not on real time. Would you help me? (i.e i had a background service running, it can detect when an activity has been launched, so it can record how many times this activity has been launched by user)

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Way To Convert Droid Color String In Runtime Into Int

Setbackgroundcolor() only takes ints. I don't really know what int equals to what color.
Is there a simple way to convert a string like "#2222ff" on runtime into an int?

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Can't Fill String With Value Putted In By User / Fix It

This is my code but i can't fill my string with the value putted in by the user.

I've tried a lot of solutions from other sites but it won't work.code.

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Samsung Captivate - Width Of Phone Screen

Can anyone tell me the width of the captivate screen? I know it's diagonal is 4 inches, but i am curious of the width. The wider, the better for typing. I currently have the droid x, and the x has a different screen format. If the screen is wider on the galaxy s', i might switch.

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Set Max Width Of Horizontal Linearlayout

How can i set max width of horizontal linearlayout? So if the contents is short (say, some text), the layout shrinks and if the contents is longer - it will not expand more than some max width value.

I prefer doing it at the xml level.

Pls let me know if my question is not clear enough.

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