Motorola Droid - Messaging App Takes To Calendar

All of a sudden, when i open the messaging app it opens calendar instead.

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Motorola Droid - App That Allows Me To Only Password Lock My Messaging App

The only thing i want to lock on my phone is my messages so no one else can read them. Is there any app or something that allows me to only password lock my messaging app?

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Motorola Droid - Extract Out Unified Messaging App From Phone?

So i went in and tried the droid 2 in the store. There is a totally new "unified" messaging app. It looks like this may be a motorola / blur app.

The thing is that this email app works with my corporate email system, while the email app on my droid w/ 2. 2 still doesn't work.

I'd hate to upgrade hardware due to a software problem, but i really dislike touchdown, and would like to get my hands on that apk.

Is there any chance someone will be able to extract out the unified messaging app from the droid 2?

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Motorola Droid 2 - Instant Messaging App To Send Attachments

Does anyone know if there is an instant messaging app that has the ability to send attachments?

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Motorola Droid X - Doubleswitch Syncing Takes Forever

I got a droid x and now i'm trying to sinc my itunes library (about 15gb) to my phone using *doubletwist. The only problem is it took over 4 hours and it still wasn't done. What's wrong? Should i just use the android music player? I mean, is doubletwist even worth it?

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Motorola Droid 2 - Messaging Concerns / Requests

I am positive about my droid 2 and am overall having a positive experience - no signal isues, 23+ hour battery life, other positive experiences. I do think the messaging e-mail app needs improvements and enhancements. I apoligize of i am repetative of other posts, but what searching i have done hasn't clearly unearthed my requests. For imap and aol accounts, i am finding there's no place where i can find a copy of e-mail i send from the phone in the respective accounts' normal "sent" folders. This is very frustrating and leaves me with a less functional e-mail capability. I don't think there's a way for me to fix the problem - the app needs new functionality. This is my largest concern with the product.

I would like to be able to set different synchronization times for different e-mail accounts and different notification sounds/ringtones for the different accounts. A universal mailbox is not a valuable feature for me - my different e-mail accounts have different purposes and utility and unifying them isn't the way i want to deal with it. A person-centric view into messages - all my text, e-mail and other messages to an specific contact - is helpful. Are enhancements/fixes to messaging being worked by motorola?

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Motorola Droid - Where To Find Oem Messaging Icon

I want to replace handcent's icon with the original messaging icon. There's an android 2. 0 icon pack in the market, but the resolution sucks. Any clue where i can find the original hi-res messaging icon? Either within the phone or on the interwebs.

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Motorola Droid X - Destination Not Supporting Enhanced Messaging / Fix It

I have had the dx for a week now and never had an issue. Now (started today) whenever i send a text message i am getting a message sent to myself, from myself saying:

Destination does not support enhanced messaging

The text messages can be as simple as hey what's up and i still get this message sent back to me.

I have did a factory reset and it still continues. Any ideas?

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Calendar App Don't Run In Droid 1.5 / Why Is So

Why calendar app don't run in android 1. 5?

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Motorola Droid - Uninstall On Board Droid Calendar And Then Reinstall

Is it possible to uninstall the on board droid calendar and then reinstall. I am unable to delete some events from the past on that calendar and thought the uninstall/install might do the trick.

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Motorola Droid - Sync Tasks With Google Calendar

Is there any way to sync tasks with the google calendar? I know you can use companion link to sync tasks from outlook into the calendar on google & droid, but what about tasks from google to droid?

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Motorola Droid - Share Android Calendar With Blackberry

I have a droid and my wife has a blackberry. I want to be able to share my calender with her. Is this possible. She normally uses lotus notes for her calendar but that doesn't have to be the only solution.

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Motorola Droid - 2.2 Update Woes - Calendar - Setting Profiles Pro And Keyboard

Droid with 2. 2. Just updated last sunday and am now experiencing the following: 

1) "corporate calendar" has been merged with the google calendar. In and of itself, not such a bad thing except by doing that, "setting profiles pro" ( stopped working for calendar-based rules.

2) had installed the htc touch keyboard which is far and away superior to the standard virtual keyboard under 2. 1. No longer works with 2. 2. Fc 

Does anyone have workarounds/fixes for this? Can't say i'm thrilled with some of the other changes either but i can live with them.

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Motorola Droid X - Make Jorte Sync With Google Calendar After Installing Tranquility

Anyone know how to make jorte sync with google calendar after installing tranquility. The default calendar is ugly. Just wondering.

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Motorola Droid - Schedule Appears On Google Calendar Will Not Sync To Phone / What's Wrong

I have been using google calendar with my droid without any issues until i added my favorite big ten basketball schedule. The schedule appears on my google calendar but it will not sync to the droid. Has anyone else tried that and tell me what went wrong.

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Need Instant Messaging App To Use Different Accounts (facebook, Aim)

I'm looking for an instant messaging application where i can use different accounts (facebook, aim).

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App To Access A Sound File Sent To Card From Messaging

Does anyone know of an app that will allow me to access a sound file that was sent to the card from messaging? I was able to save it but can't access it.

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Heytell Voice Messaging App Not Working On Evo / Fix It

does anyone use heytell? Cant get it working for me on my evo. Heytell is like a ptt push-to-talk messaging program that works on android and ios.

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Get Preinstalled Messaging App To Stop Sending Me Notifications At Top Bar

Biggest question is that when i instal and sms program, how do i get the preinstalled messaging app to stop sending me notifications at the top bar.

Second, which sms app is the best. I have been using handcent, but it tends to send and load a lil slow.

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Htc Droid Eris - Phone Takes A Long Time To Call / Fix It

When i select a contact to call on my eris, it takes quite a bit longer to start calling than other eris phones. Is anyone else having the same problems or is mine the only one?

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Active Calendar App On Emulator

I am trying to use calendar.apk in the emulator on a windows xp system. The sdk version i am using is 1. 1r1. However, the calendar app will always go away with a message "your events will appear shortly". My guess is that the app is bound with google account so i go to "setup"->"data synchronization". Once i click the "data synchronization", i got a failure reading "the application google apps (process Process. Gapps) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again". By check logcat output, i got the following(see the msg at the end). Anybody can help me out how to install the app/service or configure the service or activate the signin service so that i can use calendar on emulator?


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Samsung Moment - Free Best Calendar App For Phone

I have the moment and love the phone but i really do not like the default calendar app that comes with it. I am wondering what is the best app to download from the market? I live on a budget so i am looking for a free one. Any suggestions?

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Building Sdk (.jar File) With Calendar App

I want my android. Jar to include the calendar provider class. This is not in the normal . Jar it's hidden for the sdk build by @hidden lines in the source. I have read somewhere that by removing some @hidden's i can build a android. Jar with the calendar class. But i can't find out how.

I just keep solving errors and dependencies when i remove the @hidden in the calendarprovider.

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Group Messaging Possible In Droid / Implement This

Can any one tell me is group messaging is possible in android or not. If yes then please tell me something like how can i implement this?

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Htc Incredible - App To Modify My Vibrations For Calendar Notifications

Does anyone know a good app that will modify my vibrations for my calendar notifications?

What i need is something that will let me know that i've got a meeting coming up even if i'm somewhere where i've had to silent my phone.

I've tried searching through different vibration related apps on appbrain.

And downloaded a few with no luck.

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Calendar App Cannot Run In Phone / Debug Java Apps Without Any Ide

The calendar app cannot run in my phone. I want to debug it. How to debug it without any ide? How to set a breakpoint?

The calendar app cannot be compiled in eclipse because a lot of classes are missing in android sdk. So i cannot use eclipse to debug it.

The method i used before is to write a lot of logs and watch it in logcat. But the productivity is low .

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How To Create Full Functionality Of Calendar In Droid

It seems android calendar api is not available. Can you please give me some tips and tricks for creating a similar thing. Just like creating events, meeting, birthday etc. And also notification when the event occurs. And also layout should be similar to-our in-built calendar give me some ideas or hint about look and logic?

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Image Takes A Beating

Android's image is going to take a beating; this is a review of the next 10" android tablet that has just gone on sale for 180(~$280), it's obviously cheap, but if it's people's first experience of android i can't see it doing the image much good.

This is one of the problems google has with android, and the lack of control over the various bit's of hardware it's being run on.

This is the video of the bbc's tech reporter showing the new product off.

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Can't Access Droid.provider.calendar / Get It To Work?

I am trying to run the calendar widget on the emulator. I checked out the calendar project (calendar & calendarprovider) from: http://android. Git. Git;.

When i try to run the code i get the infamous "the import android. Provider. Calendar cannot be resolved" i tried searching online but the only explanation that i found was "calendar is not part of the public api" what does that mean? There is no way for us to test and play around calendar?

Is there a way to get calendar to work? What if i built the entire android platform? If you could clarify (with examples if applicable).

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Samsung Captivate - Takes Forever To Reboot

It seems some widgets are maybe the cause? Does anyone have advice on increasing boot times?

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