Htc Hero - Stock Weather App Not Updating / Fix It

The weather app that comes with the hero used to update location and weather whereever i went but it stopped doing that. I was in orlando all weekend and it gave me miami weather the whole time. Is there a way to fix it?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Keyboard Lag In Stock Messages App (2.1) / Fix This

I have android 2. 1 update running on my hero, and there is terrible keyboard lag in the stock messages app for sms. Am i the only one? Is there a known way to fix this?

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Desire - Unable To View Profile Through Facebook For Htc Sense After Updating To Stock Froyo / Fix It

After updating to stock froyo on my telus desire, every time i try to view someone's facebook profile through facebook for htc sense, it force closes. Sometimes the whole sense interface will force close. Anyone else having this issue? Any idea how to fix?

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Motorola Droid - Stock (2.1) Weather App Broken / Get It To Work

This has been asked in the smoked glass 6. 0. 1 thread, but thought i'd see if anyone on a different rom was having any issues, so.

For some reason the weather portion of the news and weather app has stopped working (i believe this started yesterday). The app simply says "sorry, weather currently unavailable. " My beautiful widgets weather is just fine. Has this happened to anyone else?

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Sprint Hero - Get Weather App That Works Like Old Htc Sense Application

Am looking for a weather app that works like the old htc sense app.

The new weather app htc included with v2. 1 doesn't allow me to add cities that aren't in its list . Frankly i don't give a crap what the weather in paris or dubai is! We used to be able to input additional cities, current locations, etc. And swipe thru the list. If there's a way to add cities i haven't found it yet . Anyone know how?

I've looked at the weatherbug, accuweather, weather channel, etc. , Etc. Apps and while they're nice they don't allow me to easily switch from city to city. So, what i'm looking for is exactly what we had before. Anyone know where i can find that?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Disabling Stock Sms App After Installing Handcent (cm6)

N00b question here y'all:

I just flashed cm6, and after installing handcent, i now get txts on 2 apps (handcent plus the stock app). What's the most efficient way to disable that stock app?

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Facebook App Not Updating Notifications / Fix It

My facebook app is currently not updating my notifications and gives me an error when i try to refresh it. Anyone else experiencing this? Any new fix in sight?

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Htc Hero - Pc Crashed While Updating Rom / What To Do

I was updating my htc hero with the up to date orange rom as i needed to unlock it.
The rom was downloaded from the htc site itself.
I started the update but the program crashed.
My hero is now on the update screen, it was on system saying copying or something, then changed to unzipping and is now updating but has stopped at this. (It all changed after the program crashed)
Does anyone know what to do? Pull the battery out? Leave phone there for ages?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Want To Go Back To Stock Radio

I want to go back to fully stock stock phone. I'm currenly on damageless 1. 0 which is cool, but i want back to stock. I have the new 2. 41. Xx radio currently. I would like to go back to the stock radio but if it will brink my phone then i just wnat to go to stock with new radio. Noiw can that be done?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Can Stock Ringtones Be Removed

I'm using darchdroid v2. 8 and it comes preloaded with a crap load of ringtones that i will never ever use. Is it ok for me to go ahead and delete these? I know these are in /system/media/audio/ringtones but i'm not sure if it is ok to delete them? I tried to delete the ringtones from the rom before i flashed it but when flashing, it gave me an error that ringtones couldn't be found. I don't want to try and delete them and find out later that my phone can't reboot. Just want to ask before i even attempt to.

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Htc Hero - App Sounds In Music Player / Fix It

I'm finding that some of my applications sounds are being played through my music player and even the pictures in my albums.

There's nothing more annoying than listening to jack penate then having take the 3rd exit at the circle

And looking through my images to fine little arrows pointing left and right.

Anyone know what to do, short of obviously deleting the needed folders.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Stock Browser Apk For Phone

Does anyone have the stock browser apk? I installed godzons blue dirt icons and dialer, and its no longer in their.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Go Back To Stock Radio Withoug Using Ruu?

Alright, so i have seen many users ask, and i understand that the ruu (either 1. 26 or 1. 56) will allow you to set the radio back to stock. What i want to know is, is there any way to reset the radio without having a chance of it bricking from the ruu reset. I have heard several people had their phone brick after attempting to use the ruu, and i don't want to risk it. Not that it is a problem if i do, i could just go into the sprint store and say, hey, it doesn't boot anymore. I have tried everything, what is wrong. But, i would rather play it safe and find an alternative method of trying to reset the radio.

Does anyone have some suggestions, or am i pretty much left and stuck with using the ruu if i need to go back?

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Hero Weather Data

I was wondering if anyone knew where the stock weather app in the hero gets its data from. Trying to get weather data shown on my computer desktop, and so far, the app in the hero is the only place i've been able to find data for my city, except local sites, but i couldnt find any data feeds available from them. All i'm asking is, if anyone know where the hero weather app gets the data from, i will then look into the rest myself

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Sprint Htc Hero - Google Places Or Stock Browser Causing 100% Awake

I have been posting semi steadily about my 100% awake time. I've reset the phone twice now. The first time, my 8% awake time lasted one night before reverting to 100%. This most recent time, it lasted about 3 days around 8%. I've been trying to pay close attention to what apps i use to see if any of them are causing the 100% awake time, and as far as i can tell, the only difference last night (when my phone went back to 100% awake), and before (when it hovered between 8-12%) was extended use of the browser and google places. I had used both before in short uses (maybe 4-5 minutes at a time) and i was still running normal awake time, but last night i used them each for about 20-30 minutes. Since then, i'm at 100%.

Also, despite the upgrade and the hard resets, i found that i had to use the handcent workaround, but i don't see that as related here.

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Htc Evo 4g - Program / App Used In Place Of Stock Mail App Comes With Phone

Is there another mail program/app that can be used in place of the stock mail app that comes with the evo?

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Sprint Htc Hero - What Easiest Way To Move Everything From Stock 2gb Card To New 8gb Card

I am getting a new 8gb microsd card for my hero, i was wondering what the easiest way to move everything from my stock 2gb card to my new 8gb card? I am wanting to put a good bit of music on my hero and use it for my commute as an mp3 player, but i also am going to have all of the other stuff like pictures and things that the phone saves on the memory card.

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Motorola Droid X - Phone Not Updating Correctly / Fix It

I've tried to update my droid x and done the whole update phone deal and the update just keeps searching and searching and searching.

I'm curious if i'm supposed to see a message of "your phone is up to date" or something.

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Htc Incredible - Good Desktop Clock App To Have Weather _ Alarm _ Clock _ Dimmed Display

I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to setup my incredible so that when i plug in my charger and lock the phone on my night stand it will continue to display the time or even the time and weather (similar to the htc widget. )

If that is not possible maybe someone could recommend a good desktop clock app that would have weather/alarm/clock/dimmed display.

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Samsung Galaxy S - Ota Vibrant Update - Undo Lag Fix Before Updating

Many of us galaxy s owners have had issues with lag concerning the galaxy s line of phones. There is a lag fix called voodoo lag fix and some others. While they tend to make the phone much snappier, some reports on the official t-mobile vibrant forums and over at xda developer forums indicate that the lag fix can stop your update dead in it's tracks.

Some samsung vibrant owners are stating that when they update to the new build eclair. Uvji6, after the phone reboots to complete installation, the device wont boot past the black vibrant splash screen. Many of the folks reporting this issue still had their phones flashed with one of the lag fixes mentioned above.

My advise would be to undo the lag fix before updating to ensure that your vibrant comes back up without issues after the update. Besides i'm sure we don't want samsung pulling the update in belief that it is bricking our phones. That would make us have to wait longer.

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Looking For Clock And Weather App

I had the droid eris before i got the android and i am looking for the clock app and the weather app that is on the front. Can anyone help, for got to write them down before the exchange.

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Can I Get Widget For Weather Instead Of Having App

New member and i just got the droid today. I had a few questions about some of the apps. Ive already downloaded some but i have the default theme and everything. Am i able to get a widget for weather instead of having an app? Do widgets constantly run and therefore drain battery quicker? What all does a theme change exactly?

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Weather App And Google Map

I purchased the droid eris today and i like it except for two problems i have found. One of the problems is that for my weather app on my homepage screen, it is saying that i am in a different city then what i really am in. The city that it is stating is about 10miles away. So it is giving me the weather for there instead of where i am.

My other problem is that on my google maps says that i am in a completely different area also. But for the good maps, the location is about 2 miles away. It still is annoying knowing that it doesnt have my exact location.

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Lg Optimus M - Weather Clock Widget App

I lost my lg optimus m last week, and had to replace it with a samsung admire. I used to love my weather/clock widget that i kept on my homescreen. It came with my lg optimus m phone and i always liked it. Now with my new samsung admire i have been all over the app market and cannot find a weather clock widget app that is the same as the one i had on my lg optimus m. I miss that one. All these are garbage in comparison. I cannot remember the name of that widget. Someone please look at your optimus and tell me the name of the weather widget. I cannot find it on the android market.

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Need To Delete / Re-add Widgets After Updating App

I have pure calendar on my home screen, and that widget has frequent updates. Do i need to delete the widget and re-add it every time market downloads and installs an update?

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Samsung Captivate - Where's Neat Looking Clock And Weather App

Okay i know i can google and read through the guide but figured here's just as good. I read through the home screen thread - first off, where's the neat looking clock and weather app? Second, as stated not a super user - what are some good apps for a basic user and how did people remove the stuff on the top bar? I'm sure rooting and all that jazz is way above my head so we'll start small.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Disable "gmail" App - Disassociate Its Account With App To Get Mail On App

So i have a hero and i want to use my gmail and school accounts on it. I like the "mail" application that keeps the 2 accounts organized together. The problem is that i don't want to use the "gmail" app in addition to the gmail account setup in "mail" app. I guess i'm just irked by having two notifications and two apps for the 1 gmail account. I've tried looking everywhere but i can't find how delete my "gmail" app account.

So how can i disable "gmail" app or just disassociate my gmail account with the app, so that i only get mail on the "mail" app?

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Htc Hero - Phone Battery Seems To Go Down Very Quickly / Fix It

I have an htc hero and my battery seems to go down very quickly. Like 8 percent in 20 minutes. However when charging like it fits so i use it this maybe a voltage problem but. Within 8 to 9 hours it is only at 80-86 percent charged.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Cyanogen 6 Freezing / Fix It

Just rooted phone last night and installed. Love the rom so far, phone is much more responsive, but today on 3 separate occasions the phone will not come out of sleep and i have had to remove battery to wake it back up. Any ideas?

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Htc Hero - Speaker Buzzing When Speak To Someone / Fix It

The last few days the speaker where you put your ear (as opposed to the one on the back for speaker phone) has been tinny and buzzing when you speak to someone. Sounds like the thing's a bit broken. Called vodafone and they're going to send me an envelope to send it to them to get it fixed but it'll take 7 days and i'm not sure how i'll survive without my hero for 7 days.

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