Htc Eris - Unable To Access Mp3 Ringtones Through Mms Using Kaosfroyo V24 / Why Is So

Why can i not access my mp3 ringtones through mms using kaosfroyo v24? I restored back to my original rom (no root) and could send any sound i wanted to though mms, reformatted my card, put my music and tones back on it. Went back to kf and still no go. Any ideas?

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Htc Droid Eris - How To Tether Using Kaosfroyo

Can i tether using kaosfroyo if so how?

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Htc Incredible - Mp3 Ringtones Quiter Than Stock / What To Do

I always disliked on my old flip phone how any ring tones i'd cut for it were inevitably quieter than the stock or ones you could buy.

I'm glad that the dinc is so easy to customize - just select the mp3 i want and put it in the right folder, and bam, ringtone. But i still can't help but feel that, despite being louder than my last phone, the mp3 ring tones are still quieter than the stock ones.

Or am i crazy?

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Sending Ringtones Via Mms

I'm trying to send a ringtone from my g1 to a friends phone via text/mms message. I went to compose a new message, hit menu, selected attach - then audio. But only the preinstalled ringtones are there. None of the ones i've downloaded. I have them on my sd card under media/audio/ringtones. How can i send one of my downloaded ringtones via text/mms?

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Htc Droid Eris - Deleted Mp3 Off The Sd Card But Ringtone Still Exists

I created a ringtone from a mp3 file on my sd card. It shows up as a ringtone in the list. I'm trying to delete the ringtone, but i can't figure out how. I even deleted the mp3 off the sd card, but the ringtone still exists. Where is it stored and how can i delete it?

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Htc Droid Eris - App On Market That Has Several Things Like (dings, Blips) For Ringtones

I'm not into song ringtones but do like different dings, blips, etc. Is there any app on the market that has several things like this for ringtones?

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Htc Droid Eris - Save Pictures / Videos And Audio Files (like Ringtones) To Sd Card Directly From Text Message

So this week i am planning on getting the htc droid eris and was wondering if this phone allows you to save pictures/ videos and audio files (like ringtones) to the sd card directly from a text message? How about from gmail?

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Htc Droid Eris - Access My Computer From Wife's Phone On Wifi Home Network

Is there a way to access my computer from my wife's eris on my wifi home network?

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Htc Droid Eris - No Access To Global Email List - No Ability To Accept Or Decline Meeting Requests

Haven't been on the board in about 10 days. Been real busy with work and haven't had a chance to pop in here. Just dropped in tonight and wow. All the 2. 1 buzz, and leaked software this and that. Like a soap opera in here

So here's a question i haven't seen posed yet. Are we going to lose features with the 2. 1 ota? Here's why i ask. I got a moto droid for xmas, used that boat anchor for 3 weeks, hated it, took it back for an eris. I converted from bb so i use this mostly as a work device and there were so many things the droid was missing.

1. No access to global email list
2. No ability to accept or decline meeting requests
3. No ability to bring up the phone keypad, type in a person's name and get their contact info
4. Etc etc etc.

Those are the big ones, and there were about 10 things on my list that drove me nuts about the droid. Traded "up" to the eris and loving life. Even on 1. 5 or 1. 6 (whatever i have). I'll tell ya, the only thing i miss about that droid was the googlenav. That is really the only piece about 2. X that i'm looking forward to.

Anyway, back to my question. When 2. 1 finally comes out and my phone updates, will i lose all the cool eris features that i've listed above? I would be really *** if that were the case.

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Htc Desire - Need Amr To Mp3 Convertor

I have a few voice recordings on my desire and i would like to convert them to mp3. Anyone know of any good free software? I have googled but don't trust downloading because of spy-ware etc.

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Htc Incredible - Mp3 Cover Art - Not Showing

I dumped about 200 mp3 files unto the inc in the same folder as the ones that came with the device.

Problem: the cover art that i have associated to each file (through tagging) refuses to show up. Maybe 1 out of ever 10 or 15 songs has the right cover art, while all the rest have the exact same cover art. When i play the same files on the computer or an older ipod i have, the correct art shows up.

Should i just forgo the htc / android music player and go with something from the market?

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Htc Desire - Can't Use Any Of My .mp3 Files As My Ringtone / What To Do

I downloaded a a-team . Mp3 file and its in my htc mediaplayer.
The problem is that i cant use any of my . Mp3 files as my ring tone.
If i want to change my ringtone i only can choose the default installed tones.

How can i use my own ringtones that i downloaded as my ringtone?

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Htc Incredible - Can't Find Mp3 Using Music Player / Where To Get It

So i dl an mp3 using music junk, dl from market (check it out, not sure how its legal)
Anyway, my song is an mp3 and in my sd/music area, i can see it, and play it using astro file manager. However in can not find it at all using the music app. Any suggestions

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Htc Evo 4g - Can Mms With Os

Sorry i am new to android, but wanted to know if you can mms with this os?

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Htc Incredible - Need App To Album Art Finder / Mp3 Tagger

I am truly sorry this has to be brought back up again, i must suck at searching today cause i looked for about 10 minutes!

I just got my new inc and want cover art for my music. Whats the best app?

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Htc Desire - Store A Reasonably Large Amount Of Mp3 Files And Pictures On Phone

I don't particularly understand the memory capacity on these smartphones, except that to my mind the iphone seems to have a lot more?

Is it possible to store a reasonably large amount of mp3 files and pictures on the phone? I've got quite a few photos and a lot of music on my pc which i'd like to have on the phone, the photos in any event.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Can Stock Ringtones Be Removed

I'm using darchdroid v2. 8 and it comes preloaded with a crap load of ringtones that i will never ever use. Is it ok for me to go ahead and delete these? I know these are in /system/media/audio/ringtones but i'm not sure if it is ok to delete them? I tried to delete the ringtones from the rom before i flashed it but when flashing, it gave me an error that ringtones couldn't be found. I don't want to try and delete them and find out later that my phone can't reboot. Just want to ask before i even attempt to.

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Htc Incredible - Cannot Send Or Recieve Mms Or Video

How do i look inside my current rom to see if anything is out of wack with my framework? Mms stoped working for some reason. I cannot send or recieve mms or video. If i wipe and clear cache and reinstall the rom it will work just fine but when i titanium backup all my apps and system data, thats when i lose the ability to send pics or recieve them. I have not deleted anything from the system but it seems as something has gone missing. I am running second wave with latest radio.

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Htc Hero - Can't Download Mms With Rooted 2.1 / Way To Do

Ive recently installed the 2. 1 rooted software but for some reason i cant get mms, in settings for the network etc there is a orange apn etc, but in message settings and under mms the apns are blacked out and i cant change them to the orange ones, (currently blacked out to sprint settings). How can i change it if possible?

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Htc Desire - Mms Not Working On Fido / Fix This

My phone won't download any mms at all. All i get is network failure. Any idea what i can do to fix this?

Here is my apn:

Name: fido internet
Apn: internet. Fido. Ca
Username: fido
Password: fido
Mmsc: http://mms. Fido. Ca
Mms protocol: wap 2. 0
Mcc: 302
Mnc: 370

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Htc Desire - Can't Send Mms To Any Of My Contacts / Way To Do

This is driving me mad and i'm getting nowhere fast with tmobile.

I can send myself an mms, i can receive them, but i can't send to any of my contacts

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Htc Desire - Cannot Send Or Receive Mms Only Texts

I have configured my apn settings to work on t-mobile us but i cannot send or receive mms only texts. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Assign My Own Songs / Ringtones To Alerts Like New Voicemail

Is there any way to assign my own songs/ringtones to alerts, like new voicemail, or new messages, etc?, Also - can u use a voice recording from the voice memo as an "alarm" sound. My girlfriend has a fantastic voice, and as cheesy as this may be, i want to hear her "waking" me up when i am out of town.

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Htc Evo 4g - Stock Ringtones Way Too Fast / Setting To Slow Down How Often It Repeats

Is there some setting to slow down how often a ringtone repeats? Like, their frequency is way too fast. I've tried all the stock ringtones, and even imported my old blackberry ringtone but the problem persists.

Hmm, that sounds kind of convoluted. If a ringtone is [ta da], the problem i'm having is that it's [tadatadatadada] instead of [ta da] [ta da]

I'm not sure if that helps at all. But do any of you have any idea how to fix this?

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Htc Desire - Use Mms On This Phone In Pakistan On Telenor Network

I am trying to use mms on htc desire in pakistan on telenor network.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Mms Shrinking Pictures Too Small / Solution For It

Ever since the big update, when i send a picture in text, it shrinks really small. We're talking 10kb or so. Quality goes right out the door.

I've adjusted the text settings to allow up to 1 mb file size.

Can anyone help me? I have this good camera, but now am sending pictures like my old school katana lol.

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Htc Evo 4g - Mms Not Sending - Generic Network Failure / Resolve This

Everytime i either try to send or receive an mms, i get a "generic network failure" error message, and the message does not send (or download if someone's trying to send me an mms).

Here are the following things i've tried:
Factory reset
Update profile
Update prl
Tried handcent (same errors)
Turned off / on auto-retrieve on mms settings
Changed mms priority settings from normal to high / low

Sms works perfectly fine. As well as sending picture attachments through gmail.

My connection settings under messages app are all blank (e.g. For mmsc, mms proxy, mms port, etc). Not sure if this is supposed to be this way?

My wife has an evo and her mms works great, so i don't think its a service strength issue.

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Htc Incredible - Separate Ringtones From Music On Phone So It Doesn't Pop Up In Player

How would i separate the ringtones from the music on my phone so that it doesn't pop up in the music player?

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Htc Hero - Mms Message Crashed My Phone / More Effective Ways To Handle It

After using my hero for a bit over a month, i've had my first run in with a serious problem. I received a mms text message, and every time i tried viewing the messages page (using the default messaging program) for that contact, i would get a force close error for Mms.

After trying a few more times, rebooting the phone, etc, i decided to try handcent sms. Fortunately, handcent did not crash when i viewed that contacts messages, but it also couldn't read the message stating something like "handcent sms is unable to read this message. " Oddly though, i was able to use the save mms option not only to see the image, but successfully save it as well. I was happy about this, but when i tried to delete the message so that i could continue to use the default messaging program (i like the widget, sorry), it could not delete the message.

The only way i could rectify the problem was by deleting the entire messaging thread with that contact.

Now, this has only happened once so far, and i have yet to try to reproduce it; nonetheless, it's a pressing issue i'd like more information on. Has anyone else had this happen? Are there any more effective ways to handle it other than deleting the entire contact thread?

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Htc Desire - Change Mms Settings To Send Pictures / Right Area To Add Them

I need to change my mms settings to be able to send pictures but i can't find the right area to add them? I've looked everywhere and i'm feeling really dumb. Can anyone help?

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