Can't Sign Droid App Lite Version With Same Private Key / Create Another For It

I just signed my paid app and now i want to sign a lite version of it with the same private key. My problem now is that, am receiving this error:

Jarsigner: unable to open jar file.

Do i have to create another keystore for it? Or is the problem coming from the fact that i am saving it as a different file name? What can i do?

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How To Sign My App Using An Existing Key

My company is attempting to publish its first android app on the market, and we have gotten to the code signing step. We have keys that we use for our other products and use the windows codesign tools to sign our products. We would like to use the same key to sign the android app, but (obviously) cannot use the windows signing tool (because it only signs .dll's and .exe's)

Does anyone know how to sign an android app using existing keys? (. Spc and . Pvk files)

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Text Size Of Nba Gametime Lite(free Version) App Super Small / Why Is So

I just got my droid phone, i downloaded this app and it works fine but once you go try to look at stats for a exact team, the text size is super super small. Not sure why, my brother has g1 and its not like tat for em.

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Possible To Create Droid Service That Listens For Hardware Key Presses

I'd like to run an android background service that will act as a keylistener from the home screen or when the phone is asleep. Is this possible?

From semi-related examples online, i put together the following service, but get the error, "onkeydown is undefined for the type service". Does this mean it can't be done without rewriting launcher, or is there something obvious i'm missing? Code.

I realize android defaults to the search bar when you type from the home screen, but this really is just for a very particular use. I don't really expect anyone but me to want this. I just think it'd be nice, for example, to use the camera button to wake the phone.

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Htc Evo 4g - Gps Downgrade To Lite Version / Why It Happen

Did anyone's gps downgrade to lite version? And why did it happen?

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How To Re-sign An Existing App After Modifing

I am in a project upon android system application source code with the android v 2. 1r1 : contacts. I have modify the source code and run it on the emulator successfully. But i get a problem on publishing it to my android phone with the same system version because of without signing it. How can i do if i want to publish it to my android phone after modifying it? Do i need to resign the contacts.apk built by mm ? Can i just signing the contacts.apk built by mm?

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Possibile To Setup A Short-cut Key To Droid App

Recently i was asked to add a short-key feature to an android application which allow to directly launch an application. The short key can be back-button, or whatever any hard buttons.

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Determine Version Of Droid That An App Running On

Is there any way to determine the version of android that an app is running on?

The reason being my latest idea was to turn off my on-screen keypad when running on cupcake. The problem is the firmware version shown on the about screen comes from android. Os. Build. Version which appears to be a private api.

Does anyone know anywhere else it can be obtained from in an approved manner?

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App Similar To Spawn Lite App For Iphone

Anyone know if there is an app similar to the "spawn lite" app for the iphone?Or is there any type of music visualizer app? Ive always wanted one for my phone and i havent been able to find any.

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What Does Lite Mean In Name Of App

Is it like a free, demo version?I see lite on an app name, then i see the same app that costs money but doesnt have the word lite in it. What does lite mean in an app title?

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Start Droid Market With Full Version Of My App Displayed?

I'm developing a lite version for an app on the android. How can i start an intent to open the android market, preferably with the full version of my app displayed? This is difficult to test on an emulator (which is the closest thing to a device i have), as there seems to be no legal way of installing the market on it.

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Free App Deluxe Moon Lite

If you are interested in the moon, its phases or astronomy in general, there is a free android app deluxe moon lite in android market. Depending on your location the application shows you the current moon phase, zodiac sign, moon age, moonrise and moonset times etc.

Deluxe moon lite features

* Visual picture of the moon phases and the percent of the illuminated area.
* Full names of all moon phases.
* Zodiac sign the moon is in.
* Current moons age: how far along the moon is in its full cycle.
* Moonrise and moonset times for your location.
* Amount of time from moonrise and to moonset.
* Calculations for the current date only. Deluxe moon pro can change the current date.
* Network independence: you can work anywhere in the world without internet or cellular connections.
* Your current location determined by gps or manually by country or coordinates.

Download deluxe moon lite from android market:

Market://search?Q=pname:com. Lifewaresolutions. Dmoon. Lite

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Create Searchbar Just Like Twitter App In Droid

I wounder if there some example on how to create a searchbar just like twitter app in android? Code.

And also i wounder about the popup.
Are there any samples?

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Current Version Of Floating Image (version 2.5.0, Code 36) Randomly Crashes Nexus 1 / Fix It

The current version of floating image (version 2. 5. 0, code 36) randomly crashes nexus one phones. Obviously i'm looking into fixing this problem, but i though it would be prudent for me to report this. It's always a problem if you can crash the phone. As i'm working with opengl i'm guessing this is the problem, as i'm working directly with the hardware. When the phone crashes it hangs for a couple of minutes, being very chatty in the log, and then reboots. I will post the log after the next crash.

Not sure if this will be useful or not, but i thought i ought to report it.

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Key Logging App For Phone

Is there one out there? I've searched high and low and would love to get my hands on one

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Motorola Droid - How To Install Rsd Lite

Well the rooting went well till i installed a theme, now the phone just switches back and forth from the droid to the eye screen, i read how to use rsd lite to redo the phone but i dont know how to install rsd lite?

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Touch Key App Just Like Mquickdo In Iphone

Is there any touch key app like mquickdo in iphone?

You know, we have to press back key when we want to approach the former action! We have to press menu key when we execute the next step in some apps! It is torching me much becuase we have to press the mechanical key instead of touch the scree

If you used iphone before, you will know clearly that there is a app named mquickdo which is at the top of screen. When you like to stop a app or back to home screen , what you need to do is just using your finger via different kinds of slide.

Can some android talent develop a apps like mquickdo? When we are using a apps, we can touch some location in screen and the app pops up , back or do some setting will be easy buy real touch instead of press the hard key.

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How To Check App Stopped By Which Home Key Or Other Apps

1. As android application life cycle, when i press home key my app will be stopped. Onpause()->onstop()

2. Also if an another app comes to front like an incoming call, my app will be stopped. Onpause()->onstop()

I want to do something differently in each case. But both cases go to onstop() equally. I cannot distinguish which one cause my app stopped.

Is there any way to find out?

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Motorola Droid X - Phone Bricked And Rsd Lite Not Cooperating / What To Do

So i tried to install rubix 1. 6 today, and now i'm stuck at the rubix logo animation. I try to flash the sbf but i keep getting the instant fail error (7100) that it seems a lot of win7x64 users get. I have searched high and low and none of the fixes that i've tried work. I run rsd lite as administrator, i move the sbf everywhere, i renamed it. I even tried the one where you are supposed to replace the garbage characters that show in the error log. Nothing works. Any suggestions?

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Motorola Droid - Rsd Lite Will Be Able To Boot Into Recovery Mode Again

Will using it make it so my phone will be able to boot into recovery mode again?

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Best Practises To Have More Than One Version Of An App In Market

Any idea how to go about having a free version of an application in the market and a paid version also?

Is it advisable to use the same package name? Different package names would mean code changes just for the sake of the name. Using the same package name, if at all allowed by the market, would mean that queries to the market would show both versions. That would be confusing if the installed app shows that there is an update, but for both versions?!

Two branches in the repository and merging the restrictions of the free edition into the branch of the free edition?

How do you guys are doing it?

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Motorola Droid - Failed Flashing Sprecovery With Rsd Lite / Where To Start Troubleshooting This

Following the instructions found elsewhere for flashing sprecovery for 2. 1 using rsd lite, i have installed the 64-bit usb drivers (i'm running vista 64) and i have installed the latest rsd lite, v4. 6. I enabled usb debugging on my droid earlier today.

I booted the phone while pressing up on the d-pad and i saw what i was supposed to see. Rsd lite saw my droid. I selected the correct file and hit start, but it failed immediately. No progress whatsoever, just an immediate fail.

Any ideas where to start troubleshooting this? This is my first attempt at this, so i don't really know what else to look for.

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Get Installed App's Latest Version From Market

Are there any ways i could use to get the installed app's latest version from market? Just like some version tracking app.

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Change Data Format In A Db Column On Next App Version

Let's say in version 1 of my app, i've got a x, with a column y, that lists integers:

Y 1 2 3 4 5.

The database version is also 1. Users can add or remove from y as they see fit (through the app).

Now, in the next version of my program-2-suppose i changed my mind, and now i want y to only contain roman numerals:

Y i ii iii iv v.

Again, users can add or remove rows from y as they want.

The problem, however, is that the version 1 information is still there. As a user inserts information, the database becomes a mix of old and new formats:

Y 1 2 3 4 5 vi vii viii

Am i totally screwed here? What i'm looking for, basically, is an upgrade script to run over the database, on the next install-but only if a prior install already exists. Users of version 2 won't need anything done, as their program is already set for the new version. Is it optimal to copy the database, change its version, and reinsert the rows, applying an algorithm on the column?

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Easymoney App Force Closes / Get It Back To Full Version

So i tried to log in to my easymoney app and it force closes. I log in again and all my data had been cleared and am now running the trial version again. I paid for the upgrade. Is there any way to get it back to the full version? I don't have the upgrade code anymore due to the fact that i bought months ago and didn't i would need it anymore.

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Could Release New Version Of App Under New Name / Port Existing Users For Free

I ask this because my laptop was stolen along with my signing keys! I know i should have backed up - but the last thing i expected last friday was for burglars to break into my house and steal my laptop (and most of my other electronics & jewellery) - lesson learnt, but i need to plan what to do next!

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Can Release Updated Version Of App With Lower Min Sdk

We have an app thats running on 1. 6 and higher but we want it to be able to run on 1. 5 also. So i tested the app with 1. 5 and everything works fine. So if i want to release this app can i release it as an update for my older app with just changing.

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Cannot Sign Into Facebook

I just bought a 7" tablet off ebay, it is running android 2. 2. It didnt come with a facebook app, so i downloaded facebook.apk to my computer then installed it onto my device. Every time i try to log in it tells me there has been an error and to try again. I cant do anything to make it work, and yes i am connected to my wifi.

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Create Gps Locator App

I am new to android development. I tried to craete a gps locator app. I am getting the following error:error type 3 error: activity class {org. Me.gps/org. Me.gps. Mainactivity}does not exist. My mainactivity class extends mapactivity.

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Access Private Resource In Donut

I saw in old posts that the oem could add internal resource in framework , so they can be able to use them with the special syntax. For example


Now it seems that the latter interface is not provided anymore in android 1. 5 as well as the donut version i'm compiling. But the former still can be used. Why? Is it gonna be supported in further versions?

As oem, we need to create applications with customizable resources, so the most convenient way as far as i know is to modify the private resource, as they can be used from xml scripts, and they wont cause trouble to third party application that should not use them. But i don't know how to check the res ids in the private resources changed or not. They have no .xml file to set their index orders like the public ones.

I saw in a post : ". Private resource ids are assigned dynamically, they basically change in each build of the system". So if i build a new framework-res.apk and i change some resource data, i don't know what is gonna happen to my previous applications? Does this mean all of the ids changed even if you don't add any new resource? Is there a way to check the compatibility of private resources between 2 builds, or to force them to be compatible  - like in public resources we can set the order in the public.xml to keep ids order the same.

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