What Is Default Password

I installed the 'advanced lock(free)' app from the market and by mistake ticked 'use password' n did not enter a password. Now it is asking for a password after sliding n i do not know the password. My phone is locked. Please help. What is the default password? What should i do now? Waiting for a reply asap.

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Motorola Droid 2 - Need Default Android Restriction Password

Just got a new droid 2 and when i go into the settings of the menu that require a restriction password (in location and security) i have no idea what it is and never set anything like that up. Is there a default android restriction password that i don't know about?

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Change A Password On K9 Mail

I am required to reset the password on my email account at regular periods-can i just update it in k9 as well, or do i have to recreate the account every time? I did it on the stock email app, but could not find where to access the password again in k9.

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Get Userid And Password In Droid Application

I configure email in android2. 1 emulator(default email configuration). Is there any possibility to get the userid and password of that email account in my application?

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Htc Hero - Way To Get Facebook Password

Do you know anyway i can get my facebook password?
When i was setting up the phone last week i got to the facebook
Part and for the life of me i cant remember it, i have had it so
Long on my pc now and as i get logged in automatically i cant
Get the password.

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Crack Password Without Uninstalling App

I have installed color note v1. 6. 6 some time ago to test it out on my htc magic. Works sweet, but i used the password function to see if it's any good. I actually forgot the password now i cannot open the note i created and if i want to password protect another note i need to type in the first password i created.

Does anyone know how to crack the password without uninstalling the app? I connected my phone to my netbook via usb and had a look around, but could not really see anything useful in the form of a file to edit.

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Change Password In K-9 Email App

I've looked over the forum and searched the web, to no avail.

Does any kind soul know how to change the password of an email account in the k-9 email app?

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Pop / Imap Password Settings

I've just got my galaxy s, and i like it very much, but i think i'm getting too old to learn the complexities of such things. I've got the pop/imap application to link straight into my hotmail account, however, being paranoid, i'd like it to ask for my password everytime. I can't see a setting for this, it appears go straight in everytime without asking for a password which is a security risk.

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Change Gmail Password On Phone

How to change gmail password on phone? I have changed my gmail accounts password, and want to change it on my device i tried from settings>>accounts but there i found no option to change password.

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Password Protect Launch Of Droid Application

I'm searching for a way to password protect my android application on launch, i.e. When launching/resuming an activity belonging to my apk-package a password dialog will be shown.

I've tried some approaches to this (extending application class and so on) but none seems to work. Either they don't run on the ui thread or the dialog isn't shown on every launch/resume occasion. =

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Store And Retrieve Email Id , Password Using Sharedpreferences

I am developing an application which requires to store email id and password, so that the user can directly redirect to his home page if the user is already exists. A few day ago i read that sharedpreferences is used for storing and retrieving the data.

How can i use sharedpreferences concept to store and retrieve data. Anybody have any idea to do this way? If it is possible by understanding me through the code because i read that things but i can not get it properly.

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Ideas - Password Protected App / Block Texting

Let me start by saying that i have a teen girl who is getting terrible grades and is more concerned with texting and facebook than school. Original problem right? I am in law enforcement and want my daughter to be able to get help at anytime so i am not a fan of taking her phone away but want to be able to control it.

I would love a password protected app that could block my daughter from texting during school hours or block all calls and texts from non-family while she is grounded. Maybe block web sites like facebook or selected apps on her phone.

Possibly set school days and hours. Have selected categories like:

Normal - block non-family, apps and websites during school and allow all other after school hours

Holiday - allow all

Grounded - only allow family and emergency dial or text. Block internet. Block select apps.

This could be made as a simple app where the parent enters a code in the phone to modify status and settings or make it fancy by allowing a status change with a text from the parents phone.

What do you guys think?

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Samsung Moment - Possible To Have An Alphanumeric Password Instead Of Lock Pattern

Is it possible to have an alphanumeric password instead of the lock pattern?

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Motorola Backflip/motoblur - How To Find Out Old Password To Change It

I couldn't remember my motorola blur password. How can i find out my old password, so i can change it?

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Application / Way To Connect To Wifi Networks Secured With A Password

Is there any application or some other way to connect to wifi networks which are secured with a password ?

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Motorola Cliq/motoblur - User Id & Password Error Message

I am having the exact same issue as other motoblur users. What is going on here. The phone is working fine, i can make calls, receive email and text messges for all of my accounts. However, the motoblur service continues to tell me that my user id or password for motoblur is incorrect. I am able to log into the portal fine with no user id or password issues.

When i attempt to fix the issue, the motoblur service only allows me 3 options.

1. Click "ok", which does nothing. The error reappears within a few minutes

2. Click cancel, which also does nothing. The error reappears within a few minutes

3. Change password. I then enter my current password and a new password. The motoblur service appears to be "updating", however it never syncs or connects and just cancels out.

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Htc Desire - App To Use A Numeric Password To Lock Phone

Has anybody found an app that will just let me use a numeric password to lock my desire?

Pattern lock is a great idea, but you end up with the pattern being visible if you don't wipe it down all the time, and that drives me crazy!

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Sprint Htc Hero - Way To Password Protect Picture Folders

I did some searching and couldn't find the answer to my question. If i missed it, sorry if this is a repost.

Is there a way to password protect, or even hide, picture folders? A lot of my friends like to play with my phone, but needless to say, i don't need them nosing through the pictures on there. Maybe an app or something?

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Htc Desire - Change Facebook Password For The Syncing / Friendstream

Due to getting some sort of hack on my facebook account i've changed my password.

I've managed to change the password for the facebook app but how do i change it for the syncing/friendstream?

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Htc Droid Eris - Change My Gmail Password On Phone

I'm in the process of changing all my passwords again. How do i change my gmail password on my phone? I went to the accounts/sync under settings but i didn't find an option for it.

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Hint Shown In Different Font When Edittext In Password Mode / Avoid This

When an edittext is in password mode, it seems that the hint is shown in a different font (courrier?). How can i avoid this? I would like the hint to appear in the same font that when the edittext is not in password mode.

My current xml code.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Best Password Protecting App For Phone

I've never really wanted or trusted using a password protecting app. But with all of the different usernames and passwords websites require now, an app for this would be very handy. So are there any good apps in the android market? Or any good suggestions on how everyone else keeps their passwords stored?

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App On Droid For Setting Up Own Database Preferably Password Protected

Is there an application on android for setting up your own database, preferably password protected?

I used to use ewallet on my iphone for storing all kinds of confidential information, such as login details, router wep keys, credit card details, and all that sort of stuff.

I miss ewallet. I gather that they are working on an android version, but i need something now.

Any suggestions?

I've had a look at oi safe, but it's restrictive in the available fields and there's not much customisation.

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App For Create Folders On Incredible Screen And Protect It With A Password

Is there an app for create folders on my incredible screen and protect it with a password?
And how can you copy/move pictures and videos from "pictures/movies" to folders which are on one of the 7 main screen?
I snap pictures a lot and i has files i want to protect on my phone from others.

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Motorola Droid X - Auto Password Won't Work On Dx / Fix It

Anybody get the auto password to work? I put in in according to a video i found on you tube for android and it won't work. I got to

Settings/call settings/voicemail settings/put in *86, password and when i call nothing happens.

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Htc Incredible - App To Setup A Folder For Pictures That Password Protected

I've already done a search and came up empty handed. Anyone know of a good app that allows me to set up a folder for pictures that is password protected? I don't need my phone password protected just one little folder to keep photos in.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1/x2 - "password Request Problem" During Low Battery / Fix It

My xperia x2 is asking for password to unlock when the battery power gone below 15%. I don't have any password for my phone. I have to remove battery everytime when this problem occurs. If i lock the screen , then it is not opening during low battery state. Is there any fix for this.

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Motorola Droid - App That Allows Me To Only Password Lock My Messaging App

The only thing i want to lock on my phone is my messages so no one else can read them. Is there any app or something that allows me to only password lock my messaging app?

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Samsung Captivate - Locked Up Captivate / Restored And Still Asks For Password

I just bought a captivate from a lady that works for att and she says it was a display model. It is asking for a gmail account a password and i tried the volume and power button thing and erased all data but that didn't work. It's still asking for the account and password. Is there any way to reinstall the os or erase everything or do something to where it doesn't ask for this information anymore?

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How To Get Default Screen To Go Away

I have recently installed lock 2. 0, the full version. When i press the "end" button to bring the phone out of standby mode, the default lock screen still comes up with the "drag down" unlock. After that is unlocked is when the "lock 2. 0" lock comes up. Any ideas how to get the default screen to go away? This wasn't an issue with the free edition on lock 2. 0.

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