Calendar Force Close Issues

I have an htc eris that is running droid os 1. 5. I use the htc calendar app. It is awesome and the main reason i bought the phone. I use a google calendar for work and home. Lately it force closes like three times daily. If it was a 3rd party app i could just uninstall and reinstall but because it is an htc product that is not an option. Can anyone help me out?

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Some Apps Such As Shop Shavvy Force Close / Why Is So

Sometimes when i download some apps such as shop shavvy i go in and it says force close whats wrong ?

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Way To Build Shortcut That Will Force Close Spicific Program

I'm looking for a way to build a shortcut that will force close a spicific program. One click on an icon that will force close "internet" or whatever.

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Droid Development : Setimageresource Causing Force Close / Cause Of It

I have a basic file browser within my app that for each row of the list, outputs an imageview and a textview.

A few lines into my code i do a isdirectory() (located below somewhere) on the current file/folder that is being added to the listview, so that i can set a folder image as the icon for that row if it is a folder, or set a file image as the icon if it's a file.

But when i run the file browser activity, it force closes.

I checked ddms and it tells me it's a nullpointerexception on the following line of code.

I don't understand what i'm doing wrong? Eclipse isn't giving me any errors for that line, and foldericon and fileicon do exist in my drawable folder.

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Force Close App / Start Timer Button Issue

Im new to android dev, and am getting a force close on my first app. Its supposed to start a timer when one button is clicked and stop it when another is clicked. Its probably a basic rookie mistake, but i cant for the life of me work it out. Im new to android dev, and am getting a force close on my first application and i cant figure it out for the life of me. Hope someone can spot it

Import android. App. Activity;
Import android. Os. Bundle;
Import android. Os. Handler;
Import android. Os.systemclock;
Import android. View. View;
Import android. View. View. Onclicklistener;
Import android. Widget. Button;
Import android. Widget. Textview;

Read more at the forum.

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Htc Incredible - Apps Gives Me A Force Close Everytime / Fix It

Okay i am having a force close problem. When i go to apps and click on manage it gives me a force close everytime. I have tried everything i can think of. Any suggestions?

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Problem With Apps Force Close When Restarting Htc Hero

I have a problem when i power down my htc hero and power back up. When it comes back on the weather widget takes a little while to load and other apps/widgets take a while to boot up which i guess is normal, but some apps get really messed up. I start getting popup messages when i reboot that say "such-and-such app has to force close" and i have to hit ok. Other apps (facebook, foursquare, locale. ) Have strange icons on the home screen. When i click on them they either force close, or act really strange and have new titles (like #ff181818 instead of foursquare). This also happens in the programs menu. Some apps will now be called end user license agreement or something else .

I have fixed it before by reinstalling some of the apps, but i don't want to keep doing that. Any ideas on how to fix this? Is it just a problem with the apps? It seems to be happening with the same apps each time.

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Motorola Droid - App That Troubleshoots / Provides Information When Certain Apps Force Close?

Is there some type of app that troubleshoots or provides info when certain apps force close. Like an error report. I've had my camera app force close on me where i needed to restart my phone to make it work again. It happens sometimes with my dolphin browser. Normally when this happens i blame it on the rom or the kernal, so i immediately change the kernal or flash a new rom. I was hoping if i knew exactly why certain apps force close, i would be able to fix the specific problem rather than blaming the rom or kernal.

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Phone Force Close On Calling Add / Insert To Arrayadapter - Fix It

I am trying to add a string dynamically on button click but it force closes every time.code.

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Motorola Cliq/motoblur - Get A Force Close Message When Trying To Access Market / Fix It

I tap on the market icon and get a message


The process Process. Gapps has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

This is a motorola cliq phone. Anybody have a fix?

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Motorola Droid - Error Message - Is Not Responding - Makes Force Close It

I have a motorola droid, and it has been working great for the month i've had it.

Since this morning, i've been getting an error message saying " Phone is not responding" and makes me force close it.

As a result of the force close, it shows i have no service momentarily. Because of this, i cannot get calls, texts, and whatnot.

I haven't installed any new apps recently, and have already done a "factory reset" from the settings.

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Issue: Calendar Widget V2.3.4 Apk Just Force Closes

I deleted it w/ titanium backup, and i never made a back up for it. Now every time i try to make a new event, on go calendar, it just force closes, all the time. I can simply go to googles website, and make an event there, and it'll sync to the widget calendar, but then i think that defeats the purpose of having a widget for it. Also, how would i install the apk after its been downloaded?

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Htc Hero - Phone Getting Message "force Close" / Sort It

I have searched but couldn't find anything so decided to start a new thread and ask.

Basically 75% of the time i try to read or write a message it says an error has occurred and its needs to close then the "force close" option appears.

Also last night my phone was getting messages but when i went to read them they were not there.

Anyone got any idea's on how to sort?

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How To Close Backgroud Application

I'm new to android after switching from windows mobile. Can applications run in the background, and if so, how do you close them?

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How To Close Music App

I successfully downloaded some music from my mac - itunes - but when i play a song - i don't know how to close the music app. I can pause it, but don't now how to fully close the program.

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Close Down Dialog When Pressing Cancel

I have created a custom dialog, and i have inserted two buttons, one is called send, and the other cancel.

I would like to know hot to close down the dialog when pressing cancel?

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Close Alertdialog Builder From External Button

Well it's all in the subject :) do u have any ideas about how to dismiss a builder from an external button. I did mybuilder. Create(). Dismiss() inside the onclicklistener of the button. But it doesn't work.

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Samsung Galaxy S - Phone Close / Get It To Work

Yeah this last couple days haven't been so good freezing the hard rest got take battery out because it froze and today wake up with my phone not open wont even open had to put to charge . And the battery was full what gives? Any one else? I hope didn't over charge my battery already anyways this goes on have no choice but return this phone shame it sexy phone.

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Motorola Cliq 2 - How To Turn Off/close Music Player ?

How do you turn off/close the music player? I played music yesterday, backed out of the application and this morning i realized that from the home screen when i scrolled to the right a mini media player with the song from last night was there. I don't want to waste battery life, so i'd just like to know how to close it out all the way if possible until i need to open it again. Besides the music player are there any other ways to close apps or save battery life in general?

My last phone wasn't a smartphone but if i left on games and music it drained my battery in a couple hours but once i closed them and just used my phone like a normal phone i could just have my phone sitting for like two days without being charged and still have some good battery life.

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Apps - Proximity Chat - Log Phones That Are Often Close To Yours

In short: log phones that are often close to yours. Ability to open chats with these people to see what they are up to.

- You create a small profile on you phone (name, nickname etc)
- Phone has the locater enabled for this app and is looking for other devices with this same app installed.
- When it detects such a device it will log the following:
Username of the device (set in app by user)
Approximate range (location) of device in meters

The amount of times this partical device has been found and logged. With ofcourse the ranges and maybe the log time. Through this app you can ask for a chat to any detected device. The operator of that device of course has to accept the invite before a chat window opens. Even group chats would be a good option.

Why this app? When i travel with public transportation i see loads and loads of people playing for with there phones. Just to have something to do. I always wonder how many of these people i travel with every day without me knowing. Same for people at the university or the office. I think it would be fun to have a chat with these people and see what they are up to.

I discussed this idea with numerous friends and colleagues and all of them can see the fun in it. There have to be some good options in this app for privacy reasons like:

- Block phones that constantly open chats for example
- Minimal range that people can log you phone. Not that they log it on 5meters day in day out. Thats for stalkers. You can set it to minimal of like 200meters

What you think of the basic idea? What would you change or add?

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Htc Evo 4g - Swype - No Button To Close Keyboard / Fix It

One thing i hate about swype is that it doesn't have a button to close the keyboard. Sometimes when you done filling a form and you need to close the keyboard, there isn't a place to do so.

-Sent from my sprint htc evo 4g. The true iphone4 killer!

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Force Locale Inside Our App

I have setup different string.xml for different language.

Calling r. String. String i can use the localized string respectively the locale present on the phone.

How can i force my app to use a different locale? Suppose that a user is using english locale on the phone but want to use my app in deutsch?

How can i change locale only for my app?

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Htc Keyboard Force Closing Immediately

I just installed the htc keyboard and it took forever once i got it finally installed, it began force closing immediately, like every 10 seconds. Has anyone else had this problem or heard of any bad news about it? I have the t-mobile mytouch g3.

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Force Destruction Of Old Activity And Start A New One With Parameters

I have a service that starts an activity on certain event passing to it some parameters.

The problem is if the activity is still open, when the service tries to startactivity() again, the activity isn't started because it's already started.

Is there a way to force the destruction of the old activity and start a new one with the new parameters?

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Php Force Download On Mobile Browsers

I'm trying to force download a image file (jpg for example) using php.

So i have a script here force.php and here would be the code:


Now the problem is for some browsers (mobile phone browsers especially), it'll work properly and prompt test.jpg for the user to save. However on some browser, it'll prompt force.php as download.

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How To Force Application To Use Current Devices Gpu

How do i force my application to use the current devices gpu if one is available?

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Motorola Droid - Way To Force Roaming On Phone

I have been looking all over for a way to force roaming on my moto droid. My phone is already rooted, and i am wondering if anyone has any information on how to do it or if it is even possible.

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Motorola Droid X - Battery Manager Force Closing

The ongoing issue with battery manager force closing. My fix is that i go into application/running services/ clear data and problem is corrected havent had an issue in 2 days.

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Force Droid To Recycle Bitmaps To Free Up Memory

From another stackoverflow question, it seems that android handles large bitmaps differently than other memory. It also seems like there is a way to force android to recycle the bitmaps to free up memory. Can anyone enlighten me on how to do this.

My application uses 2-6 huge bitmaps at all times, so it nearly kills the phone's memory when running, and i want to clear it up when the user quits.

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Htc Evo 4g - Force People App To Use A Certain Image

The images for my contacts keeping changing when i do things like link them to the person's facebook account. In one case it changes to whatever that person has on their google account even after i've set my own image for her in google contacts. How can i make the image remain the same while still taking advantage of all the syncing and linking options?

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