Samsung Epic 4g - Remove Widgets Added To Home Screen

Remove widgets i added to my home screen? I went to menu, then clicked add, clicked android widgets, scrolled down and clicked power control. This added the android power control widget to my home screen, and then i clicked on it again to get rid of it. And it added a 2nd widget to my home screen?! How can i take them back off?

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Samsung Epic 4g - How To Remove Widget / Put On One Of Home Screens

I have been searching this forum for weeks, researching android and epic. I have been a treo user since 2005! I just got my epic yesterday and i am sure i will have lots of questions. But there is so much on here!

Right now i need to know how to remove a widget i put on one of the home screens. I added the android power control widget, and then i hit it again to try to remove it, but now i have 2 of them on that screen?!

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Can Widgets Be Home Screen Aware?

Do android homescreen widgets "know" when user returns to that homescreen? Specifically, can a widget know (and use this knowledge) when a user comes back to that homescreen after:

- Unlocking the device
- Swiping back from another homescreen
- Completing a phone call
- Closing an app
- Closing a popup
- Pressing dedicated home soft/hard button
- Closing all-app list

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Install Home Screen Widgets Programaticaly

I have main activity window in my app, which displays three icons on it, also there are 3 home screen widgets in this application.

Is there a possibility for long press on one of the icons in the main activity, to do the same behavior as when you install the program shortcuts from the application menu when dragging shortcuts on the desktop?(For example this video:
Or the user to have to go to home screen menu add widget?

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Possible To Detect Which Grid Sections Used By Widgets On Home Screen

My understanding is that any of the available home screen spaces are compromised of a grid view. These slots in the grid view can contain a simple shortcut to a program or/and a single widgets can take up multiple rows or columns of the grid (e.g picture frame generally takes up one 2 columns & 3 rows)

Is there a way to detect which grid blocks are occupied on the home screen and what is available and how big of a block is available? There must be since sometimes when trying to add a widget it will tell you, "no space on this home screen. "

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Motorola Droid - Widgets Disappearing From Home Screen / Why Is This Happening

I was running an application today, and when i returned back to the home screen, no widgets. The only way i found to retrieve them back was to restart the phone. Has anyone had any experience with this ever happening?

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Htc Droid Eris - Home Screen Reloading Too Many Widgets / Get Rid Of Bh On It

My home screen has recently been trying to reload itself after a moderate amount of activity on the phone.

Simply loading reader or my6sense + opera/dolphin and then hitting home again causes all my widgets/icons to disappear and then slowly reload one by one, similar to exiting out of a memory-hungry game on a pc.

I've noticed beautiful home is the worst offender, sometimes taking 10-20 seconds to fully reload and for the screen to be responsive again.

Getting rid of bh on my homescreen seems to help, but then again maybe i need to take it easy with the widgets. I've got 5 on my lockscreen alone.

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Samsung Epic 4g - One Of Dock Widgets Will Not Work

I know someone else posted this before, but i can't find it now. Maybe it's buried in the bug thread. There are 4 icons on the dock, and the one second from the left (next to phone one) will not work. It was for contacts. I deleted it and changed it to market, and that won't work either. It says: "could not launch the requested activity. "

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Get Htc Hero Widgets On Samsung Epic / Galaxy S

I recently upgraded my phone from the htc hero to an samsung epic, but i miss my old widgets. Example: calender widget & contact widget

Do you guys know the name of the widgets so i can download it on the market or is there any way i can get those htc widgets on my epic? I've been researching all day, all i was able to get was the clock widget from my htc hero but it doesn't have the effects after you unlock it like the old weather/clock widget.

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Cannot Remove Home Screens On Samsung Galaxy S2

My old galaxy s2 on orange uk was perfect, i could delete unused home screens and i customized it exactly how i wanted it. However today i had to have my phone replaced under warranty as the touch screen became unresponsive in places. The phone they have sent me obv has different software on it because i don't like it and i cant customize it!

My first problem is that i never had on my old phone was i now have 5 home screens and a orange scroll bar across the bottom. I don't use widgets or any of that crap, i use 1 home screen with 4 icons on and everything else is organized in folders in the app screen. However i cant remove them. If i hold them down all i get is a "add to homescren" window with the following listed:

Orange widgets
Orange shortcuts
Android widgets
Android shortcuts

If i press the menu button on said screens, i get

All programs
Add to homescreen

By default it also opens straight to the 3rd (middle) screen of the 5. I have no trash bin to drag them down to like my previous phone. Somebody please help me and tell me how to get rid of them?

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Screen Burn On Samsung Epic

So i am typing this over a nice looking screen burn of the "battery completely charged" pop up that comes up when the phone us completely charged :/

I haven't even had my epic for 4 months and i just noticed this burn today. Problem is that the stupid pop up for the battery being charged never goes away until you hit the ok button (not even with screen timeout). Second part of the problem us that the pop up will even show up when the phone us locked.

Usually i am at the phone when it is done charging so i just hit the ok button and screen burn never even crossed my mind. Well a couple nights this week it didn't charge fully before i went to bed. So, the pop up was on all night long as it was there when i got up in the morning.

This has really *** me off and i'm hoping i can get a replacement display or exchange the damn thing for an evo.

Cliff notes: galaxy s owners beware of screen burn and leaving charge notification on too long.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Does Screen Come On When Get A New Notification

Mine just vibrates, stays dark, and the led blinks. Which means i have to either hit the button or open the slider to put in my pattern to see the notification. Shouldn't it light up for a moment so you can see what the notification is?

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Samsung Epic 4g - Sometimes Screen Is Unresponsive To Touch

I've noticed lately that my sometimes my screen is unresponsive to touch. The hard touch buttons on the bottom work, so in order to get my screen respond to touch, i have to turn the screen off then on. Sometimes, its not the whole screen, but a particular area, for example while texting, the "send" button doesn't work or it might be like the letter "h" or something. So i have to change to portrait or reboot my phone for it to work.

I tried hard resetting my phone, still same issues. Anyone else have this problem? Any solutions? Could it be because of an app or live wallpaper or something. Obviously the 30 days are up now (bought 8/31) so can i take to the sprint store or i have to contact samsung.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Receive A Text - Turn On Screen

I love that the epic doesn't put your new text front and center in a huge display on the screen. Woohoo. Privacy! But i don't like that it doesn't automatically turn the screen on. Is there a way to change this?

It gets annoying when you're in a conversation with someone, and you have to turn the screen on every time you receive a text.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Contacts Button At Bottom Of Screen Will Not Work

I'm a new epic user, and installed launcher pro plus yesterday. Everything seems to be working fine, except the contacts button at the bottom of the screen will not work. When i press it, it says "could not launch the requested activity. " I pulled my battery last night and it is still having the same issue. Anyone else seen this and have any tips to fix it?

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Customize Home Screen Instead Of Going With Default Home Screen

I am pretty new to android and have a couple of questions:

1. Is it possible to drag and drop a ui widget from one activity to another activity?

2. Does android support multiple non fullscreen applications running active concurently  (say a browser and phone screen next to each other)?

3. Is it possible to customize the home screen instead of going with android default home screen? If so, can we change the layout and widgets in that screen completely?

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Samsung Galaxy Ace - Broken Screen - Is There A Home Fix ?

My girlfriend has done this to her brand new (2wk old) ace, is this something i could try and fix through the laptop, or is it going to need a new screen and can i do it? Or does it need to go to a shop? The touchscreen is ok, it looks the lcd screen behind has gone funny. It still makes startup noises as usual, just no display.

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Setting 3rd Home Screen As Main When Press Home Button Key - Lg Esteem

My home screen is currently set to five. The problem is before when i use to hit home it would go to the third screen, now it goes to second home screen. I don't know what i did to change it. Can anyone tell me how to set the third home screen as my main one when i hit the home button?

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App To Save Home Screen - Wifi Is On Constantly - Samsung Galaxy S2

I have some questions and would be grateful if someone could let me have an answer or two: -

1. I saw a home screen recently which had a shortcut on it to mobile networks/use packet data. How was this done/what program was used to create it etc?

2. When i first got my phone i configured the phone to only switch on wifi when the screen was active. For the life of me i do not know how i did this. Recently this setting has been lost and the wifi is on constantly. When i am at home i would like it to switch off when the screen goes off and comes on when active. The only thing i can find is "wifi sleep policy, which i have configured to "when screen turns off". However after my screen switches off and i turn it back on, i do not see any signs of it having been off - ie; i do not see it switching back on like it used to do, by observing the top notifications bar. This is a drain on my battery - yesterday i noticed that it had been on all the time i was at work - over 10 hours - and the battery reduced by 50%, which is not what it used to do. In wifi settings, even though i am locked on to my home wifi, the phone is constantly scanning away every few seconds - i would like it to stop doing this when connected. Any thoughts etc please?

3. Is there a program out there which can save your home screens/application screens? Yes i know i can restore my phone using cpw/titanium backup but i only want to restore my home screens after diddling about with new themes etc. I usually always prefer the look and feel of my existing ones but am getting fed up with restoring manually and titanium backup doesn't appear to do this - it wants to restore all my previous apps etc. Again some help would be appreciated.

4. In cpw/titanium backup how do i start to freeze a program? I would like to experiment with freezing wifi sharing but not sure how to do this exactly ie; what exactly do i do? - The opening screens are not that user friendly. Fwiw i am on 2. 3. 4 cpw (waiting patiently for an upgrade via kies) and cf-1 kernel (i think).

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How To Set Home Screen On Different Position Than 1st ? - Samsung Galaxy Ace

I would like to ask how can i set home screen on different position than 1st?

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Cyanogen 5 Home Screen Resets When Pressing Home

This has been happening since 5. 0. 8 test four and the latest 5. 0. 8. After i use a couple of apps, say i'm in gmail or using the browser, when i press the home button it takes a few seconds because the launcher/home screen seems to restart. It has been happening with stock anderwebs, market anderwebs, and launcher pro beta. I reinstalled the rom various times. I wiped everything.

Fixed permissions. Tried everything i know of and this still happens. Anyone know a fix? Anyone having this problem? I thought i read this was fixed on the changelog, but i guess not. Again, when i press home after using an app the launcher takes a few seconds to reset. Ex: it goes to the stock launcher with out my settings for a few seconds and then loads up my icons and all. It's actually a real pain and adds up to a huge waste of time

Edit: i think this is the bug that he said was fixed, from changelog: "long standing "disappearing icons" launcher bug fixed" this still happens when i press home icons disappear a few mins and then come back with my settings.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Can't Detect My Samsung Epic 4g On My Laptop

I can't detect my phone on my laptop. I've tried debugging and it still didn't recognize my phone. It says no usb is detected. I've pressed fix and apply and still nothing. I have a hp g72 laptop with windows 7 32bit. I also tried the mount feature and still nothing.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Bad Quality Pics When Downloaded From Gmail To Epic

Bad quality pics when downloaded from gmail to my epic. How can i see them in a better quality or resolution?They are being directly saved to my sd card.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Why Isn't Epic Updating (newbie)

I recently got my lovely epic replaced because of some problems. So far this device is fine, except for updating. Under the "about phone", i scroll to "baseband version" and the after the last . It says di07. This isn't the latest, is it? I go to "system updates" and i tried "update firmware", it just says "no software update is available at this time. Your current software is up to date. " . "Update profile" doesn't do anything, and "update android" says i'm already on the latest.

Also, on my old epic i noticed i had the updated market (separate tab for comments). On this epic i don't see that, its the old market.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Usb Port Not Enough To Charge Epic While Using It

When i plug my samsung epic into the usb port of my dell desktop at work i can see it's charging, but the charge is apparently not enough to even remain at battery level if i'm using it to phone, message, speaker or tether. This is not the case when i plug the phone into the wall charger (espcially my wife's 900ma evo charger or my dodge ram's usb port)damn shame really as it limits how long i can tether for.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Facebook Newfeed On Epic Not Working

Odd for about the last 4 days, tapping "news feed" in the native facebook widget on the sprint epic4g fails to load, and i see the highly informative error:an error occured while fetching data [null]anyone else have this issue? I've logged in and out, and refreshed, but still can't load the news feed.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Epic Can Use Usb And Bluetooth On A Mac

To those who are wondering whether they can connect their epic to a mac for usb and bluetooth file transfers:you can absolutely mount your epic on a mac. From the epic's home screen, either go to: (1) home screen (menu button) > applications > development or (2) (under launcher pro only) home screen (menu button) > preferences > advanced settings. From there, enable usb debugging. Now plug in your micro-to-usb cable. A prompt will appear on your epic; select mass storage. Your sd card will then appear on the desktop of your mac and you can transfer whatever you like.

Here's the other way to mount your sd on a mac: switch off your epic, remove the sd card, slip it into the card adapter it came with and plug the adapter into your usb port. (I do hope that everyone who experiences connection issues with a mac and any other smartphone or media player will now know enough to try this before posting rants about how bad their new _ is for "causing" the problem. )

Bluetooth also works, though you won't be able to see the epic's file menu on your mac's desktop. Under bluetooth, your mac will identify and pair with your epic (and identify it as a "smartphone") as soon as you make your phone and mac visible and set up your epic on the mac as a device. However, your mac won't connect until you access the pull-down bluetooth menu from the upper right-hand corner of its screen. From there, scroll down to the name of your device and select "send file". Select the file you wish to send and you're done. You should also tell your epic always to allow your mac to send files if you don't want to kill bluetooth transfers under apps or disrupt whatever else you're doing on your phone to answer individual prompts.

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Samsung Epic 4g - New Epic -tuck At Dg17 Seeing No Update

I can swear i have seen this discussed before but i just cant find that thread search gave some results, but none that was helpful. Can anyone here link me to right place or answer me right a new epic, but firmware is stuck at dg17. I clicked update firmware many times now, but it comes back and says no update available. I am connected to 3g right now. I don't have any experience with odin and manual updates, so if manual is the only way, can you also please link me to some really detailed step by step manual update guide.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Downloas Pic's From Pc To Epic

How do i download pic's from my pc and put them on my epic?. I used the tether method, but nothing there.

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Samsung Behold 2 - How To Set Custom Wallpaper As Wallpaper For Each Home Screen

How do i set my custom wallpaper as the wallpaper for each home screen? Also is there anyway i can just set it without cropping it? I just got the dimensions of the file from the size of the screen.

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