Htc Incredible - Dinc System Crash

Driving with gps and announcement gps lost. After i arrive at destination, my phone appears to have crashed. Most applications come up with a force close message. Turned on and off. Removed battery. Removed and reloaded some apps, dolphin works after reload. Is there any thing beside reloading and/or doing a reset? Anyone else experience this problem. Not rooted. Running 2. 2. My phone book is nonexistent. Seems that htc original apps load without the force message.

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Htc Incredible - Does Dinc Only Use 3g As It Accesses New Data

Does the dinc only use 3g as it accesses new data? I rarely see a 3g signal on my phone and i live in memphis not far from verizon. Ive been with verizon for 4 years and have consistently received great signals on my other phones. But with the inc. I'll only notice i'm on 3g as i'm surfing the web or app market. When a new page loads, 3g lights up and signal increases, and after the page loads 3g signal is gone. Is this how the device is supposed to perform?

Ps: i realize signal strength is a reported issue with this device. So far i get speedy performance without dropped calls etc. I just wasn't sure if the 3g signal activity on my device is actually the phone conserving 3g connectivity.

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Htc Incredible - Get Itunes To Recognize Dinc Just Like Ipod?

Does anyone know if there is a way to get itunes to recognize the dinc, just like a ipod? I know i can go through all of my mp3's and drag/drop but i have everything in itunes and it would be a lot easier to just do it from there.

I just got my 16gb sd in the mail today so i'm trying to figure out the best way to manage my music and movies with the dinc.

Open to any app/program suggestions or other tips.

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Htc Incredible - Set Gmail Invites To Be Private By Default On Dinc

Is there a way to set gmail invites to be private by default? Google help says that if your calendar is set to private (mine is) then all invites will be private too. That is not the case though - when my husband receives an invite in outlook and he has to manually change it to private. So short of using my pc for all invites (where i can manually set them to private each time) is there a way to do this on the dinc?

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Htc Droid Eris - First Hard Crash After Update

Did the ota update today. All seemed fine (except for the very annoying issue with the unlock screen). But on a phone call this evening, when i took the phone away from my face, i saw it was on the lock screen (which shouldn't ever appear in a phone call).

The call was still active, but the screen and buttons were completely unresponsive.couldn't go past the unlock screen, the little green phone icon was still in the notifications bar. Green phone stayed there after call disconnected (other party hung up). Indicating nonresponsiveness of the ui (not just to my commands, but not responsive at all). Eventually, had to pull the battery.

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Htc Droid Eris - During Googletalk Chats Composing Texts Or Emailing Randomly Crash

During googletalk chats, composing texts, or emailing, my eris will randomly crash is a strange fashion.

In googletalk, it goes back to the "friends list" page, and then i have to select my chat contact. At this point i have lost any chats so far exchanged, and frequently say "lost connection to server".

While composing or viewing texts, it often jumps back to the "all messages" screen, and i lose what i have been writing.

While viewing emails or writing them, it often jumps back to the "inbox" or whatever label i had been viewing previously.

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Htc G1 - Home Button / System Recovery Issue

I recently purchased an unlocked and rooted g1 for my father, and he seems to have. Broken it. He said he didn't do anything to it, but he called me earlier saying that he was having trouble flashing roms on it, or something along those lines. I'm not too tech savvy, and i don't know anything about these droid phones, but i want to fix this.

The phone boots into 'android system recovery, ' specifically
Build: ra-dream-v1. 7. 0/

My first guess was to wipe the phone back to factory settings, and go from there, but this recovery system requires you to "press home to confirm. " The catch is the home key doesn't work. I've tried everything, and googled to kingdom come to no avail.

Can i change this 'system recovery' so that it accepts confirmation from the send button rather than the home button? And if i do that, do you think wiping all the data to factory settings will fix the problem anyways?

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Htc Evo 4g - Android System Killing Phone With Fresh / Fix It

Not sure why our what i'm doing wrong.could a new kernel help things? Here are my settings.

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Htc Evo 4g - Unable To Listen To Attachments Sent Via Avaya Voicemail System / Fix It

'vanilla' setup on my evo with 2. 2. Using the built in exchange platform i am unable to listen to attachments sent to me vie our avaya voicemail system. Works on the blackberry though. Am fairly certain it's something related the file type not possibly being recognized by the media player. Same thing on a co-workers droid.

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Droid App Crash On Row Insert / Why Is So

I'm just getting started with android development, and i've ran into some problems my textbook isn't helping me with.code.

It crashes on the db. Insert line with a nullpointerexception. Can anyone tell me why?

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Droid App Crash In Os Layer / Fix It

I frequently get an app crash while the listview is calling on the adapter to provide backing data. Device is a sony experia x10 with android 1. 6.
This is just a seg fault violation, however i don't know how i can fix it? I do not have any native components - its a pure java app.code.

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Program Crash When Call Mwifimanager.iswifienabled / What To Do?

When i call mwifimanager. Iswifienabled() , program is crash.

My code is.

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Crash Reports / New Version Of Acra Available For Tests

Here comes a new major version of acra. For those who do not know acra (application crash reports for android), this is an opensource (apache licence) library allowing your application to send crash reports to a simple google docs spreadsheet. You should go to the project home page to read more about its features:

The main motivation of that new version was to get rid of the need of subclassing an acra-specific android application class. This previous requirement was preventing developers from using both acra and other feature-rich libs/frameworks like greendroid ( cyrilmottier/greendroid), roboguice ( roboguice/), droid-fu ( and others.

This goal has been achieved by moving the configuration of acra from overridden methods to an acra-specific annotation: @reportscrashes. While reaching the goal of allowing to inherit from any application subclass, it also makes the process of integrating acra to a project even easier. Here is the look of an application class using acra with toast notification mode:

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Galaxy S2 Crash / Flashing Startup Screen

I was writing a text message on my galaxy s2 i pressed the home button and then the lock button and came back to my phone half a hour later to find the samsung galaxy s2 gt-19100 startup screen flashing on and off every 10 seconds, i have tried taking the battery out taking the simcard out, and getting into recovery mode and nothing is working, the phone has original software on and haven't a clue why this has happened.

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Lg Esteem - Dead Space Game Always Crash

I managed to get about 20 minutes in no problem but now everytime i boot up the game it always crashes. Why does this happen? Can the esteem not handle it?

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Motorola Droid - Hard Crash When Applications Use The Gps

This is my second droid (first had a screen issue), so it seems like it's a deeper problem than just a "bum unit". Basically, i've noticed that about 10% of the time that an application i use first accesses the gps, the phone halts and resets itself (reboots). So for example, when i first boot the maps application, around 10% of the time or so (it's not often at all, but often enough to notice), the phone will reset. I've noticed this in a number of applications, and it only happens when the gps is accessed. Some of the applications it happens to include the browser, maps, navigation, golfcard, skymap, gps status and my tracks. I honestly don't remember when it started doing this, but i don't think it happened before the 2. 0. 1 update. It's so infrequent that the first few times it happened, i barely noticed. But it's definately annoying (especially on the golf course. It'll usually crash at least once per round.considering it only enables the gps when i pull up the range finder).

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Opening Main.xml Causes Eclipse To Crash Out / Fix It

When i open /layout/main.xml in a newly created android projects in eclipse galileo, it crashes eclipse completely, i.e. Eclipse will just close and exit. This only happens with the android projects created using sdk 1. 6, & 2. 1. Sdk 1. 5 & 2. 0 are fine. Anybody has any clue?

P. S. All the other xmls in the /res are fine, only the main.xml has problem. And when i compared the main.xml created by default in sdk 1. 6 & 2. 1 as opposed to 1. 5 & 2. 0, they are the same content. So, it's something to do w/ sdk parsing and trying to display the layout.

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Htc Incredible - Possible Incredible Facebook Contact Solution

There are many topics on the subject but i couldn't find where this option was as many of us with an incredible know, the facebook integration is cool but annoying in that it throws every facebook friend with a listed phone number within your dialer screen and other key contact locations. So here's a possible solution if someone can help me. On my friend's motorola droid, his facebook app has an option that will only sync facebook contacts with known phone contacts. It's listed under menu>settings>other settings (the incredible shows only 'helpful hints' under this same menu item, although it's version number is higher). This is awesome in that it gets rid of the zillions of people you don't want showing up in your dialer.

So, can you replace the incredible's facebook app with the moto droid's? I have it downloaded but can't install it since i can't remove the stock facebook apps that came on the incredible. Is it possible to use the moto droid facebook app instead?I didn't have much time on his droid so if i'm mistaken on any point then so be it. Just hoping for options.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Phone Continous Reset / Crash Frequently

Just bougth my xperia brand new 2 weeks ago, and start to resetting continously  up 10 times or more (until remove battery) when accessing emails or when taking pictures, or at anytime. Software already updated but problems continues.

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Htc Incredible - Getting Internet On Laptop Using Incredible

I have the incredible. I use verizon. I travel from home quite a bit and would like to be able to use the incredible to access the internet on my mac. How do i do this. I have tried hotspot connect and it said wi-fi not available.

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Htc Incredible - Incredible Accessories On Line Now

Pcd (personal communications devices) who verizon uses to post device updates now list accessories for the incredible adr63000. They all show out of stock but i assume that is until the phones release. It shows the extended battery and door for 64. 99 (2150 mha). I hope this means were are really close.

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Elocity A7 System Application

My elocity a7 came pre-installed with documents-to-go free viewer edition. When i attempt to update it with a new version it says: this is a system application. Do you still want to replace it? All previous user data will be saved. I'm not sure if this means it will replace it by installing the new update into the non-system area or if it will replace the existing application in the same location. I'm a little leery since this device only has 4gb internal.

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Load System Jnis

If i try to load libwebcore or libmedia from my app it will fail because the system libs has been loaded by zygote and by jni spec. The same jni native library cannot be loaded into more than one class loader.

But from the log and the code (dalvik/system/vmstack) the bootstrap class loader ( the classloader of zygote) is null although the class. Getclassloader() can get the instance of the bootstrap class loader

Isn't it strange here? Libwebcore. So is loaded by a classloader before which is a null object.

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Adbwireless How To Mount System

I've been using usb and recovery to mount system and remove apps on my rooted incredible. I can connect via adbwireless but the system is read-only in that state. Is there a command in adb i need to execute in order to have control over the system/app folder to move items to a disabled folder?

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Flashing Device With New System / How To Proceed

After dowloading the source code of the android os, i have made some modifications on it. Now i want to flash my device with the new system. How to proceed?

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Code To Change System Wallpaper

I'm trying to change the system wallpaper, i have tried a lot of solution but without any result; please i want have a simple code to do it.

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3.0 64-bit System Host Required

I heard that in order to build android 3. 0 you need your build host computer to have 64bit linux os installed (similar to chromium os build requirement). Is this true?

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Best Backup Procedure For Android System

What is best backup procedure for android system. I read a lot of technique of backing up your system/data and i wonder which one is the most effective base on your experience i need your tips thanks.

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Get Apk File From Device / Transfer It To System

How to get the apk file from android device ? Or how to transfer the apk file from device to system.

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Separate Thread To Read System Time

I am in a trouble. I need to create a service that read system time and make and alarm after every 30min. Can you guys hepl me by showing how to this separate thread.

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