Motorola Milestone - Restore 2.0.1 Telus Os From 2.1 Thai Version

I had upgraded the os to 2. 1 using the thai sbf file which works with the telus milestone 3g frequencies. I noticed more bugs and lag so i wish to restore the original software that it came with.

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Motorola Milestone - Milestone Airplane Mode - Cannot Restore Radio / Fix It

If i turn on airplane mode, and turn it off within 10 seconds, i can get it working again. But if i leave it on for any longer than that, i have to turn off the phone and restart in order to get the radio working again.

The funny thing is, i can still use the wifi, bt, and gps radio's after turning airplane mode off, even if the main radio won't work. And also, if rebooting after an airplane mode maulfunction, my auto-brightness doesn't work. It forces me to go into the phone setup and disable, then re-enable the auto brightness function.

I'm running a tells milestone with android 2. 1 update 1, and it's given me the same results with both the original talus firmware, and the thai 2. 1 update 1 firmware, which i am presently running.

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Take Out Sim Card In Telus Motorola Milestone

This is going to sound pathetic. How do you take out the sim card in the telus motorola milestone?

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Lock Out From Motorola Milestone

I am lock out by my motorola milestone. The prompt is that i try to many patterns. It is asking for google email user id and password. I enter and not able to lock in. I try with another computer worried that it is wrong user id or pass word. But what i enter is correct. Any one know what i should do? I am stuck for 2 days already.

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Motorola Milestone - Corporate Dictionary

Anyone has tried corporate directory that is bundled with milestone? I wonderful if i have to use exchange account with it? I wonder if i could uninstall this app.

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Need Vpn So My Motorola Milestone Thinks It In Usa

Where can i get a vpn so my motorola milestone thinks it is in the usa and i can find and download rhapsody.

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Sensor_proximity/sensor_light On Motorola Droid - Milestone

I'm trying to read the status of the proximity sensor (also i tryed to read the light sensor. )

Using the following code:


The txtstatus change the default text when there is a changing in the sensor (when i try to read the accelerometer, it works. ), But when i block the light sensor nothing happens.

When i'm in a call, the sensor works (when i put my hand blocking the sensor the screen turn off).

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Motorola Milestone - Would Factory Resetting Lock It Again

Got a unlocked telus motorola milestone off ebay about 2 weeks ago. Been working on at&t and i loved it.

This morning. No data. It was just not working. Put the sim in another device, same drill. Got on chat with a at&t employee. No go.

Went to the local store, new sim, still no. Employees sim card. No. Finally we played with the apn settings and some mobile web sites kinda work using proxy settings, but not full ones. Basically. I'm screaming inside.

While troubleshooting this morning, i factory-reset my milestone. Would factory resetting "lock" it again? Or once you carrier unlock, is it unlocked for good?

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Motorola Milestone - Twitter Connectivity T-mobile Uk

I've got a little niggle with my milestone that i don't quite understand. My data connection appears to be to working absoluetly fine for everything i use it for, browsing the web, gtalk, mail, facebook whatever, whether i'm using wireless network or 3g/hsdpa. The only thing that i can't get to work is twitter when i'm connected through 3g. It works fine when i'm connected to my wireless network at home (or any other wireless network for that matter), but when i'm on 3g i can't get it to connect. I've can still browse the web, get fb updates, do anything else a data conn lets you do. Except connect to my twitter account.

I've tried various twitter apps to no avail. This is my 2nd milestone and the first worked fine. Anyone got any ideas where i might be going wrong?Running 2. 1, unrooted btw.

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How To Display A Message In Thai Language

In my application i need to display some messages in thai language. How can i get thai language in my emulator ?

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Current Version Of Floating Image (version 2.5.0, Code 36) Randomly Crashes Nexus 1 / Fix It

The current version of floating image (version 2. 5. 0, code 36) randomly crashes nexus one phones. Obviously i'm looking into fixing this problem, but i though it would be prudent for me to report this. It's always a problem if you can crash the phone. As i'm working with opengl i'm guessing this is the problem, as i'm working directly with the hardware. When the phone crashes it hangs for a couple of minutes, being very chatty in the log, and then reboots. I will post the log after the next crash.

Not sure if this will be useful or not, but i thought i ought to report it.

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Motorola Milestone - Disabel Touch Screen During A Call

Is there a way to disable the touch screen during a call with my milestone (android 2. 1)?

Every now and then i find myself ending the call or putting it on hold, i suppose because i touch the screen with my ear.

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Motorola Milestone - Install Apps2sd On A Locked Bootloader

Is it possible to install apps2sd on a milestone with a locked bootloader?

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Motorola Milestone - Credit Deducted Without Any Connection / Stop It

I'm very new to android systems and i got the milestone with 2. 1 os.
I live in uae and i have a prepaid sim card.
I found out that my credit is deducted continuously though im not not using any internet app. I tried to close almost all running services, unsync my gmail, facebook and twitter accounts, still running out of credit. I had to contact the service provider and asked me to delete the network that uses intenet access. (Though it was cutting credit without using any internet service).

I would really appreciate if any member especially the experts to help out. Because i need to use the network internet from time to time when im not using my wifi, but i don't wanna get it back if i have to lose credit for nothing!

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Motorola Droid - Restore Swype After 2.2 Update?

What is the method to restore swype after 2. 2 update? 

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Motorola Droid - Desktop Icons Gone / Restore Them

Something happened to my droid today and i have no idea how or what happened. We were out at an event today and i looked at my phone a couple of times and everything was normal. Then a couple of hours later i got a notification so grabbed the phone and notice all my desktop icons were gone. How can i restore them?

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Motorola Milestone - Gallery And Music Can't Be Browsed To Through A Path

How is it that things like the gallery and music can't be browsed to through a path? I don't want all folders showing up in my gallery, or all my music and i also don't want to select something folder by folder when i could instead select one folder and include all its sub-folders (haven't found this option).

Other than this. I love having switched over to android with my lovely milestone.

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Motorola Milestone - Can't Go To Bootloader Mode After Rooted / Fix It

After my milestone is rooted, it can't go to bootloader mode. When it go to bootloader mode( power buttom + up in control pad) . It shows a black screen ( no any text display on the screen). Can anyone give me a suggestion. How can i fixed the bootloader.

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Motorola Milestone - Get Free Apps And Swype Keyboard On Phone

I'm using a motorola milestone and i was wondering if theres a way to get the apps you have to pay for on the market for free? Also how can i get the swype keyboard on my phone?

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Motorola Droid X - Use Univerisalandroot - How To Get Phone To Restore A Backup

This might seem dumb and noobish ( i am new to android, had dx for a month from a bb) but what are the best steps after i use univerisalandroot. I keep seeing it suggested to back up, but how is the best way to do that? Do you save a backup on the sd or on a pc? How do you get the phone to restore a backup? I think these are the questions that are holding me back from rooting but i might have others.

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Htc Desire - Why Isn't There Telus Ruu

I was looking at the shipped-roms website of the different ruus and it got me wondering. Why isn't there a telus ruu? :'( but also - how hard is it to make one from the ota update?Does the impending 2. 2 froyo update mean that someone will make that update file into an ruu? (Sorry if that doesn't make sense) cause then us telus desire people can hop around with different roms but have assurance in case we need warranty!

I hope this is the case or is the update actually taking so long because they are fortifying the update so it can't be turned into an ruu and cause a ruckus with people needing to return their telus branded phones to warranty.

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Motorola Milestone - Can't Get Default Tether To Work On 2.2.1 / Troubleshoot These Errors

Recently i upgraded to g. O. T 2. 2. 1 with cm6 for my milestone. I am wanting to try out the default 3g mobile hotspot and usb tether setting. But i'm having problems.

3g mobile hotspot: it tells me "cannot setup data link. "

Usb tether: my computer does not seem to have rndis drivers. I have read and understand i needed to install windows mobile device centre (i am on windows vista). I did but still cannot find the drivers for: rndis ethernet data and remote ndis based internet sharing device.

How can i go about troubleshooting these errors? I know i can use other 3rd party app to do tethering, but i'm hoping these default stock one will be able to do its job so i don't need more apps install.

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Motorola Milestone - Install 3d Games On Phone's Memory Card

I purchased the motorola milestone a few weeks back and its my first android phone. Also, i haven't rooted it as yet. I love gaming on my phone and am going crazy trying to figure out how to install 3d games (heavy-duty ones like let's golf, assassin's creed, nfs - to name a few) on my phone. Please can someone tell me what i should do in order to install them on my phone's memory card?

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Motorola Droid X - Restore Media Widget That Came Loaded On Phone

I'm trying to restore the media widget that came loaded on the phone. It looks like viewfinder and it has 3 shortcuts for the camera, camcorder, & sideshow. I can't find it anywhere.

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Motorola Droid - Restore An Sprecovery File When Flashed To Clockwork

My original rom is saved in sprecovery. I just ran rom manager and flashed clockwork recovery. Is there a way that i can ever do a nandroid restore and go back to my orignal rom that i saved with sprecovery.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro - Can Install Thai Language

I've bought this phone sim free in the uk so i can use it with a thai sim card when i'm travelling in thailand but would like to install thai language so that i can sms my local friends in their native language. Is this possible and if so, how? 

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Motorola Milestone - Latency Being Extremely High - Making Browsing Ect Over Wi-fi Feel Slower Than Over Hsdpa

I've had my motorola milestone for just under a week now and although an excellent handset, i like others, am experiencing some wi-fi problems , usually just refusing to communicate (although still apparently connected), this is resolved by turning wi-fi off in the handset, and then back on again.

But the main problem is latency being extremely high, usually around 800ms but up to 1400ms, making browsing ect over wi-fi feel slower than over hsdpa.

The latency was determined by pinging the handset from a wired ethernet computer from the command prompt.

I upgraded from android 2. 0 to 2. 0. 1 over the air hoping that it would resolve the problem, which it didn't, and then to 2. 1 from and developers, but the problem still persists.

I've also tried pinging my ipod touch, which produced a time of around 250ms and my samsung galaxy portal (android 1. 5) which had also had a latency of around 250ms.

So it would seem that the problem is inherent to the milestone rather than android handsets in general?

I'm using a us robitics 5450 802. 11g access point, and the signal strength is good. Pinging the access point itself from a wired ethernet computer produced a latency of less than 1ms, and i do not have any issues with any other wi-fi connected devices on my network.

I've yet to attempt pinging my milestone from a different wi-fi ap.

Has anyone else her had similar latency issues, and have you had any luck resolving the problem?

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Motorola Milestone - Wifi Connection Work Strange / Make Turn On It And Connect To Ap Throught One Click

It's my first post. I bought milestone recently. Before i used only wm devices.
Milestone is nice phone but wifi work some strange. I installed the widget that turn on wifi in one click. When i turn on wifi, phone is not looking for access points that i was connected before. I must enter to settings - wireless network - wifi settings. Then starting the search access point and connecting.
Can i make turn on wifi and connect to ap throught one click?

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Motorola Droid X - Layout Messed Up / Restore Entire Phone Back To Factory Setup

Something i must have downloaded (app) changed my whole screen  home page is gone. Is there a way to just restore the entire phone back to factory set up?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro - Upgrade Didn't Include Thai Script

I was disappointed that the android upgrade didn't include thai script. 70 million people cannot send and read sms or webpages in their language. It's very annoying to just get squares in the messages!

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