Lg Ally Usb Debugging Driver

Hello i have searched the internet for the debugging driver but as yet i have not found it and lg will not help because i would be making third party software thus voiding waranties and so on. If you know where this driver is.

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No Usb Driver In Sdk Available Packages

I'v just downloaded and installed the latest android sdk package and followed the instructions to the letter on win 7, (apart from there being no sdk installer.exe file as per the readme.txt (so i ran the sdk manager.exe instead). When i finish the install, there is no usb driver package listed in the available packages pane. All the posts i'v read say it should just be there. Any suggestions?

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Cortex A8 Freescale Imx515 Usb Driver Win7

I purchased an android tablet, from chinese manufacturer, running android 2. 2. It is a good device, so far, for the money paid. My problem is usb connection to a windows 7 pc, no specific driver supplied, yet but i am chasing manufacturer for one.

All parts are functioning to a degree. I managed to get samsung new pc studio to see the tablet and even, for a few seconds, show the drives but then the tablet disconnected. I could repeat this at will. So is anyone aware of a source for windows 7 usb drivers that i might try. Or any other suggestions would be welcomed.

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Motorola Droid X - Trying To Root - Usb Debugging?

I have a x on ota 2. 2. Trying to follow the one click root here - how to: root droid x running official android 2. 2 - droid life: a droid community blog but the only time i see usb debug active is on charge only.

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Motorola Droid X - Usb Debugging Modes ?

What modes should usb debugging be available? Mine is only showing the status bar icon in usb mass storage mode. I thought for sure i've seen it in at least media sync mode before. Can someone confirm that i should be seeing this in other modes? If this is the case, could the cause be my drivers? They should be up to date, but i've heard of some people having to switch modes to get them to work.

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Motorola Droid X - Usb Debugging - Sd Card

A couple days ago i enabled "usb debugging" because i needed to use pdanet to connect my laptop to the web. I left debugging on when i was done, because i didn't think that it was effecting anything.

Later while i was connected to my desktop computer (charging) and loading new apps, a couple apps complained that they couldn't access the sd card.

I quickly tested access to the sd card with the camera and astro file manager, which could see the sd card.

When i disconnected from the computer i saw "preparing sd card" which really scared me. However, the sd card was not reformatted as i had feared.

Can someone please explain the relationships between: usb debugging, being connected to a computer via usb (mounted as a disk on the computer) and access to the sd card?

Also is there a diagram anywhere that shows android's layout of the disk. For example - where is the gallery where the camera's photos are located?

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Samsung Behold 2 - Sunkist And Usb Debugging

A couple of weeks ago my daughter (3 years old) turned her mommy's sunkist over on the coffee table which happened to be where my phone was sitting since the night before. Needless to say i freaked out a little bit. Luckily the battery had died and there was no power to the phone at the time. After pulling everything out of it and laying it on a dehumidifier rack (one you put in your basement not the one you make jerky in) for about 2 days so it would dry out. When i turned the phone on it worked and i was happy. I did notice that i had some issues with charging but for the most part it worked. The usb debugging notification would come on when it was hooked only to a charger which is wrong. This went on for a day or so and then stopped.

3 days ago i had the phone on the towel rack in the bathroom while taking a shower. When i got to work the phone would not shut up. It is constantly in and out of usb debugging. Any time i touch it it goes nuts. This primarily happens here at work. Very seldom does it happen at home. I disassembled the phone, removed the back cover, the battery, sim, sd, took the screws out of the back, pulled the boards apart at the top and cleaned them all with pipe cleaners and alcohol really well and reassembled the phone. It is still doing the same freakin thing.

My question is. How is usb debugging initiated hardware wise? I know you go to apps>development and all that jazz to enable it. My question is what exactly happens within the phone to signal that it is time to initiate a connection. The phone doesn't think it is charging when this happens but it does reset the "time since unplugged" counter whenever this happens.

Any clues? Also, what else can i use to clean the internals of this phone that will remove any type of soda drink syrup. I have a feeling that there is a connection happening somewhere that is based on localized moisture content of surrounding air. Sunkist contains a fair amount of citric acid which when allowed to dry creates more resistance in a circuit. When exposed to even small amounts of moisture can open a path for current to flow.

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Samsung Captivate - Usb Debugging Widget

It's a pain pressing settings, applications, development, usb debugging. I use it often enough to think that a widget would be handy.

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Enable Usb Debugging Programatically From Within App

Is it possible to enable usb debugging (under settings/applications/development) programatically from within my app?

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Usb Debugging - When Launch Ddms Tool Fromcomputer - Not Listing The Device

I am having an android phone (motorola quench xt3) running version 2. 1. I have installed android sdk (including the usb driver) in my windows xp os.

I enabled usb debugging in my phone and connected it to the computer. The phone is recognized and the sd card gets mounted in my computer.

When i launch the ddms tool from my computer, it is not listing the device. Am i missing any steps here or the usb debugging works only with specific phones.

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Samsung Moment - Camera Driver All Messed Up In 2.1 / What To Do

Google goggles is nearly unusable because if i try to use the 'crop' feature, it misplaces it due to some bug in the camera driver and/or app. The visible area for taking a pic is not as large as the actual resolution, so it's like the viewfinder only sees the upper left 3/4 of what you're taking a pic of.

Very annoying. I'm going to ask sprint to give me a chance to upgrade my phone early in light of all the issues this phone has had. I'm sure some of you aren't as agitated as me or as picky as i am, but i have pretty much had it with this phone. I shouldn't have to learn to get around quirks and bugs or have to use root access for full functionality. It's ridiculous. All this time waiting for the 2. 1 update, and they not only didn't get it right, but they cut out features.

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Fail To Install The Mtp Driver Error On Samsung Galaxy S2

Yesterday i flashed the xwlp8 firmware onto my galaxy sii. I factory reset the phone before and after the flash. Now samsung kies will not pick up my phone via usb. It fail to install the mtp driver (?). I have uninstalled kies 3 times, uninstalled my phone in device manager and even rolled back my version of kies. Is there anything else i can do? I really need to restore my phone from the backup i made. It has some important photos in it.

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Samsung Fascinate - Need Cdc Abstract Control Model Acm Driver

I need this driver for xp and am unable to find it anywhere. Can anyone help. Lack of this drives is causing problems with pdanet and this pos computer not keeping the usb connected. Cant get a new pc right now nor do i ave a copy of win 7 that is not 64 bit to throw on this pc.

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 - Can I Use Phone's Froyo Camera Driver In Gaosp

Anybody have any idea if we can grab the camera driver from froyo of galaxy s and use it in gaosp?

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Debugging Simplecursoradapter ?

I'm working on my first android app and can't figure out how to get my simplecursoradpater to populate the view. The cursor that i'm passing in has results in it, so the problem must be somewhere in instantiating the adapter or in binding it to the view. I'm sort of at my wits end since no exceptions are thrown and i can't really step into setlistadapter.

Here is how i get my cursor in the first place:


And this is the schema do my db:


Here are the two lines where things start to fall apart:


My main layout looks like this:


Here is the view to fill with each result:


Finally here are the static variables i used:


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Debugging On Acer Liquid

I have problems to start debugging on my new acer liquid. Windows xp sp3 always tells me that it cannot find any drivers for the "acer hsusb device". I already installed the latest usb drivers (revision 2, november 2009) using the sdk manager. Do i have to wait for a new revision?

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Developing And Debugging On Logitech Revue

Nyone using logitech revue for gtv's development? I mean - are these any restrictions (logitech ships within us only for now) or once can i.e. Debug/test their apps outside us w/o much hassle?

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Debugging Droid - Get Bugreport Output From A User?

What is the easiest way for a user to send me the output from 'adb bugreport'? Asking them to install the sdk and hook up usb debugging is too hard. Is there an app that will just dump that out and email it, or some other trick?

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Samsung Fascinate - Leave Debugging On All The Time Or Only When Im Attatching It To My Pc

Should i leave debugging on all the time or only when im attatching it to my pc? As of now i just leave it on.

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Debugging - Message - Application Widges - Process Widgets.controls - Has Stopped Unexpectedly Please Try Again

I am new to android development but i know programming and i found out that the android development platform doesnt display error messages that make sense. For eg : i am in the process of creating a to-do-list app and this thing give me a message saying that "the application widges (process widgets.controls) has stopped unexpectedly please try again". How in the world am i am supposed to debug this error or know what it means.

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Is There A Cyanogenmod Available For The Lg Ally Yet?

Is there a cyanogenmod available for the ally yet? I was hoping that the cm team would create cm9 for the ally? Any information is welcomed. P. S. I heard of project gretel: i tried it and my radio went haywire, getting some -1073922 dbm! And the sound is to low and it doesn't pass audio thru

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Wifi Hotspot On The Lg Ally

I just updated my phone to the 2. 2 and now i have the ability to be a mobile hotspot. Is there an extra charge for using this? Or is it included in data already? Sent from my ally using android community app.

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Lg Ally - How To Root Phone

Root my lg ally.

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Cannot Boot Into Recovery Using Lg Ally

Im running velocity 1. 2 and clockworkmod and when i try to boot into recovery it boots to a blue screen that says fastboot anyone know how to get into recovery so i can make a nandroid?

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Lg Ally - Syncing Microsoft Exchange

Is there any direct way to sync ms exchange with the ally? I have the roadsync app as a trial version which works, but soon ill have to pay for it which i don't want to do. The phone manual says it can sync directly like the other email formats, but you have to contact the administrator. Has anyone figured out how to do this? It just seems so unneccesary to have to get an app when the other email formats don't need one.

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Lg Ally - Sw Version Stuck Vs740zv6

I've been trying out some of my own flavors of rooms and somehow now my sw version wont change i can flash anything like velocity, raptor or any of my cooks that the sw version wont change to v8 or vzb. Does anyone know whats causing that?

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Lg Ally - Keep Getting Compile Error / Fix It

I feel like an idiot, i keep getting this error when i attempt to compile a kernel for the ally. I am trying to take the .config file from the ally and incorporate it into the cm source.code.

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Lg Ally - Check What Class An Sd Card

How can i tell what class an sd card is? I have two 8gb cards that i can use to replace the 4gb that came with the ally, but if they're different classes, i want to put the faster one in my phone (and the wife can have the other in her ally - which, btw, is also running velocity v0. 3 and drellisdee's turbo jit+oc, and both of our phones are stable at 787 trident and drellisdee are my heroes!).

So, how do i check 'em?

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Lg Ally - Can Test Some Beta Roms

Jw if i could be a beta tester and test roms and report any problems.

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Lg Ally - Shattered Screen - How To Wipe Phone

I dropped my lg ally two nights ago and shattered the screen. I already went and got a new phone, the incredible. However now i am faced with a dilemma. I want to sell the ally on ebay as is with the broken screen, so someone may be able to fix it and use it. The phone still works fine as far as i can tell. The touchscreen does still work but only if i want to get bits of broken glass embedded in my skin. However i need to wipe all my personal settings and information from the phone. How can i do this without being able to actually access anything from the touch screen? Alternatively, does anyone know where i could order a new screen for it?

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