How To Obfuscate An App When Using Intellij Idea

I imagine there are two options:

Build a parallel ant script and bypass the ide (seems pretty inefficient when the ide is so good)
Somehow integrate proguard/yguard or similar with intellij

I've tried installing plugins for proguard/yguard into intellij but neither seem to be working (installed ok, but don't appear under facets), and actually i'm not 100% sure these plugins will help me obfuscate or whether they just provide a de-obfuscation facility for debugging.

I figure ant is the best route, but would appreciate your thoughts. I just want a way to reduce the chances of someone reverse-engineering apps, but without spending hours setting it up.

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Set Up Testing In Intellij Idea

How to do testing on android in intellij? I am looking for resources similar to what you find for eclipse with the ability to create a test project for my android project.

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How To Build Project With Scala Sources In Intellij Idea - Community Edition

I am trying to build an android project with scala sources in intellij idea (community edition). I am using scala sources from java files: auto-complete works correctly, but build cannot resolve scala classes in java: cannot find symbol class myscalaclass.

(I managed that in eclipse, but scala support in eclipse is poor. )

I have added scala module in addition to android module. Now, build fails during generating classes. Dex with message:

Error: trouble writing output: format == null

I found that it is a limitation of dalvik: issue 7147.

How can i strip unused methods/classes in idea without using ant script? (I was using proguard in ant script, but i was unable make idea to parse scala error messages from ant results. )

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Grocery List Alarm Notification App Idea

I was thinking of a cross platform mobile/web application (android, iphone, winmo, symbian, etc). Of course for this forum we will talk strictly about android. The idea behind the program will be lists. To do lists, grocery lists, honey do lists, etc. It will have a web interface and will sync with a hand held client. Basic use of the program on your phone will be to make to do lists on your phone, grocery lists, etc. Wouldn't it be sweet to have your grocery list on your g1 and when you put the item in your basket you hit the check mark on the list and it crosses it out?

Where it would separate itself from the competition and really use the android platform will be the web to mobile or mobile to mobile interface. Lets say your wife wants to send you a grocery list. She could go to the web interface and writes up the list, assigns the list to [yournamehere] and you get a notification of a new list and it pops up on your mobile client on your g1. Or maybe she has her own g1, she can write up the list on her own personal g1 and send it to you that way.

You could really integrate it into the android os.contacts integration. Integrate it with the alarm (maybe your husband leaves work at 5pm so you assign his grocery list an alarm to go off at 5pm to remind him to stop by the store, or maybe he needs that reminder to get his hair cut off his to do list, etc). Integration with the notification system. Etc.

From the web interface you can print off your lists for when you send a list to someone without a mobile device. Or at least make a link to a web page mobile web friendly so you can send a link to a list to someone with a blackberry or a wap browser or winmo device and they can look it up that way without having to use the mobile client. The web interface would/could pay for itself (maybe even make money) with advertising. Is there a better target for context based advertising then someone who just received a to-do list or grocery list?

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How To Instruct Intellij - Not Include Certatin Dependencies

My project layout is


But as soon as i want to compile and build my androidclient intellij adds the server libs to the compile classpath of my android project and i get a unexpected top-level exception because of multiple classes that are present in android and normal java.

My question is how can i set up my project without duplicating the server code?

It seems to be a problem with the android-plugin. It includes all the serverside libs in the build.

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Simple Magic Card Trick Idea

I have an idea for an adroid magic card trick. Having looked around the internet i cant find anything like it so im putting it on here in hope that someone who knows what they are doing will create it

1. Before the trick is shown to the viewer select a real card from a deck i.e. Ace of hearts but any card will do.

2. In the setup section of the app enter the card that has been selected.

3. Hide the real card behind the phone. I have a samsung galaxy s so the phone is a perfect match size wise.

4. Now in front of the viewer open the app which shows the top of a deck of cards face up.

5. Swipe the phone from right to left which starts the cards shuffling through continuously.

6. Tap the phone to stop at a random card.

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until the viewer is convinced that each time the card is random.

8. When ready to perform the actual trick swipe the phone from left to right instead of right to left to start the cards shuffling.

9. This time when the phone is tapped the card selected and entered at step 2 appears.

10. Using your thumb on the front of the phone and a finger on the real card behind the phone, appear to remove the card the viewer has selected from the phone and give it to the viewer.

If this app already exists can someone point me to it.

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Idea / Procedure To Implement Scratchable Ticket Kind Custom View Item In Droid

I need to develop a instant lottery game app.

I need an idea/procedure to implement scratchable custom widget similar to instant lottery tickets in android.

The requirement is like, the actual content(secret number) should be covered by some image(which indicates scratch area). When the user touch and scratch the image, the image has to disappear slowly and the background content(secret number) should appear accordingly.

Please let me know the best way to implement this. I am in real need of it.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Disable "gmail" App - Disassociate Its Account With App To Get Mail On App

So i have a hero and i want to use my gmail and school accounts on it. I like the "mail" application that keeps the 2 accounts organized together. The problem is that i don't want to use the "gmail" app in addition to the gmail account setup in "mail" app. I guess i'm just irked by having two notifications and two apps for the 1 gmail account. I've tried looking everywhere but i can't find how delete my "gmail" app account.

So how can i disable "gmail" app or just disassociate my gmail account with the app, so that i only get mail on the "mail" app?

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Htc Evo 4g - Program / App Used In Place Of Stock Mail App Comes With Phone

Is there another mail program/app that can be used in place of the stock mail app that comes with the evo?

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Possible In Market To Delete An Existing Free App And Reupload It Again As A Pay App

I have an app i am offering for free for now. At some point, i want to be able to change it to a pay app.

The market doesn't allow a free app to become for-pay and doesn't allow for-pay apps to be priced at 0$.

So is it possible to just delete the original app and then reupload it as a for-pay app ? It's okay in my case if users aren't notified of updates.

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Motorola Droid - App That Allows Me To Only Password Lock My Messaging App

The only thing i want to lock on my phone is my messages so no one else can read them. Is there any app or something that allows me to only password lock my messaging app?

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App Similar To Spawn Lite App For Iphone

Anyone know if there is an app similar to the "spawn lite" app for the iphone?Or is there any type of music visualizer app? Ive always wanted one for my phone and i havent been able to find any.

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Icon Sometimes Open New App Sometimes Brings Up Old App

I have an android app which i have written, which exhibits some strange behaviour.

When i have an app open, say with three acitivties in the stack

A - b - c

Where a is the entry point and c is the currently viewed activity, if i press the home button and reselect the icon for my app sometimes i see a, which on pressing the back button i can see the task now contains the activities

A - b - c - a

And sometime it just reopens the app in the last state

A - b - c

Which is what i want to happen.could anyone inform me of why the inconsitant behaviour is happening. On both cases i press the icon strait after exiting the app via the home key.

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Best Email App / Best Bible App For Evo

I am looking for the best email app as well as the best bible app for my evo. I have 4 email accounts and need to be able to access them all simultaneously. I also, need to make sure when i reply to an email it comes from the correct email address (i.e. The one the message was sent to). The ability to view all new inbox messages in one inbox and being able to reply or forward and the message coming from the appropriate email address is vital!Also, need a good bible app. One that allows for highlighting, bookmarks, and notes.

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Looking For An App Like Volt 3d App For Droid

I'm looking for an app like the volt 3d app for android. Here is a link to the app that the iphone uses.


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Move A Copy Of App From One Droid To Another / Need App Like "any Cut"

It seems "any cut" is not on droid market. I found it indispensable.

Is there another app like it, ie the ability to create a shortcut directly to any exe. I was using it to put frequent phone#'s on the home screen.

Or, is there a way to move a copy of the app from one droid to another?

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Name Of App Shown In Menu / Different Than Title Shown For App On Launcher Activity

Does anyone know a way to have the name of the app, as shown in the menu be different than the title shown for the app on the launcher activity?

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Got Charged More Than Once For An App / Why Did I Get It

I bought the gameboid app for 3. 99 this morning in the market.

I then went to my bank's website to check that it went through and i noticed that i had three charges from google. Two for 1. 00 and one for 3. 99. Obviously, the 3. 99 one was correct.

I looked into some of the older threads that were related, and found out that google has an authorization charge for 1. 00 that they remove (i think), but why did i get two? Could it be related to me initially backing out of purchasing the app?

What happened was after i clicked buy, a window popped up asking for my credit card info. Here is where i hit back because i thought that the app was added to my verizon bill so i texted my mom (who's owned her android for over a year now) what to do. I then clicked buy again and enter the info.

Will both of the 1. 00 charges be removed? Do i need to contact google (i don't even have a clue how to do that)?

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Backporting An App To 1.5

We initially built our app for 2. 1. Now, we're trying to get it working on 1. 5.

I changed the target to "3" in default. Properties, and i copied over the missing ant targets, but now i'm getting an error because "drawable-hdpi" is an invalid res directory name.

It looks like this is switching me to the old build tools. I'd like to use the latest tools but build against the 1. 5 apis.


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Where To Find More App

I'll be very generous and says there are no more than 300 apps i see talked about. There must be some great apps no one has ever heard of in that 30, 000. What can we do to find more great apps?

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Looking For Free An Im App

I currently have the htc tattoo android phone and i'm looking for a good, free im app so i can get in touch with my friends from yahoo, gmail, facebook, etc.

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Best Craigslist App

I often use craigslist, and i was wondering, what's your favorite app for it?I use craigsnotification, but often times, it will not show pics. Is there anything better?

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Has Anyone Seen Screenwriting App

Has anyone seen a screenwriting app for android? The damn iphone/ipad has two different apps available, screenplay and scriptwrite. I've been searching around and haven't seen anything for us yet. A final draft app would be absolutely awesome.

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App Not Yet Shipped

I've uploaded my first paid app to the checkout says "not yet shipped" on yhe order detail pages. Also, there is a "send shipment notice" button and a "chargeable" label on each order's details page. I'm confused. Do i have to do anything? Isn't it automatic?

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Looking For Htc App

My wife has a htc hero and on her home screen she has a clock that also gives her location (town ) and weather and temp. Any one know what this app is called and is it available to other android phones. I would love it on my x10.

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Best Aim App

Iv tried ebuddy, meebo, aimer, hi aim, official aim app, palringo, and also would of tried trilian but my os is 1. 5im looking or the best aim app even if i have 2 pay for it 2 use my cliq

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Need App For

Is there a app for

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Pintail App - How To Use It

Anyone downloaded this pintail app?
I'm just wondering exactly how to use this. And if anyone has had good luck with it.

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Need An Im App For Desire Z

I'm looking for an im app for my desire z, but i'd like one where there's no "signed in from mobile device" or "im app for android" message in your status.

Is there an im app(free or paid) that can do this? If so, what do you guys use and why?

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Where To Get Dj / Mixing App

Is there an app out there that does mixing of songs in ur music playlist's or even lets you mess with preloading tracks on the app? **Like the deadmau5 app for the itouch?

Im looking for an app that would allow you to pretty much mess with splice, dj, remix, and cut songs from your saved music and allows you to save the new monstrosity you've made and play it back?

If not how does one do about pushing for this concept to be created?

I think it would be a great idea to bring to the adroid market and has been very overlooked. I had a ton of smaller less indepth apps on my itouch and would love to see a balls out version on my evo.

So does it exist or can it be created? Also after seeing the lame iphone4 commercial on the apple site that showed a good looking version of apples movie editing software in phone version, i think this is more then possible.

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