Samsung Epic 4g - Can't Get Factory Reset To Work

What's the trick to doing the factory reset by holding the volume down, power button and camera button at same time?All it will do it turn the phone back on.

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Samsung Fascinate - Spontaneous Factory Reset

I have experienced multiple spontaneous fascinate reboots that leave the phone in its factory state. Is anyone else seeing this? What could be causing this?It is highly annoying to reinstall everything time after time.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Custom Theme - Back To Factory

Uninstalled the custom theme and the other progam that makes it run. That put it back to factory. Then i was doing other things and tried to go back to home, and it made me choose which action to take to get there. I chose "android" and told it to use this by default.

Well, apparently, this takes it back to like the vanilla android, i guess? I don't like it. That was half the reason i hated the custom theme because it ran things like vanilla andriod.

I must be the only person that prefers this, but please help me get back to factory.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Weird Stuff Happening That Need Reset

Lately weird things are happening to my epic. First, i realized that i'm only able to send text messages but i wasn't receiving any incoming messages. So i took out the battery put it back (soft reset) and then all old messages from two days ago started going out and the messaging is working again. But now i had another weird thing happening. When putting in headphones the audio was coming out of the headphones and out of the phone as well. Plus the sound was terrible. I tried this with a few different headphones to confirm the problem was with the phone itself. Well, yes, i took out the battery and made yet another reset and walla! Its working fine.

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Best Way To Backup Before A Factory Reset ? - Motorola Droid

Just wondering if there is a good or proper way to back up my apps before doing a factory reset? I'm not too worried about contacts as that should be saved ala google just have a lot of apps (all free) and hoping i don't have to go back and re-dl them all.

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How To Reset Lg Optimus V Phone To Factory Default?

I try deleting couple of stuff, move few stuff, and clean up the phone but it always say memory full. How do i reset the phone to factory default?

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Cannot Connect To Hotmail After Factory Reset - Lg Optimus (gt540)

I did a factory refresh last night (bad mistake ). I can get onto the internet and use my g mail etc what i cant do and could before is to use my hotmail account as default. I have gone through mail > other > put in all relevant info such as my email password etc. I have been on the orange site and followed their instructions but still getting the "cant connect" message. Anyone help?

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Hero - Re-install Deleted Htc Widget Without A Factory Reset

Damn, i've accidentally uninstalled the stock htc facebook widget !

Is there any way of re-installing it without a factory re-set ?

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Motorola Droid - Want To Get Back To Stock 2.0.1 / Can I Do A Factory Data Reset

So i have cyanogenmod v5. 0. 4. 3 and i want to get back to stock 2. 0. 1. Can i do a factory data reset what exactly will that do?

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Issue: Phone Does Not Support Upgrading Via Kies After Factory Reset

I factory reset my phone the other day and now when i open kies it says, your device does not support software upgrading via kies. I was able to upgrade firmware before factory reset. If anyone has a solution please let me know.

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Issue: Apps Disappear From Sd Card, After I Factory Reset The Phone

Moved apps to sd card, did master reset, where did my apps go? I moved all my apps to my sd card by using my phone. I backed up all of my pictures and everything, and then did a factory reset on my phone. I plugged in my sd card expecting to see all of my apps that i had moved to my sd card (about 15 of them) and i can't find them anywhere. Anybody have any ideas? Of course, i can download all of my apps again, but some were paid apps, some from the amazon appstore. I have searched everything that i can think of, and haven't found any sort of answer. My phone is not rooted either.

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Motorola Droid X - Launcher Pro Suddenly Blowing Up After 2.2 Update / Need To Do A Factory Reset

Has anyone else been experiencing launcher pro force-closes and homescreen freezes after their 2. 2 update? Everything was working perfectly for me for a couple of hours and now it's all gone down the drain. I've done restarts and two battery pulls. I would get to the homescreen and then it would just freeze up and i couldn't do anything. Frustrating! Do i need to do a factory reset?

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Samsung Epic 4g - One Of Dock Widgets Will Not Work

I know someone else posted this before, but i can't find it now. Maybe it's buried in the bug thread. There are 4 icons on the dock, and the one second from the left (next to phone one) will not work. It was for contacts. I deleted it and changed it to market, and that won't work either. It says: "could not launch the requested activity. "

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Samsung Epic 4g - Contacts Button At Bottom Of Screen Will Not Work

I'm a new epic user, and installed launcher pro plus yesterday. Everything seems to be working fine, except the contacts button at the bottom of the screen will not work. When i press it, it says "could not launch the requested activity. " I pulled my battery last night and it is still having the same issue. Anyone else seen this and have any tips to fix it?

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Samsung Epic 4g - Can't Detect My Samsung Epic 4g On My Laptop

I can't detect my phone on my laptop. I've tried debugging and it still didn't recognize my phone. It says no usb is detected. I've pressed fix and apply and still nothing. I have a hp g72 laptop with windows 7 32bit. I also tried the mount feature and still nothing.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Bad Quality Pics When Downloaded From Gmail To Epic

Bad quality pics when downloaded from gmail to my epic. How can i see them in a better quality or resolution?They are being directly saved to my sd card.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Why Isn't Epic Updating (newbie)

I recently got my lovely epic replaced because of some problems. So far this device is fine, except for updating. Under the "about phone", i scroll to "baseband version" and the after the last . It says di07. This isn't the latest, is it? I go to "system updates" and i tried "update firmware", it just says "no software update is available at this time. Your current software is up to date. " . "Update profile" doesn't do anything, and "update android" says i'm already on the latest.

Also, on my old epic i noticed i had the updated market (separate tab for comments). On this epic i don't see that, its the old market.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Usb Port Not Enough To Charge Epic While Using It

When i plug my samsung epic into the usb port of my dell desktop at work i can see it's charging, but the charge is apparently not enough to even remain at battery level if i'm using it to phone, message, speaker or tether. This is not the case when i plug the phone into the wall charger (espcially my wife's 900ma evo charger or my dodge ram's usb port)damn shame really as it limits how long i can tether for.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Facebook Newfeed On Epic Not Working

Odd for about the last 4 days, tapping "news feed" in the native facebook widget on the sprint epic4g fails to load, and i see the highly informative error:an error occured while fetching data [null]anyone else have this issue? I've logged in and out, and refreshed, but still can't load the news feed.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Epic Can Use Usb And Bluetooth On A Mac

To those who are wondering whether they can connect their epic to a mac for usb and bluetooth file transfers:you can absolutely mount your epic on a mac. From the epic's home screen, either go to: (1) home screen (menu button) > applications > development or (2) (under launcher pro only) home screen (menu button) > preferences > advanced settings. From there, enable usb debugging. Now plug in your micro-to-usb cable. A prompt will appear on your epic; select mass storage. Your sd card will then appear on the desktop of your mac and you can transfer whatever you like.

Here's the other way to mount your sd on a mac: switch off your epic, remove the sd card, slip it into the card adapter it came with and plug the adapter into your usb port. (I do hope that everyone who experiences connection issues with a mac and any other smartphone or media player will now know enough to try this before posting rants about how bad their new _ is for "causing" the problem. )

Bluetooth also works, though you won't be able to see the epic's file menu on your mac's desktop. Under bluetooth, your mac will identify and pair with your epic (and identify it as a "smartphone") as soon as you make your phone and mac visible and set up your epic on the mac as a device. However, your mac won't connect until you access the pull-down bluetooth menu from the upper right-hand corner of its screen. From there, scroll down to the name of your device and select "send file". Select the file you wish to send and you're done. You should also tell your epic always to allow your mac to send files if you don't want to kill bluetooth transfers under apps or disrupt whatever else you're doing on your phone to answer individual prompts.

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Samsung Epic 4g - New Epic -tuck At Dg17 Seeing No Update

I can swear i have seen this discussed before but i just cant find that thread search gave some results, but none that was helpful. Can anyone here link me to right place or answer me right a new epic, but firmware is stuck at dg17. I clicked update firmware many times now, but it comes back and says no update available. I am connected to 3g right now. I don't have any experience with odin and manual updates, so if manual is the only way, can you also please link me to some really detailed step by step manual update guide.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Downloas Pic's From Pc To Epic

How do i download pic's from my pc and put them on my epic?. I used the tether method, but nothing there.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Saving Email On Epic 4g

How do i save an email . I cant find any options for this . Not the gmail i mean the aol i get . Also how do i move one from trash to inbox or save ?

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Samsung Galaxy S2 - Reflash S2 I9100 Back To Factory Settings

How to reflash s2 i9100 back to factory settings? I have upgraded my s2 from gingerbread to ics (xxlpq) but with many issues. Battery icon not being displayed on main menu bar. As i didn't backup the apn stuffs im not able to connect to my network operator. Gps not working. I want to go back to my old gingerbread 2. 3. 0, can anyone guide me in reflashing the same (i dont know which version was installed in my phone by the manufacturer).

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - How To Do Soft Reset Or Any Sort Of Reset On Phone

Does anyone know how to do soft reset or any sort of reset on this xperia x10? I have been locked out because of my son has performed the unlock pattern too many times.

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How To Reset Service Settings For Samsung Galaxy S2 ?

I am stuck in service settings for samsung galaxy sii i9100 after using swift code *#*#197328640#*#*. Even after rebooting and factory reseting my phone the problem remain there. That is in my bluetooth headset and handsfree i cannot hear a call even i can hear music and other tunes. I have checked the headset and handfree on other phones where it works correctly. Please can anyone tell me how to reset or restore the service settings.

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Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket - Reset Battery Use Page

I often check the battery use page in the settings. Although it has a "refresh" option, it still shows several hours of battery use. Even if i remove and replace the battery. How can i reset?

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Battery Usage Does Not Reset - Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

Still runs and doesn't reset to zero hour, it has been 3 days(also my phone is 3 days old, sg2, international model), and i already charge it 4 times, i only get like 8 hours of usage, and to think that every charge it will reset the process, why doesn't it reset? Is this a bug, please don't suggest me to root, i am done with the jail breaking stuff.

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Samsung Vibrant - Google Map Update After Hard Reset

I had to hard reset my vibrant and everything works ok, but google map update doesnt show up on market.
My map is on 4. 0 and i know 4. 4 is out. I cleared all cache on market and map, but still no luck.

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Samsung Moment - Used Correct Passwords And Still Unable To Open / Reset It - Get A New

I am new to this forum and i hope someone can help me. I have seen several threads reference this and can't figure this out. I am locked out of my samsung moment and have used my correct passwords and still unable to open. Is it possible to rest or do i have to get a new phone?

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