Droid Access Listview Row From Another

Suppose i have a listview with 3 rows. If the user clicks a button in row 1, it expands a menu (it's just a linear layout that's shown/hidden). If they then click on an item in row 2, i'd like to be able to collapse the menu in row 1. Is this possible? If so, how?

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Listview Row Overlap

I just updated my app and i am getting some odd complaints from people who update it. I am only getting complaints from people with non-stock android phones (phones that manufacturers have modified. Htc phones, cliq, pulse, etc), other phones like the droid, nexus work fine. My app (photo frame deluxe) has a list in it with a image view, text view, view (spacer) and checkbox, all in a row. What happens on the affected phones is that the rows start overlapping and it cuts the top half of everything off. My layout code for this is below, i am pulling my hair out on this, what might i have wrong in this layout.
Why does this work on some phones and not on others?

Row layout:


Layout row is inserted in:


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Return Empty Row In Custom Arrayadapter Without Having To Filter List Used For Listview

When my listview is being filled by a custom array adapter, i check for a certain parameter in the current list item, and if it is false, i want to return an empty row. At the moment, i am doing this by inflating an empty xml file, but that creates ugly list item dividers when a number of items should not be shown, and is obviously not the best way code.

I have tried to return "null", but it clearly expects a view to be returned. Is there anything i could do without having to filter the list that is being used for the listview beforehand (i want to keep it intact as i am doing other things with it, too).

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Determine Which Row Of Listview Is "highlighted"

I would like to change the font colour of text in each listview row when the row is highlighted. i.e. When the row is not highlighted leave the font black, however when it is highlighted change the font colour to white.

Is there a method which allows one to get the id of the currently selected row?

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Droid App Crash On Row Insert / Why Is So

I'm just getting started with android development, and i've ran into some problems my textbook isn't helping me with.code.

It crashes on the db. Insert line with a nullpointerexception. Can anyone tell me why?

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Delete Last Row In A Table With Sqlite Database Tools Of Droid

My question is quite straightforward. I have a table, with, lets say x rows, with each an id, but i don't know how many rows i have. Now i want to delete the last row of my table for some reason. Is there an easy way to do that in android? I have been trying to use the last_insert_rowid in my where clause. But no luck so far.
Any idea to do that with the sqlite database tools of android?

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Listview Touch - Each List Item In Listview Is Linkified Textview And A Regular Textview

Each list item in my listview is a linkified textview, and a regular textview. The problem is that once there is a touchable item in the listview, the touch works only for that item, that is - only links work, but the entire list item containing the link cannot be touch selected (only with the trackball). I tried this also with buttons inside the list items and the touch behavior was the same - only the button view could be "touched". Is there a way to make a list item touchable with touchable views inside?

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Possible To Populate List View From Cursor Row Id

Is it possible to populate a listview based on a row id from a custom cursor adapter. I keep getting an error "illegalarguementexception column: _id does not exist". But the database has it and is already being used correctly. I don't know what to do, because i would need to populate different listviews from the same database and i don't want to have to create multiple database which will still have the same column names code.

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Indicate To User That A Row Long-clickable - Typical Ui Mechanism For It

I have a listview. I let the user perform some action on a long-click (pop up a picker dialog with a few choices) on row items.

Is there any typical ui mechanism that should be used to let the user know that they can long-click a row item? Right now i feel like users would have no idea to long-click the rows for a list of choices.

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Listactivity Row Color Based On Object State

I have a listactivity displaying a bunch of objects from a list. I want to change the background & text color of the row based on the state of the two booleans in the monitorobject.

Do i need to extend arrayadapter? If so, a code sample would be greatly appreciated as i have been trying to figure it out for a few days with no success.


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Using Custom List View - Get User Clicked Row Value

I am using custom list view . I have trying to get user clicked row value
Can anybody tell how to get the value?

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Add Progressbar To Row.xml View Not Working / Fix It

I'm trying to add a progressbar to my row.xml view but i can't seem to make it work i keep getting error code.

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Access In China Mainland

I need the source code of android and the source of sdk api, but i can't access What should i do?

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Access A Database In A Separate Thread In Droid

How do you access a sqlitedatabase database in a separate thread (ie: an asynctask) of an activity and make sure that you always leave it in a legal state?

If i understand correctly, the thread can be killed at any moment and the database might remain open, potentially giving an illegalstateexception (sqlitedatabase
Created and never closed) at a latter time.

How do you deal with this?

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Access C# .net Web Service In Droid

How can i use .net web services using android?

My code is like this.

In this code i am using.

String url = "http://ipaddress/service1. Asmx";

Then error :- org.xmlpull. V1.xmlpullparserexception: expected:start_tag {}envelope(position:start_tag@1:6 in java. Io. Inputstreamreader@4375fda8)

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Access Resources Of Computer Through Droid Application

I want to access computer resources through android application. Is it possible? Suppose i want to create one file on hard disk through android application. If this is possible then tell me how to do this?

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Access Droid.os.servicemanage Class In Sdk

Is there a way to access this class in the sdk or is there another class that does the same thing? I need to rename one of the services listed in the servicemanager so that it will call my service instead and then pass calls i don't handle onto the original service that i have renamed.

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Clone Hidden Row And Display Cloned One With Visibility Seetings To True

As part of my dynamic adding of table rows. However in perf tips of sdk i see it takes. Inflate 1 view from xml 22, 000. Which is a huge one. In order to have a decent perf, looking to close the existing tablerow and add this as new row. Is cloning of existing table row possible assuming that i always close from a hidden view only. Does clone takes care of closing the sub views sub components clones.

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Best Way To Refresh Adapter / Listview On Droid

My book, "hello android" gives this as a way of using a custom db helper, setting up a cursor, and then setting up an adapter as follows code.

With this however, everytime i need to refresh the data set, i need to keep running this block of code (which gets a bit difficult inside an onclick() for a button due to "this" not being available.

Is this the best way to refresh the data set, or should i look towards removing the . Close and issue an adapter. Notifydatasetchanged()? If i do this, sometimes i get a force close as (and i can't remember at the moment) but sometimes it cannot delete properly - i think this may be because the database is currently open and it tries to open again.

Should we also be declaring the variables for the cursors, databasehelpers and adapter in the class (outside of the oncreate) so that they are accessible to all the functions?

I realize this is just poor programming at this stage, but im trying to get some pointers as to the best way of doing things.

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Htc Evo 4g - Not Able To Access Droid Market / Fix This

Some douchebag that works on an application told me to clear the data off of some things in my applications settings. Now i cannot access the android market. Anybody know how to fix this? When i try to access it, it says "an error has occurred. Please try again later"

Also up top it says "android terms of service"

I'm also illiterate when it comes to these types of things.

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Htc Desire - Can't Access Droid Market / What To Do

I've had my phone since yesterday. Been using the market fine. As of 1pmish today i can't seem to access it. I keep getting an error message "access blocked sorry, your wireless account does not have permission to access this application"

I selected more info, and it sent me to t-mobile content lock (age 18+)
I called tmobile and had it turned off, but its still not working!

Any suggestions?

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Motorola Droid X - Get Applications That Require Root Access

What are your favorite applications for the motorola droid x that require root access? Please include a brief description of the app and how to get it. I will update the op with the apps that you post.

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Can't Access Droid.provider.calendar / Get It To Work?

I am trying to run the calendar widget on the emulator. I checked out the calendar project (calendar & calendarprovider) from: http://android. Git. Git;.

When i try to run the code i get the infamous "the import android. Provider. Calendar cannot be resolved" i tried searching online but the only explanation that i found was "calendar is not part of the public api" what does that mean? There is no way for us to test and play around calendar?

Is there a way to get calendar to work? What if i built the entire android platform? If you could clarify (with examples if applicable).

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Unable To Access Pixels Of A Bitmap Image On Droid / Solution For It

In short i am unable to access all the pixels of a bitmap image.

I have used an intent to fire the native camera app and returned a bitmap image to my application activity. The data is definitely a bitmap object and i am able to display, get the height/width etc and access some pixels using getpixel(). However when i use the values of getheight() and getwidth() i get an array out of bounds error. By trail and error i have found i can only access a reduced number of pixels of the image, for example with one image which returned a height and width value of 420, 380, i could also access 200, 100. I then do some image processing and used setpixel() on the original image. When i display the image it shows the, say 200, 100, processing pixels and the rest normal, therefore the pixels are obviously there and accessible by android but not by me. I have to spoken to other people who have also had this problem with images.

Does anyone know anything more about this, reasons? Or a work around?

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Cannot Access Droid Market On New Htc Hero / Fix - Replace It

I cannot access android market on my brand new htc hero.

Clicking on the market icon results in the initial registration box coming up with the "accept" option greyed out. After spinning on for a while i'm told the application cannot be accessed - "try later". Pressing "decline" does not get me anywhere either.

Is there any way i can fix or replace it?

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Good Examples To Organize Database Access Code In Droid Project

I have created a contentprovider for my main sqlite table, pretty much following notepad example from sdk (although i am not sure whether i will ever be exposing my data to other apps). However, i need to create lots of other, non-trivial queries on that and other tables and views. A good example would be queries to extract some statistics from the base data, averages, totals etc.

So what's the best place for this code in an android project? How it should be related and connected to the uri-based data access exposed by a provider? Any good examples out there?

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App Couldn't Access To Web Service - Deploy It On Google Droid G1 Phone

I actually want to deploy my app on a real phone after deploying it on a an emulator. The problem is that i access to a web service (.net) hosted on my machine , i used the address 10. 0. 2. 2 to test it on emulator and everythg went well, when i install my app on my htc i couldn't access to my web service, i tried to change the address by using a real machine ip connected to a lan but it didn't work!

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Htc Droid Eris - Access My Computer From Wife's Phone On Wifi Home Network

Is there a way to access my computer from my wife's eris on my wifi home network?

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Htc Droid Eris - No Access To Global Email List - No Ability To Accept Or Decline Meeting Requests

Haven't been on the board in about 10 days. Been real busy with work and haven't had a chance to pop in here. Just dropped in tonight and wow. All the 2. 1 buzz, and leaked software this and that. Like a soap opera in here

So here's a question i haven't seen posed yet. Are we going to lose features with the 2. 1 ota? Here's why i ask. I got a moto droid for xmas, used that boat anchor for 3 weeks, hated it, took it back for an eris. I converted from bb so i use this mostly as a work device and there were so many things the droid was missing.

1. No access to global email list
2. No ability to accept or decline meeting requests
3. No ability to bring up the phone keypad, type in a person's name and get their contact info
4. Etc etc etc.

Those are the big ones, and there were about 10 things on my list that drove me nuts about the droid. Traded "up" to the eris and loving life. Even on 1. 5 or 1. 6 (whatever i have). I'll tell ya, the only thing i miss about that droid was the googlenav. That is really the only piece about 2. X that i'm looking forward to.

Anyway, back to my question. When 2. 1 finally comes out and my phone updates, will i lose all the cool eris features that i've listed above? I would be really *** if that were the case.

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Random File Access To A File Bundled In Droid App?

Can i have random file access to a file bundled in my android application? I don't want to copy the file from apk to the sdcard.

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