Samsung Fascinate - Set Internet Exploerer Browswer On Phone

On my bb storm there was a way for me to adjust my browser settings so that the websites i visited recognized my browser as ie browser. I have been unable to track down an option like this for the fascinate. Does anyone have any advice for how i might make this happen as some of the sites i use require the browser to either be ie or mozilla?

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Samsung Fascinate - Set Individual Ringtones For My Contacts

How do i set individual ringtones for my contacts. I can't find the option anywhere.

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Samsung Moment - Internet Explorer Can Be Downloaded On Phone

Can anyone tell me if internet explorer can be downloaded on my samsung moment phone? I found a spoof of ie but it doesn't seem to work for me.

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Samsung Fascinate - First Deodexed Rom For Fascinate Released

Just wanted to pass along the good news. Looks like my saturday morning has plans now. Release: deodex'ed system. - Xda-developers

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Samsung Fascinate - How Much Faster Phone Is

I have jt1134 super clean 0. 4 rom and i'm new to the fascinate so i'm not sure if i'm crazy so be kind. I have seen the lag fix but haven't done anything yet because of some of the things i have read said it really didn't help much. I installed this battery percentage! And it seems like i have no lag at all now. Is this possible? I'm not a rooting noob. I've had a droid 1 and still have the x so i know a bit but do not claim to be a pro but this has been amazing how much faster the phone is. Is the lag fix in this?

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Samsung Fascinate - Getting Fascinate Open / Teardown

Anyone had any luck getting their fascinate open? I've posted in the ffc thread as well, and i'm trying to open her up to take a look and see what kind of room i've got to work with inside the phone. It seems like there are clips holding the body together, and i just can't get them to unclip.

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Samsung Fascinate - Kies Not Comaptible With Fascinate

I'm new here and just got a fascinate and i love it except for a couple of bugs which is probably my lack of experience i just need to know why my kies software says its not compatible with my phone anyone else have this trouble?

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Samsung Fascinate - Sdx Developers Have Taken Up Fascinate

My request finally paid off. Take a look around over at sdx guys, their rom kitchen seems really nice.good to see the fascinate being added to another good android home, and these guys focus primarily on samsung devices

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Samsung Fascinate - Best Voicemail Program For Phone

Anyone have advice on the best visual voicemail program? I have tried youmail and wasn't a big fan.
I don't mind paying i just want to make sure its worth it

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Samsung Fascinate - Wi-fi Becomes Disabled / When Phone Goes To Sleep

Anyone having wifi issues, in that wifi becomes disabled when the phone goes to sleep?I use setting profiles to activate wifi when at home. When my phone goes to sleep, this setting (and wifi) becomes disabled, as do other profiles. I really don't want to exchange my phone, as i think it's great; in form factor and capabilities.

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Samsung Fascinate - How To Just Get Phone Back To Stock To Start Over

I was able to root my phone. Then i installed voodoo. A custom rom etc. I was unable to download any apps from the market. I tried to wipe and the root and return everything to factory reset via odin. Long story short my phone attempts to reboot and there is a *** load of "force close" appliation message that pops up over and over. How do i just get this phone back to stock to start over? What is the simplest method?

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Samsung Fascinate - Circle Battery With Percent For Rooted Phone

Does anyone know where to get the circle battery with the percent for the rooted fascinate?

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Samsung Fascinate - How To Flash Fascinate

So i had the pattern set for my new fascinate. My husband, thinking he would be funny, tried the pattern til it locked it. My google account/password wont work which i've found out is a problem w/ these phones.

I've also tried to do a hard reset multiple times, and i've also found that is a problem as well, sometimes it doesn't work. I've found my last hope is to flash it. I have no clue how to do it, and i dont want to brick it. Can anyone please help me? I am desperate. I am also not very knowledgeable when it comes to this stuff, so i kind of need to be walked thru it.

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Samsung Captivate - Set Up Voicemail On Phone

How do i do it?
I know that's a dumb question but i am truly baffled, lol.
When i had my iphone i had no problems setting it up.
No problems with it working.
So i figured that it would just carry over.
Well when i got my captivate everyone that has called me said that it just rings and rings and rings and every once in a while they will get a message saying that i'm not available.
Is there a way for me to reset it up?

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Samsung Fascinate - Install Adobe Flash Player For Phone Without 2.2 Update

Is it possible to download and install adobe flash player 10. 1 for out fascinates without the 2. 2 update? If so, would it be recommended or would it cause some problems?

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Samsung Fascinate - Phone Froze After Using Galaxy S Tweak App / Fix For It

I installed galaxy s tweak app from market, and tried to change battery icon. , Then it froze. It is stuck at samsung screen. I tried pulling battery out and turning it on, but still the same thing. , And i tried to factory reset it. , Same thing, stuck at samsung screen.
Btw phone was rooted.
What should i do at this point. ?

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Samsung Fascinate - Phone Looses Net Connection After A Few Minutes Connected To Pc / Fix It

Well we got 2 phones and installed pdanet on both. My phone looses net connection after a few min connected to the pc but wifes works perfectly. I have to reboot my phone way too much to get my internet access. I am taking it back tomorrow and see if a new one fixes the problem. Her reception is also much better than mine. Love this phone but i think qc is different from phone to phone.

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Samsung Fascinate - Phone Take Forever To Get Gps Lock On In Google Maps / Fix It

Does anyone else's phone take forever to get a gps lock on in google maps? My phone seems to take roughly 5 minutes for the gps signal to lock on and then sometimes predicts a location that is in my proximity but not my location?

If so, is there a fix for this issue .

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Samsung Galaxy 5 Internet Not Connected

I'm using sasmung galaxy 5 and was able to connect to the wifi. But whenever i try to browse, use youtube, email or any internet related apps it always says that i'm not connected. Any reason and solutions for this?

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Samsung Galaxy S2 Will Not Connect To Internet On 3g After Update

After yesterdays update, my galaxy s2 will not connect to the internet on 3g, i have a sim free phone running on giffgaff. I have tried all the things they say, but to no avail.

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Samsung Galaxy S - No Setting For Disabling Mobile Internet

A friend of mine was sold an sgs by o2 this week without a data plan. This was at her request because she is not that tech savvy and did not appreciate how integral to android data is. L pointed out that unless she got a data plan she needed to turn off mobile internet to avoid getting stung but when i tried there did not appear to be any way to do it. The options that i have in the settings and power button menu on my desire were missing. I thought these settings were stock android. Am i wrong? Or have samsung or o2 removed these settings?

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Samsung Moment - No Internet / No Uploading Of Android Apps

I just got my moment upgraded to android 2. 1 today at the sprint store, and at first it was working fine, but then. No internet, no uploading of android apps. I did a hard reset, and still no luck. Should i just bring it back to the store tomorrow, or does anyone here have any tips for me?I am not the most tech savvy, but i am a quick learner.

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Internet / Data Connection Problem - Samsung Galaxy S2

I have upgraded to a sg2 but i'm having issues connecting to the internet. I have the data network mode activated & my apn is 02 uk mobile web. However, i get 'internet not available' messages even if i have a good signal & a g showing. I can be standing in the same location that my old se symbian phone connected, although very slowly. And friends with different phones can connect. I hoped the new phone would work better not worse for the internet - the reviews said it was excellent! On the rare occasion i'm in a h area its fine but these spots are infrequent. Are there any other settings i need, any suggestions on how i can get this working.

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Samsung I7500 - Disable Internet _ Syncing Of Things Like Calendar And Contacts

Can i disable the internet or syncing of things like calendar and contacts?

My internet access is very expensive so i'd like to control when it's on or off.

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Samsung Galaxy Gt I5503 - Unable To Browse Internet / Cannot Connect To Pc Using Usb

I bought a new galaxy 5 mobile recently. I have few issues. 1. I have a wireless connection for internet at home. I am able to connect my mobile to the wireless modem. But i am not able to browse the internet? Can anyone help on this. 2. I have installed the latest version of kies software. But when i connect my phone using usb to the pc a dialog box appears "windows-no disk with tabs cancel, retry and continue. If you cancel or retry or continue it will return back until you remove the usb. How can this be sorted out.

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Getting Internet Access Via Lg Optimus M Phone For Pc

I have a metropcs lg optimus m690 on 2. 2. 1 still and after an hour of searching i need help. I need internet access for my laptop while i'm in the middle of a move and don't have internet at home yet. I browsed lots of threads but couldn't find a clear walk through. Can anyone link me to a good thread or write up on this?

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Samsung Fascinate - Is There Way To Unroot

Ok, sorry i am a newbie to the rooting thing. I've played with the os on my razr a while back. It sounds like the same thing, unlocking it so you can hack it.

1) is there a way to unroot? (Put it back if i have to return it to the store?)

2) will this prevent updates to the os (2. 2) when it comes out?

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Motorola Droid - Use Internet Off Phone For My Laptop

How do i use the internet off my droid for my laptop? I use to be able to do it on my moto q somehow. I don't have to root the phone or anything cause i am not about to get into that mess.

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Samsung Fascinate - Where To Get Froyo Market

I read a bunch of posts that people were getting the froyo market pushed to their phones. Mine has yet to receive it. Is there anything people have done in order to get the new market?

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Samsung Fascinate - Screen Nonresposive / What To Do

My phone just froze up and now it wont let me put my "connect the dots" password in. I don't know what to do

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