Free Music Downloader Apps For Lg Optimus V

Well i've been looking to download some songs for the past two days with apps such as "easy mp3 downloader" and so far none work. Some were actually downloading onto my phone but then when it was more then halfway done it'd stop immediately with a 'unknown error' message. Anyone have suggestions on how to download music onto my phone?

P. S. I currently have no home internet so i'm only relying on my phone.

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Can't Move Apps To Sd Card - Lg Optimus (gt540)

Alright, so i got this new phone, i think it has the 2. 1 android version. I've downloaded countless apps managers and none of them seem to do the trick. How do i move my apps to my sd card without having to root my phone? First i dont know how to root it, and second, i'm afraid i'll create a bigger problem if i do it. Thank you guys, any help is appreciated!

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Ximonic - Free Online Music Player App

Ximonic - free online music player for android with a lot of music (an incredible amount of world music in your phone anytime, anywhere and free).


• usability
• playlists
• search by name of performer (returns a list of albums)
• search by song title

Official page: http://ximonic. Moonbear. Ru/
Android market: market://search/?Q=pname:com. Ximonic

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Transferring Free Apps To Another Phone

Million dollar question? Can it be done? I am looking on instructions on how to transfer a free app ( no longer free) to another phone. I believe it can be done using the sd card , however, i believe my phone blocks 3rd part apps. Any suggestions?

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A Free Stock Watcher Apps

Istockdriod is a stock watch apps, the key feature compare to other apps is that it will clearly display the stock trendcy in cradlestick form in your andriod device, it will also provide some key technical analysis such as moving average, gap up/down, support and resistance in interactive mode. The following is the feature list, -auto complete stock code for us/london/hk market
-Fetch the stock data from web
-Plot the graph in cradlestick
-Highlight some technical analysis(support/resistant, gap up/down, average)
-My stock watch list
-Global index watch list
-Currency watch list
-News feed list
-Clear summary such as last trade, trade time, change, previous close, open, bid, ask target est, day randge, 52 wk range, volume, average volume market cap. , Pe, eps, div yield net assess, ytd return.

1. Enter "" in [data source url]
2. Select the default ta such as period, volume.
3. Back to main screen, press [menu] to add new stock to watch
4. Type the stock name such in yahoo syntax, such as 2628. Hk or goog
5. Press the stock name in main screen, it will download the data and plot graph

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Selling License For Free Apps

I can't sell applications from my country and seeking a way for monetization of my app. I was thinking to release my app as free ads-supported version, and to sell license from my website for those who want to remove the ads completely. Actually users will apply on my website, pay a fee and i will send a license.

But then i came across the following url saying that "collecting payments through your application is not allowed under the android market developer distribution agreement": Py?Hl=en&answer=140504

Is this to prohibit me from doing what i explained above?

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Motorola Droid - Best Free Apps

I have been searching all over for the best free appllications that work well with the android 2. 0 os, but would like to see what this forum has to say on the subject.

Personally, i have been using as a good reference because most everyone on there is honest and intelligent. However, you never know who has a vested interest and whatnot. So, let's hear it! 

My favorites include:

Mototorch: turns your led camera flash into a flashlight. I use the widget and it has been extremely helpful.

Dolphin browser: allows you to pinch-to-zoom, have multiple tabs for browsing, etc. Definitely trumps the default browser by far.

Pandahome: overlay for your os that allows you to have multiple home screens (up to 11 if you have alot of clutter). I was not a fan of the theme that they give you as a default, but you can change it back to the original android os theme and just keep the multiple home screens feature. Very easy to use and it also makes accessing the sd card a bit simpler (finds ringtones/alarms/notifications automatically from your sd card if you save them in 'media' folder).

Freecaddie: great app for the avid golfer. Has over 10, 000 courses across the u. S. And shows you the distance to the front, middle, back of each green. Excellent application. Especially because it's free!

Mabilo ringtones: access thousands of songs by virtually every artist and set them as default ringtone/notification or set them for individual contacts.

Google sky: see every constellation and planet in our solar system! 

Sportstap: tracks nfl, mlb, nba, nhl, ncaa (football and basketball) auto racing, futbol, golf, tennis, and even local sports!  You can even set your favorite teams and have this app remind you when the game starts, ends, score changes, any news affiliated with the team, and once you mark them as a favorite the game is highlighted and is always at the top of the list on gameday! Must have for the avid sports fan. Can't believe this is free!

Ringdroid: allows you to create your own ringtone/notifications/alarms by editing sound files from your sd card. Very useful and cool application.

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Apps Similar To Logmein Ignition But Free

Are there any apps out there that are similar to logmein ignition but free? Any apps that will take my mac desktop and put it on my droid aria screen? I saw a friend of mine did it with his ipod touch and it just looked so cool. Kind of like an extremely intense gmote.

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Free Apps Use To Change To Lockscreen Of Tattoo

What free apps can i use, to change to lockscreen of my tattoo, that will work with the tattoo. Any ideas.

I don't really know what free ones are good, so i thought id ask on here as most people on here have tried many apps,

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Sync Free Apps Between Devices Does Not Work

I've got android 4. 0. 2 phone and android 3. 2 tablet. Both i'm using with the same google apps account, but it synced only the paid apps between them. All the free ones that i have installed on the phone it doesn't even show them under my apps in the market on the tablet. So the on the cloud sync doesn't work in this case, any idea how to get ti work?

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Motorola Milestone - Get Free Apps And Swype Keyboard On Phone

I'm using a motorola milestone and i was wondering if theres a way to get the apps you have to pay for on the market for free? Also how can i get the swype keyboard on my phone?

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Htc Desire - Do Get Free Apps Like Jail Breaking Iphone

I am quite new to the rooting world of android and don't know many techy wordsanyway, i want to know whether i should root or not , here are my questions

1) do you get free apps like jail breaking an iphone?
2) will this void your warranty/insurance ?
3) how easy is it to root?
4) how easy is it to unroot?
5) is it illegal
6) will i still be able to get ota updates?

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Htc Magic - Only Free Apps Listed In Market For Canada / Reason Of This

Is there a reason why only free apps are listed in the market for canada? There doesn't seem to be any paid apps and the free listing doesn't seem to be complete.

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Good Apk Files For Ndroid Phone / Possible To Free Paid Apps

Anyone know the answer to this?

Where can i find good apk files for my android phone? Is it possible to free paid apps? - Yahoo! Answers

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Htc Evo 4g - Music Player - Stream Music And Listen To Mp3s

I find it odd that htc doesn't publish battery time when using the evo as a music player, but apple does for their iphone. I use my evo to stream music and listen to mp3s a lot. So here is my observation from today.

Wifi on
Listening through last. Fm app
Headphone plugged in
Got a call in between, and a few text messages, looked at the screen a few times (who can resist the screen? )

Started listening non stop from 1:20pm
Battery at 92%

At 3:40pm
Battery is at 76%

16% drop for 2 hours and 20 minutes of non stop music listening with wifi on seems pretty damn good to me.

I'll updated my final percentage when i actually stop listening (i listen to music as i program. Watching tv is too distracting )

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App - Stream Music From Live Music Archive Or From Radio Station Web Sites

I just got my first smart phone for christmas and so far i love it. It is the samsung moment. My question is what app do i need to stream music from the live music archive or from radio station web sites. Most of them ask for adobe flash player or windows media player. I would love to be able to listen to gd and other bands soundboard recordings in my shop or at work.

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Lg Optimus V Phone Overclocking

So i put cyanogen mod into my lg optimus v. It is rooted and all i ave some questions

1. I have over-clocked it using setcpu. I went from 600 mhz to 806 mhz. Thats the highest it stays stable on. Is it okay that i am overclocking? Will it damage my phone? I have set profiles so it underclocks when idle.

2. Whats the best way to make the battery last longer?

3. Can i make this any faster? Will getting a fast sd card help?

4. What is a good music app, where i can make a playlist of all my songs? Not a radio like pandors or anything. A app where i can listen to music online and make a playlist and all listen it online not from my card.

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Lg Optimus S Issue With Contacts

I am having a problem within my contacts. I use gmail/google for everything sync-able. Any ways, recently i went from the palm treo pro to the lg optimus s and synced everything w/o problems, however, recently i noticed an issue. One of my contacts is the mother of another one of my contacts. They both have same last name, but different first. Yet, they combine the two contacts together. This has caused me to call the other when thinking i am dialing the opposite. I cannot get them to separate within the phone. On gmail they're listed and appear as separate contacts, so it' gotta be in the phone. Does anyone know what's causing this or how to correct?

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Lg Optimus V - Is Rooting Easier Now ?

I used to have a g1 but i just upgraded to a lg optimus v, is rooting easy now? Cause i hate having these pre-installed apps that take up memory on my phone.

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Skype For Lg Optimus Gt540

I've tried to get skype on my phone but apparently it's not available. The skype site does however state that they are adding new models all the time so i was wondering: a) does anyone know if they are in fact adding new models to their available list, if so how often and are they planning on adding my model (lg optimus gt540). B) is there anywhere where you can see what they are currently working on? Like a work in progress list or future plans?

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Lg Optimus - Cannot Move Icon

I accidentally moved an icon app (hangman) on top of my text icon on the bottom of my screen and can't move it. I uninstalled the app, but it only removed the original, not the shortcut, which is now over my text icon (which won't work now).

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Psx4droid Working With Lg Optimus S

How well does psx4droid work on the lg optimus s? Has any one tried psx4droid on the lg optimus s on sprint? I'm thinking because it only has a 600 mhz processor and no graphics acceleration that it probably won't run it very well, but just wanted to see if anyone had tried it.

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Lg Optimus V Randomly Shuts Off

In the 8 months that i've had this phone it has shut off randomly 3 times (fully charged, not that many programs were running to make it crash, etc. ). The only way to turn it on again is to take the battery out, put it back in and turn on the phone. I haven't abused it really (it has kamikazed itself to the floor on occasion). Has anyone else experienced this? Is there anything that can be done to prevent it?

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Lg Optimus Pad V900 Tablet

Well last month we seen lg optimus pad v900 android tablet at mwc 2011 and it's world's first 3d camera featured tablet which is something new for tablet users and from wide range of tablets lg optimus pad v900 android tablet is different with unique features.

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Samsung Intercept Or Lg Optimus V On Virgin

Virgin mobile usa offers great deals on prepaid plans. It also offers choice of two great android phones - samsung intercept and lg optimus v. A lot of customers need information to make choice between two of those phones. Here is some comparison between samsung intercept and lg optimus v android phones.

It all depends on what you need in your smart phone. If you are cost concious - then pick up lg optimus v (usd 150) vs samsung intercept (usd 200-250) if you like physical keyboard and use phone for heavy e-mailing/text - then pick up samsung intercept (slideout physical keyboard) vs lg optimus v (only on screen software keyboard). If one wants more ram - then pick up samsung intercept vs lg optimus v. If you like better screen resolution, better colors - then pick up lg optimus v ( 320 x 480 screen 16 mln colors) vs samsung intercept ( 240 x 400 screen and 65 k colors).

If you like real glass touch screen - then pick up samsung intercept vs lg optimus v (fibre glass touch screen). If you like separate cpu, gpu, data processor - then pick up lg optimus v (dual core processor msm7627 - 600mhz applications processor and 400 mhz modem processor for data transfers, a floating point unit and a 320mhz application dsp, and a real dedicated gpu to perform 3d accelerations and video encoding/decoding ) vs samsung intercept (800 mhz cpu - chipset: samsung (s3c6410) + qualcomm (qsc6075)) go to forums to read more.

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Lg Optimus V - Battery Draining So Fast

I have started to experience horrible battery drain on my optimus v about a month ago. I know some people easily make it through the day with charge but i cant get more than 7 hours out of my battery. I can literally just stand there and watch my percentage go down. I have been going through almost every forum possible and tried almost everything.

Airplane mode toggle upon boot, *#*#4636#*#* cdma only cdma auto trick, battery drain then charge to full and wipe battery stats
Battery calibration
Delete all unnecessary apps
Turn off data
Turn off sync
Delete bloatware
Turn off wifi, gps and bluetooth, install juice defender, install bumblebee rom which comes with tws bug fix
New battery

This is stressing me out.could it be the firmware vm670zv4 bug. For people who have baseband vm670zv5 do you experience battery issues? Is there no fix? If there is no fix then i might have to buy a different phone or possibly move on to a different carrier.

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Issue: Calls Are Garbled On Lg Optimus V

I'm new to smartphones. Lg optimus v is my first. Have just started using it more extensively and find that at my home, somewhat but not that remote, calls are garbled and conversation virtually impossible. Just tried to leave msg and listened before sending, almost entirely garbled. So disappointed. Can't even talk to anyone. Main reason i have it. Don't know what to do but spend more money than i should on higher end product with at&t.

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New Update Worth To Download For Lg Optimus V?

So i was thinking about installing the new update for the optimus v, but i wanted to know if it was worth the download. Is there anyone that has actually downloaded the update and noticed any difference at all? If you haven't downloaded and are gonna say if you have problems, then don't download it, then please don't answer.

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Getting Internet Access Via Lg Optimus M Phone For Pc

I have a metropcs lg optimus m690 on 2. 2. 1 still and after an hour of searching i need help. I need internet access for my laptop while i'm in the middle of a move and don't have internet at home yet. I browsed lots of threads but couldn't find a clear walk through. Can anyone link me to a good thread or write up on this?

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Lg Optimus M - Weather Clock Widget App

I lost my lg optimus m last week, and had to replace it with a samsung admire. I used to love my weather/clock widget that i kept on my homescreen. It came with my lg optimus m phone and i always liked it. Now with my new samsung admire i have been all over the app market and cannot find a weather clock widget app that is the same as the one i had on my lg optimus m. I miss that one. All these are garbage in comparison. I cannot remember the name of that widget. Someone please look at your optimus and tell me the name of the weather widget. I cannot find it on the android market.

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