Specify Different Image When User's Focus Comes To An Imagebutton

Is it possible to specify a different image when the user's focus comes to an imagebutton? I want to display an image button on a linearlayout and change the image when the user's focus comes on the button or when the user presses the button.

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Position An Image Src Inside An Imagebutton

I want the image to be right aligned within the image button.code.

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Droid Widget Imagebutton Loses Image When Screen Rotated / Fix It

I have a widget on my home screen with several imagebuttons which have default background images. Through the configuration activity, i can change the image on any of the imagebuttons. The problem is that when the screen is rotated, the image on the imagebutton disapears and it changes back to the default image.

I don't know why this happens or how to fix it

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Possible To Have A Clickable Imagebutton On Expandablelistview Child Item

Is it possible to have a clickable imagebutton on expandablelistview child item? If yes, how to program its event listener?

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Can't Update Imagebutton Backgroundcolor In Remoteviews / What To Do

I have an appwidget which has got a imagebutton. I can update imagebutton image but i can't update backgroundcolor with using setint() method;because imagebutton setbackgroundcolor is not annoated with remotableviewmethod. Class. What can i do else?

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Get Callback When Focus Goes Out Of Activity

How can i force an activity to close when user presses home button or navigates out of the activity? Do i get a callback when focus goes out of the activity? I cannot see that in the activity callback methods. My intention is to make sure that my activity is refreshed each time user starts the activity and lose all state. How can i start my notification view (view after clicking on notification) to start in a new task instead of connecting to the existing task of my application (if it is open). For example if user clicks on notification from homescreen, i want the view to go back to main screen or whatever the user was doing before that when the notification window is closed.

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Htc Thunderbolt Vs Samsung Focus

Samsung focus and htc thunderbolt are not the kinds of mobile phones to be compared. Both these mobiles have quite different features. Both phones are excellent but i say htc thunderbolt have edge on all phone released this year, go to the forum to read more.

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Specify A Border Color For An Imageview When It Focus

In android, how can i specify a border color for an image view when it has focus? e.g. How to put an orange border around an image view when it has focus?

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Finding View That Has Current Focus

As the topic says, i want to find a way of getting hold of the view that currently has focus. So this may be a textview, if the user is typing something, or i suppose it may be nothing (if that's possible).

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Window Already Focused / Ignoring Focus Gain

I have an application which has a thread inside, this thread calls handler. Post , however if the application is just turned off then be opened again i got this message on the log cat. However if i waited for couple of seconds i might not see this on the logcat.

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Unable To Click On Regions Of 1st Image Where 2nd Image Overlapping / How To Do

I have 2 imageviews which have animationdrawable backgrounds to animate a box opening and closing when you click on it. The 2 images are slightly overlapping (the transparent area) so they can be closer together.

The problem this is causing is that i am unable to click on regions of the 1st image where the 2nd image (transparent area) is overlapping.

Is there a way to set a clickable region of an imageview?

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Hide Keyboard By Default And Show When Edittextfield Get Focus

I am creating an application in which when app launches the edittextfield getfocus automatically and the keyboard pop-up. I want to hide the keyboard by default and show when edittextfield get focus. I have tried this method but it's not working.


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Get Inputmethodservice To Focus On Dialog After Dispatch A Keyevent On Spinner

I have a spinner and related adapter. I use inputmethodservice to click on the spinner. A dialog appears after click on spinner. But after the dialog appeared, inputmethodservice object can not get focus on the item list on dialog for doing another event? Is anyone know how to send event to the adapter's item list using inputmethodservice in this case?

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Can't Move Focus On Launcher Panel Homebutton

I have a problem with android2. 2  launcher2.apk , i  find it also on emulator . Why i cant not move focus on launcher panel  homebutton  when use mouse roll down or down focus.

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Menu And Alertdialog Not Getting Displayed On Regaining Focus / Show Them

I have one application in which i have only one activity and 6 different frames (derived from framelayout). Using menu one can choose a particular frame. On each frame i have different views, user can go from one view to another and come back to the previous view (i am managing it with one stack in each frame) some of the views has buttons on clicking which we show a list using alertdialog.

This is working fine. But when another application comes on top of my application and then regain the focus again to my application it is not working as expected. For eg if i press the button, it is not listing the items. However if i power off and power on the device, the list is appearing. That means alertdialog is getting created properly, but somehow it is not getting displaying. (Even though the list is not getting displayed, i can see that if i press one the screen, the action item correponding to each item is getting executed).

Similarly on pressing menu (after regaining the focus), it is not displaying the menu items.

Can anybody tell what is going wrong here. It is also observed that sometimes it started to work as expected (ie menu and alertdialogs are getting displayed after regaining the focus). Once it started to work it is always working fine.

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Expandablelistview Child Items Don't Get Focus When Touched / What To Fix

I wrote an expandablelistview and subclassed baseexpandablelistadapter. Everything works fine except i cannot get the child views to take focus when clicked. If i use the trackball everything works fine. But if i try to click on a child i get no feedback whatsoever.

I have tried setting android:focusable, android:focusableintouchmode, and android:clickable (and i have also tried setting this via code) but i can't get anything to work. Any ideas?

Here is my adapter code.

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Apps For Deaf Users

I am deaf and i use my g1 for everything but the phone calls. The volume / vibration button has been number one annoying for me, because i always accidentally hit it when i use the keyboard. Can somebody make an app that will turn off the rings and keep the vibration on - until i change the setting in the app?Other app i would love to see on g1 is a relay. Can this app be made for g1 or is it impossible?

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App Not Showing Up For 1.5 Users In Market?

The app is flash cards max on the android market. I recently updated my app with a 1. 6 only feature. However, i still want the app to work with those that have android 1. 5. I built it using android 1. 6 in eclipse and i have the correct strings in the android manifest file.


Everything works in the emulator fine on 1. 5 just want to be sure it shows up on the android market for those with 1. 5. It does not. This is a market filtering question. Why doesn't my app show up for 1. 5 users?

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2nd Call For Chatteremail Users

If there are any g1 owners who were chatteremail users and would like to preview my next offering,

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Trouble Changing Users In Google Maps

I have an xperia x10 mini i wont let me change users on google maps and the app market, how can i change owner account w/o full reset of device? How can i erase an application?

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Samsung Moment - Warning To Momentflash Users

Just wanted to give everyone a warning. I was using momentflash tonight, for less than five minutes. Everything was going great until my flash blinked a couple of times, and then shut off. It will not come back on. Apparently you can ruin your flash using this app.

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Crocodile Dentist - Want Same App For Droid Users

I got to play crocodile dentist with my friends iphone and damn i want it on my android.
Is there the same app for android users? The only thing similar to it i know is the shortest straw app where it depends on chance.

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Htc Incredible - Apps For Notify Verizon Users

Is there any apps that let you know same verzion network users are calling to you?

I do not have unlimited minute so that i can reject calls or send it to voice mail? Of course not all of them, but if i do not know the numbers and if that is not a verizon network number.

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Strategy For Alerting Users About New Versions Of App In Appstore

Is there a methodology for pushing out new versions of appstore apps to customers in android/or via the appstore? Or is this something each app needs to cook up for itself?

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Games - Good News For Yongzh Emulator Users

I contacted yongzh and got some pretty happy news for everyone who is using his emulators and is looking for a new control input. Please mind my mspaint combining and censoring of some stuff, i didn't want to get some virtual pizzas mailed to me.

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Update Problem For Jpx Users - Samsung Galaxy S

Could not understand why jpx froyo wasn't being offered the 2. 3 update. Turns out this could be a headache for a lot of european users. I'll quote from the vodafone uk forum. (Hope they don't mind):

"Samsung released 2. 2. 1 jpx on the 19th december for xeu handsets and then a few days later (xmas eve), released jpy as a fix for jpx. At the time there was a big hoo ha about whether jpx was indeed an officially released firmware as people were getting it through kies but only if they had hacked their pc's registry on a prior occasion.

Then some folk were saying that they were definitely being offered it who had an hkdxeu product code. It was established that this product code was for 16gb versions. Now the samsung servers offer you updates via kies depending on what product code you have. I think its safe to say that going by above, that they release updates to 16gb and 8gb version at slightly different times.

Having said all that, i didn't realize that there were still people on jpx as already stated, it was a faulty rom and replaced by jpy fairly swiftly. It could be that hkdxeu 16gb users who are stuck on jpx are now in some kind of no mans land when it comes to updating via kies. Ie. It won't offer you the update. But if this turns out to be the case, you can always use odin to flash it manually or take it to a samsung service centre to get it done.

Slight correction:

Hkaxeu = 16gb
Hkdxeu = 8gb"

Can you guys give some advice on what is best to do? Id like to do it via kies to ensure? A smooth update.

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Motorola /motoblur - Clear A Used Cliq Of Previous Users Stuff?

I got a used cliq. Unlocked it and using it with att. I didn't load all the contacts on the sim card of the phone i switching from. I was too eager to get the thing in my hands and working.

I manually loaded the contacts not on the sim card and manually deleted the previous cliq users contacts. Ok i am a dinosaur. Now i still have other junk from previous user. Like myspace stuff etc. Want to get rid of the original users stuff. How do i clear this phone without losing applications and already loaded contacts?By the way. Going from a motorola razr to this this cliq. I have no complaints, very cool toy. I don't see why they are discontinuing it because after using it for a few days, i really like it.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Best Apps For Users With A Rooted Phone

Searched the forums but couldn't find anything really.

What are some of the best apps for users with a rooted phone?

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Could Release New Version Of App Under New Name / Port Existing Users For Free

I ask this because my laptop was stolen along with my signing keys! I know i should have backed up - but the last thing i expected last friday was for burglars to break into my house and steal my laptop (and most of my other electronics & jewellery) - lesson learnt, but i need to plan what to do next!

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Create Class To Get Correct Url Based On Users Selection From A List

I have a app with a list of urls, i can create a class that will link to the urls and open the link within the browser, trouble is i have more than 100 urls and i dont think it would be practical to create a class for each of those urls. So i want to create a class that will get the correct url based on the users selection from a list. I have 92 chioces with 4 or 5 links attached to each, which is the best way to do this?

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