How To Use External Jars In Project

I have created an android project and added an external jar (hessian-4. 0. 1. Jar) to my project. I then add the jar to the buildpath and check it of in order and export.

Order and export is ignored it seams, and all classes from the external jar is missing in runtime.

Is there a trick to properly include the needed classes from an external jar when building an android application using the eclipse plug-in. I do not want to use ant of maven.

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Using Restlet - Included Jars

Is somebody using restlet on android, as i'm having big trouble getting it to work. I included these jars:

Guice-2. 0-no_aop. Jar org. Apache.commons.codec. Jar org. Apache.commons. Logging. Jar org. Apache. httpclient. Jar org. Apache. httpcore. Jar org. Apache. httpmime. Jar org. Apache. James. Mime4j. Jar org. Restlet. Ext. httpclient. Jar org. Restlet. Jar org. Restlet. Ext.xml. Jar org. Restlet. Jar

When trying to make a reuest thru client. Get(), the only thing i will ever get is:

01-11 18:34:01. 973: info/org. Restlet(454): starting the default http client

. After this, no error is logged, no more code is executed after get () line. Any ideas how to acutally use restlet with android?

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How To Ping External Ip From Java

I am developing a ping application for android 2. 2.

I try my code and works ok but only in local ips, thats my problem i want to do ping to external servers too.

Here is my code:


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External Storage File Creation

The following is the code that am using to create a small text file on the external storage. But the problem is its saying can't read nd can't write.

Note : bollo() is a method with has a toast to display on the screen dont confuse with that method.


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Google Maps External Library

A not so small part of the android devices are not including the google maps external library. My first question is: how can a vendor/manufacturer include it on his devices, is there a process of obtaining a license for the use of the library or there are some conditions to apply for such a license?

My second one: is there a nicer way to address this issue other than have 2 builds/apks, one that uses the library, with added in the manifest, and the other one, without the use of the library?

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Reusing Code - Multiple External Namespaces

What's the proper way to share code and layouts between android projects? á(I work with eclipse)

Explanation and my problem:

I'm working in multiple projects that share the same base (an activity-less android project). This project have some graphical classes with its layouts in xml and require both to work properly. Normally i copy this code and change the r. Id definitions on the project to match the current 'sub-project' but, obviously, this is not the proper way of reusing code.

Now i have two eclipse projects, one of them has the 'base' code and the other is the current application. I defined a dependency but it seems that i can refer to the classes from java, but i can't in this other project's layouts. I tried declaring its namespace in xml files, but it doesn't work.

I can't believe the way is copy+paste and search+replace.

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Possible To Create Droid Database Without External Tools

I have been searching for this for the past few days and every tutorial i see needs for me to use an external package. Is there anything built into the android sdk that would allow me to create a database? I thought i saw something on it a long time ago, but i can't find anything to back that foggy memory up.

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Close Alertdialog Builder From External Button

Well it's all in the subject :) do u have any ideas about how to dismiss a builder from an external button. I did mybuilder. Create(). Dismiss() inside the onclicklistener of the button. But it doesn't work.

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Htc Incredible No Default External Storage

The htc incredible is now available for pre order at verizon. Engadget has already done a review. They mention that there is a storage issue with a lot of apps because it does not come with an external sd card by default. It does have a lot of separate internal storage, but apps cannot use it. Does anyone have more info about this from a developer's point of view. What path will environment. Getexternalstoragedirectory() return and what is the correct way to get the path of the internal storage?

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Vehicle Dock - Using External Speakers While In A Call

When my phone is in the vehicle dock the sound is pumped out of the car speakers perfectly until i take a call, at which point it reverts to the phone speaker. Whilst the mi've is able to pick up my voice from the cradle, i can't hear the speaker. How do you get it to continue to use the external speakers whilst in a call? Yes, use external speaker whilst docked is selected.

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How To Retrieve Paths To Multiple Sd Cards - Internal & External

I ran into a seemingly simple issue to which i cannot find an answer. The application i am working on needs to read/write data from/to the sd card. All the resourcess are located in a folder rigth on the root of the sd card. To obtain the absolute path to my resources directory.

I wrote something like this:


Which results into something like:


This works just fine for most devices. However, there is the samsung galaxy s which has 2 sd cards, one internal, and one external. Using the code above, i get the path to the internal sd card. The path to the external card is "/sdcard/sd/" (where i belive "sd" is just the mount point).

Is there any api that i don't find which returns a list of paths to multiple sd cards (if available). Or is there any other way to scan both cards for the existence of my resources folder without hardcoding it myself. Note that changing the location of the resources dir is not an option.

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Media - Move Ringtones From Internal To External Memory

Is there a way to transfer from internal memory the ringtones to external memory? I tried to day but it wouldnt let me either delete or move the default ringtones in the internal memory. I managed only to copy them to the external folder.

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Motorola Droid - Not Recognized As An Internal External Command

I just rooted my droid using this guide, installed busybox then made a custom recovery. I know how to use the change directory properly cause i did it enough times doing those things, so i'm pretty sure it's not that.

After that my command prompt stopped working for me when i wanted to start doing stuff. It gives me that error; "not recognized as an internal external command, operable program or batch file"
I'm not sure why it's not working for me, not a tech savy guy really, just know how to follow tutorials.
I'm thinking it may be my path variable needs to be fixed some how, but i don't know much else about it, so i haven't touched it.

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Check Whether External Storage Available - Not / Write Files Or Pictures Into It

This is for the first time i am using external storage in android.
How can i perform different operations such as how to check whether external storage is available or not?, How to write files or pictures into storage.

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Services - Thread In Background That Makes Request To An External Api

I'm developing an android application. Actually, i have a thread in background that makes request to an external api in order to get data when the users clicks in different parts of the app. My doubt is if this "thread" would be better if i implemented it as a service instead of a runnable class.

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Htc Hero - Connect To A External Hard Drive Directly

Can you connect to a external hard drive directly. Was thinking it might be possible via the usb connection.

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Part Of My Bitmap Image Missing When Written To External Storage / Why Is So

I want to send an image of a view to external storage so that it can be printed. The view is a grid made up of a tablelayout, tablerows and textviews. I write the view to the sdcard, then copy it to my hd using the ddms file-explorer screen. But when i look at it in ms paint, the image is only partially there.

I have tested this two ways.

When i used the xml version, the result was a small black square " no detail, no grid, nothing.

Next i created a textview programmatically, with text using settext(aaaŁ). The resulting bitmap had the correct color and size, but the text was missing.

Would someone please tell me how to get my view correctly written to external storage so that it looks like it does on the android screen? Code.

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How To Share Project

I am trying to send the files from an android project so that a friend of mine can open a new android project in eclipse and mess around with code/run the project from their home machine. However, i have run into some problems dealing with missing manifest files, and non-matching signatures.

What is the simplest procedure for bundling up an android project (not an .apk) to send to someone for their use in eclipse?

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Installing Apps, Games Files Into External Sd Card On Samsung Galaxy S2

I have a samsung galaxy s2 i9100g, along with sony xperia neo and htc desire z. After searching extensively throughout the internet and, i needed to post this thread.

On my xperia neo, which has no "internal storage" unlike the sgs2, apps/games can install completely on its "external sd storage". The same is applied to the desire z.

On the sgs2 however, the app/game is present on the "internal sd storage". (11gb out of 16gb). It only move 1% in reality to the "external sd" that too into the secandroid folder.

What i want to ask is that apps such as "sygic", "gta 3", "asphalt", "nova" etc have considerable size of files and while the sgs2 has 11gb available they install into the "internal sd" but in xperia neo, which has about 200mb of "internal phone memory" and no "internal sd storage", these apps/games install their bulk files into the "external sd storage" which is shown as "sd storage".

Please help me and tell me how i can makes these apps/games install their files into the "external sd card". Since "asphalt 6" is about 900mb and on sgs2 it is on the 11gb "internal sd" while on the xperia it is on the "external sd" which is mounted as the "sd card". I am waiting for your helpful replies and advises.

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Error In My Existing Project


The project was not built due to "resource already exists on disk: '/project/bin/default. Properties'. ". Fix the problem, then try refreshing this project and building it since it may be inconsistent project unknown java problem

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Project Screen With Droidex ?

I am using mark murphy's droidex tool to project my android device screen; is there a way to supply a skin(e.g. A htc hero skin that we use with android emulator) to droidex?

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Restlet Librairies Use In Project

I use android 2. 0 and restlet 2. 0.

I try to use the tool restlet to make get and post requests to a server. Restlet librairies needed were imported to the project. The imports are correctly validated by eclipse.

Unfortunately at compile and launch of the android application on the emulator, it does not work and an error 'internal connector error - no available client connector supports" appears (in a not-android projet, it works fine).

I tried to add to the root folder of my project a "lib" folder and to copy the necessary libraries directly inside but it changes nothing.

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First Test Project Does Not Start

I'm creating my first android application but it does not start at all.

In my src > android. Sampleapp i created a java file named main. Java with:


In my res > layout > main.xml:


My androidmanifest.xml content:


I get this error:


Lines 3 and 4 is highlighted red.

Could someone lead my in the right direction to just get the application to show on the emulator?

Android 2. 1 sdk with eclipse

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How To Set A Project Target

I dont know how to set a project target. Can you tell me? I got 2 errors.

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User Comment: Anker Astro 5600mah External Battery For Galaxy Nexus

I carried stock battery to replace extended battery when it gets low, and got sick of removing case, then back cover each time. And those external batteries were kinda too big to carry until i found this one. 5600mah is almost good enough to recharge gnex battery 3 times, plus it has all kind of recharging tips so i could use it to recharge my bluetooth headset, fiio, and speaker. So i only need to recharge anker at home.

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What Files Should Ignore In Project On Svn

I have added the 'gen' folder to svn:ignore, are there any others i should be ignoring?


There are some i am unsure about

. Classpath
. Project
The . Settings folder

And also, to ignore a folder i am just typing gen into the ignore list in subclipse, is this correct?

How would it know if gen is a folder or file?

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Develop Useful Droid Application For My Project

I am studying in android programming and would like to develop an useful android application for my project, but i still could't get any good ideas after searching on the internet.
Any suggestions that an app is useful in our dailylife even achieve the society such as about public health, education, security?

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How To Build A Project In Sources Seperately

For example, when i use make external/zlib/android. Mk it tells me 'nothing to be done for external/zlib/android. Mk' what should i do?

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Copy Android.r.layout To My Project

I'm trying to copy android. R. Layout to my project to ensure consistency.

How do you do this?

I looked in eclipse's package explorer and under
Android 1. 5>android. Jar>android>r. Class>r>layout and find r$layout. Class.

Do i copy the code out of there into my own class? From my very limited knowledge of java, the following code doesn't make much sense:


Inner classes:


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Import Sqlight File Into My Project

I am making an sqlight using eclipse outside the android project

What should i add into my android manifest in order to make it work ?

Thank you mathias, lets take this q to another project who genrate a sql file using java
Assuming this how can i set the code.

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