Motorola Droid - Contacts Automatically Bring Up On Phone / Shortcut This Function

Been enjoying the android for almost a month with one exception. If i want to call my aunt geraldine for instance on virtually every other phone i've ever owned i can type 437 which corresponds to "ger" on a 12-digit telephone pad. I can then select her name from a drop down list and the phone calls her. The drop down list will include anyone whose name starts with g, h, or i then d, e, or f and finally p, q, r, or s. It will also include anyone whose number has a 437 in it.

I can get the same effect if after activating the phone interface i press the "search" button but then i have to use the small qwerty keyboard. Is there anyway to shortcut this function to work like a normal cell phone?

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Motorola Droid X - Unroot Phone Again And Bring It Back To 2.2

I rooted by droid x a while back but didn't liked it or didn't see any substantial improvements in the phone. Any way how i can unroot it again and bring it back to 2. 2?

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Motorola Droid - Download 50-75 Songs From Itunes - Bring Them Into Phone

I have never owned a smartphone before and am loving my droid. I have about 50-75 songs that i downloaded from itunes and i want to bring them into the droid. Is this possible? Is so how can i do this.

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Motorola Droid X - An App - Tool That Bring Phone Back To State

Not sure where this belongs, so, mods, feel free to move it if necessary.

I came from the iphone world where itunes would do a full backup and recovery basically automagically if i had to wipe my phone for whatever reason.

Is there an app or tool that will bring my droidx back to the state it's in now, basically fully if i were do a wipe/hard reset. I am planning on doing some testing and screenshots for android support for my employer and while this is my personally owned phone, i expense the service back to them.

Any recommendations for full backup sw?

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Motorola Droid - Remove An Icon (shortcut) I Put In Phone By Mistake (duplicated)

Can anybody remind me how to remove an icon (shortcut) i put in the phone by mistake (duplicated)?

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Motorola Droid X - Phone Automatically Deleting My Videos / Stop It To Do So

I connect the phone to my pc with usb mass storage. I make a "video" folder in my "dcim" folder and put a couple divx movies in there. After a day or two the files are deleted and gone? ***, Where did they go?!

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Motorola Droid X - Wi-fi Conection Doesn't Always Connect Automatically With Phone

My wi-fi conection doesn't always connect automatically with my phone. Seems like most of the time i have to manually pair it/turn it on. Shouldn't it do it automatically like a lap top?

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Motorola Droid X - Stop Phone Gallery From Automatically Scanning For New Pictures / Videos

Is there any way to stop the droid x gallery from automatically scanning for new pictures/videos?

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How To Create A Shortcut For Notification Panel On Motorola Droid ?

How do i create a shortcut for the notification panel? I have a bunch of email accounts setup on my droid. Dragging down the notification panel or clicking menu then notifications gets tiresome after a while. I would like to create a shortcut for the notification panel, that i can place on my home screen. Anyone know how i can do that?

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Motorola Droid - Creat A Shortcut To Go Directly To Playing All Music Shuffled

Anyone know how to creat a shortcut to go directly to playing all your music shuffled? I use bettercut.

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Motorola Droid - How To Bring In An Exchange Calander From A Sepecific Account

I set up 4 exchange account on the driod, but i see no option or mention regarding calendar . Only asks if want to sync contacts.

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Htc Evo 4g - Contacts Update - Sync Automatically From Gmail

I am curious to gmail and contacts from android shift. I get new contacts every day. I want to know how the update contacts works between my phone and gmail? Is there something i have to do, or its sync automatically?

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Motorola Droid - Delete All Contacts From Phone

I need to delete all the contacts help

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Motorola Droid - Make Shortcut From Apps To One Of "other" Screens

On the home screen, when i slide my finger left or right i get extra screens that are blank (i understand these are for more icons). Well, how do i make a shortcut from my applications to one of the "other" screens?(Sorry, don't know what they are called ) i'd love to go to my app menu and put all my games on one screen.

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Motorola Droid X - Phone Froze When Inputting Contacts / Fix It

I just go. It and i love it. My only issue is that it froze while i was inputting contacts? It was wierd. Anyone had this issue? And it also seems the phone can't keep up with my typing? And also when i did the battery pull it rebooted in airplane mode? Tips or advice?

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Motorola Droid - Unable To Add Contacts Directly To Phone / Fix It

I have been able to sync my contacts from my gmail to my droid with no problem. But i am unable to add a contact to my phone directly. It takes all the information and goes all the way thru the process but when i am done. No new contact. I can add a contact to my gmail account and it is on my phone almost instantly. Any ideas?

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Motorola - Droid Looses Contacts And Phone Log Every Day / Sort This Out

Just like the headline says. Have a motorola droid since december. . Keeps completely wiping out my contacts, as well as my phone log. ?

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Motorola Droid 2 - Contacts From Facebook Page Keeps Syncing Itself To Phone List / Take Them Off

I just got my droid 2 and i am confused. My contacts from my facebook page and it keeps syncing itself to my phone contact list. How can i take them off?

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Issue: Phone Automatically Deletes All Text Messages - Motorola Triumph

This is the 3rd time it has happened to me, first time i had about 5000 texts that i lost, 2nd time was a little more and this time was only 1500. I have no idea what causing this. The first two times it was on the stock rom, and there was a huge lag of opening my app that i use for texting. This time today i have cm7 and there was absolutely no difference in opening the app then any other time. I don't see how it can be the number of messages because before i flashed and went to cm7 i had over 10000 texts in my inbox. Has anyone else had this problem, or know what could be causing this?

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Motorola Droid - Automatically Mounting - How To Stop

At one time, i used to cradle my moto droid every day just to charge it. It did not "connect" the computer unless i chose to "mount" it from the drop down notification menu.

Now it always mounts and connects the computer. It's annoying because i'm always grabbing it out of the cradle without unmounting, and it's causing the sd card to report errors that windows has to fix. It's not good for it.

I can't find a menu setting anywhere. How can i get it to stop doing this? I want to cradle (in the motorola multimedia cradle) without it mounting the sd card and connecting to windows.

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Motorola Droid - Way To Have Gps Turn On Automatically In Car Dock

In order to conserve battery, i have been turning gps off using the power manager app. What would be really convenient is to have the gps turn on automatically when the phone is connected to ac power (i always connect the phone to ac power when placing it in the car dock, and this is really why i want gps to turn on in this situation). In addition, i would like the gps to turn off when i disconnect phone from ac power (to conserve battery life). The power manager app has different scenarios (ac power, battery, and usb), and it has a "location" section that has "wireless" or "gps" as an option, but it doesn't let you change the default action.

Is there any other way?

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Motorola Droid - Download Progress Bar Automatically Appeared When Click On Adobe Flash 10 / What To Do

I went into the market recently to try and download adobe flash 10. When i clicked on it to go into the app. Instead of an install button, a download progress bar automatically appeared. The only problem is nothing happened. I waited over 10 minutes and the bar never moved. Is there a step i'm missing here?  I have the original droid running 2. 2.

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Bring Up Local Content On Droid Web Browser

Is there a way to bring up local content (file://xxx.html) on web browsers. I found that we cant from an earlier post due to security reasons.

See in this link:

I need to do this get some browser performance. I am pretty new to web kit and web browser stuff.

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How To Change Function Of Phone Buttons On Htc Hero (sprint)?

Back in the day when i used my compaq ipaq, i could change the function of the buttons on the face plate. Does anyone know if that is possible with the hero or any other android phones?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro - Create Folders In The Album Function On Phone

Does anyone know if or how you can create folders in the album function on the mini x10.

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Phone Contacts Not Showing In Google Contacts

Just bought a vibrant about a week ago and noticed that my phone contacts are not syncing up to google.contacts sync down to the phone, but contacts i created (or had) in the phone's internal memory do not go up to google.

The touchwiz contact app is a total piece of **** (and the only thing i don't like about this phone which is awesome in every other way).google contacts don't sync down in their former groups and i don't see any way to add custom ring-tones or pictures if they are google contacts.

Been on with t-mobile about this, and all they said was reset my phone, which i did to no avail.

Am i the only one having this problem?

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Motorola Backflip/motoblur - Erase Phone Contacts Linked To Facebook

I set up my happenings widget with facebook and now all my friends in facebook appear on my phone contacts. I don't even have a phone number from some of these friends but even then they appear in my phone contacts. I tried to erase these friends from the phone contacts and i get a box saying: "to remove this contact from your phone, remove this person from your friend list on facebook. "  How do i get around this? I don't want to erase my friends from facebook.

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Motorola Backflip - Motorbulr : Sync Contacts That Do Not Contain Phone Numbers From Gmail

I do not want to sync contacts that do not contain phone numbers from gmail. Is there a way to do this?

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Motorola Droid X - All Contacts Are Trippled

Ok so i just did a factory reset on my all of my info back like normal except that my phone contacts are all doubled, tripled and in some of them quadrupled. I even went through and started to manually delete them but then they showed back up. Any idea of what im doing wrong and how i can fix it?

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Motorola Droid - Sms Contacts Not Reconized / What To Do

I do quite a bit on texting to several people. I have found several that are not recoized in sms mode. I have to open contact to start a text to that person. I have a joel the a jon listed, sms picks up joel but never jon. Anyone else seen this happen.

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