Samsung Epic 4g - How To Remove Widget / Put On One Of Home Screens

I have been searching this forum for weeks, researching android and epic. I have been a treo user since 2005! I just got my epic yesterday and i am sure i will have lots of questions. But there is so much on here!

Right now i need to know how to remove a widget i put on one of the home screens. I added the android power control widget, and then i hit it again to try to remove it, but now i have 2 of them on that screen?!

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Cannot Remove Home Screens On Samsung Galaxy S2

My old galaxy s2 on orange uk was perfect, i could delete unused home screens and i customized it exactly how i wanted it. However today i had to have my phone replaced under warranty as the touch screen became unresponsive in places. The phone they have sent me obv has different software on it because i don't like it and i cant customize it!

My first problem is that i never had on my old phone was i now have 5 home screens and a orange scroll bar across the bottom. I don't use widgets or any of that crap, i use 1 home screen with 4 icons on and everything else is organized in folders in the app screen. However i cant remove them. If i hold them down all i get is a "add to homescren" window with the following listed:

Orange widgets
Orange shortcuts
Android widgets
Android shortcuts

If i press the menu button on said screens, i get

All programs
Add to homescreen

By default it also opens straight to the 3rd (middle) screen of the 5. I have no trash bin to drag them down to like my previous phone. Somebody please help me and tell me how to get rid of them?

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Samsung Epic 4g - Remove Widgets Added To Home Screen

Remove widgets i added to my home screen? I went to menu, then clicked add, clicked android widgets, scrolled down and clicked power control. This added the android power control widget to my home screen, and then i clicked on it again to get rid of it. And it added a 2nd widget to my home screen?! How can i take them back off?

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Remove Widget From One Of My Screens

So i just got the droid eris recently, and was setting up one of my "scenes" last night, and accidentally put the facebook widget on two screens, and one it is on the same screen as my google search widget.

How can i remove the facebook widget from the screen with the google search widget. It just looks cluttered and there is no sense in having the same widget on two screens.

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Motorola Droid - Everything On Home Screens Messed Up When Put Leather Holster / What To Do

Just wondering about a holster with a magnetic flap with the motorola droid. I put mine in a leather holster and all of my things on my home screens were messed up. For instance i had to delete all of my contact shortcuts because it did not even recognize they were there. And all of my facebook stuff was messed up. All of my facebook contacts info was all the way deleted. Any suggestions

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Adding Or Deleting Home Screens - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

How do you in ics add or delete home screens on the gnex?

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Samsung Epic 4g - How To Put Dvd's

I have a few kids movies(dvds) that i would like to put on my epic? How can i accomplish this?

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Samsung Epic 4g - Widget To Use One Of Full Homepages And Be Actual Dialpad

I just had a crazy idea, but i was wondering if there was a widget out there that could use one of the full homepages and be the actual dialpad. I have empty pages and wouldn't mind having the dialpad up on one of em i thought it would be kinda cool. Does this exist?

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Motorola Droid - Is There Any Way To Arrange Icons On The Home Screens

I got my droid yesterday adn so far thiungs are going smoothly however i have a few questions:

1. Is there any way to arrange the icons on the home screens?

2. When i send multiple messages is there a way to toggle between them all? I send a message adn when i get another one it usually goes to the last person i was texting.

3. My husband says i sound muffled on the other end, i read someplace that there is a way to change modes from sometihng like evg to evg-b (or is is egb-b) - where is it that i can chage this to see if it has different quality in the calls?

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Way - App To Occupy Full Screen Window On One Of Home Screens

Since the captivate allows us to have large number of home screens, i want to configure one of the screens to show my days calendar in full screen mode. I am using exchange/gmail for my business/personal calendar entries.

Is there any app that can occupy the full screen window on one of the home screens? Is there any other way to set this up.

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Motorola Droid - Remove An Icon (shortcut) I Put In Phone By Mistake (duplicated)

Can anybody remind me how to remove an icon (shortcut) i put in the phone by mistake (duplicated)?

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Motorola Droid - How To Remove A Widget

How do i remove a widget. I know the answer is going to be simple but for now i'm baffled.

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Put Appwidget-provider Declaration For Droid Widget

I am studying android's sample wiktonary in how to create a widget for android.

My questions is why it puts code.

In a file called wdiget_word.xml under res/xml? Instead of putting it under androidmanifest file?

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Remove Widget When App Uninstalled In Droid

In android, i have created a widget for my application. When i uninstall the app, widget shows "problem loading widget" error in home screen. I need a scenario where widget should be removed by the developer through code (and not by the drag and drop to the trash) when i uninstall the app. Is it possible. If so, what changes we need to do. Is there anything can be set in manifest so that it removes all references of the app once it is uninstalled ? Something like that.

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Htc Desire - Cannot Remove Widget From Phone / How To Do

I am having a problem removing a widget it is the google search widget from my htc desire you cannot hold and drag it as you can with all other widgets this one appears to be stuck, also you cannot place any other widget on the same screen
Has anyone any ideas how to remove it.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Can't Detect My Samsung Epic 4g On My Laptop

I can't detect my phone on my laptop. I've tried debugging and it still didn't recognize my phone. It says no usb is detected. I've pressed fix and apply and still nothing. I have a hp g72 laptop with windows 7 32bit. I also tried the mount feature and still nothing.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Bad Quality Pics When Downloaded From Gmail To Epic

Bad quality pics when downloaded from gmail to my epic. How can i see them in a better quality or resolution?They are being directly saved to my sd card.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Why Isn't Epic Updating (newbie)

I recently got my lovely epic replaced because of some problems. So far this device is fine, except for updating. Under the "about phone", i scroll to "baseband version" and the after the last . It says di07. This isn't the latest, is it? I go to "system updates" and i tried "update firmware", it just says "no software update is available at this time. Your current software is up to date. " . "Update profile" doesn't do anything, and "update android" says i'm already on the latest.

Also, on my old epic i noticed i had the updated market (separate tab for comments). On this epic i don't see that, its the old market.

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Animate On A Home Widget

I want to use an animation on a home page widget, i.e. An appwidgetprovider.

I was hoping to use the "frame animation" technique:

Which i've used successfully in an activity. But i can't translate that code to an appwidgetprovider.

Basically, in an appwidgetprovider, i create and work with a remoteviews object, which afaik doesn't provide me with a method to get a reference to an imageview in the layout for me to call start() on the animation. There is also not a handler or a callback for when the widget displays so i can make the start() call.

Is there another way this can be done? I suppose that i can probably do the animation on my own with very fast onupdate() calls on the widget, but that seems awfully expensive.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Usb Port Not Enough To Charge Epic While Using It

When i plug my samsung epic into the usb port of my dell desktop at work i can see it's charging, but the charge is apparently not enough to even remain at battery level if i'm using it to phone, message, speaker or tether. This is not the case when i plug the phone into the wall charger (espcially my wife's 900ma evo charger or my dodge ram's usb port)damn shame really as it limits how long i can tether for.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Facebook Newfeed On Epic Not Working

Odd for about the last 4 days, tapping "news feed" in the native facebook widget on the sprint epic4g fails to load, and i see the highly informative error:an error occured while fetching data [null]anyone else have this issue? I've logged in and out, and refreshed, but still can't load the news feed.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Epic Can Use Usb And Bluetooth On A Mac

To those who are wondering whether they can connect their epic to a mac for usb and bluetooth file transfers:you can absolutely mount your epic on a mac. From the epic's home screen, either go to: (1) home screen (menu button) > applications > development or (2) (under launcher pro only) home screen (menu button) > preferences > advanced settings. From there, enable usb debugging. Now plug in your micro-to-usb cable. A prompt will appear on your epic; select mass storage. Your sd card will then appear on the desktop of your mac and you can transfer whatever you like.

Here's the other way to mount your sd on a mac: switch off your epic, remove the sd card, slip it into the card adapter it came with and plug the adapter into your usb port. (I do hope that everyone who experiences connection issues with a mac and any other smartphone or media player will now know enough to try this before posting rants about how bad their new _ is for "causing" the problem. )

Bluetooth also works, though you won't be able to see the epic's file menu on your mac's desktop. Under bluetooth, your mac will identify and pair with your epic (and identify it as a "smartphone") as soon as you make your phone and mac visible and set up your epic on the mac as a device. However, your mac won't connect until you access the pull-down bluetooth menu from the upper right-hand corner of its screen. From there, scroll down to the name of your device and select "send file". Select the file you wish to send and you're done. You should also tell your epic always to allow your mac to send files if you don't want to kill bluetooth transfers under apps or disrupt whatever else you're doing on your phone to answer individual prompts.

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Samsung Epic 4g - New Epic -tuck At Dg17 Seeing No Update

I can swear i have seen this discussed before but i just cant find that thread search gave some results, but none that was helpful. Can anyone here link me to right place or answer me right a new epic, but firmware is stuck at dg17. I clicked update firmware many times now, but it comes back and says no update available. I am connected to 3g right now. I don't have any experience with odin and manual updates, so if manual is the only way, can you also please link me to some really detailed step by step manual update guide.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Downloas Pic's From Pc To Epic

How do i download pic's from my pc and put them on my epic?. I used the tether method, but nothing there.

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Programatically Move A Widget Through Home Screen

Is it possible to programatically move a widget through the home screen?

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Samsung Epic 4g - Saving Email On Epic 4g

How do i save an email . I cant find any options for this . Not the gmail i mean the aol i get . Also how do i move one from trash to inbox or save ?

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Htc Hero - Can't Get Home Screen Widget To Allow Me To See More Than One / Reset It

I have an htc hero that i can't get the home screen widget to allow me to see more than one screen. All the others seem to have disappeared. Any ideas on how to reset?

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"add" Button From Menu Doesn't Function / Put Widget

My "add" button from menu doesn't function while other buttons are fine.

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Samsung Fascinate - How To Remove What I've Already Tried To Install

I have tried 3 different ways of applying this stupid lag fix, none of which work. Now i probably have 3 of them installed (even though my benchmark says 800 something) and want to get those off before i try again.

Question 1: how do i remove what i've already tried to install?

Question 2: how the *** do i get this to work? Everyone else seems to have no problem. I've tried the oclf app, i've also tried running a . Bat file through windows and adb and then applying an None of which have done a damn thing. I'm starting to get really frustrated. Can anyone help or send me in the right direction?

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How To Remove Default Apps On Samsung Galaxy S?

I have some default apps that i do not want on my phone, their permissions are too invasive as far as i am concerned. I have tried all the usual paths, ie, going to settings-applications-etc but these annoying apps will not go away. The phone is dead standard and i have only about 6 apps that i have downloaded. Any advice would be appreciated.

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