Motorola Droid X - Download Ringtones (like Music) Saves In Sd Card / Why Is So

This is very frustrating. Why is it that when i download ringtones (like music ringtones) it saves in the sd card? I haven't put my music in my phone yet but when i click on the music player it shows the ring tones i've downloaded. This would suck if im playing music and out of no where i have to listen to parts of a song. What can i do about this? New to android.

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Motorola Droid - Cannot Download Ringtones / What To Do

I have a motorola droid. Recently it stopped ringing. I took it to verizon and they replaced it with a refurbished phone. All seems okay, except i cannot download ringtones.

In my first phone i got some terrific options from manilo ringtones which i found in the droid marketplace on the phone. However, when i try to reach that source on my new droid, i cannot. The ringtone options on my droid are really limited. I tried some other ringtone apps, too, but when i downloded them and tried to install i got a note about a problem with or the absence of an sd  card. What is the problem and what do i do?

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Motorola Droid 2 - Save Ringtones To Phone Storage Instead Of Sd Card

Is it possible to save ringtones to the phone storage instead of sd card? I would prefer this so when i set my ringtone and hook it up to my computer. I don't have to have my ringtone took away temporarily.

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Motorola Droid - Way To Download 2.1 Zip File Straight To Sd Card

Is there any way to download the 2. 1 zip file straight to the sd card, instead to the download folder on the eris?

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Motorola Droid - Load Music Onto Phone / Trick To Know Data On Sd Card

I put music from media center onto the mini sd card that came with droid and put it back in the phone and nothing came up in my music app. Is there a different way i should be putting music on the sd card? I thought droid would automatically recognize the music but it is not. I open the music app and the screen comes up black blank. Is there a trick to this phone knowing the data on the sd card?

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Htc Droid Eris - Save Pictures / Videos And Audio Files (like Ringtones) To Sd Card Directly From Text Message

So this week i am planning on getting the htc droid eris and was wondering if this phone allows you to save pictures/ videos and audio files (like ringtones) to the sd card directly from a text message? How about from gmail?

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Prevent All Music To Show Up As Ringtones

How to prevent all my music to show up as ringtones? In my music player i can set which folders it looks in for music. But since i added music to my phone all the songs shows up as ringtones which makes it very hard to pick one since i have a large sd card with a lot of music on it. Any way to only see ringtones when i want to set notification for programs?

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Samsung Moment - Download Ringtones For Phone

How do you download ringtones for your phone?

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Avoid Ringtones Sounds In Music Library

I'm an android newb, but i didn't find anything in a quick forum search. Love my nexus one so far, but it keeps adding mp3's i've uploaded to it as ringtones, as well as random sound files from a stupid soundboard i d/led off the market. Is there any way to make it exclude things outside a specific music directory or something?

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Ringtones Saved From Audio Files In Sd Card Disappear After Reboot

I'm having a problem creating ringtones from files saved to the sd card. I have succeeded in getting the information to be written to the mediastore database, and the files do show up in settings -> sound & display -> phone ringtone. However, as soon as i reboot the phone, the files disappear from the list of ringtones.

The only clue i have is that the database in /data/data/ Providers. Media/databases/external-. Db is getting its rows deleted on startup. The files themselves are not changing. Even stranger is that, if i simply copy the file from the sd card to the files/ directory of the internal storage directory for my app, and then save that file as the ringtone, it works!  However, it doesn't really seem feasible to me to force the user to keep two copies of the audio file.

I do have a . Nomedia file in the audio files directory (to avoid the files showing up in the music app), but i have tested this with and without the . Nomedia file and the same problem occurs.

Below is my code for creating the ringtone/notification. The users of my app would be really grateful if i figured this out.


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Htc Incredible - Separate Ringtones From Music On Phone So It Doesn't Pop Up In Player

How would i separate the ringtones from the music on my phone so that it doesn't pop up in the music player?

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Motorola Droid X - Possible To Have Different Ringtones For Categories Of Contacts

I know i can customize a ringtone for an individual. Is it possible to have different ringtones for categories of contacts?

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Motorola Droid X - Ringtones Reset After Reboot

So i took notice some of my ring tones reset for some reason the other night randomly. This morning i restarted the phone and i had to reselect the phone ringtone and the ringtone i had set for one person, and i also had to reset the sound for notifications. Anyone else have this problem?The droid x is literally brand new. I took notice when it was starting it said prepping sd card. Is that normal?

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Motorola Droid - Setting Downloaded Ringtones

I have a droid 2 global. Followed instructions to download ringtone from computer to sd card. Open up downloads on droid, it's there. How do i set it as a ring-tone? I cannot move downloaded ringtones.

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Motorola Droid - Transfer Stock Ringtones To Computer

As the title says, is there any way to transfer stock ringtones and sounds to the computer, i am more than likely getting a samsung fascinate on black friday, but i love the droid sounds and ringtones, any way to copy them to the computer so i can transfer them to my new phone?

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Want To Theme Music Widget / Download New One To Make Ebackground Transparent

I want to theme the music widget or download a new one that will allow me to make th ebackground transparent. Anything?

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Htc Magic - Play Avis From Sd Card - Need To Download Something To Do So

Do we need to download something in order to play avis from the sd card?

What should i look for?

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Htc Evo 4g - Unable To See Any Of Pictures / Music Saved On Sd Card

I'm having some problems with my htc evo. The evo is unable to see any of the pictures/music saved on my sd card. If i open the gallery, the phone says "no pictures or video were found". However, if i open up astro file browser, i can navigate the sd card and open up each picture individually.

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Htc Hero - Get Songs Downloaded From Sprint Music Store On Original Instinct Sd Card

New to smartphones, but how can i get songs downloaded from sprint music store on original instinct sd card that i installed in my new hero to play from htc music player? With a file manager i can find them, open and play, but just individually.

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Motorola Droid - How To Download Ringtone ?

So i bought a ringtone from myxer and they sent the file attached in a text message. I can play the ringtone, but i have no idea how to download it, anybody now what to do? I downloaded the save mms app and it didn't show up in there.

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Motorola Droid X - Music Not Working After 2.2

After downloading 2. 2 my music no longer works with the stock music player. When i try to play a song i get a text box saying that "sorry the player does not support this type of audio file. I tried taking all of my music off and putting it back on but its a no go. I have a mac and i am using double twist to put songs on and they are in mpeg audio format.

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Motorola Droid - Download Unsuccesfull / Why Can't I Do This

When i try to download p3droid kernals from my phone i get "download unsuccessfull" "cannot download. The content is not supported on this phone"

Any ideas? Why cant i download files anymore.

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Motorola Droid - Can I Root Without A Pc Like An App - Download

Is it possible to root without a pc? Like an app? Or a download?

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Motorola Droid X - How To Get Tunee Music Back

Does anyone know where or how i can get this app back? It was deleted after my sbf and its no longer available in the market. I used it along with ring droid to make ringtones. It was great. I need it back. Unless anyone else knows an app where i can get free mp3s. I hate the ringtone apps cuz they only play a part of the song and usually its not my favorite part.

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Motorola Droid - Emails Seem To Download To Phone Almost A Day After Sent / Why Is So

My husband has a droid and his emails seem to download to his phone almost a day after they have been sent. Is there a step i am missing in setting up his email account? He does get them eventually.

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Motorola Droid - Anywhere To Go To Download Stock Apps For Phone

I rooted my droid and started to delete stock apps, i soon came to realize my phone didn't sync with facebook anymore and when i have a quick contact, i cant click on the facebook icon. Is there anywhere i can go to download stock apps for the droid?

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Motorola Droid - Watch Music Videos On Phone

Ive been trying to find some music videos on youtube but i cant. I even looked them up on my laptop and e-mailed a link to myself and opened it up from my phone and it said "cannot play on mobile" so i was wondering if their is another site or app i could use to watch music videos. Also another completely random off the wall question i have, which i apologize for putting here but its been driving me crazy. Is android 2. 2 out for the motodroid yet? Ive been seeing things where it seems its out for other phones and im wondering if its out for the motodroid yet? And if it isn't, how will i know when it is?

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Motorola Droid - Can I Listen To Music Through A Bluetooth Headset

After some not informative research i am wondering if you can infact listen to music through a bluetooth headset (not headphones) and if so which ones are you using.

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Motorola Droid X - Sd Card Not Working / What To Do

Anyone else had this issue? If i am missing something please let me know. (Just got this phone today)

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Motorola Droid 2 - Download Software To Phone Internal Memory From My Pc

I am trying to download software to my droid 2 internal memory from my pc, is there a trick to this?

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