Restful User Authentication

I want to develop a restful web service for my android application. I have some questions and problems. I want to use a database for the user login and signup for the beginning. But how can i make a restful webservice (in java) where i can authenticate a user. The user has to login with a username and password and this username and password has to be checked. How can i make this? I have read a lot but i don't find a solution. I want to use this webservice in my android application (using http and xml/json)

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How To Hit Button Which In Return Does Restful Api Call

I am a very new to android application development and need to solve this problem. In my activity window, i would like to provide a button which makes a restful api call. That call returns an xml response. My server will wait until it gets back that response. Once it get backs response. It opens another activity window and parses the xml results and display them accordingly. How is this possible ? . To break down my questions again

How to hit a button which in return does restful api call ? How to be remain in the wait state until i get the response back ?. Whats normally done ?. What to do during that wait? How to open a new activity window and parse the xml file and display the results accordingly ?

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Keep Authentication Information For Droid Device In Sync With Desktop And Laptop

Would sure like to find a good way of keeping authentication info for my android device in sync with my desktop, and laptop. Anyone know of such.

I had been thinking about using pwdhash for firefox then i could keep my info between the desktop and laptop, still does not help with the android though.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Keep Getting File Authentication Error Message When Run Root Program / What To Do

I am having trouble with rooting my epic. I keep getting file authentication error message. When i run the one click root program do i run it off the windows desktop? Do i need to download anything to my phone? Sorry for the noob questions.

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Motorola Droid 2 - Pop3 Account ( Constantly Getting Authentication Errors / Fix It

I use as my primary email account and i am finding that i am constantly getting authentication errors whenever it syncs up with my account. It is telling my username and/or password is incorrect when i know for a fact they are entered correctly. I have re-entered both the incoming and outgoing passwords several times and i still get the error.

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Is There A Way To Request Permissions From A User As You Need Them

I suspect there has to be. I mean i saw for bluetooth there is. I was wondering why it is not as easy for the other permissions. I mean heck we can intercept urls without even asking a user for the most part, so i would have to suspect that permissions have to have this ability.

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How To Make User-control

I have two questions.

First. I wanna know how to make user-control and how to use it(in xml code).

Second. I want to find color picker dialog, but i don't find it. Where can i find it?

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User Experience And Ui Refinements

I think android has a ton of functionalities and that's definitely wonderful. I am not trying to be overally critical since i know the android team has been working hard and this is highly appreciated. However in all systems, there are rooms for improvement and here are a few areas where i think android can improve upon:

1) ui refinements - currently it's actually pretty hard to create good- looking ui in android. This is one of the main reasons why uis in android look like childplay compared to iphone apps. Any of the base/ core ui components in android (to be blunt) are not that pretty. To customize and add in the appropriate gradient and create the kind of sophisticated uis that are comparable to iphone apps is twice as hard. Having done development in both, this is something android should target. Overall the android ui is too blocky, too funky, and not stylish. And in some cases, they are moving backwards. The new tabs in android 2. 0 look worse than android 1. 6. The new spinner is also not doing justice either. A focus in this area will be helpful in order to create better ui for android applications.

2) user experience - instead of constantly just adding new functionalities, focus on user experience. For example, always having to click the menu key to bring up a menu requires additional clicks that are not necessary. Having to click a back key and guess where the current application ui will take me back to is also not great. Possibly provide a built-in on-screen menu in the framework?†Provide a breadcrumb component as part of the framework as well?

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Delete Words From User Dictionary

I have looked till i was blue in the face, for a way to delete certain words from my user dictionary. When i pull it up, i get very few words. There are some words that i know that i've entered mistakenly, yet i can't seem to fine them to delete them. Does anyone know the trick or tricks to manage the entire available dictionary?

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Get Online User To Gmail Chat

I am developing gmail chat application in android. Anybody know how can we get the online user?
I would login from my gmail id. I want to show the my friends who is online from chat list.

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Google Talk User Id Exchange

Any google talk users want to chat randomly? Since i came from a blackberry where in the forums they had a placeto exchange pin numbers we can start a thread here for droid users too.

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How To Know In Which Pixels Of A Image User Clicked

I want to draw a image filling the complete screen.
Then when user clicks in any pixel or group of pixels they turn black.
How can i know where the user clicked exactly and how can i turn the touched pixels black?

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Refresh Notification After Deleting From User

I have a backgroundservice running, an icon is displayed in the status- bar. When a user clicks the button "delete notifications" my icon dissappears also. But i want that after that my icon appears again! So that the user is able to click on the notification to get into my application. Now i display the notification in a thread every time. But i want to display it only if it was deleted. I think the best way is to check if the notification is displayed, is there a way to get this information?

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Log From A Samsung Moment User

If you have a samsung moment and have adb working for it, would you mind downloading deadly chambers demo off the android market and running it with the log up for me?I'm getting reports of it "not opening" but no additional details. Just the crash log would help tremendously. I think all you need to do is install and try to play the game.

I can return the favor with an evo, tattoo, g1, n1, archos 5 or droid.

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Showing File Upload Progress To User

Does anyone have a recommendation on how to visually show progress of uploading a large file to a web server? My app needs to upload one photo at a time, as directed by the user. Images are about 200kb.

I don't want to put up a progress dialog and block the user from further interaction while the upload is in progress. Looks like i can:

Have a service upload the photo, and post status updates to the notification bar.
Upload through service (or bg thread), but post status updates to some in-app notification indicator.

I'm wondering if #1 is more standard, i like the idea of putting off updates to the notifcation bar so it's separated from my main app. I don't really want to build some global upload widget that has to be displayed on each activity my user navigates to.

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Get X , Y Position Where User Touched On Screen In Droid

I want to get x and y position of screen where the user has touched. How can i do that?

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Debugging Droid - Get Bugreport Output From A User?

What is the easiest way for a user to send me the output from 'adb bugreport'? Asking them to install the sdk and hook up usb debugging is too hard. Is there an app that will just dump that out and email it, or some other trick?

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Detect When User Dismissed Soft Keyboard

I have an edittext widget in my view. When the user selects the edittext widget, i display some instructions and the soft keyboard appears.

I use an oneditoractionlistener to detect when the user has completed text entry and i dismiss the keyboard, hide the instructions and perform some action.

My problem is when the user dismisses the keyboard by pressing the back key. The os dismisses the keyboard, but my instructions (which i need to hide) are still visible.

I've tried overriding onkeydown, but that doesn't seem to get called when the back button is used to dismiss the keyboard.

I've tried setting an onkeylistener on the edittext widget, but that doesn't seem to get called either.

How can i detect when the soft keyboard is being dismissed?

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Specify Different Image When User's Focus Comes To An Imagebutton

Is it possible to specify a different image when the user's focus comes to an imagebutton? I want to display an image button on a linearlayout and change the image when the user's focus comes on the button or when the user presses the button.

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Htc Incredible - Request For Non Rooted 2.2 User

Could someone connect to their phone and do a 'ls -l /system/bin/insmod' or 'ls -l /system/bin/toolbox' who does not have root?

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Create User Interface Using Skinning In Droid

How to create user interface using skinning in android

I don't know anything about skinning & also i am not found any document.

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Super User Permissions Without Having Root Access

Is it possible to have su permissions without having root access? I bought a used galaxy nexus and discovered that it's unlocked and has the su icon in the app drawer. Yet, when i run root check, it says "sorry, this device does not have proper root access. " Any thoughts?

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New User Questions: Just Switched To Triumph From Optimus V

I switched to triumph from optimus v, it had my triumph sitting on my desk for few hours until i made up my mind because after reading all the reviews i had some doubts about this phone and i was contemplating to sell it while itís still in box and sealed.

I understand that you couldnít compare optimus to triumph, they are different phones, but for those who are in the same situation i was before, if you can switch to triumph, you wont regret it, it is a lot faster and you will have a lot more storage, i donít have any of the issues i read all over the internet, gps works just find, maybe it take few more seconds for it to lock and be ready, also one of the things i read and i was concerned about it was that some people were saying that triumph is flimsy, but it is not, it is more delicate, there is a huge difference between being flimsy and delicate, granted optimus looks or feels more sturdy, but i can tell the triumphís structure is nice and by no means looks cheap at all, but you will have to me more careful with it.

If you run few apps, perhaps optimus will do, but if you use a little bit more, then triumph is for you, lately my optimus was acting very slow and freezed up many times, due to increase of the apps that i downloaded.

Now, i have few questions, i could find everything i need in this forum:

1-to use aftermarket rom, do i have to root my phone?

2-the stock text application is not like my optimus, very similar though, but the dictionary doesnít work, what other application do you recommend for this purpose?

3-what application do you recommend as gallery? Or to keep my pictures in there?

4-as i mentioned i am not expert so what is this gingerbread, jailbreak, or android 2. 2 or 2. 3. I know my phone has 2. 2, is there any way i can upgrade this?

5-and the last, all i want from the internet browser is to be fast, i donítí really care or need all the features, which one is the fastest?

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User Suggestion On Using Google Wallet App

To all of you who love using google wallet like i do, if you add funds to a google card, write the information on that card down. I love using gw and added funds to it. Yesterday, i replaced my phone and had assumed that reloading the gw app would find all of my funds, but they weren't there. I figured that calling gw would easily solve the issue. I was transferred to the responsible financial institution behind gw and they asked for the user id# associated with the card (found by clicking on the card icon inside of gw app). Since the card wasn't showing up, they couldn't help me without that id#.

I was transferred back to google who asked how if i had "side loaded the app onto my phone" i told them that i had. They said that it isn't officially supported and without that if i had that id# they could retrieve my money, without it i am out of luck. He also informed me that the app could be removed and/or incapacitated if google decided to (and might if alot of people have issues) so i should always keep the id handy, just in case. In the end, my new phone gave me $10 and my old one had a balance of maybe $14, so no big deal. But i will keep up with that information from now on.

Btw, i was very surprised that none of my gw transactions showed up in my google checkout online account. The cs rep reiterated that this was also because the app isn't 'officially' supported. He said there is no news if or when it will ever get the official green light. Just a heads up to save you guys some money, keep up with those id#'s or don't damage or lose your phone.

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User Comment On Using Lapdock With Motorola Atrix 4g

I've had my atrix for over a while now and i've loved every day of my first andriod phone. I was a long time iphone user, but no more! Over the course of these last 5 months i've purchased two of the standard docks (1 for home and 1 for work) the car dock and just last week the lapdock and this phone feels like a power house. Sure it has it flaws but what electronic item doesn't! I was going to go renew my 2 year contract with this exact same phone just as a new backup should mine some day decide to die or break on me or i just want it to be new and shiny again!, But as we know i can no longer get it from att.

Good thing all these docks went way down after all this time so now i can afford them too. I'm sure my next phone will have to be one that has the ability to have all the same features/accessories. Although i don't know if i can ever give my phone up. Not sure what i'm going to do when the future phones have the ability to drive my car for me or use mental texting. You know where i just have to think it and it will auto type and send text messages. Maybe then it will be time to retire this phone. Btw this lapdock thing is pretty dang cool.

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Htc Incredible - Backup User Defined Dictionary

Is there a way to backup the user defined dictionary when switching between roms? I searched around a bit but couldn't find a solution for htc phones. Would restoring htc_ime using titanium backup work? (Assuming you are restoring sense 2. 2 on top of 2. 2?)

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Can I Get User's Gmail Address / Handset Sn To Verify Them

Here is the scenario: i plan to develop a application which can share ideas with others, this means user need submit their idea to my server through client apk. I don't like ask user to registration. Actually, every gphone user have unique gmail address, unique imei, handset sn, phone number, etc. I think these information can be used to replace registration, everytime when they submit their idea, client apk will send these unique info with ideas together, so server side know which ideas belong to one user. Is there some way can get user's gmail address or machine sn, or something else to verify user?

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Supplying Option To User To Play Video With Or Without Audio

I am using videoview to play an mp4 video. I would like to give the user the option of watching this video with sound or mute the sound if he/she chooses. I do not use the mediacontroller allowing the user to stop and play, i have "touch" events controlling this.

Update: i have a menu that i have added a "mute" icon to. Now i am trying to figure out how to add the mute to this button. I am reading some info on from the android audiomanager, in particular the setstreammute. Here is what the api's say: public void setstreammute (int streamtype, boolean state)

Since: api level 1

Mute or unmute an audio stream.

The mute command is protected against client process death: if a process with an active mute request on a stream dies, this stream will be unmuted automatically.

The mute requests for a given stream are cumulative: the audiomanager can receive several mute requests from one or more clients and the stream will be unmuted only when the same number of unmute requests are received.

For a better user experience, applications must unmute a muted stream in onpause() and mute is again in onresume() if appropriate.

This method should only be used by applications that replace the platform-wide management of audio settings or the main telephony application.

Streamtype the stream to be muted/unmuted.
State the required mute state: true for mute on, false for mute off

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Develop An Application To Track User's Activity?

I am interested in developing an application, which will track user's activities on phone
1. Calls
2. Messages
3. Packet data
4. Gps usages
5. Media usage
6. Apps usage
Please let me know if there is a way to achieve these.

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Indicate To User That A Row Long-clickable - Typical Ui Mechanism For It

I have a listview. I let the user perform some action on a long-click (pop up a picker dialog with a few choices) on row items.

Is there any typical ui mechanism that should be used to let the user know that they can long-click a row item? Right now i feel like users would have no idea to long-click the rows for a list of choices.

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