Where To Get Droid Music Player Source Code

I need native(standart) android music player source code. Where i can find it?

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Setup Environment For Build Droid Source Code

I am new to android, i want to download and set the source code in ubuntu 9. 10. Please help me how to setup the environment and build tha android application.

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Motorola Droid X - Music Player Won't Play Song / 'sorry Player Does Not Support This Type Of File'

All of a sudden my music player won't play my song and says "sorry the player does not support this type of file". I have my itunes using tunesync and it has been working fine and this popped up today. I am running froyo, not rooted and it was working fine after the froyo update so i don't think it is that.

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Source Code To Display Data In Tabular Format In Droid?

I am new to android, now i am working on some database sample programs.
Now i have a problem in displaying the data retrived from database in
A tabular format. If anyone know the answer me with the source code.

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Source Code To Change Activity On Item Selected In Droid?

I have a list view with 15 items. When i click on any item i want to change the screen(intent). How can i change the activity on item selected in android?
Any tutorial or source code?

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Easy Way For Windows-based Developer To View Droid Framework Source Code

My immediate need is to take a peek at the source for edittextpreference and see what i need to do to implement support for preferences with more structure. Can i run git or repo under cygwin perhaps? Is there an easier way?

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Full Source Code To Put Twitter Share Button Into Droid Application

I used android 1. 6 version. I want to integrate twitter button to share songs on my web based application to my twitter followers for that i integrate jtwitter. Jar file into my application
But it is not taking username , password what i provided
Here i am using the below statement to check the authentication

Twitter = new twitter(username, password);

Please solve my problem. Provide full source code to put twitter share button in to android application

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Htc Evo 4g - Music Player - Stream Music And Listen To Mp3s

I find it odd that htc doesn't publish battery time when using the evo as a music player, but apple does for their iphone. I use my evo to stream music and listen to mp3s a lot. So here is my observation from today.

Wifi on
Listening through last. Fm app
Headphone plugged in
Got a call in between, and a few text messages, looked at the screen a few times (who can resist the screen? )

Started listening non stop from 1:20pm
Battery at 92%

At 3:40pm
Battery is at 76%

16% drop for 2 hours and 20 minutes of non stop music listening with wifi on seems pretty damn good to me.

I'll updated my final percentage when i actually stop listening (i listen to music as i program. Watching tv is too distracting )

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Iphone Versus Droid As Music Player

I would like to know if the droid (or droid x if anyone knows) is similar in sound quality as the iphone (assuming the iphone's sound quality is no different from the regular ipods). Like does it have a relatively high volume control like the iphone and bass and treble in most of thr gith places or did i just screw this whole question up lol. Anyway if someone understand me please answer cause the 23rd im getting the droid x and it'll be basically my media player as well as a phone like my psp was (without skype)

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Media Player Does Not See Droid When Sync Music

I have a moto droid using 2. 2 and my laptop has windows 7 installed, windows media player does not see the droid when i try to sync music. I did not have any issues when i was using xp pro. Does the droid not work with windows 7? Any ideas?

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Media - Droid Music Player Remember Where You Left Off

I listen to a lot of audiobooks in the mp3 format, so my ipod touch sees it as music. This is fine because i can tag the tracks in itunes to "remember playback position" so that if i have to leave a 30 minute track and come back to it later, it just start where i left off.

Does the built-in app, or any third party media app, let me do this?

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Music Player For Droid To List All Of Songs From An Artist

Is there a music player for the droid that you can list all of the songs from an artist without selecting the album first? Ie: music> artist> "all songs". Ive tried at least 5 different apps off the market and have not found one yet.

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Where To Get Calendar Source Code

From where i get android 1. 5 and 1. 6 calendar source code.

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Motorola Droid - Music Player Keeps Playing Same Song Over Again / Fix It

My player keeps playing the same song over again even after i choose shuffle songs.

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Htc Droid Eris - Music Player Lag Between Tracks / Way Around This

My wife is an aerobics instructor (yes, my life is awesome. I know) and she wants to use her eris to play tracks through the sound system. I uploaded all the music she wanted, but when we tested it, there were several seconds of dead space between the tracks. I converted the songs with wmp and itunes, either way the lag was still there. And there was no lag when i uploaded them to an itouch.
Is there some way around this?
Or is this another droid fail.

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Music Player Got Crashed In Droid Running On Beagle / Fix It

I have android running on beagle.

When i click music player, i got the following error on screen, "the application music (process Music) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again"

In beagle, when i did logcat code.

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Need Source Code Of Location Platform

I need to check the source code of location platform classes, e.g. Locationmanager, locationprovider, . Etc.

Is there a way to do that other than following the procedure in to download the 2gb source?

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Mapsapplication Missing From Source Code / Why Is So

Why is the Apps. Maps. Mapsapplication missing from the open source project site? Is it closed source?

Can someone from google clarify please?

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Modding Stuff In Source Code

I am not sure if this goes into the 'platform' or 'developers' forum, so i am posting in both. Forgive me for this, please. I am about to take on a project requiring adding some stuff into the os itself (adding support for additional hardware features on a new android based device). I need to add/change some stuff in the os installed:

1. Adding pages to the system preferences - to allow users to change configuration of the hardware i am adding.

2. Adding packages of software and libraries to the os code - to add the modules needed to handle the additional hardware.

3. Changing some of the built-in modules/packages to allow the device to recognize and use the hardware i am adding.

My questions - can all the 3 be done ? What do i need ? Do i need special certification ? Do i need specific tools ? Is there any documentation/samples to how i do this ? I am really excited about this project - it will certainly add a significant device to the android arena.

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Get All Sms In Phone Sent To Contact / Url - Source Code To Do So

I'm new to android programming. Just to improve my skills, i started with some project in my mind.
When app starts, it will show a button. On click of it, it will allow me to select a contact from the address book. Then i want to retrieve all the sms sent to that contact (if they are stored in sms outbox). Is it possible. Can some one guide me. If there is some tutorial on these topics, can you let me know the url or source code?

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Source Code Not Working - Reading Frame Buffer Through Glreadpixels

I am new to android development and have an assignment to read frame buffer data after a specified interval of time.

I have come up with the following code:


Also, if some one can direct me to better way to read the framebuffer it would be great. I am using android 2. 2 and virtual device of api level 8. I have gone through many previous discussions and have found that we can not know read frame buffer directly throuh the "/dev/graphics/fb0".

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Can't Step Through Code In Debugger - Message - Source Not Found

For some reason i can't step through the code in the debugger. I am not trying to step through android source code, just code that resides in my project. My build paths are setup to include it, but whenever i try stepping over anything it gives me a "source not found" message.

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Max Zing Music Player

How do you turn this player off once it starts?

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Music Player With 30 Second Rewind Button

A one-touch rewind button would be useful for podcasts and audiobooks. Anyone know of a player with this feature?

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Music Player With Rew/ff Non-slider

I just converted from my iphone, where podcasts had a great feature where you could skip back 30 seconds of an audio file. I only listen mp3 files that i download from the internet and then upload to my incredible. They are all over 3 hours long, so using the slider is pointless. The slider basically goes in 3-5 minute increments, which makes it impossible to just skip back when i hear something funny or interesting.

Are there any music player apps with a 30 second skipback function? I know doggcatcher has a feature where you can program the rew/ff button, but there's no way to import an mp3 file. So i'm looking for an app (paid is fine) that will:

1) allow me to import an mp3 file
2) have some sort of 30-second skip back function
3) very minor thing, but i would like an app that remembers where you left off with the last audio file. So if i listen to 90 minutes of a 180 minute audio file and go to another file, it will pick up where i left off when i go back to it.

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Mixzing Music Player . How To Downloaad

Mixzing player lite was my favourite android app because it has a great album cover feature and the ability to permanently delete tracks from my sd card (many desktop music players don't even have this). Plus it's well organised and easy to use.

But recently they've updated it (which i've regretfully installed) and it's got ads all over the god damn app and some functions like searching for songs doesn't work. The worst part is the app is really really slow now, like if i press 'next track' 'next track' 'playlist' quickly, thereafter it'll change track twice and show me the playlist, plus there are plenty of 2 second delays when pressing anything in the app. My mp3 player from 2003 is faster than this. Is there anyway to downgrade/downdate to the previous build of the app?

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Media - Turn Off Music Player

How do you turn off the music player? I can't find an "exit player" control. I have been hitting the pause button then going back to the home screen. When i return to the music player it still shows the song being "paused".

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Media - Need Music Player That Fades Between Tracks

I've been messing about with my g1, and i noticed that i can have multiple music players running at the same time. Now, it's fairly cacophonous, but gave me the thoughts that this would mean that the phone should be capable of fading between tracks (like itunes or other media players do). This sort of thing is great when putting a play list together, so there's not the dead space between songs.

Anyway, does anyone know if there's a player that does it, or if it would be possible to add this functionality to the standard music player?

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Htc Evo 4g - Music Player / Accelerometer

I've noticed since yesterday that my accelerometer is not picking up/recognizing my music player when i turn my phone. Every other app seems to adjust properly. I don't know if there is a setting, look but couldn't find one. Any ideas or help?

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Samsung Vs Google Music Player - Galaxy S2 (at&t)

What music player is everyone using? After starting with the samsung music player, i eventually switched over to the google music play. Having your music in the cloud, or gaining access to your entire library without having to sacrifice memory is strong point for gm. However, the ui cannot be accessed from the lockout screen. A huge fail in my opinion. I am back to the samsung player for now, for that exact reason. I need quick access to my player and this one provides the fastest. Just curious what others have experienced between the two.

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