Restore Firmware To Default On Samsung Galaxy S2

I just manually installed ics 4. 0. 3 firmware on my gb 2. 3. 5 and now i am having some problems like my serial number, ip address and bluetooth address are missing now. Can anyone know how to fix it or how i downgrade to my default firmware which i got with phone.

Default csc code=i9100ojpkj1

Ics version info
Pda i9100xwlp7
Phone i1900xxlps
Csc i9100xeulps

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Restore Original Firmware For Samsung Galaxy S2 (at&t)

So i upgraded my galaxy s2 to 4. 0. 3 and it worked, except now my search, back buttons don't work, and i can not send and receive calls, they dial and i can answer but you can't hear anything on either side, i am on at&t so surprise surprise i guess. At this point i just want my phone working, how can i downgrade to the factory firmware - or - get my other features working with 4. 0. 3. Goolged around and there are a million links about this stuff that go no where.

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Samsung Galaxy S2 - Cannot Restore Phone Data After Upgrade To 4.0.3

I have had 4 failed attempts or restore my phone data which i backed up with kies before i upgraded but on my phone i have my apps and pictures and i had to default phone and contact icons for my phone and contact icons so i replaced them with the phone icon and contact icon that was in my menu, but i didn't have all my contacts so i synced all my stuff from gmail on the phone and i have the missing numbers back, but i am still trying to complete my restore on kies just in case i haven't got everything i backed up, anyone had this problem?

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How Do I Restore Stock Apps On Samsung Galaxy Ace?

I've got gt-s5830 phone running 2. 3. 3. So far the phone is working perfect. I was messing around the other and deleted some stock apps by error. I used ti backup for this. I would like to restore a couple of them back, so i used the restore function in ti backup, but for some reason it did not work. Did not give any errors, just rebooted without the app being restored.

Anyway, i believe i have 2 options.

1). Flash 2. 3. 3 which i found - droidangel.

2) upgrade to 2. 3. 5 which is also located at the above page. But i am not sure what 2. 3. 5 would be best to use. I'm in the uk, using a vf contract with a unlocked phone.

I have no issues on flashing, but i don't want to flash using the wrong rom and messing it all up.

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Samsung Galaxy Original Firmware After Rooting

I would like to know if it is possible to get back to the original firmware if i rooted my galaxy s. Sorry if this question had been posted before.

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Samsung Galaxy - Kies Will Not Update Firmware

I am trying to update the firmware on my galaxy s gt-i9000. Kies recognized i needed to update and started the update. I got to about 51-2% when i lost connection to the internet. It then stopped the update, now it recognizes that i have not updated the phone but when i try update i get a a message that says firmware update has stopped working almost immediately.

More details:

Problem signature:
Problem event name: clr20r3
Problem signature 01: gt-i9000.exe
Problem signature 02: 11. 2. 15. 2
Problem signature 03: 4d631915

Any suggestions?

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Samsung Galaxy S2 Orange Uk Firmware Problem

I took out a galaxy s2 on contract(orange uk) and decided to root it for ics i did this successfully with no problems but i didn't take a note of the original firmware details, now i want to go back to my stock firmware because i would like to get the official orange ics update due to roll out tomorrow but im extremely confused i searched for hours until i found one that i thought matched mine it is an official orange uk firmware turns out it didn't and kies wont recognize it i just get "your device does not support software upgrading via kies" whereas before the root it said something like there is no software update available for your device im not really sure where to go next because i would rather have the official update than a custom rom.

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Firmware Upgrade Stayed At 0% - Samsung Galaxy S2

I was trying to do a firmware upgrade on my galaxy s2 via kies and i clicked the upgrade firmware and it showed the window of the "prepare for upgrade" and stayed like that for a hour at 0%! Can you please let me know how much time it generally takes for an upgrade?

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Resetting Xml Preferences Does Not Restore Default Values

Prefs are defined in preferences.xml, arrays.xml, and strings.xml. Default values are defined in strings.xml.

For example:


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Samsung Galaxy S - What Is Procedure To Update Firmware Version

How can i debrand my galaxy-s? [The brand i "3", most probably an australian brand]what is the procedure to update firmware version? [2. 1-update1]how can i smooth my ph?

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Latest Firmware Upgrade Crashed - Samsung Galaxy S2

I was trying to upgrade my ssg2 to the latest firmware using kies it stopped upgrading at 3% i tried the emergency recovery but it fails to work. I get the message "failed to convert to upgrade mode". The phone is unlocked on 02. I would be grateful for any help please.

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Samsung Galaxy S2 Gt-i9100g Freeze After Firmware Update

I have gt-i9100g and is not rooted. I updated my firmware using my mobile update. But after updating and installation, my mobile is stuck at the initial logo screen. I tried to restart and also took out the battery. I did reboot and finally factory reset. Still it's frozen. What to do next? Except for goin to samsung service centre, which i am planning tomorrow.

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Firmware Update Failed On Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

Galaxy s2 (uk, not rooted or anything like that. I checked for updates this morning and for the first time since i got the s2 there was an update available. I set it away updating and didnt pay too much attention to it. I think it did a f/w update first and then downloaded another software update (ice cream sandwich perhaps? I don't know)

It finished installing the second update and then restarted. Ever since the phone just keeps restarting. I get the samsung splash and then the splash and then another "s" splash and then back to the splash and then the "s" splash again (*repeat infinitively)

I booted into the android system recovery <3e>
Tried wiping the cache partition + restart
And tried data/factory reset + restart
No change

In recovery the yellow text at the bottom says:

-Coping media files.

Successfully copied media files.

# Manual mode #

- Updating application.

Successfully updated application.

- Appling multi-csc.

Installing multi-csc

Can't access to '/system/csc/h3g/system/'.

Successfully applied multi-csc.

What do i do now please? I'm stumped!

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Samsung Galaxy S - Tried New Firmware Now Phone Won't Start

So i decided to try and upgrade to froyo after i couldn't get the kries reg. Trick to work. I was using [13. 10. 10][cf-root v1. 2] jph jpk jp6 jpm jpa - superuser+busybox+2e, cwm compat! - Xda-developers website to upgrade the kernal? To enable "2e" recovery, apparently what i needed to do to be able to do the firmware upgrade listed on [rom] [froyo] voodoo doctor edition v2. 0 | universal lagfix | cwm recovery - xda-developers.

So anyway i obvioiusly missed a big chunk of information on the basics, and basically i put the phone in download mode "down volume, home, power" then i opened odin and chose the . Tar file i downloaded from the first link, and hit start. After this the phone just sits at the galaxy start screen white letters saying "galaxy s gt0i9000 samsung"

It just sits there won't go any further. So obviously i've flashed it with the wrong firmware (kernal). I can still go into download mode, so i'm guessing there is a way to fix this i'm just not sure how >. <. I've gone into reset mode and hit reset to factory but that obviously doesn't help as it resets it to the last flashed firmware which was bad.

The phone was brought from smartphones, htc, sony ericsson, blackberry, nokia, brodit, hp ipaq, palm - clove technology the details i have from the phone in kries regeditnd the phone's download mode to restore it so i can at least turn it on?

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Battery Life Decreases After Upgrade To Firmware 4.0.3 - Samsung Galaxy S2

After upgrade my samsung galaxy s2 to newest firmware 4. 0. 3 with samsung kies battery life decreases approx 100%. Before upgrade my phone on full battery charge can work 48 - 72 hours. After upgrade my samsung galaxy s 2 can work only 12-18 hours. Is this bug in firmware?

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Default Browser Bug On Samsung Galaxy S2

Since ics, i noticed the default browser would sometimes link to something i dis not click. For example if i click something on a page it would actually redirect me to a link beside it like i mis-clicked but i didn't.

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How To Remove Default Apps On Samsung Galaxy S?

I have some default apps that i do not want on my phone, their permissions are too invasive as far as i am concerned. I have tried all the usual paths, ie, going to settings-applications-etc but these annoying apps will not go away. The phone is dead standard and i have only about 6 apps that i have downloaded. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Orange T-mobile Default Network - Samsung Galaxy S2

I've got a newly purchased samsung galaxy s2 on an orange contract. The network defaults to "orange", as you'd expect, but i've manually changed that to "orange t-mobile" as it makes a big difference in coverage on my journey to work.

When i power-cycled the phone, it reverted back to "orange" on startup. I don't plan to power cycle very often, but just wondered if there was a way of setting a preferred network on the handset instead of having to manually change every time the phone starts? On my old nokia e72, once i'd set to "orange t-mobile" the first time, it stuck even through many power cycles (crappy thing kept losing data connectivity until reset!).

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How To Change The Default Apps In The Taskbar On Samsung Galaxy S2?

Hi, does anyone know if you can change the default apps in the taskbar (i want to change the default messaging app) and also how can you stop the default messaging app from running as i want to use go sms instead.

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Feeds Reader Default Setting On Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Just noticed a default setting in reader that syncs your feeds every hour for offline reading. I'm turning it off to see if it saves some battery at my desk where i have little to no data. I usually read in the crapper where shockingly there's better signal.

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Problem: Galaxy S2 Gt-i9100g - No Firmware Upgrade Available

My dad bought a samsung galaxy s2 from ksa. Below are the details:

Android 2. 3. 4
Baseband version: i9100gdzkh5
Kernel version: 2. 6. 35. 7 root@dell81 #2
Build number: gingerbread. Jpkh8

Thing is, i am in india. When i try to upgrade the firm ware using kies over wifi (have given up on finding a solution to the usb cable problem) it says no firmware upgrade available. I'm a complete newbie at android but have seen a lot of posts saying that update for gingerbread 2. 3. 6 is available for this model.

Can someone help me with understanding if im doing something wrong coz i dont really want to miss out the updates. Also, since my dad created his own samsung account on the phone, i cant seem to remove that and put mine instead. Any help for this would really help me a lot.

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Samsung Behold 2 - Restore Phone Before Rooting It

Would you be so kind as to tell me how to restore my phone before i try to root it.

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How To Change Default Ringtone To A Song On Galaxy Nexus?

Could someone please tell me how to change the default ringtone to a song from my sd card? I can't use it out and when i try using my poweramp app, it won't work from there either even though i can set it as an option!

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How To Remove Or Stop Default Email App On Galaxy S2?

How do you remove or stop the email app on the sgs2? I have maildroid now and i am using that from now on i don't want to use the other app, i have took the tick out of the default email app on the phone that is already installed when you get the phone so i don't receive notifications from that email app how do i get rid of it or stop or completely?

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Samsung Behold 2 - Get Default Home App Back

Bh_man's roms are great and everything, but i'm a little disturbed that choices get made for me like which home screen app to use and there's no way to even switch back - the default home screen app is gone. How can i get the default home app back? I just want the stock system, i thought these roms were supposed to be lightweight stock roms

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Samsung Fascinate - Default Car Dock App

I bought the custom car dock accessory from verizon last week and although i do like the design and the way it hold the device i do have some issues with a couple of things.

1. How do you get the audio to work through the 3. 5mm jack. There is a input on the back of the sliding part of the dock but when plugged into my car head unit i can't get anything to come out. I did try to hook up when i was on a call with some one and i was able to hear them when i turned the volume up but the could not hear me. It's almost like the microphone is deactivated when the devices is connected to the dock.

2. The car dock app : where do i begin. First of all you can't turn it off completely when the device is hooked up. Second you have no choice on which search app to use and which navigation app to use. It forces you to use bing and verizon navigation. This is unacceptable. For this app to be any way useful it should be completely customizable. There should be some law that keeps verizon from forcing you to use certain applications on a device.

So does anyone know how to configure this car dock app so it's any kind of useful or does anyone know anyway to completely disable it and is there a third party car dock app that more useful?

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Samsung Epic 4g - Make Pandora Default Bluetooth Audio

Anyone know of a way to make pandora the default audio app when syncing up with a car bluetooth audio device? Right now when they sync up my phone starts playing mp3's from the audio app.

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Samsung Fascinate - Any Way To Make Youtube Default To Play Videos In High Quality

Just joined the forums, thought i'd say hey and ask a few questions. I tried going to the vzw community forums. That was useless. My wife and i both got fascinate's last month and there's a few thing i'm trying to figure out:

-A week or two ago i downloaded a system update and it worked fine, with her phone though every time i try to download the same update it gives me a "server unavailable" error message. I've tried it several times over several days. My phone just says "no update available. "

-Is there any way to make youtube default to play videos in high quality? Every time i go to watch a youtube video it defaults to normal quality and i can't find a setting to change it. Can this be done?

-My phone has 5-20 second "freezes" when opening various aps (anything from the browser to a game), even when it's the only thing running. Is this just the nature of android/2. 1 or should this not be happening?

-When i first got my phone i had an interesting issue: my 3g connection stopped working (in the middle of birmingham, al) and my clock up top froze at a certain time. If i locked the phone and hit the unlock button the correct time showed on the bottom clock. A restart fixed this. Has this happened to anyone else? Any idea what caused it? A talk with the verizon rep said to open the back and pull the battery out while the phone was running for a "hard reset. " It's not happened since.

-Finally, it seems like my battery isn't lasting as long as it "should. " I look at my usage and it says my display is sucking up 71% of my battery. But i have my brightness set to the next to lowest setting and just a picture background.

I'm sure it looks like alot of complaints but overall both my wife and i are extremely pleased with our phones, despite the few annoyances.

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How To Restore Factory Ringtones?

In my efforts to free up some space to stop the force closes i think i deleted all of my factory ringtones and notifications. There are nowhere to be found (alarm clock, sound/display settings. Nowhere).could it have been as easy as choosing to clear some data while in the edit applications window? If i have deleted them how can i get them back? Factory data reset?

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Samsung Galaxy S - I9000 No Mobile Ap Setting & Samsung App Store

I just bought my sgs i9000 in france a few days back. It's locked to sfr here. I tried searching the forums for an answer to these but had no luck.

I noticed 2 things:
1. There is no "mobile ap settings" under wireless and network settings. I installed appbrain and i can see the "mobile ap settings" under the installed apps. But i can't run them. Is there any way to enable this? I would love to use my fone as a wireless hotspot.

2. No samsung app store is installed with the phone. Is there any way to do this? I want to install the asphalt 5 game.

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