Activesync And Exchange Calendar

Having a bit of an issue trying to set up my wife's new vzw lg ally. It runs android 2. 1 for those that don't know. I am trying to get it to sync with an exchange accout. It works fine for email and contacts but won't sync at all with the exchange calendar. It says "sync error - sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly. " This message never goes away unless i turn off syncing the exchange calendar. Everthing else seems to sync fine regardless of this message.

I have tried to remove syncing the google calendar with no luck. I know i can use tounchdown since i am using it on my hacked tp2 android with the same exchange server, but really wan't to use the stock stuff. It seems like it should be an 'easy' fix since i am not having problems syncing contacts or emails. Btw - this is with an exchange 2003 sp2 server.

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Htc Magic - Exchange Activesync - Wirelessly Sync Emails Contacts Tasks And Calendar Entries With Outlook

I have the rogers branded version of the magic and i was thinking about setting up a hosted exchange account. Can anyone comment on how well or how poorly exchange accounts work with the magic? I just want to be able to easily and wirelessly sync my emails, contacts, tasks, and calendar entries with outlook.

I have been using many different nokia phones over the last couple of years and i really liked that i could just enter the server details and within a few minutes of starting a new phone i could have all of my pim info loaded. Is there an option to only sync every 15min, or 30 min if i am trying to save battery life?

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Exchange Activesync And Patternlock

Just got my htc legend a couple of days ago, and i'm loving it!

One thing i like is that i can unlock the phone quick and easy, through the pattern. But when i enabled my work email through exchange activesync, it forced me to put a password on instead of using the pattern.

Anyone know if i can bypass the "you need a password", and still use the patternlock when i have my work emails on my phone?

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Htc Incredible - Setup Exchange Activesync

I just set up exchange activesync, and here are my thoughts:

1. Very easy to set up. My company does not use security policies, though. I just typed in server, domain, username, password, and email address, and everything worked flawlessly.

2. Emails sync with outlook (both send and receive) about as fast as they did on my blackberry with bes server.

3. Calendar stuff syncs fine and i have had no problems yet, but it seems to take a little bit longer than email to sync. Maybe a few minutes or so. (Or maybe i just had a weaker signal when i was messing around with the calendar, so everything was just slower).

4. Folder view for emails is far superior to blackberry. I can easily view the directory structure of outlook and view the emails within each individual directory.

5. I don't use notes or tasks, so i can't comment on that.

6. Overall, i will have to say that my experience rivals my corporate email experience on blackberry, which is a huge surprise. I thought blackberry was far and away the best device for email, but i guess i was wrong.

On a side note, i still think that blackberry's notification profiles kill android's notification profiles, even with the various apps out there for android.

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Htc Desire - Exchange Activesync Contacts

I use activesync to synchronize my contacts between my exchange server 2010 and my htc desire (2. 2). Quite a few of my contacts just have a company name but no first/last name (like hotels, banks, etc).

When synchronizing, first and last names get added to these contacts, e.g. Having a contact with company name "adobe systems incorporated" will add "adobe" as first name and "incorporated" as last name.

Having far more than 1'000 contacts, whereof an unknown number gets messed up is rather annoying.

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Samsung Galaxy S - Exchange Activesync - Can't Specify A Port

I am wanting to connect the activesync to my works exchange. I need to use a non-standard port (81 or 82) to connect to the exchange server. As soon as i put the colon in the exchange server address, the next button greys out.

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Htc Hero - Exchange Activesync - Getting Error Message

Has anybody managed to get their hero working with exchange. I've had no problems with hotmail, yahoo or googlemail but keep getting error message when trying to use the activesync - it doesn;t appear to even try to connect before it throws up an error message saying the provided details are incorrect - they are definitely correct. It synced fine via touchdown using the same details.

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Samsung Captivate - Exchange Activesync - Contacts And Calender Do Not Sync

Have been a longtime windowsmobile user. The captivate has a menu to synchronize with exchange including mail, contacts and calenders. I got mail to work, but contacts and calender do not sync. I would assume it is officially supported since it is in the menu. Has anybody else got it to work, meaning can you pull contacts and calender from your exchange account down to your phone?

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Htc Incredible - Activesync Exchange - Send Emails But Not Receive

I installed touchdown and my work exchange account works great. When i try and use the native client it doesn't work right. It sends just fine but it does not receive. The only way it will receive is if i go back into the account settings and saving the account even though i don't change anything when i go back to the inbox it syncs up. But after that it stops. Does it have something to do with the certificate warning i got when i entered the account info? Or is it something else ? I need to use both clients for my two accounts so i need to get this working.

When register the account it doesn't sync at all. When i go to my general sync settings and select exchange/activesnc and then select sync now i get "error when doing ssl" if i go to account settings>configure server then unselect "this server requires an encrypted ssl connection" then i reselect and then save it will sync. But just that one time. Anytime after that i get the "error doing ssl"

I can send emails but not receive. (Emails get sent twice)

I think it has something to do with the certificate. I cannot login to the owa page from the browser either. When i try and configure the mail app i get the same certificate error. Anyone else having this issue?

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Htc Droid Eris - Microsoft Exchange Activesync Does Not Work 100%

Has anyone had any luck getting this to work with any other app other than "touchdown"? I'm using "roadsync" right now and it works about 97%. For people who use "touchdown" how would you rate it? Is it worth the money? I still think it sucks the program that came with the phone does not work 100%.

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Htc Droid Eris - Exchange Activesync Setup - Message - Failed To Create The Account

I'm currently set up to receive/send work emails via the pop server but anytime emails download to the phone they show as read on my work pc even if i haven't read them. According to htc this is a bug in the old software. I have recently downloaded 2. 1.

To rectify my email problems i've attemped to set up exchange activesync. The problem is that it gets all the way through the setup process and when i press finish setup it tries to process but always comes back with an erroe message: failed to create the account. Please try again later.

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Htc Desire - Sudden Disappearance Of Exchange Calendar

So today at some point after 2pm (because i successfully added something to my calendar then) i have lost the ability to add stuff to my exchange activesync calendar which used to be synchronised to my google apps calendar. All the old stuff is still there and the inbox is syncing fine. If i go to the setting the tick box to show the exchange calendar is missing. If i add something online it does show up on my phone. I can even open stuff and read it but i cannot add anything new.

Please help. Saying "remove activesync account and re-add" is not a solution. I shouldn't have to keep doing this every few days to sort syncing issues.

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For Any One Struggling To Use Exchage With Activesync

I couldn't connect to my university exchange account using activesync, i emailed uni and they told me to.

Not enter any domain, leave it blank.
For server use m.
User name - enter the full email address

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Send Mail Via Activesync From Droid App

We have an application that need to interact with mail.
For that, our customer want us to :
- Retrieve the activesync parameters the user have entered on the general parameters of the phone.
- Send the mail in a silent way using these activesync parameters.
- Be able to read and parse a possible reply to the mail on the exchange server.

I know that it may cause severe security issue (retrieve a private password from an application is not a good practice. ), But i can't find any clue on the sdk to communicate and send mail via activesync.

If anyone have some informations, i would be glad to hear about it.

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Samsung Galaxy Ace And Microsoft Activesync

Currently i have an htc touch using windows mobile v. 6 but it's time to upgrade to something better. I'm very tempted by the galaxy ace as it seems to offer what i need in a phone except that it's android not windows mobile which is where my question comes in.

I have activesync already installed locally on my work pc so that my calendar, tasks etc (not email - i have no intention of having my work emails pop up on my phone) sync across when i'm connected via usb (not an over-the-air set up).

This works great for me and i've googled whether activesync can be used with android and apparently it can, but all of the posts refer to exchange activesync - is this different to a local installation of the software?

If it is; when i buy my new phone and i plug it in can i simply set it up as a new device for as to sync or do i have to do something like the complicated hotmail to outlook set up that i read about in razzmatazz's post on the subject? As auto detects my current phone when plugged into usb and syncs my calendar, tasks and contacts from outlook which is what i am hoping it will do to my android, otherwise i'm stuck with buying another wm device which i don't want to do.

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Htc Evo 4g - Activesync Will Not Stop Trying To Sync / Fix It

I got my evo last week and within the past few days i noticed at times the activesync starts up adn will continue to try to sync my emials which is totally draining my battery life. The first time i noticed it, my phone was very warm adn the sync icon on teh top of the phone appeared. Being a new user to the evo (and android) i started looking into it further and when i woudl view the sync status within the exchange account, the circle would roll, reset for a splt second and start again. It would never make it to teh calendar or contact as it just tried to get the email over and over again. Next, i tried to turn off. No luck. Eventually, i removed the account adn then reestablished and that seemed to fix the problem. Temporarily. Within the next 18-24 hours it did it again and i am now seeing it once a day. Any thoughts on why or how to fix this issue?

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Motorola Droid - Android Os Losing Activesync / Resolve This

I talked to the system engineer at my company because i lost all exchange sync yesterday suddenly. This is affecting several users here (including moto cliq users).

He said he saw multiple relationships created by the phone on the exchange/activesync server. Normally it should create only 1 unique id and always use that id - even when an email account is added/removed repeatedly or if the phone is reverted to factory settings.

Has anyone seen this problem or have any insights? The sys admin removed all the relationships, i removed my corporate account on the phone and tried to re-establish - but it is still not working.

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Does Email Always Contain Exchange

It seems like android 2. 0 is good enough for verizon to ship. All the rumors point to the end of this month. But as a developer how can one know what to depend on android 2. 0 devices? Is the calendar app there? Does email always contain exchange? I'ts not clear to me where the line between android os, google, and handset makers is. It would be nice if there was a list of features/components in these categories:

Included in android os. There unless the maker exluded it. ( Contacts, email, etc). Licensed to google. There if the maker licensed it ( maps, gmail, etc) - added by makers ( motoblur, etc. ) Will android 2. 0 come with a new sdk?  If so, when do we get to see it?

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Cannot Keep Touchdown For Exchange From Turning On By Itself

I just installed android 2. 2 on my droid today. Since then, i cannot keep touchdown for exchange from turning on by itself. I kill it with advance task killer and as soon i close advance task killer, touchdown for exchange starts up again (instantly).

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Google Talk User Id Exchange

Any google talk users want to chat randomly? Since i came from a blackberry where in the forums they had a placeto exchange pin numbers we can start a thread here for droid users too.

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Htc Evo 4g - Exchange Not Syncing

I just purchased the evo and i am trying to connect to my work email and it is not doing it. We use the exchange format and when i put in my information it says password/username invalid etc. I had the instict previously and i never had any issues. Does anyone else have problems connecting with the evo to exchange? If so is there anything i can do?

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Syncing With Exchange And Local Computer

I had windows mobile before, so it was pretty easy to setup syncing of calenders and contacts. I have my work exchange account setup and everything syncing, and i want it to sync to my local outlook on my home computer. But it is keeping 2 seperate appointments and contacts in the phone and not just combining everything into 1. Can i change this? I hate it because if i put something in the calendar at home, i dont see iton my work calendar, and vise vera.

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Lg Ally - Syncing Microsoft Exchange

Is there any direct way to sync ms exchange with the ally? I have the roadsync app as a trial version which works, but soon ill have to pay for it which i don't want to do. The phone manual says it can sync directly like the other email formats, but you have to contact the administrator. Has anyone figured out how to do this? It just seems so unneccesary to have to get an app when the other email formats don't need one.

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Email Exchange Missing Drafts Folder

Mot droid x running droid 2. 2. 1 on verizon, i'm accessing my email on an exchange server and life is good. Except (why else would i be here). My drafts folder is no where to be found on my droid x list of folders. I am a new user (about 2 weeks) and have noticed this since day-01, i'm just now looking for a solution. I've looked for it as a subfolder - no dice. I can access the same exchange email account with outlook, and via web access and the drafts folder is there and it is accessible. How do i get my drafts folder to show up on my droid-x?

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Htc Hero - Syncing Contacts With Exchange

I want to sync contacts. The days of "this data is exclusively on my phone" and "this data is exclusively in my e-mail" is over for me. But there is still a difference between what is useful to me on a super-portable device (handset) used not least for calling, texting and on-the-fly data checks, and a less portable device (laptop) used not least for writing and overview. My contacts contain many kinds of data, multiple phone numbers, addresses, b'days, notes and stuff.

The following is my findings:
- Android seems to think that syncing contacts with exchange is bad. Maybe it's a google thing. I don't know. Can't make it work for contacts unless using a third party client.
- When syncing contacts with google i can only sync all my gmail contacts or none.

My dilemma is this: i can't sync with either platform without a mess!

In the blue corner: i have in my outlook exchange my telephone contacts. This is because my previous phone was winmo, not because i love outlook.

Syncing: either via a third party client (which has yet to work for me) or i can stuff them in a csv-file and put them on my handset - but then i can't sync them and every subsequent update will only exist on the handset.

In the red corner: i have in my gmail account a huge mess of e-mail receipients. Syncing between handset and google is hella easy. But many, many of the gmail contacts i very seldom use, and only for e-mailing.

To sum up rhetorically: am i the only one to think that my handset contact list should consist of some of my gmail contacts (e.g. Those with a phone number attached to them) rather than all of them?

I think i need a separate site: where i can decide what contacts i want to share between which platforms, sites and clients.

I want to leave exchange behind. I want to sync with google. Not one-off import from google, but sync. How do i not get every last person i ever sent an e-mail to clogging up my handset's phonebook?

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What Makes It Impossible To Exchange Applications Between Phones

I've got some questions about a possible android weak point:

1. What makes it impossible to exchange applications between android phones? Can't they be cracked? If so, what's the use of android market?
And don't tell me that this is illegal :-).

2. Would an android based p2p application be accepted in the android market?

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Motorola Droid X - Is Touchdown Fighting Exchange Code

My droid x is completed bricked since updating to 2. 2 an hour ago. This is a stock droid x. I never rooted or modified anything. The only thing non stock is that i am using the touchdown app that motorola gave me to access my exchange mail, calendar, contacts etc. Is touchdown the culprit in this bricking?Is touchdown fighting the exchange code?

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Disable The Exchange Lock Screen On Samsung Galaxy S

I have an exchange account through my employer that requires the lock screen. Does anyone know if there is a way to disable this on my galaxy s (captivate) similar to the lockpicker app for sense?

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Motorola Droid - Exchange E-mail Plain Text Wrapping

My droid displays plain text messages from exchange account in unwrapped very long lines.

(Note: html messages wrap properly. )

This does not occur on gmail, but i cannot live by gmail alone. If i forward the email from my exchange account to the gmail account, the email is reformated and the lines wrap appropriately. I was wondering if one of the exchange apps would solve this problem.

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Motorola Droid - How To Bring In An Exchange Calander From A Sepecific Account

I set up 4 exchange account on the driod, but i see no option or mention regarding calendar . Only asks if want to sync contacts.

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