Htc Desire - Phone Stuck On Boot Screen - Get It To Work

I'm at the end of my tether now!

My phone kept rebooting when using navigation yesterday, then after the 3rd time it has just been stuck on the htc boot screen and nothing will fix it.

I can't even get into recovery, so i cant do a nandroid restore.

I have been using leedroid 2. 2e with no problems before this.

I have tried flashing the latest ruu but because i had the latest froyo already installed it wont work as it needs to be an older version on the phone.

I cant downgrade froyo to an older version as i cant get into the phone to turn on usb debugging.

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Htc Stuck On The Boot Screen

I downloaded something and its stuck on the boot-screen so i connected it to my comp to flash the rc33 but it cant connect to the computer since i cant mount it. I even wiped and its still stuck help please

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Htc Touch Panel Fail And Stuck On Boot Screen

I am stuck on the boot screen of the htc hero, i woke up this morning and it was stuck in sleep so i removed the battery and the restarted and it is now stuck. It briefly loaded earlier today but only the trackball and buttons were working, and it soon froze again.

I restarted holding volume down button and i get the following:

Hero cvt ship s-on
Hboot-1. 76. 0007 (hero10000)
Touch panel-fail
Radio-6. 35. 07. 08
Aug 4 2009, 19:43:30


Back fastboot mode
Send simlock

I have tried fastboot but no luck.

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Stuck On Home Screen But Can Access Boot Screen

I purchased this device from someone that was already a second user. That makes me the third. No warranty at this point. I got this phone for $50 in current state hoping that i can fix this via flashing new rom. It has turned out to be dead end after dead end. This is my first time flashing an andriod device aka noob so help me out people, please

I have gone through every forum post about how to gain root access. Here is the issue i am running into. Everything goes great, download sdk, get drivers, i am able to connect the device to and get a response with device pin number in command screen. Then i type in 'fastboot oem unlock' and it gives me this terrific message:

. Info[err] partition_read: :failed to read page 261120 or it is em
Info[display_err] sp_custom partition: sp_custom_img_hd read err
Info[display_err] can not load custom splash
Infoloading custom splash failed

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Htc Wildfire - Phone Stuck On Loading / Work Around This

When i start up my htc wildfire after the unlock it gets stuck on the main screen which says

"Loading. It may take several mintues to complete, please wait. "

And it stays like this for like a hour. How do i get around this problem?

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Hero - Phone Wont Go Past Htc Boot Screen / What To Do?

My phone wont go past htc boot screen. Anything i can do?

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Htc My Touch 3g Rooting Phone Stuck On Splash Screen

My phone is stuck on the spash screen after the "updating process" the splash screen is saying htc magic, but thats as far as it proceeds nothing more. I have successfully created a "goldcard" was the process that i used. Now its stuck. Much help is needed and appreciated. Creating a gold card, and copying files. Right after this is where the phone sticks at the splash screen and doesn't load anything.

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Samsung - Behold 2 Stuck In Boot Mode / What To Do

I have a rooted behold 2 and it is stuck in boot loop. I have tried a hard reset using volume down ok and power but then menu twice. The phone then goes to a screen showing a phone being taken out of a box then a download bar on the bottom, the phone then resets without doing anything and im back in boot mode. I was trying to odin it back but i cant get the phone to go into download mode, im trying this on xp. Does anybody have any suggestions?

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Samsung - I7500 Stuck On Boot Fix It

I have i7500 phone, i installed openhome and now i cannot boot the device.
I see the samsung logo glowing with blue again and again.

Is there something i can do to fix it?

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Htc Desire - Phone Won't Boot Anymore In Root Process - Solution For This

I tried rooting my tmobile branded desire with the goldcard method i followed the procedure and everything went fine untill i followed the next steps

- In the terminal window, enter either 'step1-windows. Bat', '. /Step1-mac. Sh' or '. /Step1-linux. Sh' as appropriate.
- Navigate to the 'bootloader' and then 'recovery' option on the menu, using the volume buttons to move and the power button to select.
- When a black screen appears with a red triangle, press and hold 'volume up' then tap 'power'.

I proceeded with step1-windows. Bat after this i navigated to bootloader and choose recovery this is where the problem started and my phone freezes and is stuck in the pink tmobile boot circle. I never get to the black screen with the red triangle.

I've been trying since to boot my phone, i can get into hboot but when i choose boot or recovery it freezes. Anyone have a suggestion?

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Samsung Behold 2 - Stuck On Boot Cycle - Completely Bricked / Anything To Fix

So last night, i got my bh2. Started dicking around with it, got handcent because stock sms is garbage, and got it nice and rooty. I started to get double notifications, and bh2 can't disable stocks notifications for some ridiculous reason. So i poked around on the internets and saw someone had suggested deleting twsms.apk.

Viola! No more double notifications. Or twlauncher either!

So now, i figure, "oh launcher is just corrupted, i'll factory reset no worries right?" Apparently i was very wrong and now i'm stuck in the infinate boot cycle.

So my question is am i completely bricked? Is there anything i can do to fix it? If not, is t-mobile going to charge me another 180 bucks to get it replaced even though i just got it yesterday? Or is this covered by warranty?

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Htc Desire - Rom Boot Image

Iv downloaded both defrost and ledroid and both files have a boot file image. Im guessing that is the actual rom, but when i click on it it auto loads nero to burn the image. When i burnt it the disc was empty. Iv also tried to mount the image with magic iso and power iso but it wouldent mount. Im sure im missing something simple.could some1 help me out please?Im on the basic froyo rom for virgin phone and have my 16gig sd card as a gold card so should be all set

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Htc Desire - Stuck On Rooting

Im trying to root my phone using this guide on bootloader 0. 8;14/jun r6 riskfreeroot - htc desire rooting guide - now with hboot 0. 80 and os to 1. 21 support - android @ modaco. "However every time i run step 5 i get fastboot-windows-exe is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable command or batch file" which leads to problems further on. Anybody in the know have any solutions to this or a different guide for bootloader 0. 8?

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Motorola Droid X - Phone Stuck On "safe Mode" / Get It To Work

Have droid x and have never had a problem till 3 days ago. Barely working and now stuck on "safe mode". Suggestions? And i have already taken out battery and restarted a gazillion times.

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Htc Droid Eris - Phone Dropped In Toilettouch /screen Wont Work - Fix It

A couple months ago i dropped my droid eris in the toilet. I turned it back on for the first time in weeks and my touch screen wont work. Is there any hope in fixing it?

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Lg Esteem Phone Is Stuck On "download Is In Progress" Screen

I recently tried to update my phone with lg's mobile update software, however in the middle of the update i had a power surge which interrupted the update. Now my phone is stuck on this screen. I tried to to a hard reset by using the volume and power button but to no avail.

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Htc Desire - Good Instant Messaging Service To Work On Both Phone And A Blackberry

Does anyone know of a good instant messaging service that will work on both a htc desire and a blackberry? This week i finally upgraded from a bb 8900 to a desire. My girlfriend still has a bb though and while we used to use bb's im which was great, that obviously isn't an option now. Any suggestions?

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Samsung Behold 2 - Phone Is Stuck On Samsung Screen And Will Not Reboot

I followed all the instructions to switch to bh mans galaxy rom. After doing so i rebooted and the phone is stuck on the samsung screen and will not reboot. Is my phone completely bricked?

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Htc Desire - Screen Burn On Phone / Solution For This

Anyone else experiencing screen burn on their desires? I only noticed it this afternoon when i rebooted my phone. When the white htc splash screen came up i could see the outline of the keyboard. It was a bit of a shock! I downloaded one of those silly torch apps that make the screen go white so i could get a good look at it. It's only faint and can only been seen on a white background but it's definitely there. I've had the phone about 7 months and must say i text far too much so the keyboard is on quite a lot. Anybody else experiencing this? Any idea if i'd get a replacement from t-mobile if i pushed for one?

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Htc Desire - Screen Lock On Phone / Get It Back

Right here goes i seem to have lost the ability to screen wipe on the main screen . i.e if i press the power button there is that swipe bar . Well thats gone missing . Any clues on how to get it back?

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Htc Desire - Phone Keeps Rebooting / Screen Keeps Turning On / Off

Ok, followed the rooting guide on my htc desire (i'm with 3 uk) since we never seem to be getting 2. 2 and i've run out of room. Now, i'm getting all sorts of problems. Phone keeps rebooting, screen keeps turning on/off, can't make calls, can't connect to wi-fi, all sorts of major problems. Phone keeps telling me that a 'process system is not responding' too. It doesn't even seem able to read the sd card anymore!

I have not got a gold card. I don't mind what i have to do at this point, i don't even care if i go back to 2. 1, but i have no idea what to do to fix these problems. Is there anything i can do to just wipe the phone back to how it was? I'm a real noob at this and feel out of my depth, any help would be fantastic.

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Htc Desire - Phone Screen Not Responding Quickly Enough / Make It Fast

Desire screen not responding quickly enough , any ideas please

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Suppress Boot Splash Screen

How can i suppress the boot splash screen? I know there's a lot of interest in installing custom splash screens, but what i want to do is different; i'd like to just not have any boot splash screen, and instead be able to view the boot messages (the ones you see on a regular linux system - messages about detecting hardware, mounting filesystems, starting services, etc).

Anyone know how to do that on android? (I'm running amon_ra's "clean donut" rom - ra-ionv1. 6. - on an htc magic 32b, if that matters. )

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Htc Desire - App To Make Phone Screen Wake Up By Pressing Trackball

Is there an app which can make your phone screen wake up by pressing the trackball? Its a pain just having the button on the top left.

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Htc Desire - Debranding Htc Desire Didn't Work

I am tryed to debrand my virgin mobile, all went well, i created the goldcard and then ran the rom update and i got a error 7001 or something like that, and the phone was stuck on the bootloader and would reboot, so i ran the update again and it restored it back to the normal rom and is still branded to virgin mobile. Any one know of a deffo way i can debrand my phone?

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Flashing Super D - Stuck On G1 Screen

So i actually had super d running, partitioned the sd and did everything that needed to be done, but on and sd that didn't belong to me. So i returned the sd and began doing it on mine, partitioned, wiped, reinstalled drc83_base_defanged, and began reflashing the rom, i know i messed up, don't have a recovery, where do i go from here.

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Recovery Menu & Boot Screen Logo Is Not Showing On Lg Optimus (gt540)

I try to install ics rom, on my gt540 but i have problem. I have android 2. 3. 7 on my phone but when i reboot in recovery mode, black screen is all that i see, also my boot screen logo is not showing when i start or reboot my phone. Please help me.

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Htc Hero Stuck On "htc" Screen

I have an htc hero flashed over to metro pcs. I did not do the flashing some one else did. My internet was not working so i decided to start messing with the recovery options. I really have no idea what i did. But now i can not boot the phone at all, it just hangs at the htc screen. I can not even boot into recovery mode, the only thing i can do is get into the menu when you hold down the volume down button. But from their i can get to recovery mode. I am really a newb at this kind of thing and have no idea what to do.

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Htc Evo 4g - Name Of App That Kills Sprint Crap From Launching When I Boot Up Phone

What is the name of the app that kills the sprint crap from launching when you boot up your phone. Tired of the sprint nascar and football apps launching.

I tried doing a search on the forums and a google search but couldn't remember the key words, author or name.

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Htc Desire - Keyboard Not Doing Anything / Cause Of This / Get It To Work

Ive got a strange and annoying issue with my htc desire which is little over a week old.
At times i click on fields to enter text and the keyboard doesn't appear, refresh the page etc and still doesn't appear. Alternatively the keyboard does appear but promptly minimizes upon pressing a button.

The issue is somewhat intermittent but facebook is a particularly bad offender

Any ideas for causes or solutions?

Also i have an app killer and can kill almost all aps apart from the internet browser (standard or dolphon browser issue occurs in both) so have tried to see if background aps causes the problem but to no avail

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