Using Database - Create Database With Several Tables

Using sqlite on android? I've found this: and it ok to start with, but then it wants me to jump into other source code then its difficult to follow.

I've tried others on the web, one from screaming penguin and that just kept causing errors with jvm.

I need to: create database, with several tables (auto id, declare type) update get

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Creating Database And Tables On Click Event Of Button

I am trying to create database and table on the click event of button when i am clicking on the button for creating database and table. It is saying that process com. Example. Hw3 has stopped unexpectedly.

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Droid Always Wanting To Create Database / What's Going On

I'm working on a small android database application (i'm an android newbie). I have an existing sqlite3 database created on a different platform. When i use it my sqliteopenhelper always calls oncreate (which of course fails). When i let android create the database all works just fine - oncreate is called for the first time, but not subsequently.

The android_metadata table is present with local=en_us.

What's going on?

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Possible To Create Droid Database Without External Tools

I have been searching for this for the past few days and every tutorial i see needs for me to use an external package. Is there anything built into the android sdk that would allow me to create a database? I thought i saw something on it a long time ago, but i can't find anything to back that foggy memory up.

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Database Doesn't Exist - Way To Create It

I'm new here in android.

I would like to have information about what is the best way to create a database if not exists, and manage few tables with inner join queries.

Do you have any web page explaining this subject?

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Tutorial To Create An App With Database Support Of Sqlite

I want to create an application with database support of sqlite. From where should i get appropriate tutorial , about how to connect to an database.
I also want an ebook /tutorial on android from beginning.

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Create Database In Droid - Need Step By Step Procedure

I need step by step procedure for creating a data base in android

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Cant Seem To Add To Database

So basically my app starts out with a tabview, then through the options menu the user selects to add a game to the database. This opens the inputgame class, which accepts a few values, and then it should put them into a database when the user clicks "submit". It will also go back to the original home view. The app goes back the the home tabs view just fine, bu nothing ever gets added to the database. Am i doing something wrong?



And here is my database helper. The records i have pre-programmed in show up just fine:


Edit: when submitting from inputgames, should i be closing that activity all together? I think the way i have it set now just goes back to the other activity, but nothing really gets done. Or is that not it at all?

Edit #2 well i got it to add. For some reason i have to use .execsql. Thats fine i guess, but bow when i try to add from a spinner item in inputgames, i get this populating the respective element: com. Jvavrik. Gcm. Inputgame@43bb0510

Were the number after the "@" is always different.

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Open A Database In Runtime

I'm new to android programming and this is my first post in this group. I've found a lot of problems but i'm slowly getting over them.

Now i'm stuck on this. I want to open a database but in code time i don't know it's name. I know it's structure, but not it's name. So now i list all the databases in the local directory of my app and get which one the user want's to open, but i can't open it since i don't know how to create a sqliteopenhelper without knowing the file name.

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Simplecursoradapter Not Updating With Database Changes

I have an android list activity that is backed by a database cursor through a simplecursoradapter.

When the items are clicked, a flag field in the coresponding row in the database is toggled and the view in the list needs to be updated.

The problem is, when the view that's updated goes off screen and is recycled, the old value is displayed on the view when it returns into view. The same thing happens whenever thr list is redrawb (orientation changes, etc).

I use notifydatasetchanged() to refresh the cursor adapter but it seems ineffective.

How should i be updating the database so the cursor is updated as well?

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Existing Sql Database

I am trying to make an app that will interface with a website i have. It is a movie website with all of its information stored in sql database. I know how to write the requests and queries in .asp but dont know how to get information from the database in my app. I want the user to be able to enter a movie title, and through a couple of stored procedures that are in my sql database, return the info on that movie(actor, budget, genre. ). I would like to have little info stored on the device, have all of the queries being sent to my sql server and just have the info being returned.

So my question boils down to, how do i link my existing sql database with an android app.

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Adapter For 2 Database Sources

I have 2 android databases in my app. For the sake of an example, lets say database #1 is called jobs and has the following columns: "jobs primary key" - "job title" - "job description"

Database #2 is called people and has the following columns: "people primary key" - "first name" - "last name" - "jobs id key"

(Yes i know these are not the greatest of designs from a database perspective, this is just to help paint a picture for my question).

Within a listview, i'd like to display columns "first name" - "last name" - "job title" (1 column from database #1, 2 columns from database #2). Using a simplecursoradapter, is it possible to somehow accomplish this?

If i don't use a simplecursoradapter, the only way that i can think to accomplish this is to use an arrayadapter, where i use a stringbuilder to concatenate the 3 columns together, and fill the listview, but i'm wondering if there is a better way to accomplish this.

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Updating Database From An Edittext

I have a text field in sqlite database, which i want the user to be able to update.

So i extract and display the text in an edittext view. The user edits it and presses "update" button. At this point i want to update the text field in database with whatever user has in the edittext.

Here's the problem, edittext returns the type editable.
And the put(string key, string value) function of contentvalues, that i use while updating the record, expects a string. So how to put an editable in a string?

I tried upcasting the editable to charsequence and then casting that to string, but that gives me a runtime exception, classcastexception, which it very well should (because the object was an editable to begin with, i cannot make it a string).

So how to get around this? Here's the code i am using. I know it is wrong, but i cannot figure out how to do this.


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Updating Prepopulated Database

I lost last 3 hours trying to do this. Im making an app that will ship with a db filled with populated tables that would not change on clients devices.

I managed to do this by putting it in the assets folder and copying it as a stream of bytes to the appropriate data folder on the phone. Problem is when i wish to update the database, i cant get it to work.

I delete the db in data folder on phone (from code), but copying the new database always fails, or the copied db has the appropriate size but no tables in it.

How to do this? Or is there a simpler way? Can i open db directly from assets (it would be the simplest way if it can, but i cant find how to access the path to assets from code)?

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Reading From Database - File

I know a lot of web languages but they're a lot different from java (which is what android uses, i believe). I'm trying to create a small application but can't figure out how to populate a list or select box with data. How do i store the data so when you install the application it will read it from some database/file and display it? Do i need to use sqlite for this? If yes, how do i populate it before exporting the application?

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Encrypt Sqlite Database

Android uses sqlite database to store data, i need to encrypt the sqlite database, how can this be done? I understand that application data is private. However i need to explictly encrypt the sqlite database that my app is using.

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Asynctask And Database Lock

My problem is about asynctask and database lock. I have an asynctask which does a full restore (from an amazon s3 storage) of my database. In order to avoid any inconsistency i use a sqllite transaction. From the ui thread i display a loading message while launching this asynctask and was thinking it was not possible for the user to use the application at the same time but for example if i click on search it goes to the search screen of my application and then i encounter database lock problem.

Do you have any idea how i can handle it ? (i.e. Be sure the user is "locked" to my loading message)

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Way To Do Database Schema Migrations In Droid

Is there a standard way to do database schema migrations on android? For example, user installs newer version of my android app but the new version needs to make updates to the database schema (and wiping the user's database and starting over is not an option!). So i need to run some alter statements and/or copy tables the first time my new version runs.

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Check Whether Table Existed / Not In Database

I want to know how to check whether certain table is existed or not in a database?

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Database Written In Sms / Get And Delete It

I have a question in android that before the database is written in the sms , how can i get it and delete it .

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Cursor Stay Valid Across Database Changes

I am looking to create objects that internally store a few cursors. When asked for data, those objects will use the cursors to get the data from the database. This is to hide my database structure from the rest of my app.

My question is, if i get a cursor, and change the database with many insertions/updates/deletes, would the cursor still be pointing to the correct location? (Assuming i did not delete it's data).

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Using Relative Paths With Attach Database In Sqlite

I eventually got "attach database" to work by using this syntax:


However, i cannot seem to get this working using relative paths.

What is the path relative to?

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Download A Read Only Sqlite Database At Runtime

My application needs to download a reasonably sized sqlite database at runtime, depending on the location of the user. On a remote server i will have many databases for various regions around the globe and would like to download the database file, but can't quite work out what steps are required. It doesn't seem that i can open a database file for writing to directly.

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Not Able To Increment Field In Sqlite Droid Database / Why Is So

I want to increment a column in a sqlite android database. Im doing like this code.

And i call this method on another class like this:

This. Dh. Atualiza(word);

But when i pull the database from the emulator and check with the sqlite database browser, the field is not incremented. Why?

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Need Higher Level Database Layer For Droid

Are there any good database abstraction layers/object relational mappers/activerecord implementations/whatever they are called for android? I'm aware that db4o is officially supported, but it has quite a large footprint and i'd rather use a more conventional database (sqlite).

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Access A Database In A Separate Thread In Droid

How do you access a sqlitedatabase database in a separate thread (ie: an asynctask) of an activity and make sure that you always leave it in a legal state?

If i understand correctly, the thread can be killed at any moment and the database might remain open, potentially giving an illegalstateexception (sqlitedatabase
Created and never closed) at a latter time.

How do you deal with this?

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Database Application - Where The Data Base Is Store

I am doing database application in android. I need to know where the data base is store, whether in emulator or in our application.

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String Doesn't Appear In My Database / Show It

So i used a edittext called "add", when i click on the button he have to insert into a table a title (string) and amount(int) and comments (string) .
The title is like this : string title = add. Gettext(). Tostring();
But it does not appear in the table .
Plus when i had forgotten the "gettext()" it displayed : android. Widget. Edittext@43e41168 .
I dont know why .

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Run Adb Command To Update Database

How to update the database in android. I created an app with an embedded database. I changed the version of the database in the manifest and created the on update method. I wanted to test it to see if the database was updating properly but when i use the adb command only the -r will allow me to do a reinstall but it keeps the database. Is there a way to run the adb command that will allow me to update the database.

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Trouble Creating Sqlite Database On Sdcard

I want to create a database storing on the sdcard, but there is error occurred. The following is the error: error/database(605): sqlite3_open_v2("/sdcard/lyodsgps. Sqlite", &handle, 6, null) failed error/androidruntime(605): caused by:android. Database. Sqlite. Sqliteexception: unable to open database file and i want to ask what it is? What can i do to solve it?

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