Htc Desire - Speed Of Wifi Connection In Mbyte

Does the desire have a strong connection to wifi ?

What is the speed of wifi connection in mbyte ?

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Tether Airport Wifi Connection Through To My Laptop Via N1

I have an n1 and tethering using my 3g connection works a dream.

With my plan i have unlimited wifi through a specific provider who offer wifi at the airport i'm going to tomorrow.

Does anyone know if i can tether the airport wifi connection through to my laptop via my n1?

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Htc Desire - Can't Turn 3g Connection Off After Root

I have used unrevoked to root my phone and since this i am unable to turn my 3g connection off, is this know issue?

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Samsung I7500 - Can't Find Paid Apps - Wifi Never Seems To Hold The Connection

There was a time when i could see paid apps in the market and have purchased several including better keyboard. For the past couple of months, i just cannot see any paid apps on the market and nor do i see upgrade notifications for paid apps that i have already purchased (for instance, i cannot find newer versions of better keyboard although it's installed on my i7500, and was purchased from the market). Any idea what the problem might be?

Also, wifi never seems to hold the connection when the phone goes to sleep even though it's set to 'never' in the wi-fi sleep setting.

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Motorola Milestone - Wifi Connection Work Strange / Make Turn On It And Connect To Ap Throught One Click

It's my first post. I bought milestone recently. Before i used only wm devices.
Milestone is nice phone but wifi work some strange. I installed the widget that turn on wifi in one click. When i turn on wifi, phone is not looking for access points that i was connected before. I must enter to settings - wireless network - wifi settings. Then starting the search access point and connecting.
Can i make turn on wifi and connect to ap throught one click?

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Htc Desire - App To Use Wifi Without Sim Card

I am wondering if i buy htc desire or not.
It is coming out on april 27th in japan.
I have contacted with the supplier, softbank, to ask a question if it is possible to use wifi without sim card. And they said it is not possible.
So, i wonder is there any application which i can download from the market to let it possible to use wifi without sim card.

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Htc Desire - Wifi Connectivity After Upgrade To Froyo

I now have a persistent wifi connectivity issues. As far as i can remember, it didn't happen with the stock android 2. 1 that came with the phone. These are the steps that describe the problem:download:

1. I'm near my home router or a public wifi hotspot.
2. Turn wifi on.
3. The phone scans for available networks and automatically connects to the network.
4. The phone has internet connectivity for few minutes.
5. Suddenly the wifi indicator (notification bar) turns off.
6. Entering the wifi setting page, the wifi is still turned on but the networks are displayed as not in range.
7. Trying to scan again doesn't help.
8. Turning wifi off and on again repeats the steps from #2 above.

Also tried wipe+return to default+reflash rom. Also happened in another rom based on leedroid mod v2. 0a.

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Htc Desire - Turn Wifi And Apn Off To Save Battery

Just an info. When the wifi is on does apn go off or do i need to do it manually?
Is it better to turn it off too save battery?

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Htc Desire - App To Turn Wifi On / Off When I Get Home - Work

Location based wifi? As in it will turn the wifi on/off when i get home/work etc?

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Htc Hero - Wifi Switched On Network Error Is Displayed Wifi Is Shown As Connected

Cannot conect to the market if i have wifi switched on network error is displayed wifi is shown as connected? Tryed in different hotspots.

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What Speed Are You Guys Getting On 3g Using Htc Nexus One ?

What kind of speed are you guys getting on 3g, for those of you who do not have any 3g issues? My 3g connection is good here in dallas. Currently deep inside a hospital building with 3g speeds of 678/143. Tethering i got 981/352.

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Htc Hero - Messaging Become Very Slow / Speed This Up

Have a small issue regarding messaging. Mine has become really slow now. Even after i rooted to froydvillain1. 3. There are around 5000 messages and the problem is i want to keep them all because of some of the priceless conversations i've had. Any idea how to speed this up? New memory card? Install a kernel? Update rom? Apps?

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Htc Eris - Speed Up Angry Bird On Phone

How can i speed up angry bird on my htc eris

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Htc Droid Eris - Delete Google Voice / Can't Remove Number 1 From Speed Dial / Fix It

I got google voice and want to get rid of it. I unistalled the app on my phone and deactivated on on line. However, my # 1 speed dial is stuck with the google voice mail number instead of *86 for verizon's voice mail number. I can edit/delete any speed dial i want except for #1. Anyone know how i can fix this?

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Htc - T-mobile Lost All Connection Problem

I've had my g1 a while now, on tmobile contract, no problems but of late my connection has been very iffy i usually get to post a message before i lose all connection and have to reboot the phone or phone settings>search networks. I know tmobile is now part of orange but well, is anyone else experiencing problems or could it be my phone? I've tried using my sim in another phone and vice versa but still can't decide where the problem lies.

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Htc Hero - No Market - Not Getting An Edge Connection

Im not getting an edge connection either (im in us with eu hero)

So what do i do from here? I just want it smooth with market installed.

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Htc Evo 4g - Google Talk Connection

I had a question regarding google talk.

Is it normal for my google talk connection to drop after i make or get a phone call? I had an iphone before and google talk would remain connected through meebo when i made or got a call.

On my evo the google talk connection seems to drop and when i try to sign in again it takes a while to sign in again. Is this normal?

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Using Usb 2 Ethernet Adapter With Htc For Internet Connection

Is it possible to plug a usb 2 ethernet adapter to an android phone (say htc) and use an ethernet cable to connect to the web? (When wifi is not available)?. Anyone tried this on a phone which also had debian/ubutnu installed?.

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Htc Evo 4g - 3g Data Connection Suddenly Drops / Solve This

I keep running into this issue. First of all, i live in a very good service area, so it's not lack of a strong signal that causes this. I'll be using the web browser and suddenly a page won't load and i look up to notice my 3g icon is gone! It usually takes turning off/on the phone to get it back. It's super annoying and i was wondering if anyone else ever experiences this and if so, is there anything that can be done to fix it?

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Htc Hero - Connect To Internet With A Pppoe Connection On Phone

Can anyone tell me how to connect to the internet with a pppoe connection on a htc hero? I have a free wi-fi access point at work but must sign up with own internet pppoe account.

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Htc Evo 4g - Phone Does Not Display Usb Connection Notification / What To Do

I have tried everything to try and mount something to my evo. I do not get the usb connection notification window on my evo. Only charge, sync, disk drive and internet sharing, even when i drag down the usb icon at the top left.

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Htc Evo 4g - Since Upgraded To Froyo 4g Hasnt Been Connecting - Failed Connection

Since i've upgraded to froyo my 4g hasnt been connecting it all. It keeps saying "turning on" and "turning off' , and eventually "failed". What can i do to fix this? All 4 other evo's in my house are connected to 4g.

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Htc Evo 4g - Phone Full Bars Connection Slow / Increase It

Since yesterday my connection on 4g is holy crap slow. Ran a speed test, local server. I'm getting 108kbps down, and 70kbps up.

I've ran it several times, and it's always in that ball park, with the upload varying the most by a couple hundred. I've rebooted several times, with no success. Any suggestions?

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Got A Htc G1 And Just Want To Be Able To Use Wifi

When i turn the phone on it gives me the typical "welcome to t-mobile g1". Below it in small font, "touch the android to begin. " Well, i do that, i hit skip cause everything is common sense. But now it ask me to activate my gmail, i do but i don't technically have internet, i would love to use the wifi but, when i hit menu it tells me wireless options and it gives me the following:

Data roaming (that's a no, no for me. )
Use only 2g networks.
Network operators
Access point names.

Below each one, as in every time i click on network operators and access points it says something about t- mobile. You see i don't want to be using edge or anything like that i just want to be able to use my wifi, so any help?

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Htc Desire - Debranding Htc Desire Didn't Work

I am tryed to debrand my virgin mobile, all went well, i created the goldcard and then ran the rom update and i got a error 7001 or something like that, and the phone was stuck on the bootloader and would reboot, so i ran the update again and it restored it back to the normal rom and is still branded to virgin mobile. Any one know of a deffo way i can debrand my phone?

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How To Speed Up Restlet When Using Odata

I am attempting to use restlet for android to query an odata data source. However, i am not impressed with its performance in both the emulator as well on a real device. I have the requests made in a wrapper asynctask to make the ui responsive but it still takes over 1 minute to finally return the objects.

I get plenty of these in the logcat window: 10-04 18:20:41. 667: debug/dalvikvm(278): gc freed 7872 objects / 523928 bytes in 279ms

What can i do to speed up the queries?

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What Are Your Speed Vs Accuracy Settings

For you swype users out there what are your speed vs accuracy settings? What does this actually do? Does it affect when you tap out a word at all?

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Htc Droid Eris - Can't See Wifi / What To Do

I have my router set-up on wpa2-psk, but my eris (new to me) does not see the ssid, even if i add a connection. Would there be something blocking the eris from seeing this connection?
All of our pc's and my old phone are able to see and use this connection.

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Htc Incredible - Wifi Widgets - Working?

Has anyone else had any issues with any of the wifi widgets? I've tried several of them including the stock one that was on the third screen and the power widget bar. It successfully turns wifi off. However, i have yet to be able to turn wifi back on successully. I have tried waiting a bit after turning it off to turn it back on as well as immediately after turning it off. I am forced to go into settings>wireless & networks>wifi settings and then it will immediately and automatically associate with the access point.

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Htc Incredible - No Emails While On Wifi / Receive That

For some reason, i can't receive emails while using wifi, but i can send/receive texts. I tested this by sending emails from my laptop and having my wife send me emails while i was on wifi. They never arrived in my gmail app until i turned off wifi and went back to 3g. Is it supposed to work like this?

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