Stop Google Services From Running - Lg Esteem

Is there a way to stop this google services from running on my applications ? Im kind of a ram whore and i don't like things running when i don't want them to. So is there anyway to keep it from running or must it run or is it bad to take off in the first place ?

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Clearing / Deleting All Calendar Data Error - Application Google Services Framework Has Stopped Unexpectedly

Today i started getting the dreaded "the application google services framework(process Process. Gapps ) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. Error. In the past clearing calendar data in my settings (calendar storage & all calendar applications) then re-syncing solved the problem. This process is well documented and i'm quite familiar with it. Didn't work today.

When clearing all calendar data didn't work i tried deleting all calendar data in my google account through the website. There is now no data in my google calendar. But when i open my calendar app, if my google calendar is selected, all the previous events suddenly reappear. They shouldn't be there since i've deleted my calendar data both on my phone (allegedly) and in the cloud.

I've tried selecting/unselecting my calendars. I've deleted calendars. I've added new google accounts with virgin calendars. Tried everything i could think of with no success so i'm hoping someone has a new suggestions. Of course every time i try to manually sync i get the error. How do i get my phone to erase all this calendar data? Is there an app on the sd card that i can delete?

Note: i added a new google account to my phone with a virgin calendar. I can manually sync with this calendar without getting an error. However, when i go to the options screen to select which calendar i want to use, i get the "syncing" symbol in my toolbar and a few seconds later i get the error again. This happens no matter what is checked at the time.

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Stop Update Notifications For Twitter & Google

Stopping update notifications for twitter & google, i do not use google goggles or twitter, cannot uninstall them, but keep getting update notifications for them on my droid phone. Sine i cannot uninstall the apps, is there a way to at least stop the update notifications? I don't want to keep them updated because the updates take up needed space on the phone.

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Google Maps - Limit Panning Between Longitudes / Stop It

I"m trying to set limits to the map view so the user won't be able to
Pan it cyclic.
(When panning to the right, instead of the map will cycle, i want it
To stop).

Is it possible?

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4 Threads As Services

I want to implement 4 threads as services in android. How di i do that. Can anyone suggest a good example for the same. ?

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Remoteexceptions And Services

I've written a service and an activity for the android os.

My service is running in it's own process, so all the communication between my activities and the service happens via ipc. I use the standard android . Aidl mechanism for this.

So far everything works fine. However, the aidl generates all method stubs using "throws remoteexception" so i have to handle them.

I did a quick grep on the entire android source-code and only found three cases where this exception is ever thrown. These are in a different service that i don't connect with.

I checked the c-sources as well because in theory remoteexceptions can be generated using the jni interface. Nothing turned up.

I have the impression that everyone just handles them like this:


This is not solid code, and i don't want something like this in my code-base.

Besides that: i tried to throw a remoteexception via ipc myself and all i got was a stack-trace and a system log message that tells me that exceptions aren't supported yet. My application never saw the exception and the services that threw the exception ended up in a very strange state (halfway working) :-(

The questions are:

Do these exceptions ever get thrown?
Has anyone ever seen such a try-catch block catching a remoteexception?
Could it be that they don't exist and that we are just forced to deal with them because the "throws remoteexception" is dead code or a left-over inside the aidl compiler?

Disclamer: i haven't read the entire source-code. I used grep to find the occurrences of remoteexception, so i may have missed some due to different whitespace usage.

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How To Use Sqlite From Services

It's sad how hard it is to find a simple line of code that does this "in my opinion".

Anyhow, the problem is i have a program with activities and services "i am new to services". I can access my sqlite database from activities using thedb class:


And then i can just call the methods, e.g.

Myactivity class:


Thedb class (method called from myactivity):


All i want to be able to do is call thedb's methods from my service like i do from myactivity.

Do i make a new constructor? Do i change the way i instantiate it?

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Services And Activities Lifecycles

I have some questions about the android service and activity lifecycles. I have written an application that uses gps location and stores them. It must monitor the gps location updates constantly to work properly.

Right now, it's all in one activity. So when you close the activity, you loose everything and can't continue monitor location updates. This is why i wanted to make a background service for the monitoring part. And i've been reading the android developer guide and the reference, but still can't fully understand the activity-service-process-lifecycle thing.

Consider this: you start the application. It gets a gps fix and now you can start monitoring the location updates and save them. When you do so, it should start a service that receives gps location updates. So now you have an activity and a service running in the same process. Ok. But what happens if you push the hardware back-button on your phone? Will only the activity be killed with the process still running your service? Or will it kill both, the activity and the service and thus also the process? Is there some way to ensure the service keeps running in the same process after the activity is killed? But a way not so complicated as the whole aidl thing for remote processes?

Creating a service in a new process seems unnecessary to me, because no other application should use my service, i just need the monitoring part to keep running while the (gui) activity is dead. I wanted to make something like the local service example on the developer site, but i must be sure the service keeps running after the activity is killed.

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Create An Application With Ws-* Services Connections

How to create an android application with ws-* services connections? Where to get information for beginners - it should contain video tutorials and explanation what types of bindings are not supported.

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Amazon Web Services - Aws

I have a simple app that uses aws to lookup and fetch product information. This works fine on the desktop, using the sun jre.

However, in trying to port this to android i am hitting all sorts of problems, including first missing classes in javax.xml  (specifically javax.xml. Transform. Stream. Streamsource), which i can work around, but then external jars that appear to prevent the app from being built. For example:

Warning: ignoring innerclasses attribute for an anonymous inner class that doesn't come with an associated enclosingmethod attribute. (This class was probably produced by a broken compiler. )

And then:

[2009-02-22 13:00:21 - dex loader] unable to execute dex: null conversion to dalvik format failed: unable to execute dex: null

Should i wait until there is an android version of aws available, or is this something that i can fix myself?

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Context-aware Web Services

I am starting an msc thesis and i investigating in the field of context-aware mashups. Do you guys know if there are any standard which have already been set on the way the context or point of interests are sent to the server? Like location, social information, language and other information about the mobile being sent in a particular format like a dom or tree like structure or maybe xml.

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Best Practise To Deal With Killed Services

I often see that services are killed and then "restarted". I can force this behavior when opening many applications. "Low memory" or "outofmemory" are not problems per se, are they? This is just the normal behavior due to android not closing applications, but killing the least important processes when more memory is needed, right? The terminology "crashed service" at least sounds very serious.

Is there any guaranteed call back available to clean up first before being killed? I set an ongoing notification when the service starts and clear it when it finishes. Unfortunately the notification isn't cleared when the service is just killed and it hangs around until the service is the next time triggered. Why are those services restarted? Are they always restarted? And what exactly happens when a service is restarted? Should i just clear the notification in the service's oncreate() method. To avoid the overhead of two processes i just use a single process for my ui and the service. Should i rework my code (stop sharing static variables) and use two separate processes?

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Sockets - Threads And Services - How To Make Them Work Together

I am facing a probleme with threads and sockets i cant figure it out, if someone can help me please i would really appreciate.

There are the facts :

I have a service class networkservice, inside this class i have a socket attribute.
I would like it be at the state of connected for the whole lifecycle of the service.

To connect the socket i do it in a thread, so if the server has to timeout, it would not block my ui thread.

Problem is, into the thread where i connect my socket everything is fine, it is connected and i can talk to my server, once this thread is over and i try to reuse the socket, in another thread, i have the error message socket is not connected.

Questions are :
- Is the socket automatically disconnected at the end of the thread?
- Is their anyway we can pass back a value from a called thread to the caller ?

Here is my code:


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Motorola - Turn Off Motoblur Services On Backflip?

I am having problems with phone locking when the wifi is connected and it's trying to log on to blur services. Is there a way to turn off motoblur services on the backflip? I don't use them anyway.

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To Save Resources / Should Services Use Android:process Attribute

I have a service that runs continuously. I opted to run the service in a separate process, communicating through ipc with the client activities, thinking this will help conserve memory. If the user is done interacting, android could shut down the entire client side process. However, the protocol between the service and activities is actually a bit complex, and writing all that ipc code is a bit tiresome.

Is there actually any gain here? If android frees the memory of finished activities anyway, is there any benefit to using a separate process, or is it maybe making things worse, even? What about a stopped activity stack (i.e. The user leaving through home)? If there are two processes, android could shut down the client side to regain memory. With a single process, would it need to choose between either ending keeping the saved activity state in memory, or ending the process including the service? I can't help but notice that no other app seems to use a remote process, including builtin one's like google talk or the music player. I'm i correct in assuming that this is the recommended approach then?

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Services - Thread In Background That Makes Request To An External Api

I'm developing an android application. Actually, i have a thread in background that makes request to an external api in order to get data when the users clicks in different parts of the app. My doubt is if this "thread" would be better if i implemented it as a service instead of a runnable class.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Internet Service - Register Online Services Many Times But Failed

I'm using x10. I just got it in 2 months ago. I try register online services many times, but failed (wireless is availble).

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Htc Droid Eris - Pulled All Google Contacts In Google / Fix This

My eris pulled all my google contacts in - not just the "my contacts" in google. How do i fix this?

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Best Browser On Lg Esteem

Many people (like me) have been trying to find out what is the best browser on our lg esteem. I'm undecided, so make your vote to help me out as well as others.

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How Fast Is The 4g On The Lg Esteem ?

A couple concerns with 4g, first how fast is the 4g on the esteem n second if you root your esteem, is their any tweeks to improve the 4g?

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Lg Esteem Vs Connect - Comparison

I have an esteem got the connect a week ago and wanted to leave my input for everyone to know. So i tried all roms and kernels on my esteem and found best combo to be zvd cleaned up and zvd speed kernel. I use tsf shell which is a 55mb ram launcher but so worth it. I used overclocked for a month too. So i got the connect to see how it is and i really wanted to use 4g while on the phone. I did not realize how much a difference it would be. I was skeptical due to the smaller screen and no hdmi. And quite frankly i was very surprised

The lg connect with its massive ram is excellent at multitasking. It was faster snappier and better than my esteem overall while bloated. The screen is clearly much more vibrant more contrast and very nice colors better than the iphone 4s which my friend has. I am very impressed with the phone overall no lag no bugs and no overheating as others have claimed. Battery life i would say is 30-40 percent better than the esteem with the exact same setup of apps and all. The difference in screen size was unnoticeable and not worthy of mentioning honestly it did not bother me at all and i did not feel a difference. It is also alot nicer in the pocket but i did like the dock with my esteem which i dont have here and i realized i never use my hdmi out to be honest.

So would i recommend the lg connect? Yes i would i am sure you will feel a clear difference especially with the ram difference and 4g while on the phone. Im loving it. Will keep you updated with what i find. Btw i now have it rooted and de-bloated to a certain extent using just freeze. I still have the lg esteem and i switch between them occasionally to test some things out on 4g ability but nothing noticeable thus far.

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Phoenix Launcher - Lg Esteem

Has anyone tried this home replacement out? It still could use a little more updates but if you want ics this is practically the closest thing to it!

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Cracked Screen - Lg Esteem

Well, i was running and slipped cut my leg open right across my shin, could have gotten about 5-6 stitches but i don't have insurance but i do for my phone lol but at this point i read another person said the screen is not covered under insurance. So, i was looking for just the glass part but looks like they only sell the part as a whole unit. The digitizer is fine and so is the lcd cause the phone still works fine and other than the top layer being cracked and the lcd isn't bleeding etc. Only the glass broke and when i say broke its shattered/spider-ed pretty bad. So, i have a question. Does anyone know for sure that insurance will not cover this? And if it does not cover it maybe someone has a bricked esteem they want to sell me cheaper than this. Touch screen digitizer for lg metro pcs lg esteem ms910 + tools | ebay

I am kinda worried about that screen cause it says metro in the picture but its supposed to say lg and when you scroll down it says revolution ***? And i was reading they are not the same exact part.

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Ringtones Will Not Stick - Lg Esteem

No matter what i do my ringtone will not stick. And are constantly randomly changing! The only way i can get a ringtone to stick is to change the format to . Ogg and inject it into the system where all the default ringtones are kept! Anyone know how to fix this or anyone else have this problem?

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Lg Esteem Vs Apple Iphone 4s

I've been an apple fan for 20 years. My girlfriend gave me an lg esteem for my birthday, and will pay 60 dollars a month for unlimited talk and data on metropcs's 4g lte network. My apple friends said i should reject her gift, and get an iphone 4s on sprint, verizon, or at&t. Verizon for the fewest dropped calls, sprint for unlimited data, and at&t if you want your iphone to surf and talk simultaneously.

Problem: i tried a demo of each phone for 15 minutes, and cannot decide what to do. So far the following seems true: iphone is more expensive than esteem (esteem is $250) and the iphone has a mandatory two year contract for at least $100/month. Metro's esteem has no contract and is 60 dollars month-to-month for unlimited talk and data on 4g lte in the bay area. Iphone is only 3g, not 4g. Iphone has a much longer battery life and is a little smaller and lighter. Esteem has a larger screen and surfs faster on the web. Iphone will back up everything to your computer, whereas only parts of the data can be backed up with the esteem, but i have no idea how to back up the esteem. Iphone's battery is built in, whereas the esteem has a replaceable 1500 mah and 3000 mah battery. I forgot to try "siri" on the iphone, but the esteem's talk to text seemed good, but failed on capitalizations and punctuations. Iphone had a better camera, but the esteem pictures on the screen looked better. Apple's iphone has up to 64gb of built in internal memory, whereas esteem has less even if you add a card.

Apple users say android is not good, and android users love their android phones. Can't find anyone who has used both often. So which should i chose, the esteem or iphone4s, and why ?

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How To Downgrade To Zvb On Lg Esteem?

I have version zvc and i want to downgrade to version zvb, please help me, i want root access again.

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Htc Evo 4g - 'your Account Could Not Be Validated / Please Contact Customer Services'

Just went in and set up my evo. It was handed to me 15 or 20 minutes ago. I'm still getting this error message when i try to call anyone (texts don't send either). Am i just not being patient enough? We did have to do an esn swap (it was activated on my dad's account and then switched to mine). If i log in to my account online it shows the evo under my number. It's just not working.

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Cannot Disable " Data Background Services " After Upgrade To Ics - Samsung Galaxy S2

Since upgrading to ics (ice cream sandwich) with my galaxy s2, one of the changes is you can no longer disable "data background services". When i bought my phone a couple of months ago i was told in the o2 shop to disable data background services to enhance the battery life. I did this and the battery lasted really well as i only enabled the service when i needed to. This facility has now gone and i am finding my battery life really quite poor.

I don't use the mobile network for internet as have wifi at home and work so my phone is connected to that. I notice it must be doing things in the background as i get alerts for facebook, twitter etc so i presume it is working hard in the background and that is what using the battery. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how i can improve the battery life. It is really annoying that this has gone with the upgrade as it certainly made a big difference.

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Lg Esteem Phone Reboot Randomly

I am currently on b, upgraded to c and downgraded to b again where all phases had my phone rebooting about once every couple of hours completely at random regardless of root, apps, usage, etc. I was wondering if d or anything else fixes this problem. Since i haven't seen anything on this i assume that i am behind the times and someone found a solution and i just missed the thread and was unable to find it in a search.

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Notification Lights Not Working - Lg Esteem

All of a sudden my notification lights are not working. Anyone one else having this problem?

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